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Bills Part I.


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7-Things For The Bills: Part I.

By Tom Mahoney

1. The Wacky Weather Game- When last we played, the Bills really fell apart mentally, or at least the head Coach appeared too. Which was odd, because the Wacky Weather Game was played in Buffalo. The BUFFALO Bills should have been more prepared for the wacky BUFFALO weather, in BUFFALO, than the Pats. But they clearly weren’t. Then the coach lost it mentally on the field, and looked a circus side show freak begging for peanuts. The Buffalo players took notice. But make no mistake, this will be a revenge game for the Bills Players. It’s tough to picture the Bills not coming screaming out of the gate in this game.

“Let’s not give more credit than we need to give credit to Bill Belichick in this one,” McDermott said. “Whether it’s Bill or anybody else, they beat us. When we start with average field position of the 40-yard line and he (had average field position) starts with the 23-yard line? And we were 1-for-4 in the Redzone? And they were 0-for-1 in the red zone? If you give me that ahead of time? I like my chances.”

Like I said before the previous game, the Bills have the advantage at QB. I do truly believe that Big Mac will be a better QB over the long-haul than Allen. But Allen is a much more of a veteran QB than Mac is right here, right now. He’s in his 4th season and has played in the Play Offs. And this is the time of year, when every game is a Play Off Game. In fact, I will predict that the losing team in this Game? Doesn’t make the Play Offs this year.

“Nothing matters unless we win this one. That's our mindset, going from Playoff-caliber to Championship-caliber, something Coach McDermott always preaches to us," Josh Allen said. “It still lingers a little bit, just knowing the situation of the game and things I could have done differently and reads I could have changed. If I could change it, I obviously would, but I'm glad I can't. I'm glad for the lessons that I've learned throughout that game and, really, throughout the three years that I've been playing so far. Without failure, people don't know success.”

The Bills’ players think they are a Championship caliber team. But the only way to prove that this week is too beat the Pats. The Pats are looking more and more like a Play Off team every week. But if they want to be a Championship team? They HAVE to beat the Bills at Home this week, or forget about it this year. Having a rookie QB, still makes everything iffy. The Play Offs have started. The Big Mac Attack is still learning. But there is no room for another loss in that learning process. We are at the win or die time in the NFL Regular Season.  

“I think every experience is a learning experience. Everyone’s different. Everyone comes from different places, but whether you win or you lose, you can still learn,” Jones said. “In college, you lose games and you have to learn from it. In the NFL, obviously, it’s hard to win, so you have to learn from the errors you make personally, which are the most important because that’s how it affects the team. I’m always very hard on myself because if I don’t play great, then it affects the people around me. Those guys are playing really well and I can play a lot better. It just goes back to me.”

The real key this game will the Pats Defense. They have to keep dominating Offenses, and keep the score low for the Offense led by their rookie QB. The Pats Defense has been as good as any Defense in the NFL. In fact, I wouldn’t trade them for any other Defense in the NFL. The smarts, the versatility, the aggressiveness, Matt “Friggin” Judon, the Veteran Winners, JC “Give Me The Damn Ball” Jackson. I mean… They have a Championship Defense with a Rookie QB! So let’s go baby!  

“He did a great job,” Brady said after he played Mac and the Pats in Foxboro. “That offense did a great job. Josh dialed up some plays there.”

2. The Pats?- The Pats got some issues here. With Bourne and Agular, seriously helping make the young QB look like a veteran, out? It’s going to be a tough-tough game to win. The Pats Offense was looking like it was going to be too horribly hobbled to have a chance. But Bourne is back. He cleared Covid protocols just in Bat-time. “Juss (sic) got the best Christmas news ever,” Kendrick tweeted. Now Jones will have two or three WRs to throw too, and a couple of Tight Ends.

N’Keal Harry, the WR with 9 lives, is going to be given another chance, after being benched for the rumbling bumbling fumbling punt return. I thought he was at the last chance Saloon already. But he will be the 3rd WR this week. Mac will have to throw to him this week. The Bills Offense is going to come out fast and angry. They want to put a hurt on the Pats Offense that embarrassed them a little in the Wacky Weather Game. It is also looking like 7th Round Pick Tre Nixon will get a pass or two thrown to him. Let the wackiness begin again!

“I think all the receivers we've had, all the way back from OTAs, have put in a lot of effort. I know Tre's one of those guys and so does everybody else,” Mac said when asked about Tre Nixon. “They're ready to go and they step up whenever their time comes. All the receivers are prepared equally because they have a standard that they hold themselves to in their receiver room, just like we do in the quarterback room and, ultimately, altogether as an offense. I think they're all prepared. They're all ready to go and, whoever plays, I have trust in all those guys.”

Honestly, I’ve seen no indication that the Gunner is a WR in the NFL. They will put N’Keal and Nixon in over him. Nixon has the outside speed the Pats will need to win this game. He’s not going to run a lot of patterns, but he has the speed to take the top off the defense. He had 15 caches of over 20-yard (including 6 TDs) his final season at Mississippi. He transferred to UCF in 2020 and garnered 19 passes for 260 yards and 2 TDs, in only 4 games. So they have a chess piece or two to add to the Board, where no one but the Pats Coaches knows what to expect. I would love to see him play.

“I think it just goes back to everyone's been here. We've been together. We have a lot of banked reps as an offense, regardless of who's playing what position and who's in there,” Mac said. “We have that standard and I'm still trying to play to that standard, just as everyone else is. It's just a new week, a new chance to prepare together, and kind of go out there and put a finished product on the field on Sunday.”

3. DO OR DIE TIME!- The Rookie QB’s season is over. It’s Do or Die Time for the Rookie QB, who now has to be the Veteran QB in this Game, and the rest of the season. IT IS NOW THE BIG MAC ATTACK TIME. The winner of this game will win the AFC East. The Loser of this Game will be sitting at home watching the other QB play. There are no other dreams. There are no other excuses. There are no other places to be. You win this Damn Game Baby! Or you go home, and cry in your Mommy’s arms. This game will decide the winner of the AFC East. And there ain’t no other way into the Play Offs for either team. No excuses. No post game whining. No Champagne to bubble the brain. It’s win or die time Bitches!

“Just watching as many games as you can and seeing similarities between offenses is always good. One thing that's evident is that the Bills are really good at a lot of things and they don't have a lot of weaknesses,” Mac said. “They've done some different things from the last time we played them and we have too. There've been some weeks in between, but it's a quick turnaround and they're a great defense. They have a great team overall and it'll be a great battle for us on Sunday.”

The Pats win this Do or Die Time game, because of Bill. He knows how to win these tight games, and the Bills Head Coach showed his players that he doesn’t know just how to beat Belichick? AND, it freaks him out as well. So the players should be a little freaked out as well. I mean, Belichick said in the Wackiest Weather Game I ever saw, “We do what we do, and we don’t care.” Meanwhile McDermott said, “$#!( @$$! @$$#0!* S@# *F @ B!#@$!” In cases like this, the Team that beat the Home Team in the surprise win, is looking at a loss at home. But the complete mental collapse of the more experience Bills team bods very well for the Pats.

“Let’s not give more credit than we need to give credit to Bill Belichick in this one,’ McDermott said. “Whether it was Bill or anybody else? They beat us! Right?”

Okay, time to go to a Pats Christmas Party and Rockin’ Roll to another win, and an AFC Championship. This one is for all the marbles, the AFC East and the Play Off seed. Win or go Home crying Bitches!  

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