2019 Player Ratings. Part I.

Updated 07/18

This isn't really a Player Rating yet. It is just the beginning of a long Draft process. This is more about getting the form of the Player Ratings than anything accurate. Plus some early and Quick Tape looks at some top prospects.

And of course, everything will change during the season: some will get worse, some will get better, and surprises will break out during the College Season. 



Name-HT, WT, 40, Vert, (U)- Unofficial, S- 10 Yard Split,




*Nick Bosa- DE 6-4, 270, #97


Ohio St.

07/2018: The redshirt Sophomore has had rumors of some Character Concerns. "Just my teammates, honestly," Nick said about what he likes the most about football. "Just having fun with them. It's a friendship group, a brotherhood that you wouldn't have just living a normal life and not playing a sport like this. It's so important to be able to fall back on that when stuff gets tough in life. It's good to have." He is a smart kid. 

He is built and plays like his brother. "I've never been bothered by being compared [to Joey]," Nick said. "That's obviously going to happen when you have two similar-looking people who have similar games and similar moves and play the exact same position. But I just come out and do my thing and strive to be better than him." Despite the incredible talent at passrusher last season, he still lead Ohio State with 8 Sacks and 16 TFLs. 

He also had 34 tackles, 2 PBU, and a FF. "I hated not being out there for the first play of the game, but it is what it is and I got to play a lot of meaningful reps," Nick said. " I played all the plays I needed to prove myself and to help my team. In the end, I knew what Coach J (Johnson) was doing. He's always right. He's got a lot of knowledge. So you trust his decisions." When watching him play, it seemed like he had more stats, but stats were hard to come by last season for OSU DLs. 

He was the best passrusher on that team last season. "I felt the feeling of a Big Ten Championship and that was unbelievable, so [I am] just thinking about what it would feel like to be a leader on the team and win it," Bosa said, "And to be an integral part of a national championship game win, beat everyone, get to the playoff and win out. Next year my class is ready to take over the leadership role. I think we're going to have a really good chance. I know the defense is going to be set. That's No. 1 on my want-to-do list." But he could be better against the run.

But if he is the first D-end taken, it will be because he hits the QB. "I just want to keep what we had going last year. Keep it going. We finished the year off with an eight-sack game against USC in the Cotton Bowl," Nick said. "So just continue the culture that we set so far and the one that my brother and others set for us: Sam, Ty, Jaly), all those guys. We want to do what Coach J preaches and just keep that going, and enhance it." I like how he talked about total team Sacks/stats and not his own.

I like how he talks about what he learned from older players. "From Sam [Hubbard], he's got great technique, obviously. But what jumps out with him is the fact that he never stops going hard. No matter if something hurts or it's a 20-period practice. He was always at the front of the line, never with his hands on his knees. So that was a great example. And whenever you'd be confused about something, he'd help you out," Nick said. "With Ty [Lewis], he's a grinder. He was around for five years so he' picked up a lot of knowledge from the coaches. Great technique, knowledge of the game, knowing how to play mind games with offensive linemen, not just go out and rush. He's helped me a lot with that." He didn't always start games. 

Ohio State Overview: Nick Bosa, the 2017 Big Ten Conference Smith-Brown defensive lineman of the year and an American Football Coaches Association first-team All-American, is poised to be one of the top defensive players in all of college football during the 2018 season Ö he is coming off a season in which he led the Buckeyes in tackles-for-loss (16.0) and TFL yardage (74) with another team-high in quarterback sacks with 8.0 Ö he was second in the Big Ten in both TFLs and sacks Ö remarkably and outstandingly consistent, he was named a game ďchampionĒ by the Ohio State coaches for his efforts in all 12 wins last year, the only defensive player to achieve the feat Ö he was the teamís defensive player of the game twice: vs. UNLV and Penn State Ö he was part of a quartet of terrific, rotating defensive ends last year that combined for 42 tackles-for-loss and 24 quarterback sacks, with only eight defensive snaps separating them (Tyquan Lewis led with 534 and was followed by Sam Hubbard with 531, Jalyn Holmes with 527 and Bosa with 526) Ö Bosa was second on the team as a true freshman in 2016 with 5.0 quarterback sacks and he enters the 2018 season with career totals of 23 TFLs for 110 yards in losses and 13.5 quarterback sacks Ö he has played in all 27 games the past two seasons and has started seven times Ö he is an Academic All-Big Ten Conference honoree and a two-time OSU Scholar-Athlete majoring in communications.
07/2018: He has great rushing instincts that lets him those instant moves that breaks him free, and forces doubles (:05). He has great hands and plays with the leverage that gives him the power to get through the double to hit the QB (:19). "It's so fun to rush the passer. I just like being out on the edge and being on an island with a tackle (or two;)" Nick said. "There's nothing better than putting your hand in the dirt, seeing the quarterback drop back, and having that one-on-one with somebody." That was a phenomenal passrush. 

We saw the power. Now watch the outside speed and blast off to sack the QB (:28). Watch him shed the RB with easy, after he used his initial burst to his outside shoulder. Then what the elite Combo. He sheds the TE with his hands, and Rips into and past the RB with the greatest of ease. "I was just going to say the same thing," Nick said. "All that training. All the things the coaches put us through. It's to be in position to be able to make a play like that [sack the QB]. When you come off the edge and win, especially if you hit that ball out of his hands. There's no feeling like it." That was a phenomenal sack. 

Guys how can burst upfield and turn sideways to see the QB tend to get a lot of Sacks in the NFL (:49). Set the edge with power, and arms extended (1:17). Sets the edge, sheds the OT, and the RB runs into him (1:29). He rushes better from the blindside (1:52). Watch the great quicks on the inside Swim.

Speed to power (2:00). Nice quick outside burst to run a free lane on stunt (2:30). He just has that knack for hitting the quarterback (2:51). He uses his burst upfield to get to Bradford for half a Sack (2:56). This was the final game of last season. "Heís ridiculous right now," Urban Meyer said. " We need some more Bosas (on the Buckeyes)." He will be even better this season. 



*Ed Oliver- 6-3, 290, #10



07/2018: He was a junk yard dog in a cowboy suit at Houston. "The way I was brought up, you clean your own (horse) stalls," Ed Oliver said. "I don't want anybody cleaning my stalls. We had three horses at one time. Sometimes, my dad would say, 'You clean them all by yourself.' Me and my brother, he would shovel and I'd take the wheelbarrow. Taking the wheelbarrow is the hard part. It's easy to shovel." He was such a junkyard dog that his mother made him sleep out back with the dogs (no need to Google that, it was just a joke;). 

Some think he could be be in the race for the Heisman. "We have to see what he does on the field (in 2018)," Applewhite said. "I think he deserves to be in the conversation. If the award is what it says it is? Which is the best player in college football, then he deserves to be in the conversation." 

He was the top recruits in the county. "He was the best player on the field every time Houston played," a scout said. "He was the guy from a prospect standpoint that you couldn't take your eyes off. He can do it all."  He got hurt early in the season last year.

and has not been healthy. 

He plays Nose Tackle for them in their 3-4 system. "Athleticism and effort," Houston HC Applewhite said. "He's a unique player because of his athleticism. There's a lot of [defensive tackles] that can sit there and plug." He can cover the WR going down the line. 

He is a true freak athlete. "I do plan on leaving (after this season). I wish I could stay another year, but it's my time to go." Oliver said. "This was a dream of mine coming in. I knew I was going on a business trip. And whether my business trip was three years or four years it just depended on how early I got on the field, and how effective I was." Plus, he is very smart. 

He can read the screen an get outside to the sideline, and cover the WR on the bubble screen. "When we ran this (play in practice) we widened our (running) back out all the way behind the Tackle. Because we knew (the RB) could run," Applewhite said. "And (Ed) ran down Catalon's hip, and the ball was thrown perfectly by Greg. And he (Oliver) knocked it down, like he was in man coverage." Astonishing natural athlete. 
2017: Outland Trophy winner and Nagurski finalist, Oliver led the nation with a career average of 1.56 tackles for loss per game, totaling 39.5 tackles for loss in only 25 games played ... became Houston's eighth consensus All-American, earning first team honors from the FWAA, The Walter Camp Foundation and the AFCA among others ... named The American's Defensive Player of the Year ... while playing the nose spot in a three-man front, totaled 73 tackles in 12 games, despite missing three quarters of one game and being limited in the next four with a knee injury ... recorded an average of 6.1 tackles per game which ranked third nationally among all defensive linemen ... his 73 total tackles ranked eighth nationally among all defensive linemen, second nationally among defensive tackles and 16.5 tackles for loss were second among defensive tackles while his average of 1.38 tackles for loss per game led all defensive linemen in The American ... led UH in tackles for loss (16.5), sacks (5.5), quarterback hurries (7), forced fumbles (2) and blocked kicks (1) ... also had three pass breakups and one fumble recovery ... recorded two double-digit tackle games, part of seven games with at least five tackles ... also tallied five games with multiple tackles for loss and now has 13 career games with the distinction ... continued his streak of starting every game of his career as he made he has started all 12 games ... closed out his year with four tackles, two of which went for a loss, and his first career rushing attempt, a 1-yard touchdown, against Fresno State in the Hawaii Bowl ... put together a career-day with 14 tackles, 3.5 tackles for a loss of eight yards and two sacks in win over Navy ... tallied two tackles, one of which was a sack for a loss of six yards at Tulane ... had four tackles, a tackle for loss and a QBH in win vs. ECU ... tallied seven tackles, one sack and 2.0 tackles for a loss of 10 yards in win at No. 17 USF ... had six tackles, 2.5 for loss and 1.0 sack along with a fumble recovery vs. Memphis ... recorded nine tackles, a 0.5 sack and 1.0 tackle for a loss of three yards at Tulsa ... had four tackles, one PBU and three QBH in win over SMU ... tallied one tackle, but was sidelined most of the game due to injury in win at Temple ... had five tackles, a tackle for a loss of five yards and three QBH vs. Texas Tech ... totaled six yards and one tackle for loss, while forcing his second fumble of the year in a win over Rice ... led team with 11 tackles opener at Arizona ... also had 1.5 tackles for loss and a forced fumble, which was recovered by teammate Alexander Myres.
07/2017: He is one of those rare guys, who seems to burst off the snap ahead of all his teammates. That is such an advantage (:01 and :35). Top inside gap-shooter in this Draft (:44). He is so quick off the snap that he can get tripped from behind by the OL he just completely burn, and still get up and get in on the TFL (1:26). He doesn't just stack and shed (1:33). He knocked the OL back two yards then stacked and shed, and made the plays. 

He is so explosive disputing right up the middle of the offense (2:58). He is so tough to stop that he eventually finds the ball behind the LOS. He gets the OC moving backwards to fast with speed to power, and then spins into the QB (3:01). He reminds me of John Randle  (3:21). He is a relentless, explosive, hyperactive, and undersized passrusher.

He is about 6-2 (like Randle), and his arm length is going to keep him out of the top spot, but he is still a top five pick. Watch Stack, and then the spin out of the block as he is Held by the OL (4:22). Look how small and relentless he looks as he powers through the double team, twice (4:35). He uses his explosion to stuff the double team back at the point (5:22). Here he is pushing back the triple team by three OLs again (5:39). Only the best of the best get attention from three OLs on one play. 



Drew Lock- 6-4, 220, #3



07/2018: I took a late look at him last season. I only watch three games, but I really liked what I saw. He has all the tools in the toolbox. He just needs some more development mentally, and to get the hell out of that QB-killing Red-Raider offense, and fast.  

But like Brady, he is not a good dancer. "When the head coach is mocking your dance move you must be doing something right," Lock said. "Youíre not a nobody. Youíre definitely doing something thatís catching other peopleís attention. I would have been like, 'Damn, coach is balling with us." But when your winning you can do any damn dance you want, even a Dude Chicken Dance, lol (it looked to me like the HC was doing a bad imitation of a bad dance, and not mocking him at all?). 
The most important thing to know this off season is that the HC changed the offense to a Pro-Style offense. "This is exactly what I want to experience," Lock said about the new Pro-Style Offense. "I want to be able to speak ball. I want to be able to talk NFL stuff with NFL people and I wasnít going to be able to do that." It is the HC's job to win, not to run Pro Style stuff.

But Damn! They could help these kids develop a little more. "It's more complicated of an offense, but I do think itís easier," Lock said. "It was a little more guessing games last year, on what I thought receivers were going to run. And this year I have it set in stone what they're doing every single play. It makes me a lot more comfortable back there. I know exactly what's going on." With QB's of his talent, it is all mental for him.

So he made the right decision coming back. "Coach Odom told me he wanted the best decision for me. If I was declaring for the draft, he would support me," Lock said. "But he also said If I thought about returning, he would involve me in the search process [for a new OC]. Thatís when Coach and I really developed a deep bond." They went to the NFL to get a guy who coached in an NFL offense.

This is the third system Lock has learned in four years. "I decided Coach Dooley could really help me prepare for the NFL, he had worked there for the past five years," Lock said. "I used to worry about learning a new offense. But now I realize itís going to give me great experience. How many other college quarterbacks know three offensive systems? I bet not many." It is all mental for him, and learning multiple systems does nothing but help him mentally. 

And if he shows he can grasp his third system, an NFL System, he will be the first QB taken in this Draft. "Drew is very creative, a free spirit, and I would be a fool to box him in," Dooley said. "I coach like I parent. If you spend all your time telling them what to do, they donít reach their potential as people or players. You have to let them think for themselves. My job is to guide them. He wants to be a pro someday. I treat him like a Pro, treat him like a man. Heís earned that." Or, he could slip down to the Patriots.

03/2017: Lock is a young strong armed spread QB. He may or may not be coming out. But if he does the Pats should be interested. Brady is showing some wear and tear this season, and the Pats will have to draft a young developmental QB in this Draft "he has my "I'd like him on the Pats" seal of approval;). 
He has not decided whether he is coming out yet or not, but most seem to think that his HC leaving will prompt him to leave for the NFL Draft. "Not too much," Lock said, "At the beginning, it was all coming out, [everyone said] 'Heupel left, so Drewís leaving now.' But really Iím on the same course as to making a decision. It (isn't) a huge factor in my decision." He could be on the Board between 30 and 40. 
Smart kid who has played in three different offences in four years. "It speaks a lot to have a quarterback who comes in and learns three different systems as far as being able to relay that at the next level," his OC in 2015 John Henson said. "If a guy does come in here with a brand new offense, with the players we have and the mindset I would have going into it, I think weíd be just fine." So there is a lot of turmoil in Missouri right now.
So I am in the crowd that thinks he's gone. "We run the same plays with Drew that we do with Maty," Pinkel said. "[Lock] moves in the pocket well. I think he has pretty good instincts back there. He doesnít have Matyís foot speed, but not too many quarterbacks do. But again, heís got to be who he is." He can take the big hit, and complete the next pass.
He also throws well on the move. "(Lock has) that playmaking ability, the understanding of spacing, the understanding of where the ball is going to go," Thomas said. "Heís a competitor. Itís almost, for people to understand it, itís what Johnny Manziel does with his teams. When he steps on the field, you always feel like you have a chance to win." TMIWTMIL.

2018 OUTLOOK: Is viewed as one of college footballís elite and most exciting quarterbacks heading into the 2018 season after he led the nation in touchdown passes a year ago Ö Set a variety of school and SEC records a year ago, earning first-team All-SEC honors which set him up as a Heisman Trophy candidate moving into his senior season Ö Turned down an opportunity to go into the NFL Draft to return to Mizzou for his senior season and has emerged as one of the elite quarterbacks in the game Ö Will be looked at as one of the leaders of the team during his senior season Ö Enters his senior season listed at No. 1 on the depth chart after starting his last 33 games at the spot.
2017 SEASON: Turned in one of the most prolific seasons in school and SEC history, thanks to his record-setting 44 passing touchdowns, breaking the single-season record for both, and a total which also led the nation in 2017 ... Ended the season with 3,964 yards on 242-of-419 passing ... His season passing efficiency mark of 165.67 broke the Mizzou single season record of 159.4 set in 2008 by Chase Daniel, and it ranked as fourth-best in the nation for the season ... Also led the SEC in several other statistical categories, including passing efficiency, passing yards, total offense, passing yards per game (304.9 avg.), yards per completion (16.38 - also a nation-leading mark) and points responsible for (270) ... Most importantly will be remembered as the leader of a team that rebounded from a 1-5 start to post six straight wins to close the regular season and reach a bowl game for the programís first time since 2014 ... In MUís six-game win streak, his numbers were ridiculous - a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 26-to-5, an efficiency rating of 193.76, as he averaged 328.7 yards per game while completing 63.2 percent of his passes (117-of-185) in the stretch ... Threw for a minimum of three touchdowns in each of those six games, and had nine games in all on the year where he struck for at least three scores through the air, including a school-record seven in the opener against Missouri State ... Was his most clutch in the regular-season finale at Arkansas (11/24), when he led the Tigers downfield for a game-winning field goal on the final play of the game as the Tigers got win number seven with a thrilling back-and-forth 48-45 victory ... Threw for 448 yards and five touchdowns against the Hogs, and led Mizzou to the winning field goal with a drive that began at his own 18-yardline ... He was 3-of-3 passing for 43 yards on the game-winning drive, and was 7-of-9 passing for 127 yards and two touchdown (no interceptions) in the fourth quarter in that game ... Completed 21-of-34 passes for a school record 521 yards and tied an SEC record with seven TDs in a season-opening 72-43 win over Missouri State (9/2) Ö Lock connected with sophomore WR Jonathan Johnson on the first play from scrimmage for a 65-yard touchdown Ö The play marked the first time ever in the modern era Mizzou has scored on the first play of the season Ö Lock surpassed 5,000 career passing yards in the second quarter, becoming the eighth quarterback in program history to reach 5,000 passing yards. Ö Completed 14-of-32 passes for 245 yards and a touchdown against South Carolina (9/9).

07/2018: He is playing against a much more talented defense than he is used to in this game. A top five College defense. He has the head fake (:01). He played in a gross flat-footed offense last season, but did you see his nice quick three-step drop there. There is hope in Whoville (:09). You always have to look at Spread QB's feet to see if they instinctually move them, when the offense doesn't call for it.

Watch the flat footed feet. They don't move an inch. He hops to the side for the I-N-T. There is a huge difference between playing Auburn and East Kalamazoo school of Hair Design. And a gigantic difference moving up to the NFL (:20). 3rd and 7, he didn't panic as the pocket collapsed around him, and picked up the First (1:21). Then he threw to the right guy, as the CB had to grab him to stop the pass. 

3rd and 10, he completed the pass to the inside screener (1:49). He smartly dumped the pass into the dirt as the screen was overwhelmed, which set up 3rd and 10. He looked to his second WR and threw it low and outside, away from the defender. That was a great NFL 3rd down throw that his WR has to catch (2:35). 3rd and 3, he rolled out against the intense pressure and hit his guy for the First (3:01). That is three straight NFL throws on 3rd down, against maybe the top College defense last year (only Alabama can claim better;).

3rd and 6, nice drop. When his feet are under him in his drop, he has better accuracy. Fourth great throw on 3rd down (3:54). Please don't run. OH! Now that was a great brain scrambling hit (4:36). This might be the most important throw for his NFL potential. He took the gigantic hit, the helmet to facemask devastating hit, and it is 3rd down (4:54). This is the next play after the brain scrambling hit. I like the Brady pop up after the big hit, like he liked it. Oh! He found a receiver but was wiped out as he threw. That was a shame. I really wanted to see if he could complete that pass.

After all that failure, hits, and scare (that it was a fumble), he completed his next pass on the next series. That was a great NFL throw (5:55). 3rd and 5 or 6, Great NFL throw to the slot guy on the curl In. That made him 4 for 5 for four Firsts on 3rd down (6:50). Nice throw away to get to 3rd and 8, but the RB was covered on Screen. Nice grounding: 5 for 7 on 3rd down (7:54). Oh, 3rd down again. 3rd and 3, he dumped it off to the wing for a hope and a prayer. 6 for 8 for four Firsts. 

and the game just got ugly after this. I didn't mean for this to be a manuscript on the life and folly of Drew Lock. It was suppose to be a quick tape. But you were able to see a lot of great aspects of Lock's game, on 3rd down, against the closest thing to an NFL Offense there was last year. He needs to show improvement in the new Pro-style offense. But he did show he had some clutch in him in 3rd down. Which is a must have first step to developing into an NFL QB (I mean, after all the physical traits that we know he has;). 




*Dexter Lawrence- 6-4, 340, #90



07/2017: Lawrence is a 340-pound behemoth, who has the rare ability to get upfield at will. "I've never seen a guy this size who moves like this," Dabo Swinney said. "I've been around some big guys, but I've never been around a guy that big who is that athletic. He's just a huge, strong man. I mean, he was stronger than some of our seniors as a true freshman showing up." He is not a plodding clod.

Good stack and shed player at the point. Always seems to keep his hands moving as he moves upfield. he will duck his head to get low sometimes, but he will show some great power when he does. He will get high, and pushed back by the double when he does. He has to stay and play lower. 

He is a guy who get moving upfield fast, and cannot be stopped once he puts the OL on skates. "He has the tools to be the next Suh," a scout said. "First-overall talent. Good luck not watching 90."
Terrific hands to impact the OL back, and grab shirt and control the OL to either side.

Good job holding the point on short yardage. He starts off low, but gets high too fast and too often. The further outside he gets the less effective he becomes. But he he gets a OG on skates, he can skate right to the QB for a Sack. He can grab the shirt of the OG, and just hold him in place in front of the RB. 

I like how he leads with his hands, and then watch the hand slaps as he stunts outside. "When I watched the Auburn tape," Swinney said (Hey! My notes here are from the Auburn Tape;). "I kept saying to myself, 'this is a true freshman?' This was his first college game! And he's as good as we got." He is so light on his feet. 

2017: One of 18 semifinalists for the Bednarik Award Ö second-team All-American by Rivals Ö third-team All-American by Sports on Earth Ö First-Team All-ACC selection Ö first-team All-ACC by AP Ö had 39 tackles, three tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, five quarterback pressures, a pass breakup and caused fumble in 438 snaps over 12 games (12 starts) Ö had four tackles in 23 snaps against Kent State on Sept. 2 Ö had five tackles and 0.5 tackles for loss in 48 snaps against No. 13 Auburn on Sept. 9 Ö had two tackles, a sack and two quarterback pressures in 31 snaps at No. 14 Louisville on Sept. 16; named team co-defensive player-of-the-game Ö had three tackles in 31 snaps against Boston College on Sept. 23 Ö had three tackles and a caused fumble in 40 snaps at No. 12 Virginia Tech on Sept. 30 Ö had four tackles and 0.5 tackles for loss in 30 snaps against Wake Forest on Oct. 7 Ö had nine tackles in 66 snaps at Syracuse on Oct. 13 Ö played 14 snaps against Georgia Tech on Oct. 28; named team co-defensive player-of-the-game Ö had three tackles and two quarterback pressures in 46 snaps at No. 20 NC State on Nov. 4 Ö had three tackles, a sack and pass breakup in 29 snaps against No. 7 Miami (Fla.) in the ACC Championship Game on Dec. 2.

07/2017: Watch the power to shove the OL back with his long arms. Then the agility to dance over the cut block, and still get all the way outside to help out. There are not a handful of 340-pound guys who can move like that (:05). Watch the power to get the OG moving backwards, into the Rip that scared Jackson out of the pocket (:14). You really don't want him to be a stand up rusher (:27). Even though he got through the double to make Jackson misfire to his open WR.

I believe this was 2016 (which was the Auburn game he was talking about;). He just pops the OG back, and gets his inside shoulder this time, and causes the miss throw, and hits Jackson this time (:40). Watch the great straight arm with speed to power. The OL couldn't get a hand in this shirt, and Lawrence was by him in a flash scaring the crap out of Jackson (1:05). She how he got both hands into the OL, and then got his legs driving, and just shoved him aside with his size, speed, and power, but that was a hell of throw by Jackson (1:18). This is one of those "get better picks". He is expected to get better during the season, and stat producing more stats with his elite movement skills (for a guy his size;). 

9.9 RB


*Christian Wilkins- 6-4, 297, #42



07/2017: Super athlete freak who played mostly DE last season, but dominated when he was able to get snaps inside at DT. "My strength is just as good as it has ever been so Iím even stronger," Wilkins said. "I got stronger this summer. So I can play at it. I just wanted to be at a good healthy weight so I could last really." He is a scary athlete who just got scarier.

As an oversized D-end he incredibly set a Clemson record for DLs with 10 PBU last season, and is now lighter and quicker. "I definitely feel it," Wilkins said. "At the tail end of the season I was at 310 or 315, and now at 297. Iím not as gassed out there. Iím running and Iím feeling good. Iím running like a gazelle, or something out there. So Iím definitely feeling good and seeing the difference." Seriously, that is just scary.

He was great on the edge last season at 315. "Itís been everything I dreamed of, everything I could have hoped for,Ē said Wilkins, a 6-4, 310-pound junior. ďI won a national championship. But I was also challenged off the field. Iíll get a degree in December. I have great teammates challenging me to be my best on the field and off the field as well." Plus, he scored a TD on offense last season. 

He ran for a TD off a fake punt. "Itís about not just filling your [incoming] class, but getting the right guys," Swinney said about Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence. "Guys who fit your culture. Who love football. Guys you donít have to chase into the weight room. Guys who pursue excellence in everything they do." He also blocked a field goal, and now he's lighter and more explosive?

Everyone seems to think he will move inside to DT, but he was a DE-edgerusher last season. "Iím quicker, Iím faster and Iím still strong," Wilkins said after losing 15-18 pounds this off season. "Iím comfortable at 297 right now. It gives me the ability to play wherever and to play a lot of snaps." He is good at setting the edge.

But he will get over aggressive sometimes and charge the QB or RB. "We wouldnít have gotten Christian Wilkins seven years ago," Swinney said. "Now, weíve got some results that we can share: The academic success, the athletic success. We can say, 'That's what we do.'" Now he just has to turn that elite talent into Sacks. 

08/2018: Wilkins is the real deal. He plays a lot of Nose Tackle, when I don't think he is a nose tackle. I don't like the way they use him in their two-gap system. I think he will explode in the NFL in a one-gap system. But he does a great job stacking and shedding, and finding the ball right in the middle of the line. He is also much better at bursting up the middle and hurting the QB than Hurst.

2017 Outlook: One of the nation's most versatile defensive linemen, having started at end as a sophomore after playing tackle his first season ... one of Clemsonís most popular players ... has 140 tackles, 17.5 for loss and 5.5 sacks in 1,159 career snaps over 30 games (16 starts).
2016: Nagurski Trophy finalist ... Bednarik Award semifinalist ... first-team All-American by AFCA, Football Writers Association and Phil Steele ... second-team All-American by SB Nation, Sporting News, USA Today and Walter Camp ... third-team All-American by the Associated Press ... second-team All-ACC (media, coaches) ... All-ACC Academic Team selection ... posted 56 tackles, 13 for loss and 3.5 sacks in 706 snaps over 15 games (15 starts) ... also had 20 quarterback pressures ... established Clemson record by a defensive end with 10 passes broken up ... 

Game by Game: Started in place of Austin Bryant at Auburn and responded with 2.5 tackles for loss, a sack and a pass breakup ... defensive player of the game by the coaches ... had six tackles and two pass breakups against Troy, while recording a touchdown reception out of the Tigersí jumbo package ... first defensive lineman in Clemson history to score a touchdown out of an offensive formation ... had three-yard sack against SC State ... posted tackle for loss at Georgia Tech and was big reason the Tigers held Yellow Jackets to just 124 total yards ... posted a tackle for loss and pass breakup in win over No. 3 Louisville ... returned successfully to his home state in the 56-10 win at Boston College; he tallied eight tackles, including two for loss and a sack, in front of over 100 family and friends ... blocked a field goal and converted a fake punt for a first down with a 10-yard rush in win over NC State ... had 1.5 tackles for loss at Florida State ... had a tackle for loss in 39 snaps at Wake Forest ... had two pass breakups in win over South Carolina ... had a tackle for loss and recovered fumble against Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl ... posted two pass breakups and three pressures against Alabama in the National Championship Game.
2015: First-team freshman All-American by CampusInsiders.com, Football Writers Association, Scout.com and Sporting News ... All-ACC Academic Team selection ... had 84 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss and two sacks in 453 snaps over 15 games (one start) ... had 12 quarterback pressures and a caused fumble ... posted six tackles (one for loss) in his debut against Wofford ... his eight tackles included one behind the line of scrimmage against Appalachian State ... had 10 tackles at Louisville ... had five tackles, a sack and caused fumble in win over No. 6 Notre Dame ... had seven tackles and three pressures against Georgia Tech ... had seven tackles, including 0.5 for loss against Boston College ... had eight stops in win over Florida State ... notched second career sack against Wake Forest ... posted two stops and a pressure against North Carolina ... made a splash in the Capital One Orange Bowl by becoming Clemsonís first defensive lineman in history to catch a pass when he hauled in a 31-yard reception on a fake punt to give the Tigers a spark in the opening half ... finished with 10 tackles against the Sooners in just 35 snaps.



**Rashan Gary- 6-5 287, #3



07/2018: He is more Edge guy than. Still better exploding up field than turning the corner. Once he learns to bend a little better, watch out. He dashes inside quick from the wide-9. He cab stop the draw from the edge. He really plays all over, on both side, and sometimes inside. Though he is not an inside DL. He is a big edge guy. He will play the 5-Tech in Odd fronts. 

He has the size and hands to stack and shed on the edge. Great twitch in stack and shed. He plays on both sides of the line. Great hustle. Needs to read it a tick quicker. Nice Rips around the Corner.  He needs to find the ball more. Has to improve his instincts, and read and react less. 

Plays and stays low, very well. Like most of the DLs in this Draft, we have seen more potential than production. He uses his explosion to run past the QB too much. he can burst though a Gap, and find the RB in the backfield. He will probably stay in school one more year, unless he turns his elite movements skills into production. 

Needs better eyes. He gets fooled and doesn't hold his position, which allows team to run behind him. Very good stunter, who can flash inside and take out the ORG and the OC, so the DT can break free outside. He is also very slippery stunting inside, and getting in the QB's face right up the middle, when the DT blocks for him. They have him spy the QB. When the QB takes off he will chase him 30-yards downfield. He other guys OLs will double and even triple occasionally (okay, so I saw him tripled once;). 

Sophomore (2017): Recipient of the Richard Katcher Award, presented to Michigan's most outstanding defensive lineman or outside linebacker. Earned his second varisty letter. All-Big Ten honoree (first team, coaches; second team, media). All-Big Ten selection by the Associated Press (second team).  Earned Defensive Lineman of the Game recognition for his role in the win over Indiana and shared co-honors with teammates Chase Winovich and Mo Hurst after the Maryland game. Earned Big Hit of the Week for his role in the win against Air Force. Shared Big Hit of the Week honors with teammates Mo Hurst and Josh Uche after the win against Maryland. Pro Football Focus College Big Ten Defensive Team of the Week honoree following his performance against Maryland. Preseason Watch List Member for: the Chuck Bednarik Award and the Walter Camp Player of the Year. Preseason All-American selection by Sporting News and the Associated Press (second team). 

Made his first career start against Florida at the Advocare Classic (Sept. 2), making three tackles with half a sack. Started against Cincinnati (Sept. 9) and finished with four stops, one quarterback hurry and half a tackle for loss; Contributed on special teams. Made a career-high six stops with 1.5 tackles for loss with half a sack against Air Force (Sept. 16) and delivered the Big Hit of the Week; Contributed on special teams. Started and made an assisted tackle against Purdue (Sept. 23). Made a career-high five solo stops in a six-tackle effort against Michigan State (Oct. 7), adding one quarterback hurry. Set a new career-high with nine tackles at Indiana (Oct. 14), adding one sack, 2.5 tackles for loss and two quarterback hurries. Made two tackles with 0.5 for loss at Penn State (Oct. 21). Made five tackles with two for loss and one sack against Rutgers (Oct. 28), adding another.  quarterback hurry. Made three assisted tackles against Minnesota (Nov. 4). Made five assisted tackles at Maryland (Nov. 11), with half a tackle for loss. Had a three-tackle day at Wisconsin (Nov. 18) with a half a tackle for loss and one quarterback hurry. Registered his first career multi-sack game against Ohio State (Nov. 25), with 11 tackles, 2.5 for loss and a pair of sacks. Made five tackles with a seven-yard sack in the Outback Bowl against South Carolina (Jan. 1) 

07/2018: You really get a great work at his burst and explosion into the backfield. I also like in the inside arm bar (:06). He doesn't play inside a lot, he is not a DT. I think you can see why (:11). He gets lost inside, and can't find the ball too much (:16). They have to stunt him when he lines up inside, to try and free him up (:30). Excellent swim and fight into the RB (:37). He is playing more inside than I remember. 

Terrific burst into the QB (:44). Nice burst outside into the arm jam and Swim. He is the guy they doubled (1:18). Watch the great stunt inside that freed up the outside for the blitzer and took out two blockers (1:47). Watch the great initial burst to power that knocked the FB back into the RB (2:14). Watch the great hands and hip torque (2:32). He gets the leverage and power, and then tosses the LO aside like a rag doll. 


08/2017: "T




Austin Bryant- 6-5, 265, #7



11/2017: He has incredible size and speed for, huh, anybody. "Itís just hard to find guys that are 260, 280, 300 that move the way that they can," Hale said. "Thereís not many out there, and Clemsonís got four of them." Clemson has three DLs who should be 1st Round picks in this Draft.

Bryant has been having a great season. "One of the funniest things is, I think their best lineman or most productive one so far has been Austin Bryant," Hale said. "And he was sort of looked at as the other guy on the line." He has a nice second bust, when he slows for the play action, and then bursts again upfield when he sees it. 
He uses excellent hand technique. "One thing weíve been harping on these past few days is sprint into the bye week, not limp into it," Bryant said. "We really want to finish the first half of the season out strong. And then going to the bye week, weíll get our legs back up under us and get ready for a sprint to the finish line. Any opportunity you get to play, you have to take advantage of it." He still falls for play action a lot. 

He has been playing on a sprained ankle. "We felt like we werenít going to hold anything back," Bryant said about playing on his bad ankle. "I told the coaches I was ready to go and it didnít feel like I was [had] strain. I didnít feel like I was going to be limping out there. That was the game plan and we ran with it." I like how he sets the edge, and still get in on the tackle. 

The whole team got a jolt when they were upset by Syracuse. "We just wanted to get that swagger back on both sides of the ball," Bryant said. "There was a lot of self evaluating. It was just us telling everybody, 'Just stick together. Donít let that [horrible] moment define us.' We know what type of team weíve got." Great job changing direction when the RB cuts back, and he can still take him down. 

Outlook: He plays in a 3-4 system where he is expected to be physical ad set the edge.  

Junior defensive end who has been part of Clemson's two-deep rotation at end in 2015 and 2016 ... has 51 tackles, five tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks in 463 snaps over 22 games.
2016: Earned share of the defense's 12th Man Award, along with Marcus Edmond and Scott Pagano ... suffered a foot injury in August camp and missed the first six games of the season ... had 16 tackles, including three for loss and two sacks, in 244 snaps over nine games ... returned to action against NC State, tallying half of a sack in the overtime win in 27 snaps ... posted 1.5 sacks in 27 snaps at Florida State, a 37-34 Tiger victory ... posted three tackles, including half of one for loss, in victory at Wake Forest ... posted half a tackle for loss against Virginia Tech ... saw significant action in both bowl games, including 39 snaps versus Alabama when starter Clelin Ferrell went down with an injury ... broke up a pass and had a quarterback pressure in the win over the Crimson Tide.
2015: Logged significant action as a backup to both Kevin Dodd and Shaq Lawson, appearing in 13 games and 219 snaps ... had four quarterback pressures and two special teams tackles, as well as a fumble recovery ... posted five tackles in his debut against Wofford ... tallied nine stops, including one on special teams, in win over Appalachian State ... missed Georgia Tech game with an injury ... notched first career sack at NC State ... knocked down a pass and had key quarterback pressure in win over Florida State ... had half a tackle for loss against Wake Forest ... posted three tackles and a fumble recovery in the ACC Championship Game against North Carolina ... came off the bench to see 63 snaps with Shaq Lawson injured in the Capital One Orange Bowl and contributed eight tackles, including half a sack.



*Clelin Ferrell- 6-5, 260, #99



11/2017:.Clelin can tackle the QB when he runs the option right into him. Great job using his hands and feet in balance to change direction in the rush to get to the QB. He needs to stay in school. He just doesn't have that knack for hitting the quarterback yet. Consistently gets into position to make a play, but misses too often. Nice job setting the edge with his long arms, and still make the tackle when the RB burst inside. Great run defender on the edge.

11/2016:.He can get inside and stop the RB on short yards with a quick burst inside the TE. "This is the stage we've been working for since day one," Ferrell said. "Coming here, I expected to play in the big games. And I expect myself to play well." He is much better getting to the RB inside than the QB. He still falls down too much. 

Explosive inside moves. "Affecting the quarterback is going to be so big in this game," Ferrell said. "It's all about having a desire to get to him. You can have a guy with all the ability in the world. But if you donít have the passion or the desire to get to him, sacks are going to be minimal. Thatís why I go into every game with a chip on my shoulder." He can beat the OLT with one explosive step inside. Relentless protecting the edge against the QB. 

I'm not sure he is ready yet, and should stay in school. "He's getting there," Venables said. "That was a step closer. But his best football is still all in front of him." I don't think he has that knack for hitting the quarterback yet. But he is as physically talented as any DE in this Draft.

He is still only a Redshirt Sophomore. "I redshirted because I wasn't ready, and I had NFL guys in front of me," Ferrell said. "It was the best thing for me to sit out and learn the system and develop my body physically." But he is improving almost every game.

I like how he keeps his hands up, his feet moving, and that he is still developing. "He's done extra in the weight room when he doesn't have to," Venables said. "He values the opportunity to meet and do a walk-through. Not everybody's like that." He will probably have to declare after this season. 
10/2017: He chose to Redshirt as a Freshman. "It was a tough process, but I'm lucky I had the right people around me," Ferrell said. "My coaches, I'd do anything for those guys. I'd run through a wall for those guys. It was tough, but I'm happy because when I got my opportunity, I was able to take advantage of it." He worked his butt off behind the scenes, and it is showing this season.

He can slide back and outside with his eyes reading it correctly consistently. "Where he started the beginning of the year, he's gotten better and better the whole season," Venables said. "It's not real magical. He's just worked really hard." Rarely makes a mistake with his eyes.
Overview: Defensive end who redshirted the 2015 season and made an immediate impact on the 2016 National Championship defense.
2016: Shared Defensive Rookie of the Year honors with Dexter Lawrence ... produced 50 tackles, including 12.5 for loss and six sacks, to go along with a team-high 24 quarterback pressures in 15 games (15 starts) ... started first collegiate game at Auburn, and posted three quarterback pressures ... posted two sacks in the win over No. 3 Louisville, part of 10 tackles for loss against the Cardinals ... tallied three-yard sack in Clemsonís road win over Boston College ... defensive player of the game against Florida State, when he recorded two tackles for loss, a sack and a pass breakup in Clemsonís big win ... posted half a tackle for loss in game against Pittsburgh ... had a pass breakup and two pressures against South Carolina ... posted two tackles for loss, including a sack, in ACC Championship Game against Virginia Tech ... named defensive Most Valuable Player in the Fiesta Bowl after posting three tackles for loss, including a sack ... played just 36 snaps due to injury in the National Championship Game, but contributed two pressures and a tackle for loss.



*Damien Harris- 5-11, 214, #34



07/2018: Likes to bounce it outside quick. He has NFL speed. He will take the hand off and burst outside instantly. Does a good job finding the hole in the line. Nice quick feet at the line. Nice receiver. Hands catcher. Catches the ball thrown behind him naturally and easily. 

10/2017: Boy! It is really starting to look like the year of the RB, not the QB. As the QBs struggle a little, the Runningbacks coming out this season might be the best I have ever seen. Josh Adams is proven to be an unstoppable blend of speed and power, and still averaging 9 yards per carry in November. Ronald Jones II looks like Jamaal Charges to me. Guice has not been good this year, but was the best of the bunch last year. I would be shocked if five RBs didn't go the 1st Round this year. And I am not a believer in taking RBs on Day One. 

But Harris could be the best of the bunch. "Damien has played a lot of good football for us," coach Saban said of Harris. "He's a very talented guy. He's a rare combination of make-you-miss, burst, acceleration, speed. Has enough power as a player. He's a good receiver. Damien's biggest thing is, how do we get him to play with consistency at a high level all the time? There's times that he's battled some nagging injuries. And last year, he had some phenomenal games early, got a little bit nicked up and never really came back the same. We know he has the capabilities to be a dominant player for us, and hopefully he can stay healthy this year and be able to do that. But we have a lot of faith, trust and confidence in Damien Harris." He has been terrific this season. 

10/2017: Great hop, skip, and jump through the line to get to the second level with speed. When he gets outside and turns the corner he hurts the defense. He makes Scarbrough look slow. He started slowing a little on short yardage, to follow Bozeman's blocks, and then explodes for more than he should have gotten. He has taken over as the number one RB for Alabama. He has been a very under utilized RB, and probably has more tread on the tires than any other RB in this Draft. 

2016 (Sophomore): Earned the role as the Tideís primary tailback following the departure of Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry ... rushed 146 times for a team-leading 1,037 yards with two rushing scores ... was even better against ranked teams, gaining 863 yards in those 10 games for an average of 86.3 ypg ... 58 of his rushes on the season went for a first down or a touchdown ... had 18 explosive rushes of 12 yards or more ... improved as the game wore on, rushing 61 times for 489 yards and two scores in the second halves of games to average 8.0 ypc ... had 85 rushes for 548 yards in the first half of his games (6.5 ypc) ... added 14 catches for 99 yards and two touchdowns to average 7.1 yards per catch ... selected to the Doak Walker Award Preseason Watch List ... named one of the UA coaching staffís offensive players of the week for his performances against USC, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Chattanooga. 

2016 Game By Game: USC: Had a breakout game against the Trojans, using nine carries to rush for a team-leading 138 yards in his first career start ... had long rushes of 46 and 73 yards ... four of his nine rushing attempts went for a first down. Western Kentucky: Rushed 11 times for 45 yards with a long of 11 ... also added two catches for 14 total yards. Ole Miss: Put together the best game of his career, rushing a career-high 16 times for a career-long 144 total yards and a score while catching a pair of passes ... seven of his rushes went for a first down or a touchdown against the Rebels ... broke out in the second half, accumulating 115 yards on 10 carries with a touchdown in the second half compared to only six rushes for 29 yards in the first half. Kent State: Totaled 18 yards on four carries with a long of nine in limited action ... exited the game in the first quarter after suffering a lower leg injury. Kentucky: Returned from injury, but saw limited playing time ... rushed just twice for 11 yards while catching one pass for a gain of six against his home state. Arkansas: Registered his third 100-plus yard game of his career, going for 122 yards on 13 carries to average 9.4 yards per tote with a long of 57 ... also caught a pair of passes for a career-high 60 yards with a long reception of 56 yards ... accounted for a career-leading 182 yards of total offense against the Razorbacks. Tennessee: Rushed 14 times for 94 yards, falling just short of the century mark ... added one catch to his totals ... had a huge first half, rushing 11 times for 77 yards (7.7 ypc) ... five of his rushes went for a first down and five runs went for 12-plus yards with a long of 18. Texas A&M: Gained 125 yards on a career-high 18 carries as the Crimson Tide defeated the No. 6 Aggies ... nine of his 18 carries resulted in a first down with three runs of 16 yards or more. LSU: Rushed 12 times for 53 total yards with a long rush of 13 against the Tigers ... averaged 4.4 yards per tote ... also caught one pass. Mississippi State: Started but saw limited playing time once the Tide built a significant lead ... rushed three times for nine yards with a long of four ... added one reception for 11 yards. Chattanooga: Totaled 91 yards with a touchdown on 13 carries ... had a long rush of 25 yards against the Mocs ... rushed for only 20 yards on five carries in the first half before collecting 71 yards and a score on eight rushes in the second half ... six of his rushes went for a first down or a score against UTC. Auburn: Finished with nine rushes for 47 yards with a long of 20 on the ground while adding three catches for 22 yards and a touchdown ... had a long reception of 17 yards, taking the Jalen Hurts pass to the end zone and giving the Tide the first touchdown of the day. Florida: Rushed eight times for 86 yards to average 10.8 yards per carry with a long rush of 23 yards ... averaged 11.0 yards per tote in the second half, carrying it seven times for 77 yards after rushing just once for nine yards in the first half. Washington: Accumulated 30 yards on nine carries with a long of eight yards against the Huskies. Clemson: Saw limited carries as the Tide focused on a power rushing attack ... totaled five attempts for 24 yards - all coming in the second half against the Tigers - with a long rush of 13 yards ... added one reception for a loss.

9.7 RB









Ohio State Overview: Lead .

9.6 QB


Deandre Baker- 5-11, 180, #



08/2017: "" 





*Zach Allen, DE, Boston College



08/2017: Hyatt made it count last season with the spotlight on him. He played very well in the Champ game against some elite passrushers, and help his QB win it all. 




*Ryan Finley- 6-4, 210, #15 



11/2016: I don't know who what when or where the Pats will take a QB in this Draft, but I know they will. So I thought I'd start off with Finley. Who has two essential qualities: the ability to take a big hit and complete the next pass, and the ability to come through in the clutch. 

He is a fifth year Graduate transfer with another year of eligibility left. "I really haven't heard much actual information about that, Finley said about his Draft prospects. "Iíve tried to focus on the season and when that happens, it happens." So he could still stay in school, though he did get his Masters this year. 

Nice timing on slants. Stares down his first option too much sometimes. He does a great job seeing the play is over, and charging forward for whatever he can get. "I'm excited about the opportunity either way, to leave for the NFL or to come back," Finley said. "To finish my senior year, I heard somebody say it's a champagne problem. So I'm excited about the opportunity I have." Smart and poised in the collapsing pocket. 

He garnered 3,200 yards and 16 TDs, while completing 63.9% of his passes and only 6 INTs. "Itís probably going to kill me to watch the film," Finley said after he completed 80% of his passes for 341-yards and 3 TDs against Marshall. "There are a lot of plays, personally I wish I could have back." Perfectionist who is never happy with his performance.  

Takes to hard coaching. "Heís hard on himself because Iím so hard on him," Drinkwitz said. "He missed the first three throws. He needs to make those throws, and he knows it. But he did rebound really well." He always seems too. 

He will toss the option a little late sometimes. "Ryan is playing the same way he has the last three games," NC ST HC Dave Doeren said. "Heís managing the offense. Heís giving his receivers a chance. Heís not making mistakes with the ball and hurting our team. [He's throwing] very accurate, throws catchable balls, very intelligent. Heís having a heck of a year." Very nice feet in the pocket. 

When he leans to a side he will loose a little control. When he rushes it he can lose his mechanics and accuracy. He can really throw a great touch pass down the sideline to his outside WR. He keeps the ball a little too much on option runs. Knows when to throw it away. He does a great job throwing the high pass to his tall WR, so the little CB can't touch it. 

He has some serious clutch in him. "I think itís just all up to that player and what they feel," Finley said. "Whether they want to come back or whether they donít. Whether they feel they have more to prove at this level or not. I donít know. Weíll have to cross that bridge when itís over." He comes through in the 4th quarter when his team needs him. 

He can make the great throw with a blitzer coming straight up the gut to kill him, and he knows he is going to get hurt. Nice accurate thrower over the middle on the 3rd level. He has a great arm. When he is hot he looks like the best QB in the Draft. He can take the big hit and complete the next pass. 

AS A RS - JUNIOR (2017): Named to the Academic All-ACC team for his performance last season. He earned a 3.889 GPA while pursuing a Masterís degree in liberal arts. After one season at NC State, ranks 15th in school history in career passing yards (3,059), tied for 14th in touchdowns (18). Has also posted the third-best career completion percentage (.604) in school history.
AS A RS - SOPHOMORE (2016): Threw for 3,059 yards in 2016, the sixth-best mark in school history. 18 TD passes in 2016 tied as the 11th-best single-season mark in school history. Led the the nation completion percentage through the first few games.  No NC State QB had more attempts as a starter before throwing his first INT (139). Led the Wolfpack to two scores in the win over William & Mary while posting the best completion pct. (.809) for an NC State QB in his debut as a starter. Transferred from Boise State in the summer of 2016 after earning his degree in three years. Was granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA.
AS A SOPHOMORE (2015): Appeared in three games before suffering a season-ending ankle injury against Idaho State. Went 46-for-70 for 485 yards and a touchdown with four interceptions. In first career start vs. Washington, went 16-for-26 for 129 yards and an INT. Threw his first touchdown pass of the season at BYU, going 25-for-38 for a career-best 297 yards.
AS A RS - FRESHMAN (2014): Appeared in five games, completing 12-of-27 for 161 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Came off the bench in the third quarter at Air Force, going 12-for-25 for 161 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Saw action at Wyoming, did not attempt a pass but rushed 2-15 yards.




*Josh Allen- Kentucky, Jr OLB, 6-5, 230


Penn State

08/2017: "It's aby since the day he stepped on campus."

Ohio State Overview: Lead .


08/2017: "T




*Ryan Finley- 6-4, 210, #15 



11/2016: I don't know who what when or where the Pats will take a QB in this Draft, but I know they will. So I thought I'd start off with Finley. Who has two essential qualities: the ability to take a big hit and complete the next pass, and the ability to come through in the clutch. 

He is a fifth year Graduate transfer with another year of eligibility left. "I really haven't heard much actual information about that, Finley said about his Draft prospects. "Iíve tried to focus on the season and when that happens, it happens." So he could still stay in school, though he did get his Masters this year. 

Nice timing on slants. Stares down his first option too much sometimes. He does a great job seeing the play is over, and charging forward for whatever he can get. "I'm excited about the opportunity either way, to leave for the NFL or to come back," Finley said. "To finish my senior year, I heard somebody say it's a champagne problem. So I'm excited about the opportunity I have." Smart and poised in the collapsing pocket. 

He garnered 3,200 yards and 16 TDs, while completing 63.9% of his passes and only 6 INTs. "Itís probably going to kill me to watch the film," Finley said after he completed 80% of his passes for 341-yards and 3 TDs against Marshall. "There are a lot of plays, personally I wish I could have back." Perfectionist who is never happy with his performance.  

Takes to hard coaching. "Heís hard on himself because Iím so hard on him," Drinkwitz said. "He missed the first three throws. He needs to make those throws, and he knows it. But he did rebound really well." He always seems too. 

He will toss the option a little late sometimes. "Ryan is playing the same way he has the last three games," NC ST HC Dave Doeren said. "Heís managing the offense. Heís giving his receivers a chance. Heís not making mistakes with the ball and hurting our team. [He's throwing] very accurate, throws catchable balls, very intelligent. Heís having a heck of a year." Very nice feet in the pocket. 

When he leans to a side he will loose a little control. When he rushes it he can lose his mechanics and accuracy. He can really throw a great touch pass down the sideline to his outside WR. He keeps the ball a little too much on option runs. Knows when to throw it away. He does a great job throwing the high pass to his tall WR, so the little CB can't touch it. 

He has some serious clutch in him. "I think itís just all up to that player and what they feel," Finley said. "Whether they want to come back or whether they donít. Whether they feel they have more to prove at this level or not. I donít know. Weíll have to cross that bridge when itís over." He comes through in the 4th quarter when his team needs him. 

He can make the great throw with a blitzer coming straight up the gut to kill him, and he knows he is going to get hurt. Nice accurate thrower over the middle on the 3rd level. He has a great arm. When he is hot he looks like the best QB in the Draft. He can take the big hit and complete the next pass. 

AS A RS - JUNIOR (2017): Named to the Academic All-ACC team for his performance last season. He earned a 3.889 GPA while pursuing a Masterís degree in liberal arts. After one season at NC State, ranks 15th in school history in career passing yards (3,059), tied for 14th in touchdowns (18). Has also posted the third-best career completion percentage (.604) in school history.
AS A RS - SOPHOMORE (2016): Threw for 3,059 yards in 2016, the sixth-best mark in school history. 18 TD passes in 2016 tied as the 11th-best single-season mark in school history. Led the the nation completion percentage through the first few games.  No NC State QB had more attempts as a starter before throwing his first INT (139). Led the Wolfpack to two scores in the win over William & Mary while posting the best completion pct. (.809) for an NC State QB in his debut as a starter. Transferred from Boise State in the summer of 2016 after earning his degree in three years. Was granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA.
AS A SOPHOMORE (2015): Appeared in three games before suffering a season-ending ankle injury against Idaho State. Went 46-for-70 for 485 yards and a touchdown with four interceptions. In first career start vs. Washington, went 16-for-26 for 129 yards and an INT. Threw his first touchdown pass of the season at BYU, going 25-for-38 for a career-best 297 yards.
AS A RS - FRESHMAN (2014): Appeared in five games, completing 12-of-27 for 161 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Came off the bench in the third quarter at Air Force, going 12-for-25 for 161 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Saw action at Wyoming, did not attempt a pass but rushed 2-15 yards.



08/2017: "T





- 6', 205, #28



09/2016: Just wa

bs it.

OUTLOOK: A second-team All-Big 12 selection by .



*-  6-1 210







*- 6-3, 260, RS-Jr


Ohio State

01/2017: He is



Ohio State Overview: Lead .



*- 6-4, 275, 


NC State




**Sam Hubbard- 6-5, 265, #6


Ohio ST

08/2017: He is definitely staying in school.

10/2016: He can turn the corner, flush the QB, and then chase him to the opposite side and trip him up. He can shove off the ORT, find the ball on the play action, and then dive inside and grab the RB's foot. "I haven't even been at this position for a full year," Hubbard said. "I'm going to keep taking all the coaching knowledge. And the more experience I get [the better I'll be]. It's only up from here." Now he is starting in place of Joey Bosa on the Ohio State D-line. 

He came to Ohio State as a Safety/Dodgeball-Player and has put on 60-pounds of muscle. "Last year I had a great foundation, and I just want to keep improving," Hubbard said. "I'm never going to be comfortable or satisfied, so Iím going to keep working." He is still growing.

As the story goes, he was not a great football player when Urban Meyer showed up at his high school to recruit, but he was a great dodgeball player. "Who is that big freak running around on the gym floor?" Meyer said about visiting Hubbard's high school. "He was an average football player, but a great dodgeball player." And what might interest Belichick (and thus Pats Fans), he was also a great Lacrosse player in high school.

He played LB and TE at Ohio state, but put on 60-pounds of muscle in two years. "Knowing his family, his dad is a big man," his high school HC Rodenberg said. "Just looking at it, I knew he wasn't gonna play safety even though he was playing it for us. I remember talking to Kerry Coombs, Ohio State wasn't sure what he was gonna play. I told Sam, 'You're gonna be a defensive end, and you're gonna be a 1sy round defensive end.'" It looks like is going to be right. 

He is the most unknown star waiting to happen in this Draft. "Sam Hubbard is gonna be a problem in the Big Ten," a scout said. He is quiet for awhile, and then boom, he is hitting the quarterback.

He actually got in a game last season against Northern Illinois, and shared a sack with Bosa. "We just gave each other a big hug, a big smile," Hubbard said. "We had been working together, lifting partners working out, and finally got to make some plays together. That felt great." Which is another reason he has been compared to Bosa.

He is probably going to stay in school, like Bosa did as a junior. "Joey wasnít necessarily a vocal guy, but you saw the way he practiced. If you want to play at a high level, youíve got to do the things he does," his teammate Tyquan Lewis said. "He led by example and it trickles its way down." However, he is too good not to have on this list, and he would not get past the Pats at 32 if he did.

Ohio State Overview: Sam Hubbard is a rising star for the Buckeyes and is coming off a freshman All-America campaign in 2015 Ö Hubbard, first noticed at Moeller High School by coach Urban Meyer playing dodgeball, came to Ohio State as a safety but coaches experimented with him at tight end and linebacker during a red-shirt freshman campaign in 2014 Ö he ultimately settled in nicely along the defensive line Ö heís done well off the playing field as well with two OSU Scholar-Athlete honors and one Academic All-Big Ten honor while pursuing his degree in finance Ö spent three days this summer interning with Goldman Sachs in New York City.

2015 Season (Freshman): Hubbard was named a freshman All-American by USA Today Ö he earned the start in the season opener against Virginia Tech and was a key back-up in the final 12 games for the 12-1 Buckeyes Ö he was in on 414 plays as a freshman with 333 on defense plus an additional 81 on special teams Ö recorded 28 tackles, including eight tackles-for-losses totaling 44 yards plus 6.5 quarterback sacks Ö he also recorded an interception (vs. Maryland), a pass break-up, three quarterback pressures, a forced fumble and had two fumble recoveries Ö was in on a career-high four tackles three times: vs. Virginia Tech, Western Michigan and Notre Dame Ö also had a career-high 55 snaps in the win over Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl.



*Mason Rudolph- 6-5, 235, #2



09/2016: He has the size, frame, legs, and and arm to play QB in the NFL. "His body, in my opinion, is in the best condition it's ever been in." his HC Mike Gundy said. "Which is fairly common for a young man going into his third year. That is just a natural progression for a college quarterback." But he plays in the wackiest spread system of all the spread systems. 

He really throws the most beautiful ball of all the QBs in this year Draft. "Early on, it was hard to out-throw a guy like James Washington on those deeper routes," Rudolph said. "He's a freak guy and he's been incredible for us. I am starting to make him work for it now, especially on those deep balls." He has been consistently hitting him on the 3rd level this season. 

He and James Washington were incredible in the first two games. "We talk about that in practice," his WR Washington said. "Sometimes when we run a post, I tell him to overthrow me and make me run it down. We've kind of gotten on the same page with that. He's definitely gotten his arm stronger. He's able to out-throw me now." His deep throws to the 3rd level are consistently the best I've seen in a long while. 

He plays in a system that cannot be trusted and has produced bust after bust after bust. "I'm a prototypical quarterback,"  Rudolph said. "I'm a big kid with a strong arm. I can push the ball down the field. "Every year you pick out a couple things and you become stronger as a quarterback, your velocity improves." But man he can spin it. 

If I were a GM desperate for a QB, towards the end of the 1st Round, I'd be scared to pick this guy because of the system. I would probably have to take him, because I think I would be too scared to pass on him. No trouble taking him in the 2nd where the college spread-QB failure rate doesn't get me fired. He has a better arm and handles rushers in his face better than Kaaya. But Kaaya plays in a pro style offense that translates to the NFL, and Rudolph clearly doesn't.

OUTLOOK: Has played at a level that matches some of Oklahoma Stateís all-time best quarterbacks ... 12-3 career record as a starter, with seven of those 12 wins coming away from home ... His 9.1 yards/completion over the span of his career is a record at Oklahoma State (min. 200 pass attempts).
2015 (Sophomore): A second-team Academic All-Big 12 honoree ... Honored by the coaches as the Bob Fenimore Award recipient, given to the teamís offensive MVP ... His 264 completions, 424 pass attempts, 3,770 passing yards 290.0 passing yards per game and 287.3 yards of total offense per game trail only Brandon Weeden in 2010 and 2011 on Oklahoma Stateís single-season list ... Surpassed 300 yards passing six times and 400 yards three times ... According to ESPN Stats and Info, his 40 completions on passes thrown at least 20 yards down the field tied Californiaís Jared Goff for the national lead among Power Five conference quarterbacks ... He had 13 touchdowns against just two interceptions on such passes (+11), a differential that matched Clemsonís Deshaun Watson and Oklahomaís Baker Mayfield ... According to ESPN Stats and Info, he ranked seventh among qualified Power Five quarterbacks in average pass distance (10.9 yards past the line of scrimmage) ... Ranked in the top 10 nationally in completions of 30 yards or longer (28) and also completions of 40 yards or longer (16) ... The Big 12 leader with 14.28 yards per completion and ranked second in the league with 3,770 passing yards despite splitting quarterback reps with J.W. Walsh ... Earned several awards after he threw a career-best five touchdown passes against no interceptions in a win over No. 5 TCU, including the Walter Camp National Player of the Week, Big 12 Player of the Week, Davey OíBrien Award Performance of the Week, Manning Award Star of the Week and OSUís offensive player of the game ... His passer rating in that game was 258.6, which set a single-game OSU record (min. 20 attempts) ... Five touchdown passes tied for fourth-most in a game in school history ... Had a career-high 437 passing yards vs. Kansas State, marking the most ever in a game for an OSU sophomore, the fourth-most passing yards in OSU history and the most for a Cowboy since 2011 ... His 55 pass attempts vs. Kansas State marked the fifth-most in a game in school history and his 34 completions in that game marked the sixth-most in a game ... Earned Big 12 Player of the Week, Manning Award Star of the Week and OSUís offensive player of the week for his K-State performance ... He threw for 430 yards against Baylor, giving him two of the top seven passing performances in school history ... Completed an 82-yard pass for a touchdown to Marcell Ateman vs. the Horned Frogs, marking OSUís longest play of the year and the seventh longest passing play in school history ... Started the first 11 games of the season before he missed all but three plays of the Bedlam regular season finale ... Returned to the starting lineup against Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl.

9.7 (Spread QB)


*Jaire Alexander- 5-11, 192, #



08/2016: An ultra-quick light and slight CB. "" 

He had a very nice 5 INT and 9 PBU season last year. "" 

If he takes a step up this season, it will be into the 1st Round. "" Everybody needs Corners.



*Calvin Ridley- 6-4, 275, #



08/2016: Saban is looking for a return to form from 2015, when he had 89 receptions for 1,045, and ??? TDs. With a freshman QB, who was dynamite with his feet, in charge of the offense his statistics dropped. He only garnered 769-yards and ??? TDs on 72 receptions. 



Martinas Rankin- 6-5, 305, # 


Miss ST

08/2016: He is a JuCo kid who took a little while to adjust last season. But he really showed at the end of the season that he has the feet to play OLT in the NFL. 



Luke Falk - 6-4, 225, #


Wash ST

08/2016:  I'm of a fan of spread QBs. But I am a fan of QBs who come out of systems that put a lot of pressure on them. Last season Wash ST had the worst kicking game in the Country. As a result they were forced to go for it on 4th downs, more than they kicked the ball. That put a ton of pressure on the kid. He came through on 4th down, with al the pressure on his back, more than any QB in college football last season. 

He played in the tragic "Air Raid" that seeks and destroys QB with astonishing consistency. But he made the correct decision staring in school last year. He also showed the intelligence and decision making ability to call the plays. That is very unusual for a Air Raid QB that is usually in that system because they struggle reading the defense. I woud never draft an "Air Raid", but if their is an exception to that rule it is Fualk.




*Courtland Sutton- 6-4, 215, # 



08/2016: He plays in that wacky spread offense that make he suspicious. Did he go there because he can't run patterns? Did he go there he can read defenses? The only thing I know is that he might be the most physically talented WR in this Draft. It is all about the mental for him. 

He has fantastic production. He has great hands. Show a great ability to use his size, and go up and snag the ball through contact. Sneaky speed going down the field. 1,246-yards and 10 TDs on 76 catches. But how much of that was the system? That is the question all evaluators will be asking.



**Vita Vea- RS-Soph, 6-4, 332, #50



11/2015: He is not likely to come out, but I had to talk about the Washington D-line somehow. "Heís a guy that I think is a special talent," former HC Choate said about Vea. "And is going to be a really good player for the Dawgs," They might be the only team that can stop Alabama. 

He is such a huge powerhouse right in the middle of their D-line. "[I'm] 6-5 and about 300 pounds," Vea said. "Two or three years ago I reported at 360. Coach  Socha and his staff theyíre really good over there in getting right, keeping us in shape and keeping us healthy and ready to go." He has dedicated himself to getting into proper football shape, and it is showing up all over the field. 

He and Qualls hold the line against the run, so they can use more assets in pass defense. "I feel pretty good.," Vea said "With Elijah [Qualls] and Greg [Gaines] just picking up the defense, and being able to help everyone. So if one of us has a question, we donít have to go and ask coach. We can go ask one of the D-linemen, and be more efficient and save time in practice." He does not look like he needs to ask any questions anymore. 
He has adjusted to his new DC, Ikaika Malloe's, scheme. "At first, it was hard because we didnít know what we were getting into," Vea said. "But then like after a while, we got comfortable with coach Malloe and this staff, and learning new techniques, and continuing to sharpen our old techniques." He was dominate against Cal.
2016: Made three tackles, including a nine-yard sack, in the win over Rutgers ... terrific game against Idaho, with three tackles, including one-and-a-half sacks ... named the team's defensive player of the week for the Idaho game ... six tackles, including one for a loss, in the win over Portland State ... had four tackles in the win at Arizona ... had three tackles, an 11-yard sack and a forced fumble in the win over No. 7 Stanford ... had a pair of solo tackles in Washington's 70-21 win at Oregon ... two tackles in a starting role vs. Oregon State ... three tackles and a pass break-up in the Husky win at Utah, earning the team's defensive player of the week award ... three tackles in Washington's win at Cal.
2015: Played in all 13 games as a redshirt freshman ... saw his first college action in the season opener at Boise State ... had two solo stops vs. the Broncos ... made one tackle (for a loss) in the win over Sacramento State ... also played against Utah State and Cal ... had one stop in Washington's win at USC ... one stop vs. Oregon and at Stanford ... two tackles in the Husky victory over Arizona ... three tackles, including one for a loss, vs. Utah ... three stops at Arizona State ... one tackle in the win at Oregon State ... had a tackle and forced a fumble in the Apple Cup win over Washington State ... had a seven-yard sack in the Heart of Dallas Bowl win over Southern Miss.

9.7 NT


Derrick Nnadi- 6-1, 312, #



08/17: He hurt his ankle to start the season and wasn't really healthy until the Miami game. The coaches were comparing him to Jernigan after their preseason. When he just uses his great powerful legs and hands he can be great. He is so good at grabbing hands and twisting them off him and finding he RB. TMIWTMIL. He does not have the prototype height that you are looking for, but he has everything else. He can get outside the tackle and make the tackle on the edge.
FLA 2016:  Short NT, but he can get into the backfield and make plays. He is at his best when he uses his powerful legs to explode up field. They will line him up at 5-tech, and let him blast off up field sometimes. He will line up in front of the OG, and hit the QB. He is playing with his eyes so much better this season. He finds the ball carrier over and over. It is very hard to fool him. When he blasts off with his elite legs, he can pop the OC back and bull him nest the QB, then shed and jump on him. 

Michigan 2016: He has such explosive legs that I think he can play in the NFL. When he uses his legs to explode up field is when he looks the best. He is short, and looks like he has short arms. But when he keeps his legs churning, he powers back a lot of bigger taller OLs. Great twisting inside. He can hop around the other DT, and turn up field into the QB and slam him. When he is running low and angry he hits like a train. When he is on he can dominate inside. He is a quick burst player, wins with quick burst, or gets stuck. He plays right in the middle of the line, and he holds up well. He is short, but he is tough to move out of there. Nice job using his hands to hold off the center, and then grabbing the RB as he tries to slash by. Plays the two gap very well. 



*Malik Jefferson- 6-3, 240, #



08/2016: 1

His stats don't jump off the page, but Jefferson has the skill set to become an impact linebacker at the NFL level. At 6-foot-3 and 238 pounds, he can be likened to Texans 2017 second-round pick Zach Cunningham from a size perspective. Like Cunningham, Jefferson is a high-energy linebacker who makes plays all over the field, not just between the tackles.



Marquis Haynes- 6-3, 230, #10


Ole Miss 


Marquis Haynes

LB Ole Miss

6-3, 230, #10-

Hayes brings the freak factor big time. He is a smaller speed OLB. He is freakishly strong, and has that knack for hitting the quarterback. He will disappear sometimes, but then always seems to show back up in the rush. I don't know if he as size to do what he does in the NFL, but he will test as one of the top athletes in the Draft. 

When he hit the Alabama QB where he knocked the ball out, and it was returned for a TD, that was the third time that game where he exploded past the blockers, and no one touched him on the rush from the edge. "Heís a guy that heís going to produce on Saturday," his DL coach Chris Kiffin said. "Heís going to make a play thatís going to spark the team, thatís going to spark the stadium at some point." He has that knack for getting into the backfield from the edge. 

Not as good taking on blockers as you'd like, but if you don't pick him up, he will hit the QB. "Heís still learning," Kiffin said. "Heís undersized to play defensive end, so sometimes he gets worked off the ball a little bit. But then all of a sudden, heís going to make the huge play, the big sack or the caused fumble that could potentially change the game and get everybody off their seat. Heís an unbelievable athlete, and heís just the next great Land shark around here." They line him up outside and he flies to the QB fast and hits him.
Great blitzer up the gut. "Theyíre both really good players," Kirby Smart said. "Coach Chaney really felt, and I felt like Charles Harris was a really good player coming out the game. He [Haynes] was even better than we thought." Some think Harris is a 1st round pick.

He is terrific in pursuit when he gets the ball carrier is in his sights. "Going into this game, [we knew] Marquis Haynes is a really good player," Smart said. "We know that. Weíve seen it first-hand. Heís a dominant pass rusher. He can disrupt plays. Heís a talented player. Theyíve got some similarities, but Haynes has just done it for a longer period of time." He will tackle through the RB when he gets him from the side.

08/2015: Under sized speed linebacker with that money making knack for hitting the quarterback. "Iím just going to keep doing what I have been doing," Haynes said. "Playing the ballgames like I usually do, full speed and using my strength. I just want to keep progressing forward." The kid is tough, and bigger than OK LB Eric Striker.

He is a physical freak who is likely to end up in the 1st round. "I knew he was going to blow up just because of his size and how fast he was going into his senior season," his high school HC Penland said. "Just a natural freak. Colleges were chomping at the bit to see this kid." He flies to the QB when lined up as the 9 and 11 Technique. 

He had some academic issues coming out of high school. "He was North Carolina at the start," Penland said. "Then he went to a prep school. He passed everything at the prep school. But North Carolina has been in all this trouble with academics and they just basically said no. That's how he ended up at Ole Miss. Haynes said he liked the coaching staff at Ole Miss, said they reminded him of us." So there are some red flags.

CAREER: Already tied for fourth in school history (since 1983) with 17.5 career sacks ... Preseason All-America fourth team (Phil Steele) ... Preseason All-SEC second team (Athlon, Birmingham News, Lindyís), third team (Phil Steele) ... Ranked the nationís No. 81 overall player by NFL.com and the No. 8 DE in the country by Lindyís. OUTLOOK: Returning starter at defensive end ... Dynamic pass rusher who continues to get better playing the run ... Superior athlete. 2015: All-SEC second team (Coaches, AP, Phil Steele) ... SEC All-Bowl team (ESPN.com) ... Three-time SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week in 2015 and four times in the first two years of his career ... Tied for fourth among SEC players and 19th in the nation with 10.0 sacks, which matched the school record for a season ... Ranked fifth in the SEC and 27th in the nation with 16.5 TFLs (seventh-most in a season in school history) ... Tied for fourth in the SEC and 26th nationally with three forced fumbles ... His 7.0 sacks against SEC opponents were tied for second-most in the league ... Team leader in sacks, TFLs and forced fumbles, ranking fifth with 43 total tackles ... Helped Ole Miss rank top three among SEC teams in tackles for loss (8.1/game - 7th in NCAA), interceptions (15 - t23rd in NCAA) and takeaways (23 - t38th in NCAA) .

9.8 LB


Lowell Lotulelei- 6-6, 310, #93



02/2016: I don't think he is better than his brother. "Lowell's always been a better football player than I have," Star said. "Ever since he started playing the game when he was a little kid. It all comes natural to him." However, he should be better in 2016. 

You have to compare him to his brother. "If that compares to him and if people want to compare me to him, then thatís what it is," Lowell said. "But I feel like whatever work I put in thatís the kind of player Iím going to be." He could go as high as Star in April. 

Nice job holding off the OLG with his long arms and sliding inside to hit the RB on the other side. "Heís as good as he wants to be," Utah DC Morgan Scalley said. "Last year, you saw glimpses of just how special he can be. And now, whatís heís picked up, is a consistent way of working. Heís got a better work ethic. Heís a much better leader, and I mean the skyís the limit for that kid. You couple his athleticism, his God-given talent, with now his work ethic, and Iím excited to see what he does this year," He does a nice job reaching out with one hand and chopping out the ball. 

Teams start doubling him early in games. "He's Star's younger brother, but he's his own guy," Utah HC Whittingham said last year. "Lowell is just really scratching the surface of his potential. He's just a true sophomore, and I think he's got a lot of upside. Before he's done here, he's going to make a big impact." When he gets under a OG, he can bull him back into the QB with impressive power. 

Plays Nose Tackle and shades the OC a lot on the Blindside.  "What can we say?Ē  Kyle Whittingham said. ďHeís a first-team all-conference guy, a proven commodity and heís really one of the mainstays of the defense." He controls the middle of the O-line by himself.

UTAH: All-America candidate is one of the best defensive tackles in the country Ö All-Pac-12 his first two seasons, including first-team honors in 2015 Ö 2014 Freshman All-American has played in all 26 games with 18 starts since his true freshman season.
2015: First-team All-Pac-12 Ö played in all 13 games with nine starts at left tackle Ö 26 total tackles (5.0 TFL, 1.0 sack), a pass breakup and a forced fumble Ö three tackles against Fresno State, Michigan, USC, Oregon State and Arizona Ö his forced fumble (recovered by Utah) led to what proved to be the game-deciding touchdown against BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl.
2014: First-team Freshman All-American by USA Today Ö second-team Freshman All-American by Scout.com Ö honorable mention All-Pac-12 Ö true freshman played in all 13 games and started the last nine Ö 33 total tackles included 4.5 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks Ö one forced fumble Ö season-high six tackles vs. Oregon Ö sacked Oregonís Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota two times for 13 yards Ö five tackles vs. UCLA and Colorado (1 sack).



*Royce Freeman- 6', 229, #2



09/2016: Freeman ran into some trouble last season, but when he has the ball in his hands he can be as effective as any RB in this Draft. "" 

Plus, in their offense he has a ton of experience in the passing game. ""

09/2016: Freeman is a beast. "As I continue to play, it sets in," Freeman said. "I realize I've done this before and played in big games. You just always want to improve on the season before, and not be complacent." Great herky-jerky moves. 

He has all the traits you look for in an RB. "I just go out and play the next week," Freeman said. "Some people might throw them out, and you might hear them, but they go in one ear and out the other. Great jab step inside, and then burst outside." Tough to bring down. 

He is being mentioned for the Heisman this year. "Honestly, itís an honor to be mentioned on the list and be mentioned with those guys and those types of players," Freeman said. "But honestly, itís a long road from now. We havenít even played our first game; we havenít even had our first practice. So moving forward, I canít even be thinking about that right now." He should be a 1st round pick.

He run with such great balance and power. "Royce is a real good player," NU HC Riley said. "Has been since he was young, And, like I said for them, people donít understand he is a cornerstone of their offense. And you have to stop him. Otherwise thatís what youíre going to see all the time." But he also has that speed to the outside that you need. 

Keeps moving forward and has great eyes for finding the hole. "I donít believe thereís a better runner," his QB Prukop said. "I have a limited exposure to all the great runners around. But in my mind, I canít visualize a more ideal running back to play with. Itís his patience. Thatís what I think sets him apart from everyone else. He has the speed. He has the size. But his patience and his ability to work the run game and see how blocks are developing is really neat." He is so fun to watch weaving behind his O-linemen on Screens. 

Cuts back on the pitch with some power. "He's the workhorse," Nebraska LB Rose-Ivey said. ďCan do it all, and for 5-11, 230, moves like a 5-10, 190- or 195-pound back. Not really a punisher as far as putting down his head and running through guys. But heís really-really good at not taking those big hits and kind of just spinning or bouncing off contact. So itíll be very important for us as linebackers, and everyone on defense, to tackle well and play in space. Just one missed assignment or one missed tackle, and heís hitting his head on the goalpost." When he sees a crease he bolts through to the second level in a flash. 

He is such a nice power back, but he has the speed and the ability to make guys miss with his elite feet on the second level. "I want to make bigger plays and go for longer rushes," Freeman said. "I want to be out there every down if I can. I don't want to come out. Honestly, when I come out it hurts me, because it's not something I like to do. I'd like to be out there as many plays as I can this year." He got injured against Nebraska and will be sitting out every play for a few weeks. 

OUTLOOK: Currently 19th all-time in Pac-12 career rushing and 15th all-time in conference career rushing touchdowns . . . 21 rushing touchdowns away from beoming Pac-12's all-time leader and only 15 rushing touchdowns away from becoming Oregon's all-time leader . . . Game most in rushing yards and touchdowns in the season opener against UC Davis with 87 yards and two touchdowns, in 11 rush attempts . . . Added 207 yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries, including on 85 yard rushing touchdown in game two against Virginia . . . Second 200-yard rushing performance of his career against Virginia . . . Third all-time in Oregon history for career yards with 3,495 yards.
2015: The second-team All-American (Football Writers Association of America) and Pac-12 Conference rushing runner-up (141.2 avg.) broke LaMichael James' single-season school rushing record with 1,836 yards, posting the Ducks' highest per-game average since James' 150.4 yards in 2011 . . . Ranked fourth in the country in rushing in addition to becoming the only FBS player nationally to accumulate more than 100 yards from scrimmage in every game . . . He led the country with 36 runs of 15 yards or more and has rushed for more yards over the past two years (3,201) than any other Power 5 player in the country . . . The first-team all-league standout eclipsed school standards by rushing for 100 yards or more in nine consecutive games to finish the season over the century mark 11 times in 13 outings . . . Led the league in total touchdowns scored (19) and rushing TDs (17) while tying for 12th in the country in both categories . . . Voted the Ducks' Most Outstanding Offensive Player by his teammates, he ran for a collegiate-best 246 yards (9.1-yard avg.) and two touchdowns in a setback against Washington State - the top rushing effort in the Pac-12 this season . . . His output came one week after picking up 163 yards on the ground in a win at Colorado, marking his best consecutive-game totals of the year . . . Also caught three passes for 46 yards and a third score vs. the Cougars . . . Scored touchdowns in 11 of 13 appearances, with his season-high three TDs against Eastern Washington, Washington State, and TCU falling one shy of his Oregon-best four scores his freshman year vs. Washington . . . Began the year running for 180 yards while averaging 8.6 yards per carry in the season-opening win over Eastern Washington . . . Accounted for 105 rushing yards and two of his scores in the first half . . . Added 92 yards and one score on 24 carries at Michigan State as well as equaled his collegiate best with three receptions (34 yards) against the Spartans - a feat he would duplicate four more times as a sophomore . . . Participated in a season-best 72 snaps against both Michigan State and Oregon State.

9.7 (RB)


Nick Chubb- 5-10, 224, #27



09/2016: He runs with so much power and speed. "Nick Chubb is really special," Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason said. "His feet never stop. He always moves the line of scrimmage. He can anticipate contact and his ability to offset tacklers from angles is unbelievable. Thatís an innate ability. His ability to see whatís happening in front him and react on a dime. Had he not gotten hurt (last year) there wasnít anybody he wasnít running through or making miss. Nick Chubb is the best running back in this conference that Iíve faced." He has some shifty shoulders coming to the line.

He is great at using his shifty feet to make guys miss. "Chubbís more of a shifty, more of a quick elusive guy than Gurley," Vanderbilt linebacker Zach Cunningham said. "I wouldnít say as big or powerful but heís definitely up to par with Gurley. Heís very quick, very instinctive, and you noticed how quick he could hit a hole." He is always falling forwards. 

He runs low and hard, and can punish defenders when he hits them low. "The big thing with Nick is going to be full, live-contact tackling," his HC Smart said. "The psychological factor of him taking the first hits and going through tackling will be a big part of that." He can meet an LB in the middle and knock him off his feet, and keep going. 

He has thirteen 100-yard rushing games, some think he is similar to Derrick Henry. "Well, theyíre both powerful, thatís the number one similarity," Smart said. "Theyíre a very different style in my opinion. Derrick was a long slasher that could run with power downhill. But Derrick got a lot of his long runs bouncing things out. Nick is a very patient runner that churns the hard extra yards. He can run outside but he runs through a lot of arm tackles, kind of like Derrick did. Theyíve got a lot of similarities but theyíre also built completely different. Theyíre two different-type kids. But theyíre both common in that they work extremely hard and are both very humble and loyal to their teammate." He has two 200-yards games. 

Terrific spin move, that he can use to spin off tackles with great power and agility. "Nick got to carry the ball," Smart said after Chubb's first scrimmage. "He did well. He carried it seven or eight times. I think the officials were more worried about him than we were because they were blowing the whistle quick and we didnít want that. But he got tackled and did well with it and it was important for him to get over that psychologically but also the physical conditioning part of it." He is so good at bouncing it outside. and getting yards on his own. 

He does some odd things to prepare for playing RB in the SEC, and it has been working. "Iíve seen some people use track before and working on form running with track coaches, which Nick did with our track coaches, but not the Tae kwon do element," Smart said. "Some of it was Tae kwon do-slash-MMA-slash-wrestling on mats. He was rolling and reacting, getting his body used to almost like being tackled, but in a more controlled environment. I went and watched a couple of times and was really impressed with what he was doing." He looked faster this season against UNC.

He is good in blitz pick up. Which can be a problem, because his coach it tempted to leave in on every single down. "I donít think from a conditioning standpoint we can include him every single play," Smart said. "He got tired the other night and had to come out several times. So, yeah, youíve got to resist [the urge to leave him in every single down]. Itís not realistic, whether heís coming off an injury or not. To have a back play every play in every game. You just canít do it.Weíve got other players capable. Weíve got to find ways to get the ball to other people because we may not be able to run the ball with the same efficiency we did the other night. We have to be able to throw it and weíve got to use other weapons in our offense to make sure that Nick is not focused upon." He can get low, get his hands on the rusher and hold on until the QB throws. 
Career Highs: 266 rushing yards vs. No. 20 Louisville in 2014. Long rush of 83 yards (2x), last vs. No. 13 Alabama in 2015. 2 rushing TDs (7x), last vs. Southern in 2015. 3 total vs. Southern in 2015. Long TD rush of 83 yards (2x), last vs. No. 13 Alabama in 2015. 38 rushing attempts at No. 23 Missouri in 2014. 5 receptions vs. Florida in 2014
*59 receiving yards vs. Florida in 2014. Long reception of 27 yards vs. No. 9 Auburn in 2014, 1 receiving TD (3x), last vs. Southern in 2015. Long receiving TD of 24 yards vs. Southern in 2015. Career: 13 - 100 yard rushing games
2 - 200 yard rushing games.
2015: Rushed for 747 yards on 92 carries with seven TDs ... Leon Farmer Award ... four receptions for 32 yards and a TD ... Appeared in six games making six starts ... sustained a season-ending knee injury on the first play from scrimmage at Tennessee ... tied school record with his 13th-consecutive 100-yard rushing game by rushing for 146 yards on 20 carries vs. No. 13 Alabama; also tied career-long TD rush of 83 yards ... 133 yards rushing and two TDs vs. Southern ... 159 yards and two rushing TDs vs. South Carolina ... 189 rushing yards at Vanderbilt ... 120 rushing yards on 16 carries and 2 TDs vs. ULM ... recipient of Coffee County Hustle Award at conclusion of spring practice ... USAToday First Team Preseason All-America ... Phil Steeleís Preseason All-America First Team and All-SEC First Team ... Sporting News Preseason First Team All-America ... Athlon Sports Preseason All-SEC First Team ... Preseason Media Days All-SEC First Team ... UGA J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Honor Roll ... recipient of the Rebecca and Leon Farmer, III Scholarship and the Green-Sands Football Scholarship ... inducted into UGAís Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) program.











Adam Shaheen- 6-6, 278, (U) 4.79, 33"A, 24 Reps! 10'1"BR, 32.5"Vert, 7.09 3-C, 4.28 SS



09/2015He can raise his hands up over his head, catch the ball on the sideline, and get his feet in. "I watched him for two games and turned the tape off, because I want to see him live in Indy before I develop any more of an opinion of him," a scout said. " I saw some things that has me very excited." For a guy his size that is very impressive. 

He showed some speed chasing the ball deep at the Combine. "I thought what I did in college was obviously enough to potentially be drafted and be on a team," Shaheen said. "I knew I was going to get a knock by playing against lesser competition. I felt like I had done what I needed to do at the Division-II level." He is no where near Gronk as a blocker.

2015: Ashland's breakout offensive standout as a redshirt sophomore...Set a new program standard for tight ends with 70 catches, also good for the highest total for any tight end at any NCAA level in 2015...Added 803 yards and 10 touchdowns receiving...Following the season, earned American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Division II Coaches' All-America, D2Football.com honorable mention All-American, College Sports Information Directors of American (CoSIDA) Academic All-American Division II second team, Don Hansen All-Super Region Four second team, Division II Conference Commissioner's Association (D2CCA) All-Super Region 4 second team, CoSIDA Academic All-District, All-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference first team and GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team honors.

9.7 small school

I am leaving out most of the Redshirt Sophomores, Most RS Sophomores tend to stay in school. So this should be the place to start the 2020 Draft: 

1. Jarrett Stidham- 6-3 214, Auburn, QB

2 A.J. Brown- 6-1, 225, Ole Miss, WR. 

3. Dre'Mont Jones- 6-3, 295. Ohio ST, DT. 

4. Jonah Williams- 6-5, 301, Alabama, OLT. 

5. Raekwon Davis- 6-7. 303, Alabama, DT. 

6. Justice Hill- 5-10, 185, OK ST, RB. 

7. David Montgomery- 5-11, 222, Iowa ST, RB. 

8. Noah Fant- 6-5 232, Iowa, TE.

9. Julian Love- 5-11, 190, ND, CB

10. N'Keal Harry- 6-4, 220, Arizona ST, WR.

11. Devin White- 6-1, 255, LSU, ILB. 

12. Anfernee Jennings- 6-3, 265, Alabama, ILB.

13. Joe Jackson- 6-5, 258, Miami, DE. 

14. Greg Little-, 6-6, 332, Ole Miss, OT.

15. Ahmmon Richards- 6-1, 190, Miami, WR. 

16. David Edwards- 6-7, 306, Wisconsin, OLT.

17. Devin Bush- 5-11, 232, Michigan, OLB. 

18. Brian Burns- 6-5, 218, FLA ST, DE.

19. Bobby Evans- 6-4, 316, Oklahoma, OT. 

20. Marquise Brown, 5-11, 157, Oklahoma, WR.
21. Rodney Anderson- 6-2, 223, Oklahoma, RB. 

22. Juwan Johnson- 6-4, 218, Penn ST, WR. 
23. Connor McGovern- 6-5, 310, Penn ST, OG. 
24. Sutton Smith- 6', 217, N. Illinois, OLB. 
25. Kaden Smith- 6-5 249, Stanford, TE.
26. Prince Tega Wanogho- 6-7, 301, Auburn, OT.
27. Caleb Wilson- 6-4, 235, UCLA, TE.

28.Kelvin Harmon- 6-3, 213, NC State, WR.

29. Nate Herbig- 6-4, 346, Stanford, OT.

30. Justin Herbert- 6-6, 225, Oregon, QB.




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