With The 23rd Pick, in the 2009 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

Updated Feb. 28th


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Well, so little known and so much to say. It must be draft time. 

The Perfect Draft for the Pats would be: in the First- Aaron Curry OLB from Wake Forest; with their first Second CB Alphonso Smith from Wake forest, and with their second Second SS Chip Vaughn, from, Wake Forest;-)

And this is a good year to need DBs and OLB/DE/Passrushers. The first three round will be loaded up with CBs, Safeties, and D-Ends converting to OLB. So it should be a good year for the Pat's Defense.



My Picks: 

(U)- Unofficial

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Mathew Stafford-

QB Georgia

6-4 225

Ownership, President, GM, QB, DEFENSE, O-Line, ... 

F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

The Team: Once more into the breach dear friends. They are a team in transition, again. It seems like it's been a decade since they've had any stability. The problem is with a team this historically horrible, players and coaches are virtually meaningless. You have to look at the utter and complete failures of Ownership and Upper Management. They cannot continue with their current Ownership situation, and they cannot continue with their current Upper Management situation. This franchise can only be compared to the completely demoralized Atlanta Falcons of last year. They need more then draft picks, they need a massive infusion of football smarts, consistency, and intelligence. They need a complete restructuring of the franchise. Only Blank, who I criticized relentlessly, went outside the organization, and let's be honest, got lucky and hired Dimitroff, who got lucky when Matt Ryan fell to him. So what does the incompetent Owner Ford do, he hires from within. Hiring Tom Lewand a as team president, and Martin Mayhew as GM is a double-dose of disaster. Okay with that being said, they need a QB first of foremost. Only, they gave 517 points last season, second worst in the history of the NFL. 533 points allowed is the record for ineptitude, and they almost made it. They cannot continue with their current QB situation, and they cannot continue with their current Defensive situation. So, I guess, Lion fans should just close their eyes and charge into futility for the ten straight year.  

The Player: On the positive for Stafford, he did come in and start as a true Freshman. So questions on whether he has the mental capabilities to be a Pro QB have to be tempered. You have to be smart, and have a excellent football smarts to play QB as a true Freshman. I also liked his performance in the Capital One Bowl. He was absolutely terrible in the first half, missing every throw he could miss. In fact, I was wondering why I ever thought I liked the way he throws the ball. However, in the second half he dominated. His throws were all suddenly decisive and accurate. He threw 2 TDs in the 3rd quarter, and lofted a perfect 20 TD pass to Mereno that was a thing of beauty. I like to judge QBs by what they do when everything they do is a disaster. How do they react to that adversity. In the NFL, QBs face constant difficulty, and have to overcome adversity every week. The great ones are the ones who can mentally prepare for the game each week, and mentally overcome adversity. I liked how he overcame adversity in that game.

Stafford is a difficult Player to evaluate. He can look so good on one player, and make beautiful touch passes 50 yards down field between the Safety and Corner, and throw the ball ten feet over the WR head on the next. So is he just an inconsistent player who will never learn. On the one hand you have to say yes, he has to take responsibility for his inconsistency. But on the other hand He played behind a kindergarten Offensive Line full of Freshman and Sophomores. So a lot of his inconsistency has to be blamed on the massively inconsistent O-Line, and having a young inconsistent O-Line in the SEC can crush a QB's Psyche quite quickly. Stafford showed a lot of resilience playing behind that line. In fact, he reminds me of Jay Cutler, who played behind a terrible O-Line his Senior season and got the crap beat out of him. And like Stafford: he can throw with great velocity, he can place the ball with a touch and accuracy that few QBs can find, and was seen as inconsistent because he played behind a bad O-Line in the SEC. So in the enc he is pure thrower, who needs to play a little smarter, and will need some good coaching on the next level.   

The Reason: A complete retool of a franchise doesn't start until the Franchise QB does.   

Second Choice: Andre Smith OT 



Aaron Curry- 

LB Wake Forest

6-2, 242


Key F.A. Signings:

Jason Brown OC 

Brain St. Pierre QB

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: The Rams need more than anything a serious steroid injection of charma. Otherwise, what don't they need? A young LT prospect is what everybody is predicting, and with the age and injury history of Pace that is not a bad idea. Andre Smith is sinking like a stone, but Ironically I think he would fit this team the best, because I think his best position is Left Guard. Having him come in and playing next to Pace for a year or two would do wonders for his career. I now have Jason Smith as my top O-Tackle, but I'm not sure he fits as well, unless Pace's career is over. Their Linebacker stink, and their WR need help as well. With Curry and Crabtree on the board, I think they will have tough time passing on both.

The Player: Curry is the type of player that the more you watch him the more you like him. Great Junior season has seen him overtake all the Linebackers in this years draft. A football player who is also a Workout Warrior. Could run a clinic on how to Stack and Shed. Drops fluidly in coverage and does a get job of eyeing the QB. Comes off the edge like a truck mowing down a raccoon. Smart, loves football. Can play LB position in 3-4 or 4-3, because he is so smart, fast, strong, and tough. Looks like best bet for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Compares favorable to Mayo. I think he is a little stronger and more explosive, while Mayo was more of an inside guy and a little faster. Great at playing off blockers. Always aware on the field, and you can tell he studies enough film to read what offense is trying to do before they do it. He can hustle all the way across the field with great speed and still get in the play. Excellent hand fighter, who knows how to chop and use his hands to keep O-Linemen off his body. Read and reacts extremely quickly. Great at working through trash and traffic to find the ball-carrier. Watches QB intently. Very physical tackler, and when he has a straight line to the ball-carrier he will just crush him, stand up and make you say "Wow!" type hitter.

The Reason: It's time to find a replacement for Pace. This could be the perfect situation for Smith, who I believe would fare better as an O-Guard for a season or two before you put him out there on the edge. Playing next to Pace for a year or two would do wonders for his career. 

Second Choice: Michael Crabtree WR



Mark Sanchez -


6-4 225

LB, DE/PassR, OL, CB  S, WR, OT,  RB, OC,  DB

Key F.A. Signings:

Matt Cassel QB

Make Vrabel LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Ty Law CB

The Team: The Chiefs have some interesting young QBs. Thigpen actually did a credible job, leading his team to over 20 points a game. He is still very young, and if he can learn to not turn the ball over, he could be a decent starter. I have always liked Brodie Croyle, but he can't stay healthy and it maybe time to let him go. A Wr would not hurt here either. However, the Chiefs defense is a last placed defense, and was officially ranked last for most of the season. I don't know they have legit starting CB on the roster, their safeties are not much better, and I am not a big fan of their Linebackers. However, as far as I can tell they have only one D-End, Tamba Hali, on the whole roster. Right now it looks like it will come down to Aaron Curry or Sanchez.     

The Player: I don't see a big difference between Sanchez and Stafford. Sanchez is not as natural a thrower as Stafford, but when he steps into his throws and really snaps his arm he can match his velocity. He is also a much better athlete, and can do thing athletically that most QBs cannot do. He can make all the throws. He throws with terrific accuracy. He can place the ball on the WR hands while they are running at full speed in full stride. He can check down and throw to third or forth option. He steps up and has played his best game in USC's Bowl games. However, he played with a lot of talent around him, and had a excellent O-Line. He doesn't have the starting experience that precludes success in the NFL. I love how everybody jumped all over Pete Carroll for simply relaying the facts- QBs with starting experience fail to make the transition to the NFL a ton more then they have succeeded. Starting experience as a QB in college matters. However, Sanchez has some advantages over a lot of those QBs who failed. He played a USC, which has been the most talented program over the past 7 years or so. Carroll runs legendary pro practices, and stresses competition at every turn. They compete for the back up QB every week. He also has played/practiced in a pro offense for the past 4 years. Just playing in the USC system is a huge advantage for this kid.      

The Reason: Pioli will start building this team on the lines and on Defense, but a bright young QB wouldn't hurt either. I just can't believe he is going to start building his offense are Taylor Thigpen. 

Second Choice: Aaron Curry LB 



*Jason Smith- 

OLT Baylor

6-4 302


Key F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Rocky Bernard DL

The Team: If Crabtree is on the board the Seahawks cannot pass on him. Branch can't stay healthy, Burleson is a 49 million dollar bust, and Engram is 36. I still think they need depth at Linebacker, and if Leroy Hill leaves via Free Agency they will desperately need a starter. 

The Player: Smith made a lot of money at the Combine. He showed terrific athleticism, terrific feet, and a terrific Kick Step. The reason I moved him into the top Left Tackle spot is he was André Smith foil. André went down to the Combine and seemed completely lost, like he had no idea what was going on. While Jason seemed to have a complete understanding of why he was there. As uncomfortable and misguided as André acted and sounded, Jason appeared comfortable confident and in control. And when I heard him answer a question about finishing a block, I instantly put him on top, "When I'm on the field, I take a lot of pride in physically assaulting people," he said with a smile. "As for finishing them off, that's a part of the block." Like I said he was the most impressive OLT in everyway at the Combine. 

Smith is a former TE, who converted to LT at Baylor. I love LT prospects who are converted T-Ends, they almost always have the best feet and athleticism for the position in the Draft. He may be the most athletic of the OLT prospects. Another Left Tackle prospect who is hard to figure out, because he never puts his hand down on the ground. In Baylor’s offense he always lines up in a two-point stance, so how do you judge how well he run blocks. But, he is such a phenomenal athlete he should not be discounted, and like Monroe, he just never seems to get beat in pass protection. I think I was just spoiled watching Long and Clady last year, who seem to be technically perfect and super athletes. Baylor ran a screwy shot-gun offense which sometimes made him look bad. He was almost always abandoned on the edge. Football is very important to him, and he has the reputation for being the hardest worker on his team. Very smart. He graduated as a Junior and took Graduate classes as a Senior. He can get outside on an outside run a little in the running game, but can struggle to get to the sideline on sweeps and reverses sometimes.

The Reason: The best player in the draft gets diagnosed with a stress fracture in his foot. If Jason Smith falls to them they will have to pass on Crabtree. After all, can they give a third WR another 40+ million dollar contract.

Second Choice: Jason Smith OT



Malcolm Jenkins-

CB Ohio ST

6-2 200


F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:



The Team: Another team that needs some good charma more than anything else. Plus, believe it or not, they may actually have worse starting Corners than the Pats. Ouch! Right now it looks like a race between Curry and Jenkins. Curry is the better player, but Jenkins is a bigger need. It will probably come down to who they like in the 2nd Round, which talent they like more LB or CB.   

The Player: Jenkins just keeps getting better. I thought he was much improved as a Senior. I was not been Jenkins biggest fan last season. He is tall, but didn't appear to be quick enough for me. He is a great athlete, but I always saw his as a Corner who would need to be protected in a zone. However, as a Senior, he looks like a different player to me (maybe I just watch his worst games as a Junior and his best as a Senior, I don't know). He seems fast, and much quicker. He is playing with terrific toughness and aggressiveness I never saw as a Junior. He has the size and athletic abilities to be a great pro Corner, the question for me has always been does he have the smarts and the heart. I have always been a bit disappointed in these regards when I watched him. Ironically, as Ohio ST season seem to be falling apart, he seems to be becoming a smarter and more physical player. Showing more intelligence and toughness than I saw from him all last season. I am now firmly planted in his corner.   

The Reason: Cleveland needs to replace Willie McGinest. However, they have to be looking hard at Jenkins and Vontae Davis. Jenkins is a little more ready, but Davis is a super freak who will explode at the Combine.  

Second Choice:  Brain Orakpo DE



*Brian Orakpo- 

DE Texas

6-4, 255


Key F.A. Signings: 

Chris Crocker S

Key F.A.  Loses:

Stacy Andrews ORT

The Team: This team has to be drooling over the big O-Lineman in this years draft. The question is was Oher impressive enough at Senior Bowl for Marvin Lewis. 

The Player: Great passrusher. Reminds me of Justin Tuck, the Tuck who plays for the g=Giants, and the Notre Dame DE. A freak of an athlete who is said to have a 40 inch Vert. Lives in the weight room, and is freakishly strong. Has a great burst around the arc, and can combo that with multiple inside moves and a great bull rush. Could be devastating as an interior rusher in passing situations, like Tuck. For such a great passrusher, he does a good job against the run, and can work down the line and make the tackle. Drops back into coverage sometimes in the Zone-Blitz, and actually looks pretty good in pass coverage. He is such a great athlete, that he lines up at OLB in Texas's hybrid 3-4.    

The Reason: The reason is simple they need defense, again.

Second Choice: B.J. Raji DT



Michael Crabtree- 

WR Texas Tech   

6-3, 220


F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Gibril Wilson S


The Team: Who cares. They need a new owner. The game has passed the great AL Davis by, period.

The Player: Wow! What a disaster. Doctors discover a stress fracture in Crabtree's foot at the Combine. And he won't recover until after the Draft. He could fall out of the top ten. 

The best player in the draft. Reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. Smart player who understands the game. Knows how to twist and turn CBs, and make them look foolish. Doesn't have top end speed, but knows how to get open deep. Super athletic WR who has amazing lateral quickness. Knows how to run patterns and set up CBs. Has great hands. Can catch the ball with DBs climbing all over him. Can catch the ball will fighting off CBs with his hands. Sells his cuts with subtle fakes. Comes back to the ball to help his QB when he needs to. Is big, tall, and has big hands. Great blocker. The part of his game I like the most is that he will really sell out to block for a teammate. Excellent runner after the catch. He is super strong with the ball in his hands, and just doesn't want to go down. Clutch player who makes the big catch when his team needs it the most. Fantastic route runner, who just knows how to separate even though he received attention from the secondary like he was a pregnant fiancée.   

The Reason: If Russell is to stand a chance he has to have an enforcer on his left, unless Crabtree falls to them. Hey Al, climb out of your senility and give the kid a break.

Second Choice: Eugene Monroe OLT



Eugene Monroe-  

OT Virginia

6-5, 311


Key F.A. Signings:

Sean Considine S

Scott Starks CB

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: This team has a lot if issues, and starting on the Lines never hurts. They draft well for their defense, but keep seemed to pull the perennial flop when it comes to offence. O-Tackle and WR seems to be an issue every year. Taking an O-Tackle here would not be a mistake, and believe it or not taking a WR would be a big help as well. I think taking an attacking D-Tackle would be a big help for this defense. This team bruised its way to the top with Henderson and Stroud bashing everyone they put in front of them. With Shroud missing the defense doesn't seem to bruise as smoothly. Plus, it seems to me they have been searching for help at Safety for the past three Drafts.     

The Player: Great pass protector, defenders just can’t get by him! However, when I watch him he appears to bend at the waist a little, which will be exploited at the next level. But, he also never seems to get beat in pass Projection, so you figure it out?

The Reason: They made their play off runs when they had two great DTs in the middle.  

Second Choice: B.J. Raji DT 



B.J. Raji- 


6-1.5, 325


Key F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: The Packers top need is to find player to fit into their new 3-4 defense. Packers need help in the Secondary. I don't like their Safeties or their back up CBs. Although, I did like Patrick Lee a lot from last years Draft. Packer could be looking to upgrade the O-Line and help Rogers. It looks like the need is more at Guard than Tackle, but getting a developing young OT won't hurt either.   

The Player: Mountain of a man. Great penetrater. Dominated at BC, and followed that up with a great Senior Bowl. Can completely control the middle of the line for long stretches in a game. Plus, he is a better passrusher than a man his size should be. He can also disrupt the QB by bull rushing O-Lineman into him. Clearly the top NT prospect in the Draft. Has a knack for following the QB around the pocket and than spring on him when he tries to get away. He can play in any scheme. His greatest strength is his ability to get, stay, and play low. He gets under the pads of O-Linemen more consistently than any player I've seen in a while. 

The Reason: The Packers O-Tackles are steady, but not the best in the world, and they need some help at O-Guard. This may be a better fit for Smith than the Packers, because I like him more as an O-Guard as he works on his Kick-Step.

Second Choice: Rey Maualaga ILB



Michael Oher- OT 


6-6, 333


F.A. Signings:

Brandon Jones WR

Moran Norris FB

Allen Rossum KR/CB

Takeo Spikes LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Bryant Johnson WR

The Team: They made the transition to a new regime, now it's time for a new QB. They have to get Cassell, Sanchez, or Stafford for this franchise to reboot itself completely. Their next biggest need is at WR and Crabtree will be long gone. They are just not in a good position for their needs, although if Cleveland and Seattle pass on a QB, Sanchez could fall into their laps.

The Player: Oher plays with excellent form and perfect technique in the First Quarter. My top rated OLT. When he is focused, and keeps his hands up in front of him in Pass Protection, he is a force. However, sometimes he drops his hands, which is the first sign he is losing his perfect form. I don't know if he gets lazy, tired, unfocused, or cocky, but when he drops his hands, he loses technique, and he starts to flap his arms around like chicken wings. He tries to push up into the D-Ends body , and starts getting beat, and he gives up the big play. His troubles all start when his hands start to drop. However, He has the most natural kick-step of all the O-Tackles in this draft. When his hands are up, and forming a perfect diamond right in front of his chest, he already is an NFL Pass Blocker. He has good size, long arms, and is an amazing athlete for a bear his size. He is the only LT prospect who compares favorable to last years great draft class, when his hands are up. He can set quickly and redirect instantly in reaction to passrushers moves. Excellent at dancing and shadowing the DE with great foot quickness. Does a good jump for reacquiring his target on stunts and twists, and even when he over commits to a D-End stunting inside, he can still redirect again, and get his big paws on the D-Tackle suddenly flashing outside. He can be explosive in the run game. He can completely dominate his man in the running game, especially when he is pissed. He plays his best when he is pissed. He can seal-block so quickly that he doesn't even touch the D-End until the D-end realizes it is to late, he is trapped. He can be an explosive drive-blocker when he gets low and extends his arms, and just smashes his man back.  

The Reason: 49ers need to help their offense. If they can't get a QB or WR they need to strengthen their O-Line to help their QBs and WRs. Oher stock is really dropping because of his inconsistency.  

Second Choice:  WR



*Everette Brown- 


Florida ST

6-1.5, 250, 4.63


F.A. Signings:

Geoff Hangartner OG

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Robert Royal TE

Derrick Dockery OG

Duke Preston OC

Melvin Fowler OG

The Team: They need a TE. Word out of Buffalo is that they really want to add a D-End who can rush the passer in this draft. This pick demonstrates the importance of the Combine. Brown had a better Combine then Pettigrew. Plus, 3-4 T-Ends emerged as legitimate 2nd Round options at TE.

The Player: Brown first and foremost, he is a Super-freak. He reminds me of Charles Haley. He is a super freaky physical specimen. And he is true talent is as a speed rusher. However, though he has the athleticism to play OLB, I don't see him fitting into that role. I think he is a D-End. He is a player you want moving forward. Looks like the best athlete on the field when he is moving forward, but his natural grace and speed dissipates the further back he has to backpedal.  He can be stouter against the run than he usually shows. Although, he will sometimes abandon his run responsibilities in his zeal to get to the QB. Has garnered 36 Sacks in his career to date. He is a great athlete with great speed. When he is on, he can really disrupt the QB. Had 12.5 Sack during Junior season, going into Bowl game. Great speed around the arc, and pursues like a bankrupt bounty hunter. Has a tendency to blast-off on every snap, and ignore his gap responsibilities. However, when he chooses he can be stout against the run, and really hold his ground. Has excellent inside spin move, which he can also when the OT over sets, and when they try to run behind him.

The Reason: The Bills don't have a lot of needs, and TE and DE seems to be their biggest needs.  

Second Choice: Brandon Pettigrew TE



Rey Maualaga- 


6-3, 256 


F.A. Signings:

Brain Dawkins S

Renaldo Hill S

Darrell Reid DT

Jabar Gaffney WR

David Anderson WR

Correll Buckhalter RB

J.J. Arrington RB

Lonnie Paxton LS

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dre' Bly CB

Dewayne Robertson DT

Jamie Winborn LB

Marquand Manuel S

John Engelberger DE

Niko Koutouvides LB

The Team: One of the worst defenses in the league, and the worst over the final quarter of the season.   

The Players: The more I watch him the more I like him. Great player at USC who should be a top ten pick. Good passrusher from the inside. Smart, makes calls for 'SC at the line. Excellent in Pass Coverage for such a big guy. Drops back smoothly as he eyes the QB. has good hands and can get the INT in the middle of the field. Can adjust to tipped ball, and still make INT. Can really get to the QB fast. H may be the hardest hitting LB in the country. The best blend of size, power, and speed at LB in the Draft. Can play the spy on scrabbling QB. Was slowed by knee injury this season, but if you can watch some tape of his play in his 2007 Bowl game he liked he could do anything on the field.   

The Reason: Shanahan lost his job because of the complete collapse of the defense. They need an Inside Linebacker. 

Second Choice:  B.J Raji



Michael Johnson-

DE Georgia Tech

6-7 255


F.A. Signings:

Albert Haynesworth DT 

Derrick Dockery OG

Key F.A.  Loses:

Shawn Springs CB

The Team: The Skins need Pass Rushers like geeks need glasses. The could use a little help on the O-Line as well.

The Player: Super freak, athletically he is a top five player. He can fly around the end and sack QB, with amazing grace and speed for a player so tall. Has very long arms which he can use to keep blocker off. Very difficult player to evaluate, because he can look so good on the field, and then look like a complete pussy who doesn't care. Could be the best player to come out of this draft, or wash out in 2 or 3 years. Decided not compete at the Senior Bowl, what a surprise.  

The Reason: I just don't like their D-Line, and their O-Line is not far behind. Defense starts on D-Line.   

Second Choice:  Jerry Peria DT



James Laurinaitis- 


6-5, 305


F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Deuce McAllister RB


The Team: The Saints top need appears to be at LB and DB. Their offense was one of the tops in the league, at least their passing offense, but it seems their defense let them down again. 

The Player: Showed great abilities at Ohio ST. Great cover LB. He is a hard player to judge, because he looks more natural move sideward and backwards than he does moving forward, which is the opposite of most LB I scout. Very fast and tough. A much netter athlete than given credit for. Knows how to use his hands to keep blockers off his body, although he is still more of a flash-and-dash LB who tries to run around blocks. Can slide down the line with exception quickness, and fluidly follow the RB to the outside. Excellent feet. When he is on, it can seem like his is in on every tackle. He is at his best when he can read and react and dance around blockers. Can get stalemated by O-Guards when he tries to shoot the gaps too much.    

The Reason: The Saints need the most help on their Pass Defense.. 

Second Choice: CB



Vontae Davis- 

CB Illinois  

6, 198


Key F.A. Signings:

Antonio Smith DE

Eugene Wilson CB/S

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: Houston needs another Corner. 

The Player: He is probably the best pure athlete in the draft, and should be a top ten pick. He is not only a super-freak, he can cover. Has the best size speed ratio of any DB in the Draft. Not just triangle-number athlete, he is a legit CB. He has fluid hips which he can snap in transition out of his backpedal. His ceiling is only limited by his ability to understand the Pro game, the mental part of the game, because he has the hips, feet, and speed to be an All-Pro CB. So far he has shown he is willing to learn on the field, but still trying to learn off the field. He looks more and more like a football player each year. He can shadow a WR with terrific strength and speed. He is a terrific tackler, who plays the run like a Safety. He is a freak, and I believe in the freak factor. However, he still plays the WR more than the ball/ Doesn't have great ball-skills, and sometimes looks like he'd rather jar the ball lose with a great hit than Intercept the ball. I just wish he'd make a few more plays on the ball. The more I study the Draft, the more I wonder how he can get past the Raiders at 7.

The Reason: I just don't like their Corners.

Second Choice:  OT



Beanie Wells- 

RB Ohio ST

6-1, 235, 4.5, 10'8"


Key F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: The Chargers really don't have a bunch of needs. If Chambers contract is up they will need a WR, I think this is the final year on his contract? I think they need another RB, especially if they can't resolve all the situations with the classless LaDainian Tomlinson. If the Chargers could pick up a young NT to back up and develop behind Jamal Williams they would be in great shape. 

The Player: Wells is a freakish RB. Is looks like the typical Big Ten big pounding backs, who put up big yards in college, but won't in the NFL. However, what separates him from a Back like Ron Dayne is speed. He just runs faster than a man his size should be able to. I can't remember the last time I saw a RB with combination of size, speed, power, and athleticism. Has great balance. He can get hit low and get jarred off his feet, than jam his hand into the ground, somehow regain his feet and keep on Chooglin' I saw him do that twice against Illinois alone. Show really explode at Combine. However, you have to concerned about his ability to stay healthy.

The Reason: Williams is another year older, and his knees are starting to give. He is no longer a fulltime player. However, with the departure of Turner and the problems with LT Running Back could become the top need this off season.

Second Choice: B.J Raji DT



Josh Freeman-

QB Kansas St

6-6, 250 


Key F.A. Signings:

Bart Scott LB

Lito Sheppard CB

Brandon Moore OG

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: The seem to have a lot of talent on paper, and it appears to be overrated on the field. The Jets, in essences, made one of the worst trades in NFL history by trading the brittle Pennington for the washed up Favre. Favre proved to be more trouble than he was worth, and Pennington went on to lead their Division rivals to the play offs, and no matter how big a Parcells fan you are, you have to admit that he had screwed up last season leaving the Dolphins with out a viable starting QB. Miami was going nowhere last season with out a starting QB, and the Jets, in an act of pure stupidity, handed him the QB that would Miami to the play offs.. Now Favre is gone, and Pennington is entrenched as the starting QB for the AFC East Champions. Nice job. The more I look at the Jets the more I think QB. 

The Player: Freeman is still more athlete than QB. However, he has a cannon of an arm and can run like a FB. He has started 32 consecutive games, including his last 8 games as a Freshman. Has a 3/4 delivery. Trust his arm too much, and still tries to force it into spots he shouldn't. Struggled against better competition, but played on a crappy team that couldn't help him much against better players. Has all the physical tools you want in a QB, but hasn't proven he has is all mentally yet. Completed 63.3% of his pass for 3,353 yards as Sophomore, and only 58.6% of his passes for 2,945 yards as a Junior. However, he lost Jordy Nelson to last years Draft, and he was the best player he played with in college, and he throw for more TDs (18-20) and less INTs (11-8) last season. As a Junior he combined for 34 TDs, running for 14 TDs.        

The Reason: Lack of speed at WR didn't help last season, but their QBs may be the worst in the NFL.. 

Second Choice: Jeremy Maclin WR/PR/KR



*Jeremy Maclin-



6', 200


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Frank Omiyale OL

Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: Bears have to be hoping Maclin falls to them.       

The Pick: Maclin is speed on a stick. He is strong and very well built. Of the three super-fast specialist, I believe he has the best chance to develop into a legit NFL WR. He is still more super-athlete than WR. In fact, he reminds me of Irving Fryar. When he first joined the Pats he was the best athlete in the league, but had almost no WR skills. He was 6' 200 pounds, and ran a sub 4.3 at the Combine (and some say a 4.29). It took him a few years to develop into a skilled receiver.

The Reason: Rumor going around the Senior Bowl was that the Bears where looking at LB. 

Second Choice:  QB 



Peria Jerry-  

DT Mississippi

6-3, 240, 4.57


F.A. Signings:

Kellen Winslow TE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Derrick Brooks LB

Cato June LB

Joey Galloway WR

Ike Hilliard WR

Warrick Dunn RB

The Team: I still think a RB or a DT wouldn't hurt. The have taken 7 WRs high since 2004, could they do it again? Galloway is 37, and Bryant is a Free Agent. 

The Player: Dominated the Senior Bowl like Sed Ellis did last seasonEvery time I watch him he dominates whoever they put in front of him. He gets off the ball low with extreme prejudice and explosion. Uses his arms well to keep blockers off his body. Has a good swim move. When he is double and triple  teamed, which is often, he can split the blockers and still harass the QB. Excellent push-pull move, which he uses to diagnose run or pass, and than shrugs aside the O-Lineman and arrives on the ball quickly. Great athlete, with amazing quickness. He can blast off the line like a rocket in heat, and is the Prototype 3-Technique D-Tackle. By the end of last season he was double and triple teamed on almost every play. Texas Tech doubled him on over 90% of the plays in Bowl game. He can be fooled by the Draw sometimes when he over-passrushes. Also has a great pull rush, and can get under the OG pads and drive him back into the QB. Excellent hand fighter who rarely allows O-Linemen to get their big mitts on him. Great Stunter, who knows how to push the O-Lineman back and allow teammate a free lane to the QB. Great at play off initial impact and scooting around the OG. Great hand fighter. Has great hand placement. Uses a vicious punch to stun O-Lineman, and then uses his great quickness to take every advantage of the slight separation. Great power. Can sometimes look like he can disengage any O-Lineman at will. Better passrusher as a Senior. He is a 3-Technique Under Tackle who is ready to start in the NFL. 

The Reason: Top rated player at top need position. Although it's starting to look like Raji will be a top ten pick.

Second Choice: Knowshon Moreno RB



*Eben Britton-

OLT Arizona

6-5, 310, 

Ownership, GM, QB, DEFENSE, CB, 

F.A. Signings:

Anthony Henry CB

Eric King CB

Maurice Morris RB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jon Kitna QB

Leigh Bodden CB

Brain Kelly CB

Dwight Smith CB

The Team: First they a QB, and than they need everything. 

The Player: Britton is a very good athlete who has the feet to play Left Tackle in the NFL. However, I don't believe he is ready yet, and will need a year or two to develop into a legit OLT.

The Reason: Is getting a starting RB not the best way to help a young QB. Plus I have always said, if you draft a young QB and are going to invest million in him, why draft a player or two he played with in college to help in the transition. Knowshon can not only help make Stafford a little more comfortable in the transition, he is also a great talent, who can help Stafford on the field with his great running abilities.

Second Choice: Andre Smith OL 



Andre Smith- 

OL Alabama

6-5, 330


F.A. Signings :

Stacy Andrews ORT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Lito Sheppard CB

Brain Dawkins S

Sean Considine S

Correll Buckhalter RB

The Team: This teams needs some playmakers on Offense. Getting a RB to help take some of the pressure off of Westbrook has to be a priority. However, they may have to take a O-Tackle prospect.   

The Player: Andre Smith is in a freefall. First he is suspended for Alabama's Bowl game, allegedly because he was meeting with agents. Then he shows up at the Combine on Thursday and gives a bizarre press conference, where he practically brags about not starting to work out yet because he was searching for an agent. Than he just up and leaves on Saturday without telling anybody he was going, and we don't know how many meetings, interviews, and examinations he blew in his exodus. A huge part of the Combine process is the number one mental test, seeing how these young men stand up to intense harsh nonstop pressure. André has failed that mental test with 100% certainty. I cannot call what he did at the Combine anything but stupid. Everybody of any consequence in the NFL is at the Combine studying these young men, and just spit in all their faces. They have been calling the Combine the most important job interview of their lives! Can you imagine going for a job interview and brag about how terrible your work ethic is and then just getting up right in the middle and walking. Do you think you would be hired? You'd be considered a mental case, and not an applicant. Just plain stupid. If he falls down to 23, I would not want the Pats to Draft him, and I think he is a heck of a football player.  

Monster run blocker. In the second half against Mississippi ST, he had one of the most dominate performances I've ever seen from a college player. He just destroyed everyone they put in front of him. Alabama ran behind him and beat that defense mercilessly, and ran the clock out. I like him more as an OG than an OT. I don't like the way he move backwards. He has a very short set, an OG set, and in pass protection he usually sets the same depth as the OG. The further backwards he moves the less natural he looks. However, when he gets his big mitts on the defender he is done. He can just catch passrushers and envelope them, something that is not as easy on next level. He is at his best when he is moving forward. Dominate run blocker. Can get low and drive his man to the ground. Can turn and shade defender when the ball is run to the other side. 

The Reason: They made need to replace both their starting Tackles, and may just be desperate enough to pick up super talented and super stupid Smith.    

Second Choice: Brain Robiskie WR 



Brandon Pettigrew-

TE Oklahoma ST

 6-5, 256, 4.83

DE, TE, OT, QB, S, TE,  DB, OL, WR

Key F.A. Signings:

Sage Rosenfels what a joke

Key Loses:

Maurice Hicks RB

The Team: Sage Rosenfels?!? What a joke. Is this the same Sage Rosenfels who has thrown 22 INTs as a part time player in the past two seasons? A QB, A QB, my kingdom for a QB! If they had a good QB they would have won their first Play Off game, and who knows where they'd be. In that game, the running game was dominate, the defense was dominate, and the QB stunk and lost them that game. If this team doesn't offer this pick for Matt Cassel, than the fans should riot. They cannot continue with Tavris Jackson as their QB, I wrote about it on my March 21ST Blog

The Player: Pettigrew is a classic old school TE. The more I watch him the more I like him. Big blocking TE who showed excellent hands at the Senior Bowl. He is a much better receiver than given credit. He has very good hands. He can extend for the ball and snatch it out the air. He runs short patterns very well. The problem is that he doesn't have the speed to separate with consistency, or to stretch the seam. Won't run well at Combine, will probably go lower than he should. He is excellent at blocking D-Ends. He gets low, gets shirt, and sustains for longer than you think a TE should. However, when is comes to getting out on LB, his lack of grace becomes evident. When he gets hold of them they are done, by he miss blocks on LB more than makes me comfortable.  

The Reason: I was shocked at how bad Jackson played in the Play Offs. So the question is does any player sitting in this spot lead this team to a Super Cassel. Viking's fan ask yourself, "Does Brandon Pettigrew lead this team to a Super Bowl?" I just can't get past Pettigrew here. If he is still on the board I don't see how the Vikings can pass on him.

First Choice: A QB, and QB.

Second choice: A QB  



Alphonso Smith

CB Wake Forest  

5-9, 190


Key F.A. Signings:

Tully Banta-Cain OLB

Fred Taylor RB

Chris Baker TE

Brad Listorti TE


Key F.A.  Loses:

Matt Cassel QB

Mike Vrabel LB

The Team: I keep trying over and over to come away from Alphonso Smith, but he such a great little Corner, he has such great feet.. I wish they would get a Right Tackle to replace Kaczur. Billy Yates stinks, and it seems that whenever Stephen Neal gets injured, the O-Line falls apart. Neal, who I think is there best O-Lineman, seems to have a perennial bad shoulder, and now there is talk that Russ Hochstein is looking for a starting position in another city. I like Pat Watkins, the Right Tackle from Florida, and may be a 4th or 5th Round option. Eben Britton could easily be available, and though his true value is as a Left Tackle, I didn't realize how natural his feet were until I saw him at the Combine. Plugging him in a Right Tackle for a year or two, and then switch Light over as he gets older could be an interesting options, except for Belichick seems to distain the idea of Right Tackles, and refuses to take one high. Which leaves us with Linebacker. Could the forever grumpy one take a LB two years in a row. What if Aaron Maybin or James Laurinaitis falls into their lap. Laurinaitis is falling fast, and he was a great college Linebacker, despite the revisionist history that has been attacking his play of late. He is excellent in coverage, which we pats fans have been saying is a top need for this team for years, a coverage Linebacker. He is a tackling machine, and an underrated athlete, and I thought his biggest deficiencies as a player was blitzing, and he was a much better blitzer last season. Plus, his lack of speed, would hurt him a lot less as an Inside LB in a 3-4, than as a Middle LB in a 4-3. I see him fitting into New Orleans so nicely that I can't seem to move him, but they resigned Vilma and cut McAllister, can they pas on Beanie Wells? That is the dilemma that has plagued me for days, and yes I know how pathetic that sounds; But I am what I am;-) A Lot of Draftnic have Laurinaitis falling right into our laps. Is there anybody out there who wouldn't want to see Laurinaitis starting next to Mayo, with Bruschi and Guyton rotating in? I would. The other big Question is Maybin. He showed at the Combine 15 pounds heavier. He looks more like the kind of Outside Linebacker Belichick craves, but didn't look like the same man who played at Penn ST last season, where he had the best blast off the line of any passrusher in this years Draft.. He wasn't as quick and explosive, and I don't think that helped him. However, he is only 20! He will naturally learn to play with that added weight, and then watch out.       

If they signed Assante..., if Brady was healthy..., if Thomas was healthy..., if Harrison was healthy..., if they signed a CB who could play...,  Oh what a season it could have been. Was their one Play Off team that scared you? I think they could have beaten the Steelers, and would have gone to the Super Bowl. Okay, enough whining. So where do we go from here? Right down to Corner's-R-Us. Give me a DB or three and I will be happy. I think Belichick will be ecstatic if Brandon Pettigrew or Alphonso Smith falls into their lap. Pettigrew reminds me of Kyle Brady. Has everything you want in a TE, but speed. And remember in Cleveland, Belichick traded up like 20 spots to get Brady. 

The Player: Smith reminds me of Assante Samuel; He consistently makes plays on the ball, and has that knack for being where the ball is thrown. Has the best hips in the draft. He can snap his hips quicker than any CB in the Draft. A bit of a gambler, but can make plays on the ball better than any CB in the draft. Had 21 Ints at Wake, an ACC record. If he were an inch or two taller he would be a top five pick. He can redirect faster than any CB in this Draft. Makes plays on the ball in the air. Has great ball skills, and knows how to finish. A bit of a gambler, but doesn't leave the WR too much if he misses. A little anxieties in his backpedal, and likes to shuffle, as his always looking to attack. Doesn't always backpedal with perfect form and patience. However, he anticipates, opens, and break on the ball so well that he gets away with it. I keep not wanting to like him, but the more I watch him the more I like him. Knows how to taunt the QB into a bad throw. Will sometimes get beat trying to read the route rather than reacting. One of the most impressive plays at the Senior Bowl practices was in the one-on-one passing drills. Smith anticipated an inside slant, and when the WR did a little shake an' bake, he cut inside, and the WR ran a Flag route to the outside. Smith reacted instantly, and snapped his hips around in a flash of a 180, turning his back to the QB, and even though the WR was now about ten feet away from him and running in the opposite direct, he still somehow got back into the play and almost broke up the pass. It was as amazing a display of feet and hips as I've seen at the Senior Bowl, because a CB is going to get beat, it is just as important how well as CB reacts when he is beat, as when everything is going well. 

The Reason: The reason? Do I really need to explain the reason. The reason is, that they wouldn't give Assante 20 million guaranteed, which is not a lot for a top play making Corner.   

For more Info on Pats, check out my: Patriots Draft Blog.

Second Choice: D.J. Moore CB



Fili Moala- 


6-4, 303


F.A. Signings



Key F.A.  Loses:

Michael Boley LB

Domonique Foxworth CB 

The Team: Wow, what a season for the Falcons. I still don't like their D-Tackles. If one of the big guys falls to them they have to take him. Other than that, I think if a top CB falls to them they will be very tempted.    

The Player: Moala is a bit inconsistent, but can play with great quickness, power, and passion. He reminds me of Ty Warren, and yes, I see him more as a 3-4 D-End. Has a great Senior Bowl, and worked his way into the First Round. Not the player that Sed Ellis is, but he is bigger and may have as much potential. He is a great athlete. Lined up on the Nose a lot at 'SC in 4-3, and as a the Left D-End in their hybrid 3-4. Has the size, strength, and power to be a terrific read and react D-Lineman, but doesn't always read as quickly as you'd like. Plays better when he can just attack. Doesn't always find the ball as quickly as you'd like. Uses his arms well to keep blockers off his body.

The Reason: Moala looks like the real deal, and what is better than the top rated player at your biggest need position.    

Second Choice: D.J. Moore CB



D.J. Moore-

CB Vanderbilt

5-11 185


F.A. Signings:

Gibril Wilson S


Key F.A.  Loses:


The Team: I'm thinking defense or WR. Parcells really got lucky when he got Pennington. However, as great as he can be in the Regular season, he chokes in the play offs. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. Can Beck or Henne step up. I really liked their Draft last year, and I'm not talking about Long or Henne. I had both Merling and Langford pegged as 3-4 D-Ends, and seeing Parcells agreed with me was a good day for a Draftnic. 

The Player: Moore is one of the top Corners in this draft. He has excellent feet, and the smoothest backpedal of any DB in the Draft. He is one of those rare player who looks more natural and comfortable going backwards than he does going forward. He also has good size for a CB, and he is very smart. He plays with an awareness and understanding of what he is doing and where he should be that belies his age.

The Reason: With this coach and GM they have to be thinking defense. And I can't see them getting by another season with their Corners.

Second Choice: Percy Harvin WR



Brain Cushing-   


6-3, 249 


Key F.A. Signings:

Domonique Foxworth CB 

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jason Brown OC 

Bart Scott LB

The Team: The Ravens will try to sign their LBs. All three LBs are FA. They have Tagged Sug They may have to a LB. Otherwise look for them to take a player to help their young QB. 

The Player: A super athlete who was overrated as a football early in his career. However, he developed into a better football player a little bit each year. He had an excellent Senior season, and really looked good at the Senior Bowl. An excellent competitor, who is driven to get better. great hitter who can just crush people. Played some Rush-End early in his career. Showed better awareness last season, it looked like he understood what was happening on the field much better. A pumped up athlete, who is a weight room prisoner, and lifts weights like he fighting for his freedom. Has a high ceiling, as he learns to diagnose and read the defense better each year. Can read the screen to the opposite side and has the speed to get all the way across the field and make the tackle. When he "sees it" he is exceptional, and he "sees" more now than he did last season. Has really worked on his skills, and is actually very adept in pass coverage, something I couldn't say with confidence last year. he can really stay with the RB after he swings out of the backfield.  

The Reason: I like Cushing here, but a lot of people have Harvin rated much higher than I do, and if they just had one more play maker on offense then just might have beaten Pittsburgh. And you know, I always think the the best option to help their young QB. 

Second Choice: Percy Harvin WR



 *Knowshon Moreno- RB Georgia

5-10, 205 


F.A. Signings :


Key F.A.  Loses:

Lito Sheppard CB

Brain Dawkins S

The Team: This teams needs some playmakers on Offense, and some help for the aging O-Line.     

The Player: Speed guy. Has amazing instincts. Reminds me of Cadillac Williams, only doesn't have the injury history. Super quick shimmy-shimmy shake feet. Has the power to run between the Tackles, but what makes him special is the flash and dash when he is flushed to the outside, or has a set run and gets to the corner. Good receiver, he is such a good athlete that he makes everything look smooth and easy. He can chip on the D-End and still get out in the flat and make the catch. Good pass blocker, I like who he continues to hit and fight after initial contact. He is very effective going low on the blitzer's legs, but sometimes ducks his head which will hurt him more in the NFL. He needs to keep his head up consistently in pass protection.   

The Reason: Is this the year they finally give McNabb some serious offensive weapons.    

Second Choice: Percy Harvin WR 



Brain Robiskie- 

WR Ohio ST 

6-3, 207 


Key F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Jeff Saturday OC

Daerrell Reid ST/DT

The Team: The Colts could go just about anyway, but keeping Manning happy might trump the defense. 

The Player: Robiskie is a super smart WR who has been training to play the position since he was a kid. He showed at the Senior bigger and faster than I remembered him, and in the first half he seemed to be open on every pass play. It was hard to scout him last season because the QB play at Ohio St was so terrible. He is a far better player than his stat indicate. Besides Crabtree, he is the most skilled WR, and the most NFL ready WR, in this Draft. He is an excellent route runner, and has excellent hands. What separates him from Heyward-Bey, Harvin, and Williams is his preparedness. He prepares like a QB. The more I watch him the more I like him. Physically, he doesn't have the speed of the three speedsters, but his is big, has long arms, and plays to his size. He has a smooth burst off the line, and gets into and out of his cuts with precision, and always seems to be under control. He can stretch out with his long arms and strong hands and snag the badly thrown ball, take a hit, and still make the catch. 

The Reason: Harrison may have reached the end of the road, and that road may lead to prison. Robiskie works out with Anthony Gonzalez. However, DT looks like their biggest need to me. Sen'Derrick Marks really fits their Defense, and he was the 2nd best Under-Tackle I saw play this year. However, he seems to be drifting down, and will probably be available as a super steal to the Colts in the 2nd Round.

Second Choice: Sen'Derrick Marks DT



*Derrius Heyward-Bey- 

WR Maryland

6-3, 190, 4.3


Key F.A. Signings:

Michael Boley LB

Rocky Bernard DL

Key F.A.  Loses:

The Team: The Giants are a tough team to figure. They Draft so well and have a lot young talent on their team. 

The Player: He is a speed receiver and plays like a speed receiver. Though he is tall, he does not play like a big receiver. He is NOT Michael Irvin He reminds me of DeSean Jackson, who the Eagles took in last years Draft. When he was on the field the California offense just played better, just like when Heyward-Bey was on the field at Maryland. He doesn't always dominate the game, but the defense has to do so many adjustments to account for his speed, that it opens up so much of the field for his teammates, that the Offense just looks smother and runs better when he is on the field. His game is speed, and he doesn't do as well in traffic. Doesn't look natural when he has t jump up and grab the ball. 

The Reason: My highest rated player still on the board at a need position.  

Second Choice: Ron Brace DT



Percy Harvin- 

RB/WR/PR Florida 

5-11, 183


F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Albert Haynesworth DT

Brandon Jones WR

The Team: Titans have a huge hole at WR.  

The Player: Harvin is more RB than WR. He plays the WR position like a converted RB. My problem with his is that he plays more like Reggie Bush, than Derrick Mason (or name your WR). He is a good slot receiver, but the further outside he lines up the less comfortable he looks. He cannot play RB in the NFL, but he makes most of his big plays when lined up at RB more than at WR. I think he is going to have a hard time finding a position in the NFL, or rather he has to play WR, and I don't see those skills in him yet. He is one those players who has relied on their extraordinary athletic abilities and has not had to cultivate the skills of a position. He can no longer simply rely on his great speed and quickness, because in the NFL Physical freak are on every team. However, he has that explosive speed that makes D-Coordinators sweat, and can make big plays all over the field, and his Special Team skills are unquestioned. Likes to shimmy-shimmy-shakes before he makes his break on pass patterns. Has amazing quickness out of his cuts, and gains separation with his machinegun feet like a divorce lawyer. Explosive, and is at his best when he running after the catch. Tough, and plays with great heart. Played injured all season and still found ways to contribute.   

The Reason: Titans could have won in the Play Offs if they just had one more play maker.  

Second Choice: Derrick Williams WR



LeSean McCoy-

RB Pittsburgh

5-11 200


F.A. Trades:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Antonio Smith DE

The Team: Which team are we looking at, the regular season team or the play off team.  

The Player:  McCoy is a pure speed back with amazing running instincts. Runs with better power than you'd think, but is not a powerful runner. Has super shifty shake and bake feet. Plays at a speed above everyone else on the field, and seems to slide by Defenders like they are running in slow motion. When he is on the field the Pitt Offense just looked better, everything just opens up as he garners so much attention. Reminds me of slightly bigger Warren Dunn.       

The Reason: Oops, I kind of forgot about him on my Mock.    

Second Choice: Larry English OLB  



Duke Robinson-

OG Oklahoma

6-4, 333, 


Key F.A. Signings:


Key F.A.  Loses:

Kendal Simmons OG

The Team: Steelers have a great defense, but I still don't like their CB. However, it appears all 5 of their starting O-Linemen are Free Agents, Yikes!

The Player: Robinson is a monster of a man, who has the size to be a Right Tackle. However, he is a phonebooth OG, who does not do well out in space, and he should really stay at OG. Like Oher, inconsistency will cause him to fall in the draft. He is a great power run blocker, who is at his best when moving forward. However, when he is moving backwards, in pass protection, is where his inconsistency really starts to show. He can dominate his man for 3 quarters with strength, power, and prejudice, and than whiff on 3rd and 10 and get the QB hit. When he plays low, which he does consistently, he is an excellent drive blocker, and plays with good balance and quickness. When he sets low and gets his big mitts on the passrusher, he can really stone the D-Tackle. Uses his arms and hands well in pass protection. He can really extend and give rusher a nice punch, and then does an excellent job of holding him off with his feet and long arms. Will sometimes let up when he think the plays is over, before the whistle. Good in pass protection in the phone booth, but still can get beat by speed.        Robinson is a monster of a man, who has the size to be a Right Tackle. However, he is a phonebooth OG, who does not do well out in space, and he should really stay at OG. Like Oher, inconsistency will cause him to fall in the draft. He is a great power run blocker, who is at his best when moving forward. However, when he is moving backwards, in pass protection, is where his inconsistency really starts to show. He can dominate his man for 3 quarters with strength, power, and prejudice, and than whiff on 3rd and 10 and get the QB hit. When he plays low, which he does consistently, he is an excellent drive blocker, and plays with good balance and quickness. When he sets low and gets his big mitts on the passrusher, he can really stone the D-Tackle. Uses his arms and hands well in pass protection. He can really extend and give rusher a nice punch, and then does an excellent job of holding him off with his feet and long arms. Will sometimes let up when he think the plays is over, before the whistle. Good in pass protection in the phone booth, but still can get beat by speed.         

The Reason: I don't like their Corners. However, their O-Line situation could become desperate very quickly once Free Agency hits.   

Second Choice: Macho Harris CB 

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