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Trading Emergency?



In the past ten years the billionaire, monopolistic corporations and criminal Wall Street millionaires have stolen 2/3rds of the wealth from the rest of us, and it's never enough. Then the asshole "New Normal" Republicans lie again and say we have to cut their taxes more. The great Republican lie, "cut the taxes of the wealthy so they can piss on our heads and create jobs." Well folks Tickle down economics is pure fiction, and an insult to all Middle Class Americans. It is the great lie that is destroying our country. There is nothing that pisses me off more than an asshole who is pissing on my head and telling me it's raining. It ain't raining people, it's being stolen from us, as working class Suckers continue to vote for people who only wish to harm them. In case you haven't noticed Suckers, the "New Normal" Republican Party have been cutting the taxes of the Wealthiest One Percent for the past ten years and Middle Class jobs have been bleeding out of our country. It there was even a hint of truth in Tickle Down Economics, then we would be swimming in jobs that pay us salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead all those jobs are fleeing the country like the Teabagging, Klux, Klanner's fleeing a MLK rally. 


This was after eight years of economic prosperity for the Middle Class under the greatest president of my lifetime President Clinton. What did Clinton do to repair the damage done by Bush the First and his criminally incompetent Tinkle Down Economic lies? He raised the taxes of the Wealthiest Two Percent. And eight years of the best economic prosperity for the Middle Class in my lifetime followed. Plus, he instituted life saving regulations on industry and corporations, and prosperity followed. A Sucker is measured by how many times a man can look you in the eye and lie, and how many time you continue to believe him. How many times in the past ten years, (No!) lets include The best Economic President of my lifetime President Clinton in the equation, how many times in the past 18 years has a member of the NNRP said to you cutting taxes create jobs. Yet we all have seen, and we all know, and their is indisputable evidence that this is a lie?


How was your life under the best Economic President of my lifetime President Clinton, when the taxes for the WOP were almost fair, and the regulations on the Corporations were protecting us. Were your prospects and economic well-being better in the eight years of  Clinton or the eight years+ under Crackhead George (were are the jobs). This is not a trick question Suckers, "were are the jobs?". This is plain and simple reality, were are all the jobs over the past ten years that all this cutting of taxes for the WOPs and the Monopolies have created? 


The more you give the greedy Billionaires the more they take. The more they take they more they plan to steal. Cradkhead George declared bankruptcy three times with his economic visions, and his economies visions are about to force our country to declare Bankruptcy. The biggest supporter of Crackhead George's Tinkle Down economic plans continuing (That is Fucking continuing to gut us economically) to cut taxes for those who profited the most from the Greed Recession (caused by the Wall Street Millionaires and Billionaire's greed), is the Clown Prince himself Little Orange Trumpy (Dude! Seriously! take that ridiculous furry pumpkin thing off your giant swollen head! You look like friendless idiot, because if you had any real friends they would tell you to take that orange stained tribble on steroids off you head your f-ing idiot). Well, Little Orange Trumpy himself has declared bankruptcy how many times? !0? 20?


(FOR THE WEALTHY, they always leaves out, "for the wealthy". Listen closely Suckers, when members of the NNRP talk about cutting taxes they are not talking about cutting you or my taxes, they are talking about cutting taxes for the Wealthiest One Percent and the Monopolistic Corporations. This is fact. Learn it well, or suffer the consequences). 


Wake up working people, the NNRP is at war with the Middle Class and is seeking to destroy everything that makes this country great. The NNRP is now openly writing legislation to destroy Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.  







April 7th


I have a trading emergency. I know what is that right? Well I am the world biggest Bruce Springsteen fan. I traded Bruce bootlegs for years, okay decades;-) I have hundreds of Brucelegs, and thousands of Springsteen disks. I learned how to email and build websites so I could trade Brucelegs. Well, when I went to a Concert I would put out a trading emergency as I would be in desperate need of a copy of the Bruce show I just attended. 


Well, I have a trading emergency. I have recorded all of the Senior Bowl practices and game (and East-West game for that matter) on DVD. I could make a Solder Senior Bowl Tape for Pat's Fans that would knock your socks off (In fact, I'm watching Solder in the first Senior Bowl practice right now;-).


However, I don't know how to do it, and I don't have the software. Is their anybody out there in Patriot's land who know how to convert DVD film to Utube Tape? Does anybody out there in Patriots land have software that can do that easily that they would like to donate (or trade some Brucelegs!;-) for? Especially if you live in the Fitchburg/Leominster area. If you have such wonderful knowledge and/or software please contact me immediately (, and I promise I will make the best Solder Senior Bowl Tape Pat's Fans have ever seen, because he really showed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of his game at the Senior Bowl.  


Well that may have been the most entertaining 1st Round I have ever watched! However, it pissed me off the hundredth degree, because I  broke the Belichick Code this week, and did trust my instincts and came off of Castonzo and Solder. My 1st Round review will be a little later than most as I am working on my 2nd and 3rd Round Mock that I want to get up as early as possible so you guys can read it. Then i was planning on watch the 1st Round again 9 I watch ESPN last night and DVRed the NFL Channel and I want to watch that first), and double my notes for you guys to read. Right now that is the plan, but I'm already exhausted and haven't even gotten to the 2nd Round yet;-)!


Not Another Mistake?


April 7th


Hey, great news Pat's fans, it seems that ESPN has been reporting erroneously that you can't trade future picks for this years Draft. That means the Pats can swindle teams out of their 1st or 2nd Round picks next year. This is great news. My biggest Draft fantasy is the Pats trading down from 28 and 33 and getting a 2nd this year and a 1st next year. Remember, with lack of the CBA, there could be no Draft next year. So teams could see their picks next year as even less valuable than usual. Smith from San Diego loves to trade future picks. If thinks there is the slightest chance their won't be a Draft next year he can be more easily persuaded to give it up. How would you like to end up with a Passrusher with our first pick, two 1st next year, three 2nds and two 3rds this year. I mean, all these plans are with the caveat that on of these guys: Kerrigan, Smith, Quinn, or Watts are still on the board at 17, or the Pats trade up to snag one of them. Oh, by the way, Quinn just ran a 4.58 at his Proday.   

It seems almost every team is talking about Ryan Kerrigan. From 18 to 32 the most coveted guy is Kerrigan. Word out of San Diego wants him to replace English with Kerrigan. You know Tampa sees him as the edge rusher to put next to their two young D-Tackles. Word out of NO is that they see Kerrigan as the perfect D-End for their system. I have D-End as the top need for the Falcons, and word out of  Atlanta has them whispering about Kerrigan. It seems the Jets and the Packers would like him on their edge as well. 

So what? Am I saying all this just to brag? Of course I am. However, you can sometimes tell who is rising in the eyes of the GMs by how many teams are talking about the same guy. Watch the chatter on teams 18-32 and you see three names keep coming up: Kerrigan, Pouncey, and Ingram. Kerrigan has become the hidden gem. Pouncey the All-Pro twin waiting to happen, and Ingram the massager of the Gods. 

Kerrigan, Pouncey, and Ingram. All three names are linked to the Pats as well. A lot of Draftnics are putting Pouncey or Ingram at 17. Word out of NY is that the Giant won't pass on Ingram or Pouncey. The Colts are seriously considering both if the bog O-Tackles are gone. The Eagle are in a precarious situation. They needed to replace their ORG before they changed their O-Line coach, and now all their guys don't necessarily fit their new system. Seattle wants to replace both OG's and are drooling over Pouncey. You get the picture.  

Now I'm starting to wonder if Kerrigan will reach the Pats at 17. The consensus seems to be with so many teams behind us that if he is on the board how can we pass on him. Passrushers have always been in the top two or three most valuable commodities on defense. Some would say D-Tackle and CB would give a disruptive Passrusher a run for it’s value. However, in the new pass first and ask questions later NFL passrusher have become, by far, the most important players on defense. Kerrigan is a relentless force from the outside. Think a better, faster, stronger Mike Vrabel. That's right, a bionic Vrabel.

So there are the Rams and Miami sitting at 14 and 15. They seem to have needs on the Offensive end, but there seem to be no offensive players worth taking. However, with Pouncey and Ingram now seen as a viable option at 17 and there's no way they fall past 19, why not at 14 or 15? If Miami took Pouncey at 15 would that really be a reach when a lot of people see him going to the Pats at 17, no. The Rams also have needs at both OG positions and at RB, where Stephen Jackson was wearing down at the end of last season. The Rams have to get a back who can not just spell Stephen, but maybe even go near 50-50 with him on offensive plays, or he is not going to last much longer. 

My problem with Ingram and Pouncey is that I always say, "the trickiest part of the Draft who figuring, not who teams like in the 1st Round, but who teams like in the 2nd and 3rd Round." Miami has to get a speed WR, a RB or two, and an OG/OC. So who do they take in the 1st Round. Well, suppose they, like me, see four or five OG/OC who are slated to go in the 2nd or 3rd who could easily start for their team next year: Watkins, Hudson, Wisniewski, Moffitt, Boren, and Boling (who is just an OG prospect). Do you really take Pouncey in the 1st? He better be damn good! So I don't want Pouncey in the 1st Round. However, he is damn good, that is the problem. I hate this Draft;-) This has been the hardest Draft to forecast I have ever seen;-) The same hold true for RB. Would the Rams take Ingram, who could add 3 or 4 years to Jackson's career? They need a starting caliber WR, a starting Safety, and some OGs. I'm not sure if they can get a starting WR were they are situated. Will Hankerson, Torrey Smith, Jon Baldwin, or Titus Young reach them at pick 47, maybe. I would bet one of them does. Certainly one of the OGs will. Their also should be starting caliber Safeties available at pick 78. Three players I really like at safety are Marcus Gilchrist, Quintin Carter, and DeAndre McDaniel. The 2nd and 3rd Rounds are going to be filled with DBs. After Peterson, Amukamara, and Smith it could be a long time before a DB goes, as there are so many rated so closely together on Day Two. Plus I already went over the depth at OG. SO were does that leave the Rams, staring right at Ingram at 14. So if they can see themselves taking a WR in the 2nd, a Safety in the 3rd, and OG in the 4th, that leaves there top two needs at DT and RB. Unless Cameron Jordan falls to them there is no D-Tackle worth taking. However, with the terrific depth at RB, Ingram better be Damn good. I may not know much, but I do know that Ingram is, damn good. Especially if he can work in and out of the line up behind Stephen Jackson. I hate this Draft. If Jordan or Julio Jones are not on the board, the player than can help this franchise the most is Ingram or Pouncey, but how can they take him? You can make the same argument for Miami, with Ricky Williams gone (and after what that asshole Owner did to him there is absolutely no way he is coming back to Miami), and Ronnie Brown a free agent RB who can't last the season, how can they pass on Ingram? But also with the depth at RB, how can they take him? I hate this Draft! 

We all want the Pats to draft for defense. Getting an Edge-rusher is paramount to the Pats Playoff changes in the next three years. Improving their passrush is there key to the Super Bowl. I also think they need a specialized 5-Technique who may not start but can come in and attack on obvious passing downs. A player like: Cameron Jordan, JJ Watts, Cameron Heyward, Adrian Clayborn, and Mohammad Wilkerson. That is my main objection to trading pick 28 (with Hayward's injury and Clayborn’s arm problem, either could still be there at 28). This is a tough request for BB, because they are loaded with veteran D-Linemen, and the odds of any of these D-Ends coming in and snagging a starting spot is almost nil. However, I think all of these guys could easily get 4 to 6 Sacks as rookies and significantly help to hit the quarterback, and get better and better each year, until 3 or 4 years down the road when there big D-Ends are gone, they could be forces at Right D-End. 

*Please ignore this bit of insanity* Listed in the please never happen department- I would not complain (maybe. Probably. Okay I would;-) if they took Jimmy Smith at 17 to cover guys, if BB felt it would give the passrushers more time to hit the quarterback. Though drafting a DB in this Draft early would be a waste of a pick, but that is how desperate I think the Pats need to the hit the quarterback is. Like I always say, “if you can’t hit the quarterback you can’t win.” *The very last thing they need in this Draft is another DB, end insanity here*

Snagging an edge rusher with their first pick has to be a priority. There are three players who they have a shot at: Kerrigan, Aldon smith, and Quinn. However, it is starting to look like these guys might all be gone by 17, which would be a disaster for the Patriot’s Playoff chances in the coming seasons.

It is starting to look more and more like they will have to trade up to grab one of these guys. I just can’t picture Quinn getting past Houston at 11. And worse, Quinn going 9 or 10 to Dallas or Washington is not out of the question, and that might prompt Houston to take Smith at 11. However, with his Character Concerns and medical issues Quinn could easily drop past Houston.  What I said about Herzlich is that, “A GM is going to have a hard time drafting a guy with cancer in the 1st Round.” Plus, Quinn had a terrible Combine. When you are seen as a pure passrushing phenomenon, and you miss the last season due to cheating, you better have a Combine like Von Miller had, and not like Quinn had. With Quinn’s concerns, Aldon Smith is being mentioned more and more as a top ten pick. A lot of people have him going 10 to Washington. He could easily go to Minnesota or Jacksonville . Plus, if Miami goes defense they have to be looking at an Edge rusher to go with Koa Misi on the right side opposite Cameron Wake. It is looking more and more like Kerrigan is being put in the Quinn-Smith class of passrushers, and as so many teams see his high charater, motor, and ability to hit the QB and create Turnovers, I can see him hopping over Quinn. I can easily see Jacksonville taking Kerrigan if Smith is gone, whether Quinn is on the board or not. Plus, to make life even more difficult, you have to think teams that are desperate for a QB like Minnesota and Miami are looking to trade down. With eight to ten of the sixteen teams in the second half of the 1st round already talking about Kerrigan, trading up over the Pats and Jacksonville is the only logical move. 

One of my pet peeves is the Draft Value Chart. The reason BB like to trade so much is that the Draft Value Chart was created by Jimmy Johnson to get extra value for trading down. However, people who often love the Draft Value Chart are always extolling the Pats to trade up. Well, that is stupid. If you value that stupid thing then you want the Pats to trade down. The value of the Draft Value Chart is that is was created to fleece GM/ who wanted to trade up. Jimmy Johnson created multiple Super Bowl teams because he was the best Drafter in the league and could take the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Round pick and you gave him or a higher 2nd, and turn into three better players than the 2nd Round pick he gave you. With that being said, if can target an edge-rusher who can hit the QB, I am all for trading up to get him. I would give up both 1st Round picks to get Von Miller, and maybe more. I think they might have to think about give up a 2nd for Smith, or a 3rd for Kerrigan. 

Okay, I could go on for another two hours, but I have to stop and deal with life, the wife, and the kids;-)


What To Do, What To Do?


March 27th

It has been reported that the Patriots are trying to trade the 28th pick. I admit that doesn’t make sense to me. The Pats seem to have an abundance of early picks, which is a great situation to have, because you can fleece teams for picks next year. However, now you suddenly can’t, because of the NFL head office's incompetence. What do the Chargers have to offer?

The Pats are probably looking at picks 5o and 61, or 5o and 82. That would give them 7 picks in the top 100. One 1st, three 2nds, and three 3rds, that is a lot of juice. The Pats have had a huge influx of young talent over the past two Drafts, and getting younger is not necessarily a positive for this team. I see three solid year of a Super Bowl window open for BB and Brady. After that Brady’s age becomes more and more of a concern. With the deal for pick 28 on the table the Pats could rely on a 2nd and/or a 3rd to move up to 10, 12, or 14. Then they would still have a minimum of two 2nds and two 3rds.  

However, when I look at their needs I see some rational behind this decision. They have some odd needs that need to be filled, and they may or may not be able fill them with roster players. First is a number one receiver, who is really their number three receiver. The receiver who lines up the right outside is usually the number one receiver. However, with Welker and Branch we know that he will not be their number one receiver. What they need is a speed guy who can take the top off the defense, or at least make the Safeties worry a little. Here's hoping Taylor Price or Tate can do that. I'm not sure either can. I am however sure that Titus Young at pick 33 or 60 can do that. 

With Neal gone, Mankins in Limbo, and Light already talking about not coming back grabbing an OG and an OT looks like a priority. Even if BB thinks Mankins and Light will be back, he won't be able to be sure until after the Draft. Fortunately, there are some late Round options. I believe either/or both Zack Hurd (who is my top super sleeper) and Justin Boren (another sleeper) will be available in the 5th Round, and will play in the NFL the next time we have a season. Since we don't have a 5th that might put pressure on BB to take an OG earlier than he'd like. At 33 or 50 they could be looking at Rodney Hudson, who looks like he was made to play OG in BB' system. He has the potential to develop quickly into another Stephen Neal, who was the best pulling Guard to play on the Patriots since Hannah. Plus, he played a lot of Center at the Senior Bowl, and a lot of scouts see him as a Center, which means he has the versatility to play al three inside positions on the Pat's O-Line. The other is maybe more interesting, and he is Clint Boling. I have not always been on his bandwagon. However, most scouts see him moving inside to to left or right guard. Plus, he played O-Tackle at Georgia and what makes him interesting is that he might be able to do  time at ORT. Iif Light doesn't come back Vollmer switches to the left side, and maybe Kaczur comes in at ORT, maybe not. Because he has the potential to fill three holes on the O-Line next season that might be vacant (Koppen will be the starting Center next season so Hudson won't have a chance to play there barring injury), the Pats might have to pull the switch on him. There will be an opportunity to take a ORT who can start in the 4th Round. I believe both Gilbert and Reid will be starting ORT in the NFL. 

So there goes our 2nd Round on offensive players, and we haven't even gotten to runningback, or quarterback. I believe that Brady has three legit seasons left as a Super Bowl caliber QB. Is this the year we go for his eventual replacement. What if Locker and/or Mallet are sitting there at 33 as many Draftnics think? Do they take that insurance policy? Look at Kolb. He sat on the bench for four years and now is the hottest commodity in the Draft. Multiple teams have offered up their 1st Round pick to Philly for him, in back door trades to be made after the Lockout is unlocked. Call me crazy, but taking Mallet to Locker at 33 is not out of the question for the Pats. There are three guys who are smart leaders and look like they will eventually develop into NFL starters. Andy Dalton, Ricky Stanzi, and Colin Kaepernick. Dalton is the terrific leader/winner that I want on my team. He looked like he had an above average NFL arm at the Senior Bowl. Stanzi is the prototype of how you want an NFL QB to look. Then there is Kaepernick. What if he is still on the board at 74, 80, or 92? There is as wide a range of opinion on this guy as anyone in the Draft. Plus, he runs like Marsha Brady in the Brady Bunch Movie with that little nerd-girl shoulder sway when he runs;-) However, if was coached by BB and mentored by Brady for three years? How would you like him then. He and Mallet have the two best arm in the Draft. He has the smarts, and the work ethic to develop himself into one heck of a QB. Look at all his stats from last season, they are almost identical Newton's stat, and most people think including myself that Newton has the highest upside of anyone in this Draft. I don't like Kaepernick now, but he could be a top ten QB in three years with proper teachers, like BB and Brady.

Damn! I running out of picks here and I haven't even gotten to RB or the defense. Losing pick 28 would be a tough, as I like them taking a passrushing D-End like Heyward, Clayborn, or Wilkerson there. However, having 7 picks instead of 6 in the top 100 might not be the worst thing for this team. Maybe having those extra picks allows them to take Titus Young, Rodney Hudson, and maybe they can they could sneak in Ballard, Pernell McPhee, or Greg Romeus at 60 and convert them into a passrushing 5-technique with picks 33, 50, and 60 (it would take a lot of mistakes by a lot of teams to get Young, Hudson (or Boling), or Ballard at 60, but stranger things have happened). Then grab a running back like Ryan Williams, Demarco Murray, or Delone Carter at 72, maybe Sam Ocho at 80, and grab Kaepernick at 92. So in this dreamland scenario you are talking about trading pick 28 (say Heyward, Clayborn, or Wilkerson), for Titus Young, Sam Ocho, and a 5th (for excepting their 3rd instead of their second 2nd), maybe Gilbert or Jah Reid (or Zack Hurd). I think I might do that deal.  

I know this is a particularly offensive scenario, and BB would certainly sift in some defensive players. However, I see four needs that worry me on offense. A legit starting RB, a deep threat WR to line up on Brady's right who Safeties have to respect, one OG, and one OT. Plus, I think the defense certainly needs more help. An extra pick or two wouldn't hurt. Especially if you expend a 2nd to trade up for Quinn, Smith, or Kerrigan.

Turning the Corner.


March 120th

The actually had some terrific edge play by their OLB. However, they all seemed to share one trait, they all could not turn the corner consistently. That's why I like Von Miller so much, nobody turns the corner better in this Draft, or last years Draft for that matter, than Miller. Both TB-C and Cunningham should nice be speed, hands, and rush on the edges, but to often just couldn't get around the OTs on the outside. Studying the Draft for so many years, I've seen so many guys who can blast off the Corner, but can't make that turn around the OT to get the QB. It started with Eric Curry, the D-End from Alabama way back in the 90s. He could blast off like no one I've seen. However, he always seemed to end up running straight past the QB. Parcells always liked to say, "The worst place to be on the field is behind the Quarterback." He was a 1st Round pick and out of the league in two or three seasons. He could get the Corner almost instantly, but couldn't seem to turn into the QB. Vernon Gholston was another guy. Pure straight line, he has no bend, flexibility, or the quickness to turn that Corner. There are some guys who turn the corner in this Draft, and don't find themselves being ridden past the QB by the OT consistently. The actually had some terrific edge play by their OLB. However, they all seemed to share one trait, they all could not turn the corner consistently. That's why I like Von Miller so much, nobody turns the corner better in this Draft, or last years Draft for that matter, than Miller. Both TB-C and Cunningham should nice be speed, hands, and rush on the edges, but to often just couldn't get around the OTs on the outside. Studying the Draft for so many years, I've seen so many guys who can blast off the Corner, but can't make that turn around the OT to get the QB. It started with Eric Curry, the D-End from Alabama way back in the 90s. He could blast off like no one I've seen. However, he always seemed to end up running straight past the QB. Parcells always liked to say, "The worst place to be on the field is behind the Quarterback." He was a 1st Round pick and out of the league in two or three seasons. He could get the Corner almost instantly, but couldn't seem to turn into the QB. Vernon Gholston was another guy. Pure straight line, he has no bend, flexibility, or the quickness to turn that Corner. There are some guys who turn the corner in this Draft, and don't find themselves being ridden past the QB by the OT consistently. 

I'm Tired, and I Need A Job.


March 12th

I’m tired. I have 40-50 pages of notes on players from this years Draft I should be processing onto my site, but I’m tired. I have not yet watched the Celtics-Clipper game yet, and I’m tired of not getting paid to fill content for other people. I need a job filling content for a Web Page. Everybody steals my stuff, but no one wants to hire me?

I keep asking the question, “Do you want a Blogger who quotes Bill Belichick, or do you want the Blogger Bill Belichick quotes?” It appears the decision makers of these sport corporations want to hire the unimaginative Bloggers who quotes BB and steal original content from me.

They want Felgie, who has been pilfering ideas from my site for years. Ever since the “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” he has acted as though my site is his own personal library.

They want Shawn-she, who as fans to my site know literally went to my site and copy and pasted an article about the Patriots Playoff chances and changed a few words and called it his own. Yeah Dan!

I can’t put on CSNNE without my lingo, opinion, or analysis being pilfered by someone. I wrote my grumpy Blogs about the Celtics, and surprise-surprise, the next day on Sports Tonight Live there are their so-called experts using my lingo, opinions, and analysis like I’m writing my Blog as their own personal script (hi Dan).

I think WEEI has an intern that just watches my site for updates and announces whenever I put up something new, interesting, and imaginative to all their on air talent. It started with O, when the whole Pepper to New England situation was going on. I would write my unique analysis about the Pepper situation, and that afternoon or the next day his opinion would suddenly seem amazing exact as mine. What a strange coincidence. Now I here discussions about my content all the time on WEEI, but they never give me credit, or try and contact me, or god forbid offer me a job. No, just pilfer and fill.  

Even the NFL channel has never seen an opinion of mine they couldn’t steal. Mel and McShay mined my site for gold every year. The worst example being when they started doing their side by side Mocks last year. They did their first one they were talking about it on their great First Draft Podcast (and I mean that, it is a truly great show that I often listen to at least twice during the week. Of course, I am a Podcast Junkie;-) (oh, speaking of Draft Podcasts there are two great Draft Podcasts on BlogTalkRadio: Draft Countdown and On the Clock-All Access Football) They were laughing about how people were asking why their first Mocks are so similar. They laughed and said they never talk to the each other about it, it was just a strange coincidence. Of course, upon further review, all their similar picks and opinions were carbon copies of my Mock Draft updated a few days before theirs. For the past two years, Mel has constantly quoted my site. I have asked him repeatedly to contact me, but he won’t. He obviously values my writing, he just doesn’t seem to value me, as a person.

The worst has been the PFW in Progress boys. They never even intimated that they new my site existed. Then all of a sudden this past year they started talking about my site, but of course never mentioning it or giving me credit like they do for everybody else's opinion they argue about. I'm just some vague guy who was saying, blah-blah-blah. Of course, at least they try and argue with my opinion not steal it, even though they usually agree with it. They are republicans who have read my Rants, so they have to disagree with me no matter what;-) Hey Fred, you are obviously a fan of my writing, and yet you hired that idiot John from California to write those crappy articles for you? (and yes, I am still bitter;-) I'm still available to write for you guys. After all how often has BB quoted your Three Stooges? He has been quoting my Draft stuff for years, and this past season he quoted my game reviews twice on WEEI. 

First he quoted my review of the Cleveland game. I wrote a rambling dialogue about how the Browns knew the Patriots as well as the AFC East division rivals knew the Patriots, so it was like a Division game for them. Meaning they knew and were very comfortable with what the Patriots were doing. Meanwhile, to the Patriots they were just the Browns, a losing non-Division team. So it was a "nondivision division game". Later that day he WEEI he quoted me exactly. He quoted my review of the Vikings game. I wrote eight paragraphs down, “However, Captain Second-Half dazzled the Vikes passrushers with his dancer’s feet (LOL), and somehow after jitterbugged around the pocket, he then pierrotted his way out of trouble, he somehow stopped and threw to a streaking Brandon Tate who was wide open 25-yards down field.” Now I admit that was maybe the most geek-tastic moment of my sad and pathetic life having BB quote me, but it is what it is;-)

So here I am today whining again. I lost my night job and need some dough. So instead of writing all the valuable analysis that all you New Englanders crave I have to write this pathetic whine while filling out applications online! Yeah! I was going to finish my latest Mock which has some interesting changes for you all. I was going to have a crappy first version of the 2nd Round up and running by this weekend. I was also going to have my player ratings up past the 4th Round, I’m at about player 120 or so now. 

Instead, I am asking any HR people, Producers, or decision makers, what do you want? The Writers who pilfers opinions, analysis, and hard work from a Blogger, or the Blogger everybody pilfers from? Would you rather have the guy that copies a Blogger's lingo, or the Blogger who creates the funny, interesting, and unique lingo, phrases, and opinions that everybody copies? Most importantly, would you rather have the Blogger that quotes Bill Belichick or the Blogger that Bill Belichick quotes? I seems obvious to me.

Strange Days Indeed: O-Line and Brady.


March 5th

I had another big time screw up with my site! Again. I was working on my player Ratings page and rearranged a bunch of thing, and added about a dozen guys, and apparently forgot to save. So I uploaded it, and didn’t really update it.

One of the changes I made was moving Carimi up. Tyron Smith is going to be the first OT taken in this Draft. I moved him up to 17, Carimi to 18 or 19, Castonzo to 19 or 18, and Solder to 20. Of course these changes disappeared into the dot-dot-dashes of binary code in my computer.

I was very impressed with the Outland Trophy winner from Wisconson who was a four year starter at OLT. I think he can play OLT in the NFL. I also believe he is the best run blocker of the four OLT. As I wrote in my previous Blog, which I took down and added here, “At the Senior Bowl I though Gabe Carimi really played well. In fact, he played better that both Solder and Castonzo. Both Solder and Castonzo kept getting beat inside. With Solder it was almost an epidemic. With Castonzo it wasn't as bad, but not good. Carimi played OLT, OLG, ORT at the Senior Bowl (so he was a little less changed) and was solid everywhere they put him, and didn't give up nothing to nobody. Just for the record Tyron Smith will be the first O-Tackle taken in this Draft. He is a little long legged for my taste, but he has 36" Arms, nice knee bend, and great feet to make up for it (he easily has the best feet and longest arms of the four OLT). His showing up at the Combine at 307 pounds made him millions of dollars. However, after him I would be hard pressed to choose between Carimi and Castonzo, with Solder not a close 4th. The question at OT for the Pats gets more and more troublesome every time I look. Light has already expressed his belief that he is gone, and how much can you trust a guy coming back from back surgery. BB seems to really like Nick Kascur, but I always though he played better on the left side like he did in college, and I though the looked his best at OLG last preseason (which is an unfairly small sampling I know). If Smith is on the board at 17 BB might have to pounce, but if Castonzo or Carimi are still on the board at 28, I just don't see how he can pass.”

Since I wrote this the rumors have been flowing that the Pats like Carimi I can’t tell you how happy that made me. Everyone has been putting Solder and Castonzo ahead of him, and whenever I watched them, Carimi always seems to play better to me. Not that I would cry if the Pats took Castonzo or Solder at 17 or 28. I think these OLT are so closely rated that I think I would like keep them all tied at 17. I have Smith as the top OT. He has the best feet and the longest arms of the four. Carimi and Castonzo as a straight tie. I like how Carimi plays a little more consistently and his versatility, and I think Castonzo might be a more natural Left Tackle. Tied. I think Solder is the most overrated of the four and will go 2nd or 3rd, and will be the worst of the four. He is clearly the most gifted athletically. He just plays to high, and was an open door for inside moves at the Combine. But the differences are really so negligible that calling Solder the worst of the four is silly, he is barely even slightly less rated in my mind that the other three. In truth, they are tied. I just like Carimi the most for the pats, because his versatility, and consistency.  

Ironically Carimi reminds me of Sebastian Vollmer. He has similar size. Similar long arms. Similar feet. They both can play both sides. I think Vollmer is a little more overwhelming as a pass protector, while Carimi will be a little more overwhelming as a run blocker. Which is nice as Vollmer will be the first choice at OLT, and just maybe Carimi will be the first choice at ORT.

With the two of them playing OT, Brady’s old body might just last a few more years. I believe he has about a three year Super Bowl window left. If they got Carimi and say Ingram, I think that window would open for maybe 5 or 6 years, at best. I am torn between helping the defense and helping Brady stay on the field in this Draft. I want a passrusher more than I want free fried chicken for the rest of my life, but having a passrush only helps us win Playoffs games if Brady is on the field. Give me a top O-Tackle and a Top-Runner in this Draft, and I will be ecstatic with any passrusher BB deems worthy.

Right now as a sit here blurry eyes, after finally finishing the Combine up, and typing into the computer since 9 this morning (I worked out yesterday. I shot around an empty gym for half an hour, and it’s like I always say, “there is no sadder sound then an empty gym.” Did some abs for five minutes or so, ran a whole 6 tenth of a mile on the tread mill [yes I know how pathetic that is], lifted weights for 20 minute, did another 5 minutes of ads, and swam 8 laps: I was so pathetically tired after that silly workout it was ridiculous, so I slept late this morning, and it was awesome;-), If the Pats ended up with Ingram, Carimi, Kerrigan or Aldon Smith, with their first three picks I would be ecstatic. I know this goes against the norm or Pat’s fans thinking, and even my own, but the more I think about it the more I believe protecting Brady’s future with a stronger O-Line and a stronger running game might be the most important thing to achieve in this Draft, with the only caveat being a passrusher.

Plus, I always say that when you draft a young QB, doesn’t it make sense to grab a teammate of his in the same Draft to help him with the transition: a Center, WR, or TE who he is familiar with. I think if the Pats take Carimi in the 1st Round or at 33 (even though I see absolutely no way they pick at 33, as that pick has become the most tradable pick in the Draft since they went to three days), they should take his running mate John Moffitt, who will be on the board in the 3rd, and maybe even the 4th Round. Those two guys have worked together for 4 years and were like tow peas in a pod on the left side at Wisconson. Carimi and Moffit could e two for one starters, so to speak. Each helping the other get acquainted with the Pats offense. I know, sounds to good to be true.     o

Strange Days Indeed: Runningbacks.


March 3rd

I love Mark Ingram, but I don't think I would take a RB in the 1st Round of the Draft this year. I see starting Runningbacks in this new age of sharing-the-beating, going down into Day Three. Players like Bilal Powell (great Senior Bowl), Delone Cater, Roy Helu Jr, Anthony Allen, and John Clay could all be available on Day Three. I think all of those guys could develop into legit starters in a rotation type offense.


I think both Ingram and LeShoure drop out of the 1st Round. Ingram looks to me like a surefire star in the NFL. After him I don't see a lot of space between LeShoure and Daniel Thomas and Ryan Williams. I think it would be tough to take a RB at 17, 28, or 33 if you can get Thomas or Williams at 60. Thomas is a big strong back who is also excellent as a receiver out of the backfield. Williams was as dynamic as any runningback in college football in 2009. I don't how fast he ran yet, but he has as much competitive speed as anybody in this Draft, and had no problem breaking out for 40-plus yard runs. I think all four of these guys go in the Second Round


The 3rd Rounds looks stocked as well. With picks 74 and 92 they could easily be looking at DeMarco Murray (He had a really impressive senior season), Jaquizz Rogers (maybe not, he looks like he is bound for the 2nd round, but with Woodhead he would be wasted pick for the Pats), Kendall Hunter (will go lower than he should because of height), Dion Lewis (Quicker and more productive than LeSean McCoy was at Pitt), and Shane Vereen (could drop to 4th  Round).


I hear a lot that guys don't like the depth at RB this year. I disagree, I don't think it's top heavy, but it is full of potential in the middle. 


Strange Days Indeed: Edge Rushers.


March 2nd

This has to be the year that BB adds some more depth along the front seven. I was watching the Combine, and was blown away by the DL and LB work outs. It started out with Fairley and Dareus, and progressed into a bevy of amazing athletes with amazing size. 


The DE/OLB on display at the Combine were as fascinating to me fried chicken. Ryan Kerrigan looked jacked up. He was a little stiff in his drills, but I still think he would be a hell of an edge rusher for the Pats. He is so quick and strong on the edge, and dominated the Senior Bowl. He has great hands and tenacity. He ran Unofficial tomes of 4.67 -4.73 at 6-4 267 pounds. He had 33.5" Arms. Justin Houston showing up at 6-3 270 pounds. I watched him a couple of times in 2009 and his burst off the line was as good as I've seen. I don't know if he still has that burst at 270 pounds, but I'm willing to find out;-) He did have 36.5" Vert and 10'5" Broad jump which is usually a nice indication of a nice burst off the snap. He also ran a 4.68 at 270 pounds, and had 34.5" Arms. Aldon Smith also looked jacked up at 6-4, 263 pounds, and 35.5" Arms. He is so smooth rushing the QB. Another edge rusher with excellent hands, which is so paramount on the next level that it can't be underscored. Arm length, speed, and hand usage is so important on the next level. He ran Unofficial times of 4.74-4.76 with a 10-yard split of 1.78. All three of these guys were impressive edge rushers in college, who all look like they have the physical measurables and trait to continue that excellence in the NFL. The best news for Pats fans is that 1 or 2 of them is going to be available at 17. If they are sitting there at 17 with one of these guys on the board they have to pounce, and I don't even care which one it is, just put him out on the edge and let him attack next year or the year after.


The 3-4 D-End list was just as interesting as well. JJ Watt was 6-5 3/8, 290 pound with 34" arms. He is a very skilled and relentless passrusher. He plays and displays enough power to be a 3-4 D-End, and I am along out on the edge here, but I also think he has just enough athleticism to be an edge rusher in a 3-4. He ran a 4.21 SS and a 6.88 3-Cone. That is amazing quickness and COD of such a big tall guy, which he put on display at Wisconson the past three time I watched him. Very adept at setting the edge. He also ran a nice Unofficial 4.78 40, with a 1.75 10-Yard Split. At his size, with his quickness, that is enough speed to play outside in BB's defense. And if that doesn't work he can add a few pounds and move to a relentless passrushing 5-Tachnique, where is where most scouts see him playing anyway. If the three edge rushers are gone, he could easily be the Pats pick at 17 if he is still on the board. Cameron Jordan looked a little lighter at 6-4 281 pounds. He had 35" Arms and still did 25 reps in the Bench Press. He has great hands. His hands are so quick they sometimes blur from sight, or else I'm losing my vision in my old age;-). He has been very well coach in a two-gap 3-4 at California, and understands the system. H dominated the Senior Bowl, and looked like the best D-End there. If he is available at 17 I just can't see anyway BB passes. 


At 28 you are probably looking at 5-Technique D-Ends and 2nd Round passrushers. Clayborn and Heyward might both be available at 28. I would gladly take either at 28 if we took an edge rusher at 17. 


Strange Days Indeed: Combine.


March 1st

I was a little disappointed with the prospects at the Combine. The offensive player were nice, but not exceptional. Each year there are player that wow everyone, and there seemed too few at the Combine. I was just going to write an article saying this Draft was looking worse than I thought. 

Then came the defense! Holy-moly! I have been saying this is a defense heavy first round for a while, and it just got heavier. I have been waiting for days to see some ratta-tat-tat machinegun feet. Holy-moly it was worth the wait. The defensive talent in this years Draft is truly special. 


Strange Days Indeed: Running Backs.


Feb 28th

I love BJG-E and the amazing Woodhead. However, Brady is now reaching the age where injuries are a certainty and having a dominate running game is essential to reaching the Super Bowl. This is not a new or contrived or a mysterious concept. It's not even football specific. Players get old. Adjustments need to be made. I started out this mock draft before the Senior Bowl, and the coming out party for Von Miller. As it stands now, Miller will not be available at 17. He will be a top ten pick now, and if Ingram slips past Miami at 15 the Pats may have to take Ingram at 17. I was of the opinion that Running Backs would drop in this Draft, because of all the talent and the fact that few if any teams really use a single dominate RB style offence (could I have said that any worse?). What I mean to say is that almost all teams are using more of the Running Backs by committee offense, because giving a RB over 350-400 carries in a season is so detrimental to their healthy that they are never the same again after a season with so many carries (Yeah 18-Game schedule!). This past season Adrian Foster out ran himself and led the NFL in rushing yards. He will not be the same runner next season as his legs took such a beating this past season, just like Chris Johnson this past season (Yeah 18-Game schedule!). So the value of a Bell-Cow Back goes significantly down. Plus, with so many RB who look like legit starters rated in the 2nd and 3rd Round, is the talent difference really all that significant between say Mikel Leshoure and Daniel Thomas? I say no. However is the talent defense between some of the 1st Passrusher and OTs and the Second Round Passrushers and OT significantly different? I say yes. Are you better off with Castonzo, and/or Justin Houston or Cameron Jordan, in the 1st and Daniel Thomas or Dion Lewis in the 2nd (or even Kendall Hunter, Delonte Carter, Roy Helu JR, or Da'Rel Scott in the 3rd or 4th)? Or Ingram or Leshoure in the first and Jeremy Beal or Jabaal Sheard and/or DeMarcus Love in the 2nd or 3rd. I think most teams are going to wait until the 2nd day to grab a RB or two. The Pats have four picks in the first two Round and look to me like they can take a chance or two. Ingram in my book is a top ten talent, and would be taken a lot earlier in previous Drafts.    


Strange Days Indeed: Free Agency.


Feb 28th

This is going to be a strange off season. Every year the Draft starts with Free Agency. Filling holes in the roster by signing free agents. However, with the collective bargaining agreement strife, who is going to sign free agents? How does a team justify signing a big name free agent when, if the owners get what they want, there will be a lot less to spend on the Salary Cap. The signing of free agents is as important to figuring out what a team is going to do in the Draft as Player Ratings. And I'm not even saying that there will be no signings at all. What I'm saying is that we have absolutely no idea what the Free Agent signing period is going to look like. However, does anybody really think there are going to be GMs camped out at free agent houses at midnight looking to sign their dream player. I certainly don't. There will be signings, but how much and how many is impossible to guess. So needs should be more plentiful than usual. Take the Pats for instance, their offensive line is about to be devastated by free agency. Suppose Neal retires or they release him, and Mankins and Light don't sign. Suppose both players are still unsigned by the Draft? Do you consider there to be a dire need to draft three O-Linemen, or do you suppose if they are still unsigned by the Draft that Mankins and Light are planning on signing back with the Pats? This is not a bad year to need a Guard or Tackle, as there will be more than a few prospects taken on the Second Day who can play in this league.  


This Has Been Perkolating for a while.


Feb 27th

I know this is a Pats page, but if you think I am a Patriots homer, you ain't seen nothing yet. Is any one else disgusted by the Perk trade? This was a terrible move by my Celtics. With Perk they were a favorite to win it all. Without Perk they drop back into the pack just when Miami looks like they are putting it all together. 


I understand that GMs have to look beyond this year, and into the future. This trade makes them better next season, not this season, but next season (even my main man Tommy was really strug-ga-ling to justify this move). Any Celtic homers who said, read, or wrote they Celtics are better tight now because of this trade are being disingenuous at best. By all reports Perk wanted more than 30 Million over how many years I don't know. With the Celtics already committed to 72 million next season, they felt they couldn't afford that figure, fine. Plus, it makes them much better after next season when the big three will be gone, as having a Clippers 1st Round pick is never a bad thing;-) Especially now when you see their complete, utterly, and outright ridiculous owner heckling Baron Davis on the court. He is officially the worst owner in the history of professional sports! 


However, as we saw last season the "Championship Window" is a fragile and precarious piece of glass that can shatter in an instant decision or disaster. So sometimes when the "Championship Window" is open you have to sacrifice the future, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. The window the Celtics Championship was this season. Next season and for the foreseeable future belongs to Miami. Once LeBron and Wade put it all together the rest of the NBA will be helpless to stop them. Their main problem is that they have the same game. They both need the ball in their hands to be effective in the offense. With the big three, they had different games: Ray is a jump shooter, Garnett is a high post guy, and Pierce is everywhere in between and is really the only guy who needed the ball in his hands to be effective. However, once LaBron-Wade work it all out they are going on a Jordan-Pippin type Championship run. The Celtics window is this year, and maybe next year, but I wouldn't bank on it. 


Okay, old timers axiom, "Never trade a big for a small, unless that small is a hell of a lot better than the big." Green is not a hell of a lot better than Perk, it you think he is a better player than Perk then you don't understand playing the game basketball on the court (I hate to do this. I really do! Bob, your my guy, really. I just went to the Globe website try and find out how the hell you spell Krystich, Krystic, Krstic [really?], and saw your article. But you're just plain wrong). Basketball is a game of machismo, and it's like I always say, "there's no mercy in basketball."


And just incase you missed it Danny and Oklahoma agreed with me. Look at the deal: Perk, Nate (a Salary throw in to make the money work), for Green ( a back up 3 and 4) and Krstic (a nice offensive Center who hasn't played defense since he hurt his knee) and the CLIPPERS 1ST ROUND PICK! Which of the 5 piece are the two or three biggest pieces of the trade? Perk on one side, and on the other? Green and the CLIPPERS 1ST ROUND PICK. Oklahoma gave up their starting 4 and 5 and the CLIPPERS 1ST ROUND PICK for Perk and a Salary that matched the deal up. If Green was a better player in anybodies eyes, including every member of the Celtic brass, would they have gotten Krstic? Maybe. Would they have gotten the CLIPPERS 1ST ROUND PICK? Nooo


So don't kid yourselves Celtic homers, this deal makes us worse this season, and makes it all but impossible to match up against the Laker's Three-Seven-Footers in the Finals. The possible being both O'Neals stay healthy throughout the playoffs. That's right homers, the Celtics championship hopes for the next ten or so years rests in the tired, old, and injured legs of Shaq and Jermaine. OUCH! Can you hear my cranky old knees cracking?


With that being said, you never trade a starting Center in the NBA for a backup 3, period. And you never trade your best rebounder. It's like I always say, "If you can't rebound, you can't win." And that axiom was never more on display than in Game 7 of the NBA Championship Finals last season. The Celtics out played the Lakers in every single basketball way known to man, except rebounding. If the rebounds had been anywhere near even the Celtics win easily. A lot of people are arguing that Perk wouldn't have made a difference, LOL. If a team gets double your teams rebounds or damn close to it (23 Offensive rebounds is more offensive than Sarah Palin), how can you possible say that missing your starting Center, meanest paint player, and best rebounder didn't matter? Now the Lama was in such a zone on the boards it might not have mattered. however, we all know you pop him in the face a few times he starts drifting towards the elbows rather than parking in the lane. Perk might not have out rebounded him, but he would have punished him more, and lets face Wallace was completely gassed by the 4th quarter. 


Now I know Green is more of a 4, can rebound okay, and can backup the 3 as well, but he is not a starter or a closer on this team. I liked him coming out of college because he was an exceptional passer at George Town (a trait that seems to be missing as a Pro). I always judge a young player by how well they pass. Passing shows a mature understanding of the game that most young minds can't conceive. Perk was a starter and a closer on this team. Green is a good complementary player, but he is not a leader or a tough guy by anyone's assessment. Perk was a leader and a tough guy by everyone's assessment. Green doesn't make anyone on the opposing team nervous. Perk did. A lot. And often. Is Perk an all-star Center who was going to the HOF in Springfield? Nooo. But he was a mean rebounding defensive Center who made his teammates just a little braver, and most certainty better. 


This trade was conceived and initiated to help with the transition away from the big three after next season. It does not make them a better team this season. It most likely will make them better next season if you believe that had concluded they could not sign Perk next season. Most importantly they have certainly lowered their Championship Window for this season (A window that will slam shut after next season when Pierce's, Garnett's, and Ray's contracts expire), and that by nobodies definition makes them a better team right now. They will have to go through the Lakers in the finals again this year, and they just traded there starting Center and another Seven-Footer (Sehem Erden for nothing) for a back 3-4, and a backup 5. This line up right now cannot beat the Lakers (sans the O'Neals). They cannot match up against their Three-Seven-Footers (sans the O'Neals). Which is why the Lakers will get to the Finals again, because nobody in the West can come close to matching up against their Three-Seven-Footers. An now, neither can we (sans the O'Neals). 

Grumpy Old Man.


Feb 7th

I know this makes me sound like a grumpy old man, but was the Super Bowl a bit ridiculous. I remember when the Super Bowl was just a game. Now it's more of a carnie, a Broadway musical, and a commercial. And I hate carnivals, musicals, all all forms of advertisement both big and small. It was irritating from front to back. I watch about an hour and a half of the pregame show, and it was all Steelers all the time. I watch the last hour and a half of the ESPN pregame show, whatever they call it, and they barely even mentioned Green Bay at all. It was like Farve had retired again and ESPN and the NFL channel went all Farve all the time, only it was all Pittsburgh all the time. Three hours of pregame shows not a mention of Green Bay. It was easily the worst programming I've seen all season. The whole show was a giant swirling hurricane of crap. The only thing about the Super Bowl itself was the game. 

Only the game itself was so buried in crap it was hard to see. The first half was okay. I wasn't so worried or really into it. There was a lot going on, and too many non-football fans causing commotions. The second half however was very exciting. The thought of Rapistberger winning another Ring made me sick to my stomach. I was really into the second half of that game rooting for the Packers. If Rapistberger had won another we would have add to sit through the nonstop assault of Steelers fans bragging about their guy being the best, ug. I don't think I could have taken that. 


Also I was watching the Commissioner's press conference. He likes to call a lot of people liars. Everybody he meets with apparently is a liar. I'm starting to think the problem is not with everybody he meets with, but with him. He calls BB a liar. He calls DeMaurice Smith a lair, and then goes on to lie. And just for the record every time the owners cry poverty and claim they can't make money in the current system, they are lying, and not just lying but lying very badly. When Smith claims that the players are actually getting less of the pie since the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, and rampaging Roger calls him a lair, it is Roger who is lying. What Smith was saying is that owners have used all their creative business talents to increase their revenue streams in all the areas that the players don't get a piece of. So as the owners continue to increase their revenue (while crying poverty) in ways that cause the player to get less. What do you think the Personal License Plates are all about? Non-sharing revenue. Luxury Boxes?  Non-sharing revenue. Special parking and special exits for special clients? Non-sharing revue. Official websites, magazines, and television channels. Non-sharing revenue. And lets not forget the vast onsite malls and stores that the owners are building and renting at every new location that will never be shared in a million years. 


That is a vast investment in new revenue streams that the players will never see a piece of. Plus, as more games get taken off the networks and put on the NFL Network, that siphons more revenue off the top of the players share of the TV money (why do you think the NFL is so insistent that more and more games be put on the NFL chaennel? So they can steal more money of the top from the Salary Cap). The TV money is the basis, the core, the very foundation of the CBA between the players and the owners; At minimum they were suppose to share all the TV money, and now the Owner's greed has found a way to corrupt even that, the one sacred aspect of the players and owners relationship over the past 30 or 40 years or so (when was the first CBA? In the 70s right? I gotta google that;-) (Apparently the Players Association started in 1956, and the first CBA in 1968. Reading this article is really imperative to understanding the dirty tricks lies and misdeed the owners will and have gone through to bargain in bad faith..). The players get a piece of what the networks pay to broadcast, not the profit of what the networks make. So the player get a piece of what the NFL channel pays itself for the rights to broadcast the games. How much do you think that is? Virtually nothing. But the NFL makes as much if not more off the games by: selling advertisement like the other networks do, the money the cable and satellite TV companies have to pay to broadcast the NFL Network, and by now not sharing that TV money with their partners. So not only has a share of the gross revenues gone down as owners focus their talents on non-sharing revenue almost exclusively, the players share of the TV money has gone down the past few years as well. Roger Goodell damn well knew that when he called DeMaurice a lair. Pardon me, when he blatantly insinuated that DeMaurice Smith was lying when he said the players share less in the revenues in 2010 than in 2005. Where the players should strike fear into the owners is by demanding not a bigger percentage, but inclusion into the Non-Sharing revenue streams: Luxury boxes, parking and concessions, and how about part ownership in the NFL Channel and all the stadiums the owners want the players to pay for! 


So while the owners have increased their own personal profits dramatically across the board during the past Collective Bargaining Agreement by dramatically raising prices across the board on everything their customer buy (that's us, the fans, in case you didn't know;-): from shirts to parking, to tickets and hotdogs, to beer and the price of the NFL channel on our cable TV (do you remember that battle that cost us all more money?), to the criminal Personal License Plates on seats that some customers are actually paying for (??? so you have to pay for the seat, and pay two or three, or ten or twenty thousand dollars, or whatever it is, more for the privilege of being a season ticket holder? I just don't get that one?), to putting malls in the prime parking areas, and now stealing TV money, etc. While also vastly expanding their non-sharing revenue in interesting an ingenious ways all across the country. Then they cry poverty, and say just trust us, we love you, LOL. It is like I always say, Never trust a single thing a billionaire (or millionaire) says once they cry poetry. They are lying, and lying badly." 


So back to the point I think I was trying to make, (I'm not really sure what that was anymore;-). After calling DeMaurice Smith a liar, pardon me, when he blatantly insinuated that DeMaurice Smith was lying when he said the players share less in the revenues in 2010 than in 2005, he was lying. I just showed that Smith wasn't lying, Goodell then went on to lie again? He said there have been no new stadiums built in the past five years, and that things had to change or the league couldn't continue on this path (Ooh poor billionaires crying poverty again). I admit I was shocked at that statement. The owners have been building stadiums nonstop as they are needed. The Pats Stadium isn't even ten years old. They have built and opened two stadiums in the past five years, and I believe refurbished the stadium in KC as well. So what in the hell is he talking about, and how come nobody has called him on it? Now I'm not calling Goodell a liar, although I am kind of blatantly insinuated he has a flare for fiction. What I am saying is that I personally trust what he say significantly less. Remember, he is not a sole entity onto himself, he is an employee of the owners here to give voice to their directives, and the more I here him speak the less I think this will be settle before next October or November.  


Then Krafty Kraft comes out and starts attacking lawyers again? Which can only be taken as another direct attack on DeMaurice Smith. He is the lawyer who is standing in the way of the owners getting everything they want. He says he could settle the situation in a week if there were no lawyers involved. Of course he could, because then the owners could lie, cheat, and steal their way to an agreement that completely favors them. I wonder how many of the primary negotiators of businesses Krafty Kraft is negotiating with does he insult in the media before, during, and after the prime negotiations. What do you think? Zero.   


Strange Days Indeed.


Feb 4th

This years Draft is a wacky Draft. There are the four QBs and two WRs, and then it looks like all defensive players for a while. Then it's the three O-Linemen, the two RB, and defensive players for a while. This is going to be a very defense heavy Draft. It could set the record for D-Linemen going in the first round. Starting with the first two picks, half of the players taken in the 1st round should be D-Linemen: Bowers, Farley, Dareus, Von Miller (played D-End until this past season), Phil Taylor, Robert Quinn, Akeem Akers (played D-End until this past season), Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, JJ Watts, Marvin Austin, Adrian Clayborn, Corey Lieget, Justin Houston, (played D-End until this past season), Cameron Heyward, and Stephen Paea. That's 16 guys. That's half the players in the 1st Round. Plus, Muhammed Wilkerson, Drake Nevis, Jerrell Casay, and Christian Ballard could all sneak into the 1st Round. I have never seen so many D-Linemen looking like they are going to be taken in the 1st Round. It has to be a record. 

Okay so who cares right? That’s all just Draft Geek nonsense right? What you guys want to know is how does this affect the Pats. I think the Pats biggest need on defense is a 5-Technique D-End who can rush the passer (Okay maybe tied with an edge rushing OLB). They have Gerald Warren, Wilfork, and don’t forget Ty Warren coming back as their starting D-Linemen next season. If they draft a D-End in the 1st Round, barring injury he won’t start. However, among their starters there isn’t a guy who can put consistent pressure on the QB. They need to grab a guy who can rush the passer from the D-End position. Now I know it is not in the normal job description for a BB D-End. However, times change. In the new pass-first-and-ask-questions-later-NFL having three giant run stuffers starting on your D-Line is not necessarily the best thing in the world. You have to have more passrush from your D-Line. The Pats have to garner a more consistent passrush from the D-End positions.

When they are picking at 17 they literally could be picking between three or four of the top passrushers and three or four of the top 5-Technique D-Ends. On the clock at 17 they could be looking at: Robert Quinn (unlikely), Akeem Akers (unlikely), Aldon Smith, Justin Houston, and Ryan Kerrigan (who garnered a lot of interest at the Senior Bowl). The question is, also on the board could some interesting 3-4 D-End prospects. Prospects who I think can give you significantly more passrush from the D-End position: Cameron Jordan (I wish), Cameron Heyward, JJ Watts, and maybe even Marvin Austin. Austin is a little short and more of a 3-Technique with a nice burst off the line, but he is strong as an Ox, and should be explosive as a passrushing 3-technique. I see him as a bigger, stronger, quicker Myron Pryor, who I never saw as really fitting the system. I know this is a little strange, but can they draft a guy at 17 who would not be projected as a starter? Who would be projected as playing a passrushing role on the D-Line? I don’t see anyway Austin , or Watts or Heyward for that matter, earn a starting role over the three Ws on the D-Line next season or the season after. However, they could certainly play extremely valuable roles rushing the QB on passing downs. Something I think this defense needs more than anything. And of ocurse injuries will happen. 

The question is if they take the edge rushers- Aldon Smith or Ryan Kerrigan at 17, is one of the three D-Ends going to reach 28? Or, if they one of the three D-Ends at 17 will Smith or Kerrigan reach 28? Right now I would have to say there is a good chance that Heyward reaches number 28, but there is no chance of Smith or Kerrigan reaching 28. Heyward just had “Tommy John” surgery on his elbow, which will preclude him from doing the power stuff at the Combine. What makes him special is his power with his hands and feet. Uncertainty do to his injury could cause him to drop into the Pats lap at 28. So right now I think you have to take Smith or Kerrigan at 17, and hope Watts or Heyward drop to 28. To me, if the Pats could add two of those four guys if would be a huge boost for the passrush and the maturing defense. Remember they had four or five rookie starters on defense last year, and you know what BB like to say, that the growth between players rookie year and year two is the biggest growth in a players career. If that is true the defense will have to be vastly improved next year. Especially if you add Bodden and Warren back to the defense, both of whom would have been top five players on this defense last year.

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I "Crossed the Line", Again. 


Jan 30th

Here's another Email from a well satisfied customer/republican, LOL: 

You lost all credibility

Check your site and see if there is anything  on there that is totally wrong.  Cant let you get away with it.  Sorry, you crossed the line.


Here's my heart felt response:


How typically republican. Shocking to see a Republican leader’s head in the sites of a scope isn’t it? And just for the record, incase you didn’t know, this wasn’t the first assassination attempt on a politician by crazed gunman. This was a well predicted event by multiple Democratic Leaders, who said repeatedly that if Sarah Palin doesn’t take down her “Hit List”, some crazed gunman was going to shot someone. I saw an interview with Nancy Pelosi, when she was trying to explain how horrifying it was to see her face on Sarah Palin’s “Hit List”, especially since she grew up in the political system in San Francisco, and she said she had seen this kind of hatred, rhetoric, and “Hit List(s)” before. She said the current climate reminded her of the climate in San Francisco when Rep. Harvey Milk was assassinated. This was over a year ago, as Democratic Leaders pleaded with Republican Leaders to stop asking for lunatics to murder Democratic Leaders. To no avail. And now you want to plead horrified?

The whole entire point was that I wanted Republicans who thought that Sarah Palin’s “Hit List” was funny, to be horrified! As Horrified as I was when I first saw Democratic Leaders on a “Hit List” with scope sights drown on their heads! As Horrified as I was when Sarah Palin’s reaction to the murder of a nine year old girl (whose death Palin was minimally complicit with, if not a flat out an accomplice to when she called for a “Hit” of Democratic Leaders) said “It’s time to reload.” That was Sarah Palins heart felt response to a murder of a 9-year old girl, “It’s time to reload.” 

Now, I didn’t call for a “Hit” on anybody. I don’t have a “Hit List.” It’s like I always say, “Democracy was founded in the disagreement, not the agreement.” There is nothing I love more than to argue with Republicans over politics, because I always win (at least in my head anyway;-). What I did do was hold a mirror up to the vile, disgusting, and evil face of Sarah Palin and all of her supporters, and yes it is shocking, disgusting, and evil. That vitriol you felt in your stomach, was what any Democrat with common sense has felt for the past two years when we saw our leaders with fucking scope sights drawn on their heads, and Republicans acting as thought it was perfectly acceptable behavior. Well anybody with common sense knows, we don’t need a murderous rampage in Arizona to recognize that is not acceptable behavior from anybody, never mind a nationally know leader of the Republican Party, and your Vice Presidential Candidate from the last election. I still don’t understand why you didn’t understand that before? It’s fucking horrifying isn’t it!

When one of yours’ “crosses the line”, not once, not twice, but every day for two years, you got nothing to say. However, when a democrat points out how vile, reprehensible, evil Sarah Palin is for calling for her followers to shot Democratic Leaders in the head, I crossed the line? By doing to her what she did to Democratic Leaders? Especially when what she did caused a 9 year old girl to be shot to death, suddenly there is a problem? It was shocking to see one of yours with a target on their head wasn’t it? Where was your outrage for the past two years?

I’m glad you understood the shock of my message. It was meant to shock some common sense into any reasonable republican. I’m sorry you are incapable of understanding it completely. It was meant to shock you the way I was shocked when I first saw what the cowardly, despicable, and reprehensible Sarah Palin did. Shame on you for not saying anything before the shooting of one of the targets on Sarah Palin’s “Hit List” was shot. Shame on you for pretending what I did somehow “crossed the line”, when I’ll bet you 50 bucks you laughed at what Sarah Palin was doing. Shame on you for your silence as lunatics take over the Republican Party and constantly threaten violence, hatred, and murder on Democratic Leaders. But most of all shame on you for supporting the Republican Leader who called for the shooting of a Democratic Leaders that then led to the murder of so many, and by only finding offense in a mirror be placed back at your Party and Sarah Palin’s head, and mostly by never being offended by her call for murder.

I hope I didn’t “Cross the line” again. Although it truth, it was what I do best;-)




I just want to thank you for giving me my opening Blog for 2011, thank you. 

The Corrupted Wind 


I flew to the deceased coast on the wind’s pull.  

My spirit soared on the Gulf’s lost elegance.

It felt good to be free without consequence,

like exec’s greed grabbing the serpent’s apple.  


As evil spewed off of the condemned ocean,

the stench of the underworld fumed off the waves.

It carried its’ corruption, like smoking knaves.

Pluming fumes rise to the wind like unseen sin.


My lungs start to burn like sulfur in water,

scarring the wind with oil’s poisonous mist.  

Its’ corruption cuts a country that can’t resist.

The Bill of Rights sold to the brink of slaughter.  


The wind has been sown with the seeds of corruption.

As it grows on the shores, death continues to creep, 

and those who chose avarice over safety keep

amassing dividends without repercussion.   

One of the most criminally neglected aspects of the BP's crime is that the oil is seeping toxic fumes into the air, or wind, while BP is forcing it's workers to work without proper protection from the fumes. To me this is just as startling a crime as the negligent homicide they committed on the malfunctioning oil rig. As the truth keeps flowing out, there were plenty of warning signs BP received that the rig was seriously malfunctioning and need to be shut down, and they didn't. There are also more warning signs that the workers on the beach will be murdered by toxic fumes, than there were warnings that the rig was faulty and set for disaster. They just keep lying denying that workers are in danger, just like on the rig when they turned off the Control Pod (the most important piece of safety equipment for preventing just the type of disaster that occurred) for instead of shutting down and caring for the safety of their employees. After all the lies BP has been caught spewing, why would anybody believe a single word that they propagate. They have been caught lying from day one when they knew closer to 100,000 barrels were escaping from their negligence, rather then what? The 5,000 they reported, and kept reporting weeks after they new for sure the real number was between 60,000 and 100,000 barrels of poison escaping everyday. Yet, we still allow them to collect data and send out propaganda about how low the toxic levels are for workers and the people who live on the south coast? How many times can a man look you in the eye and lie before you stop peopling a single word that comes out of his full of shit face? 


The second theme of this poem comes from the latest bizarre behavior of the ever-corrupting Republican Party. A Party that likes to pretend like they are tough on crime. However, for some reason they don't seem to think that Corporations should be held responsible for their actions the same way the poor and minorities, or you and me, should be held responsible for our actions. When corporations continuously choose profit over safety in one of the most dangerous endeavors known to man, deep-sea drilling, then they are are just stupid and arrogant. When those despicable decisions lead to the most devastating manmade ecological disaster in the history of the world, then there have to be devastating consequences, especially to a corporations that makes billions upon billions of dollars feeding off of our Southern Coast.. Maybe I'm just a member of the "small people", but I know a criminal when I see one, and BP is clearly a criminal organization that needs to be assessed repressions for the crimes they've committed. If a person had been responsible for these crimes against our country, the Republicans would have been crying for a capital solution, and not crying out an apology that O'Bama dare to impose consequences and repercussions to a criminal corporation.  


Apparently the new Republican party wants another Bail Out, and more big government. Representative Joe Barton, Fox Fake News, and the perpetually moronic Michelle Bachman think that We The People should clean up the mess, and pay the billions to bail out BP. Yeah, Democrats raise taxes and increase the size of government? Regan increased the size of government, so did Bush the First, and nobody increased the size of government more than Crack-head George. That's 5-for-3. 


Of course the real problem is that BP continues it's criminal behavior in our country. They refuse not just to supply proper gear to the clean up workers, they let them know that if they get caught wearing respirators they will be fired. So who is crying for all the workers on the coast being slowly poisoned by all the chemicals BP is spraying into the ocean. Certainly not Joe "I'm an idiot" Barton, Fox Fake News, or the perpetually moronic Michelle Bachman, and your ever-corrupting Nuevo Republican Party. 


Beauty's Dead 


A beautiful morning erupts on the Gulf.

I’m sailing on the ocean brown, with the crows.

The flaming sun ignites the greasy sea in

the toxic beauty of a million rainbows.


I want to fish, but there’re no fish left, just birds.

I dip my net in the sea and scoop out three

sludge ducks. They’re dead, oily, have a trace of an

aftertaste, but cook quickly and are crispy.


The boat slows as the sea is heavy, sluggish,

and smelly. The sun melts down on the fresh spoil.

Cold corpses float to the surface, their souls, dreams,

and livelihoods have been sucked out by the oil.


I look back and see our Original Sin.

Beauty’s dead, and sold for an excrement ocean. 


For the record this is not a sonnet. A sonnet is 14 lines of iambic pentameter, or five feet. A foot is two syllables one accented and one not, or more easily 14 lines of ten syllables. I used 13 lines of 11 syllables for obvious symbolic reasons. The finally line is six feet or 12 syllables, which adds the murder of beauty to the 11 British Petroleum employees who were murdered by BP in the criminally negligible explosion. 

I also struggled with the first two lines, as I prefer the second first, but with the rhyming scheme, such as it is, it cannot be done. The crows are an obvious reverence to the dead, as crows in many cultures are seen as the carriers of souls into the afterlife. 


The second stanza is more of a warning to those who live on our southern shore. The fishing industry as you know it is dead. BP has murdered all the industry the once fished the Gulf. Oils is not just pollution, it is poison. It also literally sucks the oxygen out of water, and causes fish to drown. plus, they are spraying their Dispersant, which is more toxic than their oil, and caused massive lung, liver, and kidney disease to the people who cleaned up the Exxon Valdese spill. In the Putrid Sound gulf where this happened before, their is no life left. Everything died. It was less of a horrific tragedy then this spill, because it was relatively less in habited by man. This correct horrific spill is dead center in one of the busiest bits of ocean in the world, and now that bit of ocean is dead. 


This is the worst environmental Holocaust to ever happen, and people don't seem to understand that it is no being contained at all, but simply unfolding in slow-motion. This is not the end of the disaster, it is just the beginning. It can only be compared to Chernobyl. If Chernobyl, like BP's Holocaust took six months to a year to erupt instead of  a few seconds, and they couldn't stop the leak, this is what it would look like. Chernobyl, like Putrid Sound are both dead. Chunks of BP's Diarrhea is washing up on shores, but what people seem to forget is that is is unending. Suppose it take 6 months, or 187 days to cap the well. Well, in a place like Pensacola where the chunks of BP's Diarrhea have been washing up on shore for only 7 days, well you now only have 180 more days of BD's toxic Diarrhea left to poison their homes, and that's if the completely incompetent BP can somehow miraculously cap the leak in 6 months. Something they have shown no signs of solving to date. But if they do cap the leak in 187 days, then Pensacola has only seen less than 4% of the poison diarrhea squirting onto their shores to date. Are you starting to see the scope of the Holocaust yet? The dead has only just begun. And to make it worse hurricane season is about to strike. The oil has been flowing steadily eastward, and as we all know the hurricanes come from the east and move westward into the Gulf, and there is a horrid likelihood that a strong westward hurricane could push all the poison back to the shore and beyond. 


The third stanza is punctuated by the word spoil, which is an interesting word. it not only means to disfigure, destroy, and demolish, it also means to plunder. The final two line are not a couplet, as the line have different 

counts, the final line was given an extra syllable to signify the death of beauty, which also signifies the Gulf. Original Sin, which can be interpreted multiple ways. One is the sexist version which Eve led to our explosion because she didn't obey her man or god. The most interesting is the quest for knowledge. The apple was actually fruit from the tree of knowledge. So literal interpretation is that our Original Sin was the lust for knowledge, that has far more implications than I can go into now. This was also the interpretation Dante used so well in his Divine Comedy. In the first canto, Dante is walking "alone in a dark wood". He encounter three animals which each signify his three greatest flaws, and the three sections Hell is broken into. The first beast is "the leopard of malice and fraud" (again, the symbolism of BP's fraud and malice is self explanatory).

Just inside side of the Inferno, right before the First Ring of Hades was the castle of Dis (and yes I know Hades and Dis are the same god), or the Citadel of Human Reason. Sort of , but not quite in Hell. As Dante himself asks why to his guide Virgil, who is also unable to enter Heaven:

    "O ornament of wisdom and of art,

    what souls are these whose merits lights their way

    even in Hell. What joy sets them apart?"


    And he to me: "The signature of honor

    they left on earth is recognized in Heaven

    and wins them ease in Hell out of Gods favor."

    (From the Inferno as translated by John Ciardi, P. 31)

There were the souls who wisdom and knowledge brought light to the world but were born before Christ, when the lust for knowledge was a sin. My use of Origin Sin is more a Paradise Lost Perspective. We lost, or in this case destroyed through plunder, Paradise, or in this case the Gulf of Mexico. 


Well there I go again. I meant to add a simple paragraph explaining that I purposely dis-sonnet-ized this poem in honor of the 11 murder employees of British Petroleum. 


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