Pats Fan Mock Draft 2003

With The 14th Pick, In the 2003 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

This years draft is a very interesting one for fans of the New England Patriots. It is the deepest draft I have ever seen, and especially deep at the Defensive Line positions. They have obvious needs along the Defensive Line, and this years draft is the best for Defensive linemen I've ever seen. There could be as many as 13 Defensive linemen taken in the first round, including as many as Seven Defensive Tackles in the first 20 picks. I believe the Pats should take two defensive linemen with their first two picks. They will probably be choosing from these Eight Defensive Linemen:

*Jonathan Sullivan Defensive Tackle 6-3.5 298 Georgia Michael Haynes Defensive End 6-4 274 Penn State
*Dewayne Robertson Defensive Tackle 6-3 310 Kentucky Kevin Williams Defensive Tackle 6-4 295 Oklahoma State
*Rien Long Defensive Tackle 6-5 290 Washington State (Injury concern) William Joseph Defensive Tackle 6-4 290 Miami (Fla.)
Kenny Peterson Defensive End 6-3 280 Ohio State *Chris Kelsey Defensive End 6-4 270 Nebraska
The Patriots currently have too much money invested in the secondary, but a good young corner would be nice. The shift to the 3-4 lessens the need for a Defensive Tackle, but they really only have one NFL quality D-Tackle on the roster, which brings up the most difficult decision Belichick will be facing on draft day. I think he will be staring at Jonathon Sullivan and one of the three top Offensive Tackles: Gross, who is the most ready to step in a Left Tackle; Harris, who maybe the most talented but at 20 years old may need the most time to develop; and Steinback, who is a guard who is big enough to play tackle, but he is changing position and that is another adjustment he will have to make. An all-pro Left tackle would change the entire offense and make every position, especially Brady, better. Light could move to right tackle or guard and help solidify the whole line. But if Sullivan is there they have to take him, and none of the 3 O-Linemen will be there at 19. San Diego is desperate for an OT, and will be doing a jig if one of the big three is there at 15. However another DT, like Joseph, Peterson, or Williams will be around at 19. So what would You do? Here's what I'd do:
# Team Top Needs My Picks Reasons for my Picks.
1. Cincinnati QB,OG/C,FB, DL,DB,DB

Key Loses:                  Takeo Spikes LB

Carson Palmer QB

Alt: Carson Palmer QB

John Thornton DT

 Tory James CB

 Kevin Hardy LB

Reggie Kelly TE

Welcome to the NFL. Bengal's sign Palmer to offer sheet, and officially join the league. Cincinnati has landed 4 starters in free-agency, and now it is time to look to their Offense. I they don't come away from this draft with Palmer or Leftwich, then I am declaring this draft a failure. Lewis head coaching career is here for the taking, but he has to get a franchise QB to attach his name to. This is his chance, and he will not get an opportunity like this again.  


2. Detroit WR,RB,CB, OL,DL Charles Rogers WR

Alt: Kennedy

Dre Bly CB

Earl Holmes LB

Wali Rainer LB

Shawn Bryson FB

Detroit breathes huge sigh of relief, as the ink dries on Palmer offer contract outline.  Rogers is the top wide reciever in the draft, and maybe the top player in the draft. Young QB gets great young hometown WR. Mariucci gets his Owens without the attitude, and yes he is that good. He'll speed up the development Harrington tremendously. He caught a TD in an amazing 13 straight games to set an NCAA record. He has it all size, speed, Quickness, intelligence, route-running, hands, etc. Just a great player.
3. Houston WR,OL,S, LB,TE,RB Andre Johnson WR

Alt: Robertson

Alt: Newman

Alt: Palmer 

Alt: Leftwich

Zach Wiegert OL

Charlie Clemons LB

Stacey Mack RB

Houston may be looking to trade up for Rogers. Their number one priority is getting some help for Carr, be that WR or LT. Word is they are set on Johnson, and unless they get a significant offer he goes here. Andre Johnson just blew everybody away at the combine and at Miamiís pro-day. He was running sub-4.4ís at 230 pounds, thatís just not right;-) He did drop some passes during position drills, so questions about his hands and concentration will cause concern. My trade, is the Vikings moving up to grab Dewayne Robertson. It appears he has moved past Kennedy on most boards, and Minnesota has him as their number one player, or the player they covet the most. So while

I think the Vikes will trade up here, and the Texans will take Gross at 7. Gross is a big, strong, and most importantly mean LT prospect, and solidified his rank as the top Left Tackle in the draft with great workouts during position drills at the combine. He amazed scouts with his quickness setting up in pass protection. He also showed great foot quickness and footwork. He improved his stock and was already considered a top 7 pick.


Laveranues Coles WR

Randy Thomas


Dewayne Robertson DT/NT

Alt: Terence Newman

Tom Nutten OG

Curtis Conway WR

Jets make bold move to pick the highest rated DT in the draft. Robertson is a huge and quick prospect who has also produced over the past two seasons. When coaches saw him in person at the combine, and then review the tapes of him in games controlling the middle of the line, they have been moving him up the boards. He ran a 4.84 at 321 pounds and has benching over 30 reps.
5. Dallas QB,LB,CB,DT, RB,LB

Key Loses:                  Raghib Ismail WR

Byron Leftwich QB


Alt: Terence Newman

Rich Anderson FB

 Dan Campbell TE

Donald Mitchell CB

I still think QB is their number one need, and that Parcell's is praying for Leftwich to drop to him. If Leftwich is gone I think Suggs will be to much of a temptation to pass up. I don't see CB as big a need as everybody else, although I think they are in the same situation as the Pats, 3 great DBs and one big hole! So how much can you spend on that hole. Parcell's has been talking about  Newman which makes me thinking he's looking at Offensive Players. The year the Pats drafted Ty Law they only talked about Offensive players. The TE that went to the Browns, O-linemen, and a couple of RB's. I never heard them mention Law's name once. He was always talking about adding to the offense. If he's talking about Newman I would think he was looking at Suggs or Kennedy. If he is talking about improving the Defense I would think he was planning on improving the Offense. I just don't believe he thinks he has a Super Bowl caliber QB on his roster. Parcell's KNOWS that he cannot win with out a QB, RB and strong defense. Look at his track record, he always gets a good QB and RB in his first two season in charge and rides them to the Super Bowl. 
6. Arizona WR,LB,DE,WR CB,QB,DT,LB Terrell Suggs DE

Alt: Terence Newman CB

Jeff Blake

Emmit Smith RB

Dexter Jackson S

 James Darling LB

 James Hodgins FB

Russell Davis DT


I still think relying on Blake and McCown could come back to hurt them!. The Cards always need a pass-rusher and Suggs will still be available here. And of course WR was a big need before Boston left, and now it's a huge void. If Johnson is still on the board, and they don't take a QB, they will take him. This scenario leaves the Cards staring at Suggs and Newman, who both dropped because of the QBs. Suggs also drops because of his forty time, and Newman because of his Age and shoulder problem. The Cards are desperate for anyone who can rush the passer. They lost Boston could stay here and take Johnson. However, I don't think they can pass on Suggs, who is a hometown boy. He would certainly draw a few fans into the stadium, and Arizona definitely needs to sell a few more tickets. And in the end pass rushers as always at a premium. 
7. Minnesota DB,DL,LB, DEFENSE! Jimmy Kennedy DT

Alt: Newman CB

Chris Claiborne LB

 Denard Walker CB 

Ken Irvin CB

Moe Williams RB

I think CB is their biggest need, and they would have a huge problem passing on Newman. Kennedy slipped this low because of his tendency to not play every down. His play by play tenacity worries some teams. But Kennedy is a monster. He is just so big and strong at the most difficult position to get quality players. He actually lost weight to improve his stock by showing up at the combine at a muscular 322 pounds. He really has the talent to be a dominate DT for a long time, and we all know how valuable an all-pro D-Tackle is in the NFL. His falling will enable the Ravens to trade down Pick up an extra pick or two and grab Grossman Later. This puts him in the reach of the Pats. 

Minnesota MUST look to its defense. In this scenario Minny trades up to 3 for Robertson, and the Texans take Gross here. They have to get at least one starting corner in this draft. Signing Walker and Irvin was good start in the rebuilding of the Vikings terrible secondary. But Vikes 

8. Jacksonville WR,CB,OL, DB,DE,OG/C  Terence Newman CB

Alt: Terence Newman CB

Mike Peterson LB

Hugh Douglas DE

Keith Mitchell LB

Kevin Lockett WR


  The Jags have to be craving Newman, and think he won't be available. But here he is in this scenario he makes it to them. Newman blew scouts away at the combine and most have him as a lock for the top five, and he probably won't make it past Dallas. He may actually be a shut down corner, which is the most over used term currently going around. A shut down corner is an extremely rare commodity, and how many teams really have one 4 or 5? His age and nerve condition in his shoulder, may cause him to drop so he will be available here. 

9. Carolina QB,OL,DB, TE,LB,  Jordan Gross OT

Alt: Kyle Boller QB

Stephen Davis RB

 Doug Brzezinski OG

Kevin Dyson WR

Ricky Proehl WR

If Gross falls this far he maybe to good to pass up here. But the Panthers also need to upgrade both CB's, and Boller would be a great addition to this team. The signing of Jake Delhomme, apparently has quenched Carolinaís thirst for a QB. I still desperately want to give them Boller, but I think they are happy with Delhomme?  Their secondary really needs an upgrade and Trufant just keeps impressing everybody everywhere he goes. It really is unlikely he drops this far. The loss of Chris Terry will make Carolina crave Gross, but Panther's have good young defense that will lead them no where until they get a decent QB! 

This maybe an interesting chance for the Pats to trade up. Would Panthers trade down if you give them a 3rd and 4th. Then they can take Sullivan, who won't make it past the Jets.

10. Baltimore QB,WR,DL,OL, LB,RB,DB Kyle Boller QB

Alt: Rex Grossman QB

Riddick Parker DL

Corey Fuller CB

Cornell Brown LB

The Ravens have the worst QB's in the league. They MUST get one of the top three QBs this year. They are in a good position to trade up a few spots if Boller or Leftwich drops. Boller has been the best QB in the off-season. He has been causing scouts and GM's to gasp and cheer at his work outs, and has moved himself into the top ten. He is 6-3 234 pounds and ran a 4.58, and reportedly kneeled down on the fifty yard-line and threw the ball 60 yards through the goal posts! Having Boller apprentice behind Redman will allow him to work on his game, and force fans to appreciate this pick;-) And don't forget the arrogance of coaches, coaches know that you can't teach speed, quickness and athletic ability, but most coaches believe they can teach a player the mental part and how to play the game. I believe this is where most of the mistakes are made in the draft, and why the 40 times are the most important statistic as we get closer to the draft. Coach believe they can coach out mental mistakes, and that if the player has the physical abilities, and Boller is the most physically gifted QB in this draft, then they can coach out the other deficiencies. This is why you see the pure athletes moving up boards as the draft approaches. The Ravens QBís stink! The desperately need to trade up and grab one of the top three QB's. This draft will be complete disaster for this team if they don't grab a QB in the first round, and their Wide receiver situation is just as bad. 

If Panthers take Boller, Ravens should be looking to trade down. 14 and a 3rd for ten to take Sullivan.

11. Seattle  


Kevin Williams DT

Alt: Marcus Trufant CB

Damien Robinson S

Chike Okeafor DE


'Hawks will be looking heavily towards their defense, and probably won't draft a single Offensive player until the second day of the Draft. They will take one of The Big Five here. Williams would be the perfect guy, because he can play D-End and still back up Eaton and Randle- who is near the end. I think this pick will start the run on DT. A lot of people seem to have Sullivan going here, but that would break my heart. They will be tempted by Trufant and Steinback, but The D-Tackles are to good to pass up. The question is which one? Of the big five 3 remain according to Pro-football weekly Williams is the top rated guy left. He has added 15 pounds of muscle since last season, he showed up at the combine at 304 pounds.  He was also the best D-Linemen at the senior bowl. He is more of a one-gap penetrator, but has no problem holding up against the run. The Chargers said to really want him.

The Pats maybe able to trade into this spot for a 3rd, and grab Sullivan here.

12. St. Louis CB,CB,TE,LB, WR,RB,DL

Key Loses:           

Dexter McCleon CD

Dre Bly CB

Marcus Trufant CB

Alt: Jerome McDougle DE

Kyle Turley ORT

Dave Wohlabaugh C

The Rams need a corner early in this Draft and may have to trade up for Trufant. If he's gone they should be very happy with Boss Bailey. Free agency and one trade has changed this pick completely. Cards lost two Corners Dexter McCleon and Dre Bly, and Aeneas Williams is near the end. If Trufant is here they will take him. They have 7 free agency on the offensive line, but Wohlabaugh is underrated, and Turley will step right in at Right Tackle and be god send. Trufant has enough size and speed to be a very good corner, and he has exceptional Man-on-man cover skills. I have been comparing him to Ty Law, and I mean that as the ultimate complement. 
13. Chicago QB,DL,DB, LB,CB,S

Jerome McDougle DE

Alt: Jerome McDougle DE

Kordell Stewart QB

Desmond Clark TE


Bears trade down and grab pass rusher.  I think they will take McDougle here, because they need pass-rushers BAD.. McDougle looks to be a monster on the outside, if he has learned that he has to give consistent effort. Bears actually put themselves in great position for a QB. If Boller slips past the Ravens they could take him here, and they'll have their chose off the next 3 QB's at 22:  Grossman, Ragone, and Simms. 

14. New England  DT,OT,CB, DE,ILB,WR, RB, Jonathan Sullivan DT

Alt: Marcus Trufant CB

Alt: Kwame Harris OT

Alt: William Joseph DT

Alt: Eric Steinbach OL

Key Additions:

Roosevelt Colvin!!!! OLB

Rodney Harrison!!! SS

Tyrone Poole CB

Chris Akins S/ST

With Jonathan Sullivan moving up the board quick, he will not be here when the Pats pick. They will have to trade up to take him. Sullivan is 6-3 313 pounds young fast strong and a great athlete. They may have to get ahead of Seattle at 11. It will cost them a minimum of a 3rd round pick to move up to Ten. I think he would be the best D-Tackle to take for the Pats, but in Belichicks press conference he mentioned each of the Big Five except Joseph, "Robertson plays over the center almost every play, he may be offset a little bit but he's over there a lot. Sullivan plays in there in some situations. Was there somebody else mentioned? Kevin Williams is almost never in there. He's played wider in his college career. Kennedy plays where Williams played. He's usually placed in the three technique out in the guard/tackle area." So what does that mean? Well it could mean he wants Joseph anyway. So he may be the lineman they actually want.  As I wrote in my newest article, The Big Five, I think they must get one of the big five DT at 14, and then grab the best player available at a need position at 19. Here is the Depth chart for the Pats D-Line as shown in Ourlads:

LDE-  55 McGinest, Willie 94/1

LDT-  93 Seymour, Richard 01/1;  94 Kocher, Ken F02

RDT-  91Hamilton, Bobby F00;  96 Lyle, Rich U/NYJ

RDE-  98 Pleasant, Anthony U/SF;  97 Jarvis, Green 02/4

If you look at the RDT position they have two D-ends listed. Hamilton and Lyle are both DEís who had to move to DT because the only DT they have on the roster is Seymour, unless you know who Kocher is, because I never heard of him? I do believe they will be switching to a 3-4, but DT is their number one priority by far. If they want to play a 4-3, I would say they had to take two DTís in the first round. However I do believe they have a 3-4 in mind which will allow them to draft a Corner or O-Tackle at 19. These two picks (14 and 19) will go long way to showing what the Patriots defense will look like next season.

15. San Diego  


Key Loses: 

Curtis Conway WR


William Joseph DT

Alt: Eric Steinbach OL

David Boston WR

Lorenzo Neal FB

Defense and O-Line will be addressed early and often in this draft. If not for word that Schottenhiemer wants a DT here, I would think Harris would be a lock here. With Bailey still on the board, and Seau in Miami, they have to grab him. Word is Schottenheimer will take any of the big five DTs that fall to him, and that he really wants Kevin Williams. He may have to trade up to get him. Their O- tackles really need upgrade. Joseph has lost a lot of luster in many peoples eyes, but he could be the best of the 5 if he can regain his edge from 2 seasons ago. 
16. Kansas City CB,LB,S,LB Andre Woolfolk CB

Alt: Jerome McDougle DE

Vonnie Holliday DT

Dexter McCleon CB

Shawn Barber LB

They will need to get a back running back in this draft, but will probably wait until the second day, depending on the hip of Holmes. Holliday will help, but a Pass-rusher could be easily taken here, and Vermiel is said to love Tyler Brayton, this is way to early for him, but he probably won't make it to them in the second round, after great workout. However, a CB is such a huge need. I believe Vermiel was ready to take Weathersby here, but he was shot this week, and has fallen out of the first round. The question is do they take Woolfolk here, or grab a pass-rusher. If Woolfolk can learn the nuances of coverage he could be the best corner to come out of this draft 3 or 4 years down the road.  Woolfolk is rated much higher by most other draftics. He has amazing athletic ability, and can get anywhere he wants to on the field, but doesnít appear to know what to do when he gets there, but you canít coach speed and quickness.
17.  New Orleans CB,TE,OL LB,DB,DL Ty Warren DT

Alt: E.J. Henderson

Wayne Gandy OT

Orlando Ruff 

The D-Line gave almost no pass-rush last season, and a D-End would not be a shocker here. If one of The Big Five drop he will probably go to Saints. N.O. also needs an upgrade at LB, and really need a CB, and are looking to trade into the top five for Newman. Warren has been moving up the charts. He is just what the Saints need. A big run stuffer in the middle to take the pressure off the pass-rushers on the outside. He was a monster in the beginning of last season, and really slowed down in the second half. It was revealed later that he had suffered a severe ankle injury, that destroyed his power and mobility. Scouts have been paying more attention to the first half of last season and he is soaring up the charts because of it. 
18. New Orleans  CB,TE,OL LB,DB,DL Boss Bailey LB

Alt: E.J. Henderson

Ashley Ambrose CB

Orlando Ruff LB

Boss Bailey should not have lasted this long. He ran a  4.35 at 233 pounds, he would not be a reach here. The scary part he could actually start at Safety for this team easily. New Orleans saw what Derrick Brooks did in Tampa, and Bailey has a chance to be just as great a player. I'm a big Bailey fan. I think he is just a superior athlete. Saints really need a CB who can step in, and are trying to trade up and get Trufant or Newman. In this scenario they maybe able to trade up and grab Newman without giving up both 17 and 18. They have an extra second round pick that they could combine with 17 and get up to 8, 10, or 11, which would give them Newman, at 8, or Trufant at 10 or 11. 
19. New England DT,OT,CB, DE,ILB,WR, RB,

Eric Steinbach OT

Alt: Willis McGahee RB

Alt: E.J. Henderson

Alt: Michael Haynes DE

William Joseph DT

Fred McCary


Word is the Pats are very high on Steinbach and they will have a hard time passing on him here. Belichick wants to upgrade the Interior line, and Steinbach could also play Left Tackle. he is also a Belichick type of player. He is a hard worker who and gives full effort on every down. He is very versatile, and has experience at both Guard and Tackle, and some people believe he has the skill and technique to play Center. He was named Big Ten Offensive Lineman Of The Year. When you combine his Physical growth with his mental approach to the game he could a great player for a long time, and I believe he will eventually play Left Tackle for a long time in the NFL. I think Haynes or Peterson would be a nice pick up, but Steinbach is the type of player that can improve a whole offense by protecting your QB on the left side, and open holes up the middle. I think the biggest problem with the Pats O-line is that they have 5 guards playing the 5 positions, at least you could make an argument that all five lineman's best position would be at guard. The signing of Colvin has convinced me completely they have switched to the 3-4. With Joseph in the fold the need for an inside linebacker becomes paramount, unless you believe Ted Johnson can hold up for a whole season, it was great to see him healthy and playing well for the first time in years, but he is a part-time player, and I believe Belichick sees Bradie James as an inside linebacker he can pick up in thesecond or third round, and maybe Vrabel can play inside now that Colvin has taken his position on the outside.  And if the Pats take an O-linemen at 14 Peterson will be drafted here. 

20. Denver OT,DL,CB,S Kwame Harris OT

Alt Wayne Hunter LT

Jake Plummer QB

Daryl Gardner DT 

The Broncos will looking for an O-Tackle either here or the second or third round. The Broncos have had to blitz the LBers to much last season to help D-Line, which can't get to the QB, and Shanahan wants McDougle, but he will have to trade up for him, as NO and KC will be looking hard at Pass-Rushers. Harris is too good to pass up here, he is only 20 years old and in three years could be the best O-linemen taken from this draft. Harris will step right in at RT and stay there for the next 15 years. He has the pass protection skills of a LT, and is the best athlete of the big three O-linemen. I really like Kwame Harris. Harris could step right in at right tackle until he matures a little then switch to the Left Side, he's only 20 years old! I believe in 3 or 4 years he will be the best O-Linemen from this draft.


21. Cleveland LB,LB,OT, OL,TE,LB  

E.J. Henderson

Alt: Terry Pierce

Barry Gardner LB

Cleveland will be looking for more then one O-Linemen in this draft, and if Henderson or Bailey isn't here they would jump on an O-Tackle here. A lot of draftnics have an O-Lineman going here, but Henderson was a man amongst boys last season. His bad back has kept him out of the top ten, and he will be a dominate player for as long as his back holds up. I was overwhelmed by his talent and smarts in Marylands bowl game this year. Henderson maybe the 5th or 6th best defensive player in this draft, on the field, but his bad back and lack of track speed will hold him back. He should step in and start as a rookie on this team. if Bailey or Henderson drop to 21 they have to take them. Bailey would be perfect for the Browns defense.
22. Chicago QB,DL,DB, LB,CB,S

Sammy Davis CB

Alt: Rex Grossman QB

Kordell Stewart QB

Desmond Clark TE

Bears have to get a CB. And Davis has worked himself into the first round with great size and speed combo. I would take Grossman here, but Angelo allegedly promised Stuart he wouldn't take a QB in the first round.
23. Buffalo  S,TE,DE, WR,RB

Key Loses:       Peerless Price WR

Michael Haynes DE

Alt: Troy Polamula S

Dainon Sidney CB

Jeff Posey LB

Marcus Jones DE

Keith McKenzie DE

Takeo Spikes LB

Sam Adams DT

Another  team with multiple needs on the Defense. Word is Donahue let Price go so he could grab one of the pass-rushing D-Ends. If Peterson is here he would  fit in nicely. However, He looks more like a DT now then a DE, and the Bills signing of Sam Adams makes DE more of a need. And if your looking for a pass rusher, Haynes is just to good to pass up.  Taylor Jacobs or Kelley Washington could be interesting additions for Bledsoe, but Haynes is the steal of the draft here. He is a pass-rusher form the strong side. He has the size 274 lbs, and ran a 4.7 at Penn's pro day. DE is not their biggest need, but they claim that's what they will take here. And getting a pass-rusher from the Left D-End spot is a always a huge advantage.
24. Indianapolis CB,S,OG, DT,LB,DB

Key Loses:  

Mike Peterson LB

Rashean Mathis CB/S

Alt: Jerome McDougle DE

Brandon Stokley WR


Mathis is dominating the postseason ran a 4.43 at 202 pounds and bench 225  an amazing 22 times. Has the speed to play corner and the size and strength to play Safety. The saints secondary in shambles after loss of Knight, and they may have to draft both a safety and a corner. However Ambrose solves a lot lot of problems and he will allow Mathis to play safety where he had most of his 25 interception. From the immortal Buchsbum, "Bethune-Cookmanís Rashean Mathis was the best cornerback in the MEAC, but when he played corner, teams just would throw away from him. For the second time in three years he was moved inside to free safety and he has picked off eight passes in six games. In 2000, when he played inside, Mathis had 11 interceptions and has 25 for his career. At almost 6-1, 195, Mathis is big enough to play inside, yet also has the speed and quickness to play out on the corner on the next level. If he goes to the Senior Bowl and does well, he could wind up right up there with the big-name defensive backs in the draft." good enough for me.

25. New York Giants OL,WR,DL, LB,OG Kenney Peterson DE/DT

Alt: Chris Kelsey DE

Dorsey Levens RB

If Peterson is here he would  fit in nicely. He has experience at DT and DE, which may make him a versatile D-Linemen that all teams want. He was great in the Championship game for Ohio State, and added 20 pounds of muscle since that game! He looks more like a DT now then a DE. However, with Strahan on the other side he could be a monster.

26. San Francisco OT,TE,WR, OL,LB,S,DT

Key Loses:                    Dana Stubblefield  DT     J.J.Stokes WR

Wayne Hunter LT

Alt: Jon Stinchcomb OT

O-Line was exposed in the play-offs last season. They will address the DT position early in the draft, and if they lose Stokes and Streets WR will be top priority after O-Tackle, they may have to go with Washington here, but the 49ers needed a linemen even before they decided to release Derrick Deese. Wayne Hunter Offensive Tackle from Hawaii. Ran 5.07 in the 40... at 6-foot-6, 303 pounds... did 37 reps of 225 pounds... very enjoyable kid to interview... has a great deal of athleticism and upside... he could be the next guy to come off the board after the first few big names.  Len Pasquarelli,  "Observations from one AFC general manager: "Everybody likes the guard from Hawaii (Vince Manuwai) and, heck, so do I, OK? But the tackle from over there, (Wayne) Hunter, is a really good player, too. He's a big, rangy guy, a blocker with natural pass protections skills. Pretty good feet for a guy with his dimensions. I mean they throw the ball over there so much in the run-and-shoot (offense), you'd better be able to pass-block, right? But June (Jones, the Hawaii head coach) seems to do a good job getting his kids ready for the combine. In Hunter's case, you'll have to project a little bit about how he'll be as a run blocker and how he will handle playing in a more conventional offense. But he's got a really nice upside to him. Well coached and a solid prospect." He can do the splits as well!
27. Pittsburgh CB,S,RB, QB,CB

Troy Polamula S

Alt: Rex Grossman QB

The Steelers will have to draft multiple DBs, and on Day one not day two. However, I think Safety has become their top need, and Polamula ran a 4.37 at 220 pounds. Plus, be has all the intangibles you look for in a football player, and a person for that matter. He had a great workout at USC pro day, according to Gil Bryant, "Depending on which watch you were holding, Polamalu's 40s ranged from 4.33 to 4.38. His vertical jump was 43Ĺ inches, and his long jump was 10 feet, 7 inches." Plus word is he is work out warrior who is a great leader and very popular with his teammates.  Of course if you look at all their free agent signings, it might make you think they are thinking offense with this pick. Steeler may go for a QB here and surprise everybody. Maddox is no spring chicken and he has to prove heís not a one year wonder. Grossman has a great arm and appears to have a good handle on the passing game, so don't be surprised if he goes here. I still like Larry Johnson going here. But the secondary really needs to be addressed. Sammy Davis appears to have worked himself into the first round, and the Steelers like big Corners. He maybe to good to pass up.
28. Tennessee WR,LB,OL, DL

Key Loses:        John Thornton DT

Kelley Washington WR

Alt: Jason Witten TE

Tom Ackerman OL

Titians are thinking about taking Tyrone Calico here! Way to early for him, they could trade down into the second round get a third and pay less money to Calico, if that's who they really want. they are actually pretty solid on Defense, and  giving McNair some more weapons are easily their biggest needs.  They may have to take local product Washington, but being local they maybe more privy to his indiscretions and refuse to take him. Washington has proven his physical health, but not his mental. I would not want him on my team. Iím terrified the Pats may take him.
29. Green Bay DT,DB?, CB,S,DE,OL



Rex Grossman QB

Alt: Troy Polamalu S


Cletidus Hunt DT

Nicolas Luchey FB

The Pack will need to strengthen the middle of their Defense. A strong DT would be nice here, but not probable. Their are several ILBers who will be available in the third round. I think they stick to their guns and take Grossman. Word is Favre is done, and they have no replacement. They have been saying for months they want Grossman, well watch what you ask for because you might just get it. He will also have a year or two behind Favre to develop, and watching Favre for a year or two would not hurt any QB. This is one of those picks that just seems to perfect to work. 
30. Philadelphia TE,DE,OL, LBWR,

Blaine Bishop S

Jason Witten TE

Alt: Chris Kelsey DE

Nate Wayne LB

Jon Ritchie FB

Another team looking to help their QB. May also be looking to replace Douglas, and there are certainly some Pass-rushers left on the board, and ILB is a big need. Eagles hoping one of the WR or TE's fall to them, and Whitten does. He has the size and the hands to be a good one. EAGLES.COM has them taking Kelsey so Iím reluctant to argue with them. I just think there top priority is getting help for McNab. 
31. Oakland OC,DL Youth RB,LB

Key Loses:         Sam Adams DT

Willis McGahee RB 

Alt: Larry Johnson RB

Dana Stubblefield DT

A Pass-Rusher and a big WR appear to be their top two needs. Word is they would like to trade up for Kelley Washington, and hope McGahee slips to them here.The Raiders maybe in the same position as the Pats, just take two D-Linemen and sort the rest out later. The salary cap purge really hurt this team, but they could replace Upshaw and Adams right here. But the raider MUST come away from this draft with an O-Center, but Al Johnson and Bruce Nelson have proven to be solid second or third round choices, and either one of them look like they could step right in and start for the Raiders. Larry  Johnson Ran a 4.45 at Penn's pro day, and that has made his slipping out of the first round very unlikely. I would think the Steelers, Titians, and Raiders would be very interested. However the wild card of this draft is Willis McGahee and his bad knee. He was amazing for Miami this past season and I hope he fully recovers, even if it means helping the Raiders.  

If the Pats trade down to this spot they will probably be looking at Eugene Wilson or Sammy Davis, both Corner Backs. Wilson is the more polished of the two, but Davis is bigger and faster and may have a bigger upside. So if you think that a CB is s priority for the Pats this could be an interesting trade(19 for 31 and 32).

32. Oakland OC,DL Youth RB,LB Chris Kelsey DE

Alt" Larry Johnson RB

Alt: Terry Pierce LB

If Haynes is still here the Raiders may have to take him.   They have a lot of age on the Defensive Line and almost no pass-rush, so I will have to go with Kelsey. If the Pats are drafting here and McGahee is on the board they will take him. If not, they could pick up Haynes. He would add a pass rush from thee Weak-side and probably split time with Hamilton. He had 74 tackles and 15 sacks last season and I think he is the most underrated player in this draft.

Round 2: Players who may be around at 50

Round 3: Players who may interest Pats at 75 and 78

Second day Players

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