With The 21st Pick, In the 2006 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select Laurence Maroney

This is a review of the 2006 NFL Draft done completely by my point of view. I will number the players, not by where they were taken, but where I had them rated on my final Player ratings. I will judge Second Day picks by if I have heard of them before or not. I don't evaluate 200 or 300 player I only about 100 or so. So players taken in the 6th or 7th Round that I have heard of they usually work out, and if I haven't heard of them they usually don't. And if you don't like that criteria it's probably because I never heard of you;-)


Team My Picks:

Top Needs:

Team Moves:

1. Texans Mario Williams DE NC State


Key F.A. Signings:

Anthony Weaver DE

Eric Moulds WR

Jeb Putzier TE

N.D. Kalu DE

Sage Rosenfels QB

Sam Cowart LB

Wali Rainer LB

Michael Staone SS

Jameel Cook FB

Kevin Walter KR/WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jabar Gaffney.WR

Gary Walker DE

Corey Bradford CB

I thought Houston had a great draft, there first four picks were as good as any team in this draft. There last three were not as good. They picked up the best defensive prospect in the draft. They picked up a solid Linebacker in the second, even though I couldn't believe they didn't take McNeil or Winston in the 2nd? This franchise will never progress until they find a Left Tackle to defend Carr. Then suddenly the 3rd Round save their franchise and their Franchise QB. They grab two Offensive Lineman in the 3rd Round, both of whom I think will be good players. But Eric Winston is a legitimate Left tackle Prospect. He is a little short, has short arms, and struggles with quick pass rushers sometimes, but if his knee continues to get stronger he could develop into a Matt Light type Left Tackle. He may never reach the Pro Bowl, but he will succeed through toughness, effort, and a psychotic dedication to team and football. If Winston can step in at Left Tackle and protect David Carr's blind side consistently, like Matt Light, than this draft will be huge success. 

2. Mario Williams- DE, NC State, 6-7, 295, 4.6- Williams is a Defense-changing type DE.  Matt Millen said he is the player he would like to build his defense around. He had as good a combine as any player since Julius Peppers. He is big and strong enough to hold up the line against the run, and quick and fast enough to be a pass-rushing force.  Since football starts in the trenches, I have them starting off with a D-Lineman. Williams may be a Reggie White defense changing type player. Bush is simply the best player in this draft, but greed got in the way, and that greed is going to cost him millions. He had to have a 20% bump up from Alex Smiths contract, and now he is out of luck. He may slip all the way to the forth pick. Mario Williams is the best Defensive prospect in this draft. When the Texans said they were deciding between Bush and Williams nobody listened to them. But what they were deciding between was the best Offensive player or the best Defensive player, who do you think Belichick would have taken? That's right he would have taken Mario Williams. Williams is a step-in-dominator, who should be the first or second player taken in this draft. He has the size to play DT, but with will limitless athletic abilities he will be a defensive force for years to come. Plus he can play Left Defensive End, which will allow another pass rusher to line up on the right side. At 6-7, 295 pounds he ran a 4.6 forty. last season he had 14.5 sacks and 27.5 tackles for losses.

26. Eric Winston- OLT, Miami, 6-5, 310, 4.94

Displayed the athleticism at the combine to show he knee was still improving. Has everything you want in a LT, if he is healthy, and can regain athleticism he had as a Sophomore. He may be forced to play RT in the Pro's. Could go as high as 18 to Dallas who are DESPERATE for O-Linemen.

29. Demeco Ryans- OLB, Alabama 6-2, 240, 4.66

Has everything you want in a first round Linebacker, except elite athleticism. 40 time will really decide where he is taken.

48. Charles Spencer- OG, Pittsburgh, 6-4, 325, 5.15

Is a mauler with excellent strength and fairly good feet. May be able to play RT. I was very impressed with Spencer at the Senior Bowl Practices and the Combine. I think he can develop into a Pro Bowl Right Guard, but I'm not sure he can play Right Tackle.

Walli Lundy- RB, Virginia, 5-11, 213

Has a chance to be a good back up for Dominic Davis. The other two picks will be lucky to make the team.


2. Saints Reggie Bush RB USC 


F.A. Signings:

Drew Brees QB

Johnathon Goodwin OC

Mark Cambell TE

Michael Bennett RB

Scott Fujita LB

Anthony Simmons LB

Omar Stoutmire S

Key F.A.  Loses:

Aaron Brooks QB

Fakhir Brown CB

Darren Howard DE

Wayne Gandy OLT

LaCharles Bentley OC

The Saints, while acquiring the top rated prospect in the draft, may be had the worst draft in the league. When you are picking in the top five in each Round you must do better than this. I would give this draft an F- if Reggie Bush were not such a great player. He alone moves the grade up to a C. Saints are dedicated to moving Brown to Left Tackle and draft Mario Williams, but who is going to play Right Tackle? Jon Stinchcomb? He was a 2nd Round pick in 03 and hasn't done a thing. The problem with having a top ten pick is that the decision makers who usually choose the pick are they same decision makers whose decisions gave them the top ten pick. So the guys making the top ten pick are usually the last ten guys you want to make the pick. Saints gave a Fifty Million Dollar Contract to Deuce McAllister, and he counts as 10 Million Against the Cap Next Season, they Signed Michael Bennet as a Free Agent and he has a One Million Dollars Cap Figure Next Season, and if they sign Bush he will have a 10-12 Million Dollar Cap Figure next Season, THAT IS RIGHT AROUND TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS DEDICATED TO THE RUNNING BACK POSITION NEXT SEASON, ONE QUARTER OF THE SALARY CAP.  

1. Reggie Bush- RB, USC, 6', 210, 4.33

Like Gale Sayers he is a five way threat to score, passing, catching, punt return, kick return, run. It is this simple- when he steps on the field he is the fastest, quickest man on the field, period. I have never rated a player a 10.

Roman Harper- S, 6', 197, Alabama

I have no other players in my top 86 in there draft. Roman Harper may turn out to be a good player, and this is not a knock on him, but passing on Marcus McNeil and Eric Winston with this pick was criminal. They have two young Safeties who will be starting next season and had desperate needs on the O-line, Cornerback, and D-Line. 4th Round. Mike Hass- WR, Oregon, 6-1, 210  4.58

He has a chance to be a decent receiver if he can overcome serious speed issues. Has it all except speed. Could be a great possession-type WR for Patriots.


3. Titans Vince Young QB Texas


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Chris Hope S

David Givens WR

David Thornton LB

Kevin Mawae OC

Key F.A.  Loses:

Rocky Boiman LB

Justin Hartwig OL

Tank Williams SS

Boom or Bust draft. Their first two picks could both end up being the best picks int he draft or the two worst. After that, I like the Safety they took in the 4th Round, and the rest are looking pretty slim. Will be lucky to have 3 or 4 descent players from this draft. 

5. Vince Young- QB, Texas, 6-5, 230, 4.7

If everything goes well for Young he could be the next McNair. He big, fast, has a strong arm, but he has mechanical issues and will need a few years to develop, just like McNair. I believe Young has the most downside of the top three QBs, and the most upside. He carried Texas to a championship last year with his underrated arm and overrated legs. His play in the Championship game was perfect. 

The Wonderlic test does matter. It is a test of smarts and speed of thought. Is it perfect and the only measure of intelligence, no of course not. But you don't know how smart Young is just as I don't, and more importantly the talent evaluators don't. Had perfect game in Championship game against USC, but still has issues that need to be resolved. Throwing motion is low and short, plus reading coverage's is not his strength, Mack Brown said he had to simplify offense for him. For a QB intelligence and the ability to read defenses is paramount, low score and awkward throwing motion will hurt him.

32. Lendale White- RB, USC 6-1, 244, Forty Time- Unknown.

Showed up at Proday fat, slow, and disinterested. But he is Big, bruising, strong, and has just enough field speed. He ran for more yards and TDs then Bush, and is USC's all-time leader in rushing TDs. Torn hamstring any character concerns may drop him into the 2nd Round. If his head is on straight he could develop into the secodn best back back in this draft, behind Laurence Maroney;-)

Calvin Lowry- S, Penn State, 5-11, 197

Really flew up the charts in April. Undersized, but fast tough and productive.



Jets D'Brickashaw Ferguson OLT Virginia

Nick Mangold OC Ohio State


Key F.A. Signings:

Kimo von Oelhoffen DE

Monsanto Pope DE

Andre Dyson CB

Tim Dwight WR

Trey Teague OL

Patrick Ramsey QB (6th)

Brad Kassell LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

John Abraham DE/OLB

Jason Fabini OT

Kevin Mawae OC

Jonathon Goodwin OC

Ty Law CB

Jets had a great Draft picking up solid prospects all the way into the 5th Round, which is all you can really ask from a team. That's seven players who should play, and play well for this team.

3. D'Brickashaw Ferguson- OLT, Virginia 6-5, 312

They are forced to take Ferguson here, and he will help solidify their line for a decade or more. Franchise LT, similar Walter Jones. Great feet and athleticism. Has gained over 17 pounds of muscle since the end of last season. Ferguson, who I believe will step right in at LT and start for the next 12-15 years. Ferguson is an instant impact player on the O-Line, which means he will make everybody better on Offense. His technique has flaws, and he stands up too much, but his upside is Walter Jones. His feet are the best to come out of the draft since Walter Jones, which is his closest comparison in the NFL. He has similar size, weight, height, passion for the game, and athletic ability as Jones when he came out of college.

23. Nick Mangold- OC, Ohio State, 6-3.5, 296, 5.05

Jets needed to draft O-Linemen early and often, and unfortunately they did. For the same reasons I criticized Houston and especially New Orleans is the reason I have to praise the Jets Draft. All three had desperate needs on the O-Line, and the Jets brilliantly addressed those needs. Mangold is the highest rated Center to enter the draft in years. He is a terrific technician who will start immediately at Center and play there for a lot of years. Great player. Should have gone much higher then this, but Centers are not seen as a valuable position. 

50. Kellen Clemens- QB, Oregon, 6-1.5, 222, 4.7

Great pick and key to the draft! They did what many of the early teams could not do, understand that the draft is about filling needs and not just getting the most dynamic player. Pennington and Ramsey stink, and they desperately needed a QB, but they didn't like the top three QB's. Now I'm not saying whether they are right or wrong, but they also were DESPERATE for O-Line help, and were staring at two Offense changing O-Line in the 1st Round. So they went out and found a QB they liked who they could get in the 2nd Round, which allowed them to take Ferguson and Mangold in the 1st Round.Is Clemens better than the top three, we will see, but he is a strong armed short QB who appear to put it all together his senior year before broken ankle sidelined him for the season.

Anthony Schlegel- ILB, Ohio State, 6', 250, 4.9

Super strong, tough, and productive. Should develop into a solid Inside Linebacker for Jets. I thought he fall into the second day because of his serious lack of speed, but he is the type of player you want on your team. He will not be out worked in the weight room and on the field.

Eric Smith- S, Michigan State, 6-2, 209, 4.6

He flew under the radar a little, but was a very productive player in college. If he can stay healthy he could develop into a solid Special Teams player and a solid 3rd Safety. Not sure he will ever be a legitimate starter.

Brad Smith- QB/WR, Missouri 6-2, 212, 4.5

Dynamic college QB, who can't play QB in the Pros, and doesn't understand why. It he dedicated himself to being a Wide Receiver he could be a serious steal, but that is a big if.

70. Leon Washington- RB, Florida State, 5-8, 210, 4.42

Looked like top RB in the country before last season. May be able to handle the load as a starter and not just a third down change of pace RB. This is a great situation for him. He will back up Curtis Martin and learn from one of the best.


5. Packers A.J. Hawk LB Ohio State 


Key F.A. Signings:

Ryan Pickett DT

Ben Taylor LB

Marquand Manuel SS

Key F.A.  Loses:

Mike Flanagan OC

Ryan Longwell K

Grey Ruegamer OL

Packer have a good draft, but will not vie for a playoff birth as long as the over-rated Farve is still on the team. Is it just me or is it a coincidence that both starting Wide Receivers demanded to be traded once they learned Farve was coming back? Tough draft to judge, because they picked up some nice player, but lost their best player on Offense. Solid picks all the way into 4th Round is always a good sign.

4. A.J. Hawk- LB, Ohio State, 6-1, 245, 4.42!

A.J. Hawk is another athletic freak. With his passion and instincts he should step in and dominate right away. Linebacker is not Packers top priority, but it clearly is not their least as well. Hawk is a defense changing type player. Once he starts playing for the Pack no one will question this pick. His speed is unmatched at the Linebacker position. He ran a 4.38 at 245 pounds at his Proday at Ohio State. With the abilities he shows on the field, his leadership, and production he should be sure fire Pro Bowl player. 

67. Daryn Colledge- OLT, Boise State,  6-4, 296, 5.0

I really like this pick. College will develop into a solid Left Tackle who will protect Aaron Rogers blindside for a long time. Very underrated player, even by me, I should have been rated higher than 67. Looks small plays big. Has as good feet as any prospect in this draft. He is a legitimate Left Tackle prospect. This guy can move. He has great speed and quickness, and is technically sound, which is becoming the top assets for any Left Tackle in the new NFL.

Greg Jennings- WR Western Michigan, 5-11, 195, 4.47

Terrific undersized receiver who just gets it done. Similar to Deion Branch, super productive but doesn't have the measureables. Kiper loved him, and I thought I had him in my Top 86?

86. Abdul Hodge- ILB, Iowa,  6', 245, 4.7

Greta pick. Everybody wanted him late and Green Bay jumped on him early. Will be a steal who starts at ILB for a team for ten years.

Jason Spitz- OC, Louisville, 6-3, 304

Solid Center, in a draft filled with solid Centers.

65. Will Blackmon- CB/WR, BC, 6', 195, 4.4 

Super terrific athlete without a position. He was a great dynamic player at BC who I enjoyed watching for year. He will be an exciting Kick and Punt Returner as he learns to play Corner for the Packers. Great pick.

A, B if you include the loss of Jevon Walker.



49ers Vernon Davis TE Maryland

Manny Lawson OLB/DE NC State


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Walt Harris DB

Antonio Bryant WR

Bryan Gilmore WR

Larry Allen OG

Sammy Davis CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Brandon Lloyd WR (3rd)

Andre Carter OLB/DE

Julian Peterson LB

Rashaun Woods WR

Fred Beasley FB

Strange draft has some very good picks and some reaches. Overall, I think they did pretty good. I love Manny Lawson, and getting Parys Haralson could prove to be a serious steal. 

10. Vernon Davis- TE, Maryland, 6-3, 250, 4.38! 35 Reps!

Vernon Davis is just to great to pass here. Davis is the best pure athlete in this years draft, he actually tested out as more athletic than Ben Watson, and I thought I would NEVER see that! His size, speed, and strength ratio is unparalleled in the journals of Draftnics. He should be a dominate player for years to come, and Alex Smith will enjoy this pick for years to come. Athletic freak, had the best combine ever. His hands worry me a little.

18. Manny Lawson- OLB, NC State, 6-4, 245, 4.43!

I was SHOCKED the Pats passed on him at 21. Bigger, faster, and stronger then DeMarcus Ware, who Dallas took with the 12 pick two year sago. Lawson's biggest weakness is that he doesn't have Ware's great quickness, which pass rushers need to turn the corner on the QB. He had 58 tackles, 19.5 TFL, and 10.5 sacks as a senior. great pick for a team that lost both starting Outside Linebacker to Free Agency this year.

71. Parys Haralson- OLB/DE, Tennessee, 6-2, 250, 4.8

Under-sized productive college DE. I liked him much more as a Pass Rushing Outside Linebacker than a DE. He has that knack for getting to the QB. 49ers picked up two young Outside Linebackers to supplement the loss of Carter and Peterson.

Marcus Hudson- S, NC State, 6-1, 200, 4.5

Versatile DB how should be in the Safety rotation early and will play for a long time in this league.

Brandon Williams and Michael Robinson

Both are overrated prospects taken to early.


7. Raiders Michael Huff CB/S Texas


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Aaron Brooks QB

Duane Starks CB

Tyrone Poole CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Kerry Collins QB

Renaldo Hill CB

Ed Jasper NT

Ted Washington NT

Al Davis is delusional if he thinks that Brooks is the answer at QB so you have to think he's just picking up a veteran to start until the rookie is ready, but he did think Kerry Collins was a great QB? Word he is high on Andrew Walter, he drafted Walter in the 3rd Round last season. He is a classic Raider QB, big and with a big arm to throw down field. But Aaron Brooks is not any better then Collins, they are both below average QB's who flash great skill, but can neither can sustain it.

8. Michael Huff- S/CB, Texas, 6', 205, 4.34

Word is the Al Davis thinks Huff is the best Defensive player in the draft. Everybody has Huff in their top 5 Defense Prospect List. He is a phenomenal athlete who is a great player as well. He has the skills, speed, and athleticism to play a Cover Corner, but his great play and production came at safety. The the past four years he has 318 tackles, 7 INTs, and 44 Passes Broken Up. Huff could step into either one of these positions, or step in at Nickel Corner as he learns the CB position for a year. 

35. Thomas Howard- OLB, Texas-El Paso 6-1, 240, 4.42

Terrific speed athlete who is still learning the game. Has the speed and quickness to play Safety. Does not play as well inside and will need to play outside in Pro's. Adds amazing speed and athleticism to Linebacker position for the Raiders defense, and when he puts it all together mentally watch out.

Paul McQuistan OT, Weber State, 6-6, 315

I don't know a lot about him, but many experts were raving about his potential.

47. Darnell Bing- OLB/S, USC, 6', 225, 4.6

Could be a Rodney Harrison-type player, but he disappears for stretches in games sometimes. Looked the part at USC Proday where he was huge and did 25 reps. But he was drafted to play Linebacker where he is very undersized, but suddenly the Raiders may have the two fastest Outside Linebackers in the NFL. 

Kevin McMahan- WR, Maine, 6-2, 195

Mr. Irrelevant from the U of Maine. Dominated against Nebraska, which was the reason he was taken.  





Donte Whitner S/CB Ohio State

Jon McCargo DT NC State


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Matt Bowen S

Melvin Fowler OC

Larry Tripplett DT

Robert Royal TE 

Andre' Davis WR 

Key F.A.  Loses:

Lawyer Milloy SS

Eric Moulds WR

Sam Adams DT

Ron Edwards DT

Trey Teague OL

Mike Williams OT

Bizarre draft of baffling reaches and unthinkable value. Impossible draft to grade, two huge reaches with top two picks is tough to overcome. But I like Whitner and think he will be a good player, but please trade down and get a 3rd and the player you want. Word out of Buffalo was they planned to take him Saturday morning, well before the draft started, and would have passed on Huff. So if you like the player that much, that you have him rated over Michael Huff, then you have to take him. So this reach is given a pass, but trading up for McCargo is terrible. But if they had trading up into the 1st for Youboty and taken McCargo in the 3rd, people would be saying this was a good draft. Plus they had solid picks all the way into the 6th Round, so how do you not give them an A. I just hate that McCargo pick so much.

25. Donte Whitner- S/CB, Ohio State, 5-10.5, 205, 4.37 

Many think Whitner can play Corner, I think this is a mistake where he will be an average at best cover Corner. I think he is a natural Safety with he is an exceptional cover skill for a Safety. Moving him to Corner will cause problems. Whitner appears ready to step in at Free Safety somewhere next season and he displayed the speed to play Corner and the toughness and physicality to play Safety. He was by far fastest riser on the boards. Better cover-guy and faster then Mike Doss. Many think he can play CB, but questioned his speed, until he ran a 4.37.

27. Ashton Youboty- CB, Ohio State, 6-1, 195, 4.43

Terrific athlete, good speed, but is more of a cover two corner then a man-to-man CB. Looks to be a terrific fit for Dungy-type zone defense. Could easily have been taken by Colts in the 1st. I have no idea how he fell in the 3rd Round. He really saved the Bills draft. Good tackler who tougher than his reputation as a finesse Corner.

39. Ko Simpson- S, South Carolina, 6, 205, 4.45

Sophomore who may have declared to early for draft, adn could have used another year in college. But is big, fast, and super productive. Super value in the 4th, but a little bit of a strange pick considering they had already picked up a Safety and Corner. But the Bills first for picks were all bizarre!

51. Jon McCargo- DT, NC State, 6-1.5, 300, 5.1

Undersized one-gapper who somehow worked himself into the first round. But he doesn't stand up well against the run, and for that is the primary job of a D-Tackle. But the is uncommonly quick and strong enough to shot the gaps. Has been compared to Tank Johnson drafted by Chicago in the 2nd round in 04. Huge, Massive, Draft Pick Wasting Reach. I had Bills 3rd and 4th Round picks rated ahead of him.

Kyle Williams- DT, LSU, 6-1, 300 

Super tough over achiever who plays much better than he tests. Getting him in the 5th Round was a terrific pick. He could end up being a better pick than McCargo.

Keith Ellison- OLB, Oregon State, 6-1, 229

Terrific player with terrific speed. Should be an excellent Special Teams player as he learns to be a Pro Linebacker. Could be a huge surprise, and could be starting in a few years.

I refuse to grade this draft;-)

9. Lions Ernie Sims LB Florida State


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Josh McCown QB

Rex Tucker OL

Barry Stokes OL

Idrees Bashir S

Dan Campbell TE

Jon Kitna QB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jeff Garcia QB

Wali Rainer LB

R.W. McQuarters CB/KR

Joey Harrington QB

Kyle Kosier OL

Matt Millen is really the last guy you want making pick in this draft, but I must admit he had a great Draft. Matt Millen did play Linebacker in the Pro's, so it' hard to argue with Sims. Dispite his terrible record of draft he had solid picks all the way into the 7th Round, and you have to give him an A for that.

22. Ernie Sims- LB, Florida State, 5-11, 240, 4.48

Sims is the type of player you have to root for, but personally I would not draft him because of his serious history of concussions. He has had five major concessions at Florida State. Concussions don't just go away, it is only going to get worse in the Pro's. But he plays with such heart and instincts that he demoralizes Offenses. He has everything you want in a Line Backer except size, and he gets away with it by using amazing speed and quickness, and by sacrificing his body and brain, which brings us back to the concussions. He leads with his heart and his head. The first is commendable the second has been very detrimental to his health. Ernie Sims seems a perfect better fit here. He can play  inside or outside. He is slowly regaining the speed he played with before the injury. 

37. Daniel Bullocks- S, Nebraska, 6, 209, 4.38

Patriots-type player. Player I like, and I think he can start as a rookie for this team and play for a long time.

56. Brian Calhoun- RB, Wisconson, 5-9, 200, 4.5

Coach said he was the best RB he's ever coach. Had great production as a starter Sophomore and Senior seasons, added 15 pounds as a Junior when he had to sit out the season. Small but might be able to handle the load as a starting RB. Terrific pick in the 3rd Round.

Jonathon Scott- OLT, Texas, 6-6, 315

Legitimate Left Tackle prospect taken in the 5th Round. Great pick.

82. Fred Matua- OG, USC, 6-2, 305 

Tough, mean, and nasty. Has injury concern. Great run blocker. He is a steal in the 7th Round.


10. Cardinals

Matt Leinart QB USC


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Edgerrin James RB

Millford Brown OG

Kendrick Clancy NT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Josh McCown QB

Russell Davis NT

Not as good a draft as the past two, but may have come up with the most important player of the three drafts. Matt Leinert is a great Quarterback who has a chance to bring some Play Offs wins to this team, which is huge for this traditional loser. Was having a great draft, and then picked Gabe Watson, and had to ruin it for me.

6. Matt Leinart- QB, USC, 6-5, 225, 5.0

Big, smart, and a champion what more do you want. He doesn't have elite arm is only weakness, but his arm strength is not as weak as some would hint. Love him or hate you have to admit that this could not have worked out better for him. This is the perfect situation for him. They have three great receivers and a great and fragile QB for him to learn behind. He will not be the starter for at least two seasons, but will get starts when Warner gets hurt.

69. Deuce Lutui- 6-3, 338, 5.5

A mauler who cannot play in space. Freakish strength could make him top O-Guard taken in this draft. Great pick.

28. Leonard Pope- TE, Georgia, 6-7, 260, 4.62

An absolute steal in the 3rd Round. Great blend of size and athleticism. Can snag the ball away from his body and make the great catch with his huge hands. He caught 39 passes for 541 yards and 4 TDs for a running Offense. Still more athlete than player. May be like Marcus McNeil his size and athleticism is intriguing, but he plays high when blocking and must learn to get lower.

Brandon Johnson- ST/LB, Louisville, 6-5, 227, 45

Special Teams monster who has the triangle numbers to possibly to develop into a decent Linebacker some day.

Jon Lewis- DT, Virginia Tech, 6-1, 310

Underrated D-Tackle who shoudl develop into a better player the Gabe Watson.

81.Todd Watkins- WR, BYU, 6-2.5, 185, 4.4

Speed, speed, speed.

A- would be an A+ if not for Watson

11. Broncos Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Kenard Lang DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Quentin Griffin RB

Mike Anderson RB

Jeb Pulzier TE

Monsanto Pope 

Cutler was a nice pick this team. They traded up and down more than any team in the draft, and I thought they had done a much better job then they did. But they got one of the top three Quarterbacks in this draft and Jevon Walker, and besides Walker they didn't get a lot of help for next season. But they played in the AFC Championship game so how much help did they really need from this draft, and they may have gotten the best group of developmental prospects in this draft. Cutler, Scheffler, Marshall, Dumervil, Eslinger will all see could develop into starter in a few years in their Bios. 

11. Jay Cutler- QB, Vanderbilt, 6-3, 225, 4.8 

Cutler needs more time than Leinert, so this is a nice situation for him. He can sit for two or three seasons, and learn from Shanahan. His strong arm and obvious smarts make him an interesting prospects. Cutlers biggest negatives are his level of completion and the fact that he was never able to lead his team to a Bowl Game, and his horrid win/ loss record (11-34!). I am not Cutlers biggest supporter, I believe Young and Leinert will both turn out to be the better Pro's. But taking Cutler here would not be the biggest mistake the Bills have ever made. Cutler is being talked up by a LOT of NFL insiders, he could easily go three to the Titians or fall all the way to the Vikings at 17. He has all the measurables you want in a QB, and is constantly compared to Brent Favre.

Tony Scheffler- TE, Western Michigan, 6-5, 255, 4.58

Ran great at the combine and has a chance to develop into a legitimate pass catching TE, but was taken to early.

68. Brandon Marshall- WR, Central Florida, 6-4, 225, 4.42 

Has the chance to develop into a great WR. Super Athlete who rated I placed in the 2nd Round, and getting him the the 4th is a great pick. Has as good a set of triangle numbers as any WR in the draft.

Elvis Dumervil- Pass Rusher/DE, Louisville, 5-11, 258

Horribly undersized and ultra-productive prospect who has a chance to develop into a pass rush specialist.

Greg Eslinger- OC, Minnesota, 6-3, 295

Should develop into the Broncos starting Center in two or three years depending on when Nalen retires. 

12. Ravens

Haloti Ngata DT Oregon


Key F.A. Signings:

Mike Anderson RB

Trevor Pryce DE

Juston Bannan NT

Gary Stills LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Will Demps S

Anthony Weaver DE

Chester Taylor RB

Ma'ake Kemoeatu DT

Ravens top four picks where as good as any team in the draft, but than they went haywire with reaches. Bottom four picks all look like Special teams fodder. Getting Ngata in the 1st was a huge pick. Pittman was a good pick in the 3rd, and Williams was a great pick in the 4th. 

9. Haloti Ngata- DT, Oregon, 6-5, 335

Was top rated DT, but serious Knee injury robbed him of his explosive speed and Pass rushing burst, still he is monster against the run. He is the pick perfect NT prospect. Ngata is a Ted Washington type NT/DT, and I do not say that lightly. Washington was not only able to hold up against the double-team, he was able to push both blockers back and often split them with his freakish strength. Ngata has that type of freakish strength. He not only has handled the double team, he actually consistently pushes two opposing O-Lineman backwards with a display of Ted Washington-like strength. The reason he dropped this far is because of lingering concerns about his knee. If his knee is healthy he will be a force. Other then that he is the best run-stopping D-Lineman to come out in a long while.

Chris Chester- OC, Oklahoma, 6-3, 300, 4.9

Most athletic prospect from the O-Line position. Played Tight End, which I always like in O-Lineman because it shows they can get down field and block on the second level. This was a great draft for Centers and you could see seven or eight starters from this draft emerge in a year or two. Chester should certainly be one. Chester has amazing athleticism for an O-Line prospect. He could make a nice Left Tackle prospect if not for height (6-3). He is very smart and coachable and could start at Left or Right Guard next season.

David Pittman- CB, Northwestern State, 5-11, 182, 4.5

I love this pick. This is a player I know absolutely nothing about. I never heard of him nor have I seen him play. Then he showed up at the Senior Bowl as an emergency last second replacement, and dominated. He was clearly the second best Corner during the Senior Bowl practices, Tye Hill being the best. He stuck to the guy he was covering like brambles in a field, and attacked the ball when it was in the air. I was very impressed.

59. Demetrius Williams- WR, Oregon  6-2, 190 4.5

Fell because of speed. Thin WR who some think will be great and don't like at all. Is thin but has good height at 6-2, and really knows how to get open. Plus he had a good week down at the Senior Bowl and impressed a lot of GMs. Super smooth Wide Out who never appears to be pressing, but he just gets open and catches the ball.

13. Browns Kamerion Wimbly OLB/DE Florida State


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Willie McGinest OLB

LeCharles Bentley OC

Joe Jurevicius WR

Kevin Shaffer OT

Ted Washington NT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Antonio Bryant WR

Kenard Lang DE

Jon Kitna QB

L.J. Shelton OLT

Ben Taylor LB

Aaron Shea TE/FB

Great draft for Cleveland. They really helped there Defense and had solid picks all the way to the 6th Round. they have completely rebuilt their Linebacker position. This draft signals the start of the shift to a more 3-4 Belichick type defense. Wimbley appears a perfect fit as a large pass rushing Outside Linebacker in the 3-4. He ran a 4.58 at 6-3.5 and 252 pounds, and he is flying up the charts. He has past Manny Lawson as the top 3-4 OLB in the draft. Some even think he has the frame to add another 20 pounds and be a full-time Defensive End. He seems tailor-made for the Patriots/Browns 3-4. He has great character and is a team leader. He is smart and loves football. He arrived on campus as a 210 pound Freshman, and out worked everyone in the off season until he had gained forty pounds of muscle in four years at FSU. I believe he can step right in at Right-OLB for the Browns next season.

21. Kamerion Wimbly- OLB, Florida State, 6-3.5, 252, 4.48

Will learn next to McGinest and should be an instant starter and great player for a long time. Has DeMarcas Ware's quickness. Is slightly smaller and faster then Manny Lawson, but is quicker. He is really start to come on and should be better pro then college player. He had 26 tackles, 11 TFL, and 7.5 sacks as a senior.

40. D'Qwell Jackson- ILB, Maryland, 6-0, 227, 4.6 

Will be starting at ILB by seasons end for Browns. Has everything you want in a ILB except size. Compares very favorably to Jonathon Vilma. he had 392 tackles, 21 tackles for losses, 10.5 sacks, and 6 int, his last three years in college.

Travis Wilson- WR, Oklahoma, 6-2, 212, 4.5

Underrated prospect. Not as productive in college as you would like, but played with 3 good receivers for much of his college career, and his QB stunk last season. Could develop into a nice surprise for Cleveland and has a chance to start as a rookie.

5th Round. Leon Williams- LB, Miami, 6-3, 240, 4.54

Will need to be a back-up LB for a few years, but I think he will develop into legit starter. He is top athlete who projects outside. Not the brightest light on the field. Production doesn't match athleticism. Should be a monster on special teams where he can run and not think.

6th Round. DeMario Minter- 5-11, 199, 4.45

Size speed guy who loves the game and studies it. Lack fluid hips, but should develop into a spot starter nickel back.

4th Round. Babatunde Oshinowo- NT, Stanford,  6-2, 305, 5.2

Very smart, may be too smart. Terrific athlete. Plays injured and is tough. Patriots-type player. Had solid Senior Bowl and may have work his way into the First Day. Has the strength to hold double-team and  allow LB to make plays. Best position in NFL could be Nose Tackle. Could be interesting back-up for Washington.


14. Eagles Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State

Winston Justice, OT, USC


Key F.A. Signings:

Jabar Gaffney.WR

Jeff Garcia QB

Matt Schobel TE

Darren Howard DE

Ed Jasper NT

Shawn Barber LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Terrell Owens WR

N.D. Kalu

The Eagles get lucky, and sometimes drafting well is simply a matter of luck. Having Bunkley fall to them in the 1st was incomprehensible, the only thing more incomprehensible is Justice falling to them in the 2nd. Then they go and have solid picks all the way into the 5th Round. Great draft. A lot of people where impressed with last years draft, I wasn't, I think this will turn out to be a better draft.

7. Brodrick Bunkley- DT, Florida State, 6-2, 325 44 Reps!

Bunkley only started for one year at Florida State so his stock was very low at the beginning of the process, but: he had a terrific senior year (66 tackles, 9 sacks, and was constantly fighting in opponents backfield), a strong senior bowl, and dominated the Combine. He has been placed ahead of Ngata on a lot draft charts. He has great upper body strength, excellent One-Gap quickness, but some think he might be a best suited for as a Two-Gap NT, but I see him as a One-Gap DT. You want this man charging through the double team and destroying blocking schemes in the backfield. If he is still here the Rams have to take him.

14. Winston Justice- OT, USC, 6-5, 305, 5.1

His feet are as good as Ferguson's, but doesn't have as good a work ethic. Has had off field issues, and character concerns which caused him to plummet into the Second Round. Doesn't appear to understand technique, so his hands and feet sometimes appear as though they are being controlled by four different people. Is a bit of a conman, who always has a reason why nothing is his fault. He gets out of mistakes on the field because of his phenomenal quickness, long arms, and athleticism. He may be the athlete Ferguson is, and definitely has the feet to play LT. Suspended for entire Junior year. Did 38 reps at his proday. Eagles need a Swing Tackle to develop behind Thomas and Runyan who are both starting to break down. Justice has the ability to be a great Right Tackle and a great Left Tackle further on down the road. He is a phenomenal athlete. He played RT in college, but protected Leinert's blindside. He did 38 reps on his Proday, and has exceptionally long arms which he uses as weapons, since he took up boxing during his Junior year when he was suspended for the season. 

Chris Cogong- DE, Cal Poly, 6-2, 260, 4.7

Small college pass rusher. He averaged over a sack a game during his final two seasons. Will have to make a big leap to the nFL, but has that knack for getting to the Quarterback. He should develop into a nice situational pass rusher.

49. Max Jean-Gilles- OG, Georgia, 6-4, 350, 5.5

I was really impressed with Gillis at the Senior Bowl. He really played strong and surprisingly quick for a giant of a man. 4th Round steal. Adding Justice and Gillis to their O-Line will pay huge dividends for Philly. Gillis is a huge mauler who really showed well at the Senior Ball, and looked like he was ready to step in and start right away. Struggles in space so he is a OG and not an OT.

106.  Jason Avant WR Michigan

Avant is 6-1, 210 pounds and ran a 4.6 forty at the Combine. He is a great Wide Out who lacks speed. He way never develop into a number one, but he is very similar to David Givens. He has great hands and catches everything thrown at him. He is a good blocker who really goes after DBs on running plays. He runs excellent patterns, and showed well at the Senior Bowl. I had him going in the 5th Round, but he has been slowly sliding up the charts as teams interview him and notice his smarts and excellent character. 

Great hands and work ethic. Has everything you in a WR except speed. Patriots-type player. Doesn't have the speed or burst most teams want in a Pro receiver, but he knows how to get open. Possession-type receiver who is Very quick. Excellent blocker.

Jeremy Bloom- PR/WR, Colorado, 5-10, 185, 4.4

Everybody knows his story, and he is the poster child for how tyrannical and stupid the NCAA really is. Should step in and return punts right away, and he could develop into a 3rd or 4th Wide Receiver.

Omar Gaither- ST/LB, Tennessee, 6-1, 233

Another special Teams player who will make the roster as he attempts to develop into a legit player (LB).


15. Rams Tye Hill CB Clemson

S, DT, LB, CB, TE, OL, S, DE

Key F.A. Signings:

Gus Frerotte QB

Fakhir Brown CB

Will Witherspoon LB

Corey Chavous S

Raonall Smith LB

La'Rio Glover DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Ryan Pickett DT

Damione Lewis DT

Adam Archuleta S

Rex Tucker OL

I actually had Hill rated as my 15th best prospect. Rams show great understanding of the draft by trading down and getting the player they coveted. The 3rd Round pick allowed them to take a chance and draft Claude Wroten, a DT prospect with 1st Round talent and jailhouse character. Rams had as good a first day as anyone, but really fell part on day two.

15. Tye Hill- 5-9.5 187 4.30

Tye Hill has elite speed and the quickness and recovery speed to cover anybody. But they currently have only 3 Cornerbacks on their team, and Hill will develop into a starting CB very soon. He was easily the best Corner at the Senior Bowl. He is a track man who bring tremendous speed to the field. But he can cover and is not just a track guy. Many questioned his hands and ability to play the ball, but last season he got contact lenses, and has improved 100% in locating and playing the ball in the air. I really like this guy. Pure speed and quickness. He is tougher then people think. If Patriots get Molds they may not be able to pass on Hill if he is still available. Hands have improved significantly since he started wearing contact lens.

54. Joe Klopfenstein- TE, Colorado, 6-5, 255, 4.62

Excellent receiver with lots of experience blocking. He is smart, tough, and has excellent hands. Did 27 reps at the Combine. I like Klopfenstein. He is a natural pass catcher who was a strong and willing blocker at Colorado.

Claude Wroten- DT, LSU, 6-2, 305

Wroten is a top 20 talent with serious drugs concerns. Personally I wouldn't draft him. He was arrested for possession of Pot with intent to distribute, and then thrown out of the Senior Bowl. He just seems like a Raiders pick. 

66. Jon Alston- LB, Stanford, 6-1, 225  

Alston is a Dungy type Linebacker. He is under-sized and fast, plus he is smart. He ran 4.4, did 21 reps and had a 39 inch vertical leap at the combine, where he worked his way into the 2nd Round. Smart, fast, and productive. One of the players Patriots are rumored to like.

78. Dominique Byrd- TE, USC, 6-2, 250 

Byrd is fast, has great hands, and catches everything thrown his way. He would be a terrific addition to the passing game, but he is not a good blocker. Underachiever who will have to work harder in the Pro's.


16. Miami Jason Allen S/CB Tennessee


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Daunte Culpepper QB (2nd)

Renaldo Hill DB

L.J. Shelton OLT

Sedrick Hodge LB

Will Allen CB

Andre Goodman CB

Justin Peele TE

Deke Cooper FS

Key F.A.  Loses:

Gus Frerotte QB

Stocker McDougle OT

Tebuckt Jones S

Reggie Howard CB

Sam Madison CB

Junior Seau LB

Miami had the worst draft out of anybody in the AFC East. But they may the best move, trading for Daunte Culpepper, and signed the best Free Agent class, and let's face free agents are far more likely to come in and help next season than rookies. So while it looks like they had the worst day, I think they had the best Off Season so far.

29. Jason Allen- S, Tennessee, 6-2, 200, 4.37

Jason Allen was the hottest commodity coming into the draft. However, I just have trouble believing that a player who dislocated his hip just last season could be a top 20 pick, even a player as good as Jason Allen. And yes I saw him run a 4.35 at the Combine, where he looked spectacular. FS is Allen's natural position. Severe injury concern and some teams took him off their board because they fear his hip will pop out again, and he might have Bo Jackson syndrome. Great natural safety who had 123 tackles and 2 interception Junior year before hip injury.

Derek Hagan- WR, ASU, 62, 190, 4.5

A Wide Receiver who many projected in the 1st Round, until he went to the Senior Bowl and dropped everything. But he was a great player in college who really carried the passing game his Senior year.

43. Rodrique Wright- DT/NT, Texas, 6-4, 310, 5.1

 I have Wright rated higher than most people. He is a big quick smart underachiever who I believe will be a long starter in this league, and he can play the Nose. But he does struggle with consistence and some say he doesn't work hard enough. Has shoulder concerns which are more serious than I thought and that's why he fell so far.


17. Vikings

Chad Greenway LB Iowa


QB, RB, OG, LB, OL, S, LB, DE, WR, DB, Ol, DL

Key F.A. Signings:

Steve Hutchingson OG

Jason Whittle OC

Tony Richardson FB

Chester Taylor RB

DeQuincy Scott DE

Ben Leber LB

Tank Williams SS

Key F.A.  Loses:

Daunte Culpepper QB

Nate Burleson WR

Sam Cowart LB

Melvin Fowler OL

Brain Williams CB

Toniu Fonoti OG

Michael Bennett RB

Daunte Culpepper QB (2nd)

Corey Chavous S

I love Greenway and Griffin, but after that Vikings really screwed up. They had five picks on the 1st day, and really got very little in return. Trading up into the Second Round for two players they could easily have picked in the 3rd or 4th Rounds.

13. Chad Greenway- LB, Iowa 6-3, 245, 4.6

Great pick. Greenway is big, fast, and smart. He is a great Cover Linebacker, and is the best Cover LB in this draft. He was the Team Captain for two years. His Sophomore year he produced 132 Tackles, 13 TFL, and 2 sacks. As a Junior he produced 113 Tackles, 8 TFL and 3 sacks. He was on the fast track to top five pick. But than came his Senior year, where apparently his play slipped. Though he was still 6-2.5 and 243 pounds. He was still Captain, and still played faster than he timed. He still had graceful hips, and moved fluidly enough in pass protection that he could cover a slot receiver down the seam like a 200 pound DB. He produced 156 Tackles, 10 TFL and 2 sacks, and he broke up 8 passes and had 1 INT.

57. Cedric Griffen- CB/S, Texas, 6-0, 190, 4.49 

Player I really liked and thought he would be a viable option for Pats in the 3rd. Had some thinking should be a top five DB taken. Had great Senior Bowl. more of a cover-two Corner who could play FS.  Size speed guy who is a Corner/safety.  Griffin was a very good Corner for Texas, and showed great speed at the combine. He is a player who was not reach in the 2nd Round.

Ryan Cook- OC, New Mexico, 6-6, 325, 5.4

Horrid reach in the Second Round. In a draft with eight viable Offensive Center starters available taking Cook with the 51st pick was a huge reach.

Greg Blue- S, Georgia, 6-2, 215

Player I liked. Vicious hitter who loves to crush, kill, and destroy.


18. Cowboys

Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio State


Key F.A. Signings:

Kyle Kosier OL

Ryan Hannam TE

Rocky Boiman LB

Akin Ayodele LB

Terrell Owens WR

Jason Fabini OT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dan Campbell TE

Larry Allen OG

La'Roi Glover DT

Keyshawn Johnson WR

Scott Fujita LB 

Word slipped out of Dallas that Carpenter would be their pick. Still all I thought he was overrated. Many called him a pass rushing Outside Linebacker, but he had a total of 14.5 sacks in four years of college, the same as Mario Williams had last season. Some say Williams was a reach and Carpenter was great pick as pass rushing linebacker? Anthony Fasano is already Dallas number two TE, and you will probably see more two TE sets. Montavious Stanley was a steal in the 6th Round. I had him as my top rated Nose Tackle not rated in the 1st Round 

34. Bobby Carpenter- Lb, Ohio State, 6-3, 254, 4.66

This was the player everybody was trying to steal in the late 1st round. He has injury concern. He will go higher then he should, and could go 21 to the Patriots. He ran 4.66 forty at Ohio State's Proday and claimed he was still only at 90%. He plays at 4.5 speed. Has had average production. He had 49 tackles and 8 sacks before he broke his ankle. Lacks elite quickness and change of direction. Carpenter was the fastest riser in the draft. He is a strong fierce leader on defense, and many felt he was the leader of Ohio States defense and not Hawk. Carpenter looks like Ted Johnson on the field. He is strong and muscular. He loves the weigh room and has a great work ethic. Has not been very productive. He was named team captain in 04. Last season, before he broke his ankle, he had 49 tackles, 10.5 TFL, and 8 Sacks. He is friends with Mike Vrabel and works out with him in the off season at Ohio State. Many scouts think his best position in the Pro's will be as a 3-4 Inside Linebacker. Came on as a pass rusher as a Senior, he only had 6.5 sacks his first three years. 

61. Anthony Fasano- TE. Notre Dame, 6-4 3/8, 250, 4.71

The pick of a TE is not a surprise here. Fasano is a great pick He played last season in a Pro-style offense last season at Notre Dame, and is far more valuable to the friends of Weis community like Parcells. He is a solid 2nd Round pick, and has one of the best combinations of blocking and pass catching in the draft. Good blocker and receiver. Is not going to knock anybody out with his athleticism, but he caught 47 passes for 576 yards and 2 TDs last season.

Jason Hatcher- DE, Grambling, 6-6 285, 4.8

Small school project who was a reach on the First Day. Picked more for triangle numbers and long arms than for football reasons. Last season he produced 71 tackles, 11 sacks, 21.5 TFL, but he did play at Grambling last season. Knowing Parcells he probably will develop into a solid DE.

6th Round. Skyler Green- KR/PR/ST/WR, LSU, 5-9, 195, 4.5

Will never develop into a starter but is great in return game and could develop into a 3rd or 4th Wide Receiver. Will come right in and contribute on Special Teams. Lost starting job to young receivers his senior year. Consistently injured during entire college career, and regained form he showed as Sophomore. Another reach in the 4th Round, but can you call a second say pick a reach for a player who make team as a special teamer as he attempts to develop into a 3rd or 4th receiver?

58. Pat Watkins- S, FSU, 6-4, 205

The next two picks really make up for the past two reaches Watkins has intriguing size and athleticism. He can cover, but is not a physical Safety. He will step in and contribute on Special Teams as he develops into a legitimate Free Safety in a season or two. Greta pick in the 5th Round.

Montaviuos Stanley- NT, Louisville, 6-2.5, 315, 5.1

Great Pick! I had him in the 2nd Round early. Big, strong, Nose tackle type run stopper. He played faster as a senior, where he appeared to add some pass rushing skills. But really looks like he can develop into a solid two down run stuffer. Has gain a lot of momentum, and should have gone much higher than this. 3-4 teams are really interested in him because he is a legitimate Nose Tackle prospect.

B for Watkins and Stanley

19. Chargers Antonio Cromarie CB Florida State


Key F.A. Signings:

Rashaun Woods WR

Aaron Shea TE/FB

Marlon McCree S

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dew Brees QB

Reche Caldwell WR

Justin Peele TE

Ben Leber LB

Sammy Davis CB

Chargers are in the position to draft the best available athlete. They have spent a lot of draft picks on DBs that did not work out as planned. So they took the best available athlete, not football player. Biggest reach of the draft. I don't know what happened to the Bolts. They made the play offs two years ago and than had a great draft, and then seemed to fall apart. Missing the play offs last seasons. Getting nothing in return for Drew Brees. Than taking Cromartie with the 19th pick in the draft? I kept seeing him make great interceptions all weekend, and I started to notice they started looking the same, he had 5 interception in college, and I must have seen each one 5 times the past two weeks. Most overrated player in the draft. He only started one game in three years at FSU. Then they made two great picks by taking McNeil in the 2nd and Dobbins in the 5th, and then wasted two picks on Whitehurst (3rd) and Smith (6th).

46. Antonio Cromartie- S/CB/Nickel Back, FSU, 6-2, 208, 4.49

Cromarie started one game in college, and is the Combine Wunderkind in this years draft. He is the least experienced prospect in this draft, and only started one game in college. Then torn his ACL last season, but he is rare athlete who could develop into something special. So any team that takes him must Project where they think he will play. He is similar to Jimmy Williams and has the size speed and athletic ability to play any position in the Defensive Backfield, except there is actual tape if Williams playing both positions. He is simply an amazing athlete and has everything you want in a CB. He hurt his knee last season, so any evaluation of him has to be a projection. Typical boom or bust player. If he plays up to his athleticism he could be the steal of the draft, but if he doesn't put it all together he could break your heart. He is 6-2, 207 Cover Corner, who can cover anybody and has tremendous ball skills. In fact, some GM's have projected him as a Wide Receiver. 

63. Marcus McNeil- OT, Auburn

Player I ragged on all through the process, but I think this was a great pick for San Diego. McNeil is so formidable physically that people forget that he is a project. Coming to the Chargers will be great for him, because he can have a season or two to develop behind Roman Oben. He will have time to fix disastrous technique problems. He is waist bender who has great height but does not play low enough. If he doesn't learn to bend knees he will be a disaster as a pro. McNeil is slightly over-rated in my opinion. Tackles his size really need to bend the knees. He does not bend at the knees as well as he needs to, and that will kill him in the Pro's. He struggle last season specifically because he bent at the waist too much. But he is an amazing athlete for a player of his size, and is he can get his technique down he could be a great one. I'm just not sure he can suddenly start playing lower at this stage of his career. He has a rare back disorder that causes a thinning of the lower spine, and some have taken him right off their board. 

79. Charlie Whitehurst- QB, Georgia, 6-4, 216

Were and when are they going to play him? Whitehurst is a vastly over rated QB, who is another Combine Wunderkind. He threw more INTs then TDs his final two years in college. But he has the prototypical size, speed, and arm that all teams want in a QB. But I question his intangibles. Has proto-typical size and looks like a starting QB in shorts. But needs learn how to play the position and to show he still has the arm strength after shoulder surgery. 

Tim Dobbins- ILB, Iowa, 6-1, 247, 4.58

Another pick I like, I seem to go between loving and hating Chargers picks. Another prospect who looked great at the combine. Speed speed speed. He should develop into a nice Inside Linebacker, and he has the speed to maybe bounce outside.

Kurt Smith- Kicker

A 6th Round pick on a Kick Off specialist? This draft baffled me?

F for Frustration.

20. Chiefs Tamba Hali DE Penn State



Key F.A. Signings:

Ron Edwards DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tony Richardson FB

Gary Stills LB

Shawn Barber LB

Eric Warfield CB

Another team passing on Jackson and Holmes. They also really needed a Corner, but the depth in this draft is at DB, so they can wait a round and still pick up a starter. He The unreliable Eddie Kenison and the flashing Sammy Parker are KC's starting Wide Receivers, yikes! Passing on a Corner here will hurt as well. I don't know I like some of their picks, but in my opinion they really didn't address their top needs.

44. Tamba Hali- DE, Penn State, 6-2, 270, 4.8

Chose not to work out at Combine and had disastrous work out on Proday. But is a pure pass-rusher with good size, strength, and plays faster than forty time. Most pundits thought he would slide into the 2nd Round and turn out to be a very good player. Can play Left End, and it always helps to have a Left End who can rush the passer and hold up against the run. Good character great production. I question the position not the player with so many good WR and Corners: Jackson, Holmes, Joseph, Williams,  Marshall, Youboty, etc.

60. Brodie Croyle- QB, Alabama, 6-2, 210

Played very well at Senior Bowl and looks like he could develop into legit NFL starter. Player I really liked, and this could be the perfect place for him. He needs time to develop and gain weight and strength, like Brady. Has everything you want in a QB. Could save this draft for Chiefs, as he will be starting in two or three season as Green reaches the end.

Marcus Maxey- Nickel Back/CB, USC, 6-2, 197, 4.48

Has everything you want form an athletic stand point for a Corner. Amazing triangle numbers, but doesn't always look like he knows what he is doing on the field. Doesn't play the ball well, and looks like he has bad instincts. Super athlete who could develop if he puts it all together mentally. 

Jeff Webb- WR, San Deigo State, 6-2, 200, 4.41

Great college Wide Receiver who had great production. 6th Round steal.





Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota

Chad Jackson WR Florida


Key F.A. Signings:

Reche Caldwell WR

Tebucky Jones S

Martin Gramatica PK

Eric Warfield CB

Mel Mitchell S/ST

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tom Ashworth OT

Tim Dwight WR

Adam Vinatieri PK

David Givens WR

Christian Fauria TE

Willie McGinest OLB 

Chad Brown LB

Ty Poole CB

Michael Stone SS

Duane Starks CB

Great draft for Patriots. Getting both Laurence Maroney and Chad Jackson was a great 1st Round. Oh wiat! They didn't have two 1st Round picks, making Chad Jackson the steal of the draft. The best aspect of Maroney is how people describe him. "Small", "Needs to add weight", "Super quick". I've seen him listed at 200 and 205 pounds. Because he runs like a small guy, and I mean that as a compliment. He has the quick feet of a 5-10 190pound back. He looks like a scat back. But he played last season at 210 pounds and showed up at the Combine at 217 pounds, and will probably play next season at 220 pounds. He has the quickest feet for any back over 215 pounds I have ever seen. Taking David Thomas and Garrett Mills in the 3rd and 4th Rounds are not redundant picks as some people want to qualify them. THE PATRIOTS RUN A TWO-TIGHT-END-OFFENSE. They don't have a starting Fullback. That means they have two starting Tight Ends, Ben Watson and Daniel Graham. David Thomas is not the 3rd String TE, he is the 3rd TE and main back up. You can't run a Two-Tight-End-Offense without a viable 3rd Tight End, especially when you consider the injury history of Watson and Graham. Watson and/or Graham have missed starts in each of the past four seasons do to injuries. Christian Fauria, last seasons 3rd TE, started five games last season. If history holds true, Thomas will get a start next season. A Two-Tight-End-Offense also needs a viable 4th Tight End/Fullback in case of emergency. In other words, you need a 4th Tight End, but can't waste the roster spot on four Tight Ends, so the 4th Tight End has to be able to be versatile enough to play other positions. Versatility is the main asset of Garret Mills the H-Back/Fullback/Slot Receiver/Special Teams Stand Out/Long Snapper who was the most dominate pass catching Tight End in college football history. Is that versatile enough? Ryan O'Callghan and Le Kevin Smith were both steals, and I would never question a pick from a school where a friend of Belichick coaches. 

24. Laurence Maroney- RB, Minnesota, 5-11, 212, 4.33 (at 210 pounds), 4.4 (at 217 pounds)

Maroney is the highest rated player still on their board at a need position, sounds to good to be true. He is a Broncos type back, he follows blockers very well and then cuts once and is gone. Super fast north-south runner. He has the speed and instincts to be a good one. I have him rated lower than most Draftnics, because he ran behind a great O-Line who opened huge holes for him all season, similar to the Broncos line, but that was the only negative I could find! I watched the Wisconsin game where he looked like a Hall Of Famer in the making. Mike Shanahan, the Offensive genius who coaches the Broncos said he was the steal of the draft, and have you seen his history of drafting Running backs. He is big (6' 217), fast (4.33 forty) and quicker than I originally thought. He is not a good blocker, but is an excellent receiver coming out of the backfield. He runs with the quickness, shiftiness, and cutting ability of a small back, but will play next season at 220 pounds, and some think he will eventually fill-out to 225. He will give the Pats two legitimate threats form the Running Back position, and if worst comes to worst, he motivates Dillion, and spells him early and often so he is well rested for the Play-Offs. He will be the starting Running Back with in the next two seasons. He is a great team player who enthusiastically shared carries with a teammate in each season in college, and never complained when he had to back up Marion Barber III for two seasons. Has great character and an enthusiastic personality that lifts the spirits of everybody around him. He can be seen laughing and smiling with teammates on the sidelines in every game he played. Loves football and wants to be the best player he can be. Smart well coached back who follows blockers and then explodes down field. Speed speed speed, and once he reaches the second level, he is gone. Sees the field as well as any back in the draft. Great production as 3 year player and one year starter. He produced in 2003: 162 carries for 1121 yards, 10 TDs, and a 6.9 yard average. In 2004 he produced: 217 carries for 1348 yards, 12 TDs and a 6.2 yard average. Last season as a starter he produced: 281 carries for 1464 yards, 11 TDs (one receiving TD), and a 5.2 yard average.

Great running back who played behind a great Line. Has great speed, elusiveness, and vision. Terrific production, he shared carries each year in college and still rushed for over a thousand yards all three seasons in college. Can bob, dance, and weave through the secondary once he reaches the second level. Like Bush, when he is on the field he just looks quicker and faster than everybody else on the field.

12. Chad Jackson- WR, Florida, 6-1, 212, 4.28!

Great pick. Steal of the draft. In my final mock draft I had the Patriots trading up to the 13th pick to take Jackson. I cannot be more enthusiastic about this pick if I tried. He is instantly the number 3 receiver on this team, and don't be surprised if he is the number 2 receiver before the season is over. He is built like David Givens, only he is an inch taller and has legitimate 4.3 speed. He showed a lot of character last season by sacrificing his states for the team. He ran all the short routes and became the possession receiver for Florida even though he was the fastest receiver on the team. Has a years experience in Urban Meyers pro-style Offense, where each pattern had multiple reads and could be taken in different directions depending on the coverage, just like the Patriots offense. He was seen as a possession-type WR after his Senior year when he had 88 catches for 900 yards and 9 TDs, that is an 10.2 yard average. Then went to the combine and ran a 4.28, and as a Sophomore in 04 he caught 29 balls for 648 yards and 6 TDs, for a whooping 22.3 yards per catch. Showing he can catch the deep throw and can play to possession-type receiver to help the team. He is the hardest working WR in the draft. He has the best hands in the draft and runs great routes. Failure of WRs from Florida might hurt his status, and helped precipitate the fall.

Has Great hands! Hardest working WR in the draft, runs great short and intermediate routes, and despite world-class speed, he essentially played a possession receiver to sacrifice for the team. If a WR can be a Belichick type player Jackson is the man.

Check out this quote John Tomase, from the Herald, got from Florida coach Urban Meyer:

WR Chad Jackson: "He's a Patriots kind of player. There's no maintenance at all with him, no character issues. I recruited David Givens (at Notre Dame) and he's a David Givens kind of player."

That's good enough for me;-)

David Thomas- TE, Texas, 6-3, 250, 4.7

An interesting prospect who flew under the radar for me. Until I started seeing tape of him for the past three weeks, well not of him but of Vince Young, only Young kept throwing to him. Every time they broke down the tape and showed Young through into double and triple team coverage, he was throwing to Thomas. Showing that Thomas was Young's most trusted receiver who teams knew they had to stop to stifle Young. Then I remembered him from the championship game, where he had 10 catches for 88 yards. I kept asking my friends who that white guy was making catches all day. He was running short hooks or comeback routes over the middle of the field all game, and USC couldn't touch him. I ended up moving him into the 3rd Round by the week of the draft. He has great hands and catches everything thrown his way. He just doesn't drop the ball, his coach said he can remember about three drops his entire career at Texas. He does everything well and nothing spectacular, and seems to just dominate under the radar, and then you look up and he's had 10 catches. Underrated blocker, who needs some work on technique and more bulk, but works hard on blocking and never gives up. May compare best to Christian Fauria, which is good because he is stepping into his spot on the team. He is also a great special teams player who insisted on staying on the special teams as an upper classmen even though he could easily have stopped. 

Underrated kid who has great hands and is an excellent receiver from the TE position. He will really help any QB by dominating the slot.

Garrett Mills- TE/H-Back/Fullback/Slot Receiver/Special Teamer/Long Snapper, Tulsa, 6-1, 248, 4.6

This guy is versatility defines. He will be an H-Back/Fullback He was the top rated fullback in ESPN's draft magazine. Pro Football Weekly had him as the second rated Fullback. Kiper had him as the 3rd rated Fullback.  He will play on Special Teams right away, and will allow more use of the Fullback in the Patriots Offense. He can line up in the back field as a Fullback and motion out to the slot and suddenly you go from a Power-I, to a three wide set. He had more receptions than any Tight End in college football last season and more yards receiving than any Tight End in college football history. He is not the best blocker, and will need work in that area, but it is not for a lack of effort. He is a willing blocker who even searches for defenders to block on the second level. As for production rather than projection, here is his production as taken out of the Pro Football Weekly 2006 Draft Preview By Nolan Nawrocki, they start each profile with a Notes section that is mainly stats:

  "Notes: Also lettered in basketball as a prep. Saw action in as a back up tight end and on special teams in 2002, making 10 catches for 138 yards (13.8-yard average) and two touchdowns and recording eight tackles on special teams. In '03, his first year as a starter, caught 53-456-10 (8.6). led the team in receptions and also contributed eight tackles on special teams. Caught three touchdowns on four receptions vs. Southern Methodist. Started 11 times in '04, catching 51-560-2 (11.0). Set an NCAA single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end in '05 after catching 87-1,235-9 (14.2) in 13 starts."

So why did the Pats take Mills after taking Thomas in the 3rd, if you don't know that now you never will, but I'd say: production, effort, intelligence, love of the game, special teams experience, and most of all versatility.

Steve Gostkowski- PK, Memphis, 6-1, 212

Yeah whatever, he's a kicker so what! And no, I'm not bitter about Vinateiri signing with the damn Colts. He has a strong leg, has a history of coming through in the clutch, and was he is 16 of 17 for kicks beyond 40 yards the past two seasons. He set Conference USA records for extra points-159, and Field Goals- 70, blah-blah-blah, he ain't no Adam. Okay, so I am still bitter over losing Vinatieri;-)

41. Ryan O'Callaghan- ORT, California, 6-6, 350,

Huge steal, pun intended. Kiper said he considered him  the best pass blocking Right tackle in the draft, and had him as the 4th best tackle overall. He is a monster run blocker. As much a steal as I think Chad Jackson was and he was the steal of the 2nd Round, O'Callaghan was a bigger steal in the 5th Round. I had him going in the 2nd Round to Dallas at pick 49. I think he has the feet to play at Left Tackle in a pinch, but he is Right Tackle. He could also be a monster inside at Guard. I was extremely impressed with him at the Senior Bowl and Combine. He should be able to step in and start at Right Tackle and compete with Brandon Gorin for the starting spot, and he should be the starter by next season if not earlier. He is smart, and a sound technician who understands the fundamentals of blocking. Dropped because of injury concerns. He is a super tough guy, but despite a broken hand, 4 shoulder surgeries, and several concussions, he missed only one start.

Mauler who will struggled his last two seasons in college because of injuries, but when he was healthy he played like a 1st Rounder.

Jeremy Mincy- OLB/DE, Florida, 6-4, 258, 4.7

A fairly unknown prospect. He is a great hustler with a nonstop motor. Has great measurables, benched 27 reps at 225, ran a 4.7 at almost 260 pounds, and had a 33 inch vertical jump. Needs to work on technique and needs more pass rushing moves and a change of position, he will be an Outside Linebacker not a D-End for the Patriots. Has shown he can play in space and should be a good edge rusher. Showed well at the Hula Bowl. He has had decent production, got 62 tackles, 10.5 TFL, and 3.5 sacks. But in the end we know player drafted from Florida Belichick got the inside okay from Meyer. 

Another quote John Tomase from the Herald got from Florida coach Urban Meyer:

LB Jeremy Mincey:: "They love him as a stand-up guy. He's a high-energy guy who goes full speed all the time. He comes from a tough background, but he's a great young man."

Sounds like he might just make it.

Dan Stevenson- OG, Notre Dame, 6-5, 305

Has Tackle size, but not Tackle feet. Struggles in space, and is not a great athlete. But he is a smart hard working technically sound Offensive Guard. And we know he was recommended by Weis. Started 34 consecutive games at Notre Dame. Usually at the OG position smarts, toughness, and work ethic are the three most important assets, all of which Stevenson has. He should develop into a viable starter with a year or two. He is an assignment oriented player who studies film of his opponents each week. Simply put he is a steady, versatile, and dependable Guard.

Le Kevin Smith- NT, Nebraska, 6-3, 315

A 6th Round D-Lineman who can actually make the team is a Salary Cap steal. He will be given every chance to become Wilfork's prime back up. Smith is still better Better at shooting a gap than controlling two-gaps. He is a one-gaper with great quickness to defeat an O-Guard instantly, plus he has the strength to hold up against the run. Which is good good because he will be playing mostly in passing downs, when Wilfork needs a rest. He benched 225 pounds 30 times at the Combine. Was considered leader of the Nebraska D-line, and is credited with the main reason why Nebraska led NCAA's in Tackles For Losses. In 2002, 2003, and 2004 for produced: 127 Tackles, 23 TFL, and 2.5 Sacks. He showed marked improvement as a 5th Year Senior producing: 43 Tackles, 13 TFL, and 6 Sacks. 

Willie Andrews- CB, 5-9.5, 193, 4.4

Patriot believe they got the steal of the draft in the 7th Round. They think Willie Andrews is a great Corner, who went under the radar because he played out of position at Safety last season, but he is tough and never complained. He is very physical and loves to hit. His main negative is that he had a couple of arrests and was sentenced to 30 days for possession of a firearm. But he said he learned his lesson while he was in jail and that he never wanted to go back. Sounds familiar? Only he was arrested in High School and did not have a single problem in college, so I think we can believe him.

Freddie Roach- ILB, Alabama, 6-2, 255, 4.95

Excellent Undrafted Free Agent pick up. could easily have been taken in the 5th or 6th Round and nobody would have complained. He is a down hill Inside player. Has excellent size, but ran terrible at the Combine. If he can make the team on Special Teams or if they can stash him on the Practice Squad he could be a nice surprise in a two or three seasons. A slower, but much smarter, Matt Chapman.  

Vernell Brown- CB, Florida, 5-8, 165, 4.4 

Another player form the Florida pipeline. He is an Undrafted Free Agent who was Florida's MVP.

Another quote John Tomase, who is quickly becoming my favorite Pats writer, got from Florida coach Urban Meyer:

CB Vernell Brown: "He was our MVP and the face of Florida football. He's the reason we had the excellent season we did. You'll love Vernell. He's not big (5-foot-8, 165 pounds), but he can play. And now he's in the right place."

Undrafted Free Agents who can play are invaluable Salary Cap resources.