Pats Fan Mock Draft 2003

This years draft is a very interesting one for fans of the New England Patriots. They have obvious needs along the Defensive Line, and this years draft is the best for Defensive linemen I've ever seen. There could be as many as 13 Defensive linemen taken in the first round, including as many as Seven Defensive Tackles in the first 20 picks. I believe the Pats should take two defensive linemen with their first two picks. They will probably be choosing from these Eight Defensive Linemen:

*Jonathan Sullivan Defensive Tackle 6-3.5 298 Georgia Michael Haynes Defensive End 6-4 274 Penn State
*Dewayne Robertson Defensive Tackle 6-3 310 Kentucky Kevin Williams Defensive Tackle 6-4 295 Oklahoma State
*Rien Long Defensive Tackle 6-5 290 Washington State (Injury concern) William Joseph Defensive Tackle 6-4 290 Miami (Fla.)
Kenny Peterson Defensive End 6-3 280 Ohio State *Chris Kelsey Defensive End 6-4 270 Nebraska

However, a run on Defensive Linemen may cause a player to slide down to the Patriots and if- Marcus Trufant Cornerback 5-11 190 Washington State, *Andre Johnson Wide Receiver 6-2 220 Miami (Fla.), or *Kwame Harris Offensive Tackle 6-7 310 Stanford, Belichick will be forced to draft one of these players if they slip. It is still very early in the Draftnic process and their are a lot of varying opinions of player ratings, one I found very different to mine is Frank Coyle. This Mock draft was written before the Combine and after the Senior Bowl, where most of the player evaluations by team coaches takes place; so a most of the information is still beyond speculative as far as player ratings, as players stock rises and falls continually. This Mock was also written before Free Agency starts on February 28, so team needs will change rapidly in March. The hardest part of the draft is predicting who your team has focused on in the later rounds, which has as much impact on the first round as anything. Two years ago I became convinced that the Pats might take Kenyatta Jones in the first round, but because they had focused on Matt Light in the second round he was never considered. Last season I believed Josh Reed or Anthony Weaver would be thier first round chose, but Belichick had meet and fell in love with Deon Branch a couple a days before the draft. He also had inside information on Jarvis Green from Nick Saban, his close friend and head coach at LSU. So picking a DL or WR was not an option in the first round last year. Suppose Belichick focused in on RB Chris Brown in the 2nd round (Just using him as an example because I like this article), how does this change Draftnics opinion of the Pats taking Larry Johnson in the first round. This year I believe there are three interesting prospects coming out of LSU. He has taken two Players from Saban coach teams each of the last two years. The first is- Bradie James Linebacker 6-3 240, he should be available in the second round. He has amazing speed and actually ran down Roy Williams the WR from Texas from behind last season. The second is a running back who should be around in the third round- *LaBrandon Toefield, 6-0, 225. He was very productive and could have been a first round pick this year, but he got injured. The third is another running back and should be around in the forth round- Domanick Davis, 5-10, 210. He came in when Toefield went down and played well, he's more aof a third down back and is an experienced Kick Returner. I believe two of these players maybe on the Patriots next season, and that the Pats will not take a linebacker or a runningback in the first because of Belichicks friendship and inside information from Nick Saban.

# Team Top Needs My Picks Reasons for my Picks.
1. Cincinnati A Clue, A QB, An Owner Carson Palmer QB

Alt: Trade?

For some reason they don't want the best player in the draft. Will probably trade pick?????? Should have traded for Bledsoe at last years draft?? Hopefully Lewis will do the right thing.
2. Detroit RB,LB,OL WR,CB Charles Rogers WR

Alt: Kennedy

This is to perfect a fit for it to work. Young QB gets great young hometown WR. Mariucci gets his Owens without the attitude, and yes he's that good. And he'll speed up the development Harrington tremendously.
3. Houston OL,WR,DT S,TE,RB   Jordan Gross OT


Alt: Kennedy DT

Gross is a big, strong, and most importantly mean LT prospect. If he shows the feet for pass-protection, I think he will be taken here. Texans may look to trade down, and pick up Gross later. Panthers and Chicago should be looking to trade up for Leftwich. Houston may look for Kennedy here, but getting a LT to protect young QB is just to smart to pass up.
4. Chicago QB,TE,LB, DL Byron Leftwich QB


Alt: Terrell Suggs passrusher

Chicago has to get a QB, I know it, you know it, only they don't seem to know it. I do believe Dick Jauron knows it, but is playing possum so he doesn't have to trade up. Leftwich is a big strong pocket passer, and the toughest QB to come out since McNair, and I mean that as the ultimate compliment.
5. Dallas QB,RB,TE, DE,CB,OL Terrell Suggs OLB/DE


Alt: Leftwich QB

If Leftwich is still on the board Parcells will take him. He KNOWS that he cannot win with out a QB, RB and strong defense. Look at his track record, he always gets a good QB and RB in his first two season in charge, while building the defense and offensive line. However Suggs has the ability to be his next Lawrence Taylor. Pass rushers destroy QB's and thus Offences. Parcell's knows if you don't hit the QB you don't win. Suggs can disrupt an opponents QB all by himself. 
6. Arizona QB,WR,RB, DB,LB,DT  Jimmy Kennedy DT


Alt: Rex Grossman QB

Who the hell knows what these idiots will do? If they lose Plummer they will have to take Grossman. If they loss Boston they may have to take Johnson. If they think Jones is a starting RB they will need to take their Prozac. Kennedy is the best player on the board and I can't imagine him going lower then this. Then the Cards could pair him with last years good decision Bryant, and make running up the middle against them a No-No.
7. Minesota CB,LB,DL, DEFENSE! Terence Newman CB

Alt: Kennedy DT (Since Arizona has to screw it up somehow.)


Dear Mr Tice, 

I know you're an offensive coach, but you MUST look to your defense. You have to get at least one starting corner, if not both, in this draft. There will LB, and DL help in the second and third rounds, but Newman is the class of the DB's this year. He is beyond fast, and is already the best player in your secondary, which let's face it, really sucks.  Thank you, 


8. Jacksonville CB,WR,DB, LB,DE,OL  Andre Johnson WR


Alt: Marcus Trufant CB

The Jags have to be craving Newman, and they must know he won't make it past Vikes, which puts them in a tight spot. They need quantity and well as quality and can't afford to give up a 2nd rounder to move up a couple of spots to grab Newman. However, Johnson's stock should skyrocket at the combine were players are judged by athletic ability and triangle numbers only. I feel least confident in this pick. They may have to reach for Trufant to help desperate situation in secondary. 
9. Carolina QB,WR,CB, RB,LB,OL  Rex Grossman QB


Alt: Trufant CB

Panthers in Classic reach scenario, a single desperate need + average talent at position of need. They must trade up for Carson or Leftwich, or trade down for extra picks and Grossman, or else reach for Rex here. Carolina has good young defense that will lead them no where until they get a decent QB!
10. Seattle LB,DL,WR, CB,OL,OL  Rien Long DT

Alt: Trufant

Alt: Kwame Harris

Seattle starts run on defensive lineman. Just like Stevens last year, 'Hawks take local talent. Rumor has it Long decided to leave school after talking to Seahawks representatives. Plus, word is knee injury was far more minor then originally reported, but that might just be agent spin since he now has representation. If knee is sound this is not a reach. Getting a DT who can get to the QB is more valuable then the Bling-Bling in the NFL.
11. Baltimore DT,OL,QB, CB,LB,RB, S Dewayne Robertson DT


Alt: Kwame Harris OT

Ravens looking for DT help and this is certainly the year to fill that need. Robertson is huge and quick prospect who has also produced over the past two seasons. When coaches see him in person at the combine, and then review the tapes of him in games controlling the middle of the line, he will be considered a bargain at 11. 
12. St. Louis OT,DB,TE, DE Kwame Harris OT


Alt: Eric Steinback OL

MUST GET TACKLE-MUST GET TACKLE-MUST GET TACKLE. Offense and team fell apart when OL fell apart. Harris will step right in at RT and stay there for the next 15 years, unless they lose Pace then he'll be at LT. He has the pass protection skills of a LT, which in the Rams offense that  is paramount.
13. Washington OG,DT,WR, TE,DE,QB Kevin Williams DT


Alt: Eric Steinback OG

I'm not completely sold on Ramsey, and if Grossman is still around I think Spurrier will take him. Way to early for Jacobs, but he would come right in and produce in familiar offense. I think 'Skins will be choosing between Steinback and Williams. I keep going back and forth. They may have the best bookend tackles in the game, but the interior line needs help. Steinback has all-pro talent at Guard, and can play Tackle if necessary. However, Williams can get to the QB from the DT position, and he really dominated at the Senior Bowl. 
14. New England  DT,OT,RB, FB,CB,DE, LB,WR Marcus Trufant CB


Alt: Jonathan Sullivan DT

Alt: Michael Haynes DE

With Jonathan Sullivan and Marcus Trufant on the board Pats have difficult decision. Run on DT makes Trufant fall and Sullivan more valuable. But talent at CB really drops after Trufant, and he will not make it past K. C. at 16. I've had the Pats taking Haynes since Senior Bowl. I believe that he is the most underrated player in the draft, and will be a force in the NFL. However, The Pats must have a DT to play next to Seymour, which supercedes the need for a pass-rushing DE. They already have four average DE on their roster now, of course only McGinest has a chance of hitting a QB with consistancy, and he didn't do it last season. They have only one NFL caliber DT on their roster currently. Sullivan is a superior athlete, and would start next to Seymour next season even if he's not quite ready because their is nobody else. I also believe if either Gross or Harris slips down Belichick will surprise and take either big LT prospect. Gross could step in and start at LT with Light moving to guard or RT. Harris could step right in at RT for a year or two as he develops as a player, and then switch to LT. I truly believe the best thing for the Pats would be to take 2 defensive linemen in the first round, and sort out the rest of the needs later, and that losing either Haynes or Sullivan would be painful. However, when O-T-I-S got injured, it really exposed the problems at Corner Back. Trufant has enough size and speed to be a very good corner, and he has exceptional Man-on-man cover skills. I have been comparing him to Ty Law, and I mean that as the ultimate complement.
15. San Diego  



Eric Steinback OG

Atl: Kevin Williams DT

I think the Bolts will take whichever player Washington passes on. Stienbach would be their first choose. He could end up as their LT. He may start at LG his rookie season, but their O- tackles really need upgrade more then their interior line.
16. Kansas City CB,LB,S, CB,LB Andre Woolfolk CB


Alt: E.J. Henderson

If Trufant falls Pats should work the phones and start a bidding war between Saints and KC, both of which have to have at least one starting corner form this draft. The problem is the next 5 corners are all closely rated and 1 or more of them could be available in the second round, so giving a third to move up a few slots for Trufant makes sense for both teams, and would allow Pats to still grap two solid defensive line prospects. Woolfolk has bust written all over him. He maybe the best athlete in the draft, but has no clue about technique. If he can learn the nuances of coverage he could be the best corner to come out of this draft 3 or 4 years down the road.
17.  New Orleans CB,LB,DL, OL,CB,LB E.J. Henderson LB


Alt: Eugene Wilson CB

Frank Coyle has Wilson as his third rated corner, so who am I to disagree. Saints may have to take him here if they don't trade up for Trufant. However, Henderson was a man amongst boys last season. His bad back has kept him out of the top ten, and he will be a dominate player for as long as his back holds up. I was overwhelmed by his talent and smarts in Marylands bowl game this year.
18. New Orleans  CB,DL,OL, CB,LB William Joseph DT


Alt: Eugene Wilson CB

Saints really need OL, but it's to early for Manuwai, and there's no tackle prospects worth the risk. I'm not a fan of Brett Williams, Stichcomb is 2nd round material, and George Foster has injury concerns. Joseph has thin legs that really worry me, that's why I had him drop. But he is another pass-rusher from the DT, and he brings leadership to a group of underachieving DT who need some leadership desperately. 
19. New England DT,OT,RB, FB,DE, LB,WR

Jonathan Sullivan DT

Alt: Michael Haynes DE

Alt: Boss Bailey


This years draft could turn out to be the best draft for defensive linemen ever! Mel Kiper predicted that as many as 13 defensive linemen could go in the first round, and he may be right. I have never seen so many Defensive Tackle prospects project in the top 20 picks, and we still have had only one Defensive End taken. The chose here seems to be Boss Bailey, Sullivan, and Haynes. Haynes is 6-3 and a rock solid 274 pounds. He was the player of the year in his conference and had 15 sacks and 75 tackles. Bailey is a great athlete who also happens to play Linebacker and would not be a reach here by any stretch of the imagination. I believe that the Pats could survive another season with the same LB and DE, but they could not survive another season with the same DT's. Sullivan is 6-3 308 pounds young fast strong and a great athlete. It's almost a cliché to compare him to Seymour, but they come from the same team play the same position and both are known for their hustle and hard work. Sullivan is a little smaller but quicker. If Trufant is gone and the Pats take Sullivan at 14, I think they'll take Haynes here. Larry Johnson will not be taken here.
20. Denver DL,QB?, OT,CB Chris Simms QB


Alt Michael Haynes DE

Broncos may look to defensive line here, and I've already explained how much I like Haynes. But there are to many to many rumors about Greise's departure from team. And even if Greise doesn't leave, it would allow Denver to bring Simms along a little slower. He would not have to start until Greise's inevitable mid-season injury. Simms has been a major disappointment through out his college career, but Shanahan's son played on his Texas team last year and sometimes it little connections like that, that cause a GM to chose the familiar.
21. Cleveland OL,TE,LB Jason Witten TE


Alt: Boss Bailey

Whitten is giant Tight End whp appears ready to start in the NFL. With Shockeys coming out part last season teams are looking for his clone. Witten is not the explosive athlete Shockey is, but Browns take chance that he might be the next best thing. 
22. New York Jets DT,CB,S, OL,WR,LB Boss Bailey LB


Alt: Eugene Wilson CB

I'm a big Bailey fan. I think he is just a superios athlete who plays to his speed, which most player don't. Jets may have to go for Wilson here, they really need one more starting corner, if not two. They could also go for Peterson, but he's more of an undersized DT or DE. 
23. Atlanta WR,WR,WR S,DT,OL  Brandon Lloyd WR


Kelly Washington WR

I will give the Falcons no other choice but to take a WR. I still can't believe they didn't Ashley Lelie last year? Reeves has to give Vick  someone to throw to, period. He may have to take a chance with Washington, who I hate: big mouth, completely selfish, and NO PRODUCTION! But he has the triangle numbers that make GM's and draftnic's drool. Meanwhile Lloyd is like Boss, his speed and athletic ability translates to the field, the excact opposite of Washington.
24. Indianapolis CB,OG,DT, LB,DE Michael Haynes DE

Alt: Kenney Peterson DE/DT

Dungy has lots of options for his defense here. Wilson would certainly step right into this sad secondary. Bailey could be the next Derrick Brooks. However I just can't see Haynes falling any further. Although Peterson could be an undersized one-gap DT Dungy likes so much.
25. New York Giants OL,WR,DL, LB,OG Kenney Peterson DE/DT

Alt: Larry Johnson

Bailey would be perfect fit here, however word is Giants looking for Defensive Line help. Peterson has really come on since Championship game and would have to be considered a steal here.
26. San Francisco TE,OL,LB, S,DT Teyo Johnson TE/WR


Alt: Stinchcomb OT

Johnson just seems to be the perfect 49er Tight End. I don't know maybe it's just me. Stinchcomb Is the kind of quick undersize Offensive Tackle the 49ers like, but I think he'll be their for them in the second round.
27. Pittsburgh CB,S,RB, CB Eugene Wilson CB


Alt: Larry Johnson RB

Could take any of number of Defensive Backs here: Wilson, Dennis Weathersby, Mile Doss, Rashean Mathis, Polamala, Shane Walton Terrence Holt. I like the idea Larry Johnson going here. But Wilson appears to best of the rest so I have to go with him. Steelers really must retool their sad secondary if they wish to cry in the Play-offs again next year.
28. Tennessee WR,LB,OL, DL Taylor Jacobs WR


Alt: Washington WR

Titians don't have a lot of needs besides a healthy McNair, but giving McNair some more weapons is easily the most important. Jacobs has been a productive receiver in a pro-style offense for a number of years, and some draftnics have him going as high as 13 to Spurrier. They may have to take local product Washington, but being local they maybe more privy to his indiscretions and refuse to take him.   
29. Green Bay DT,DB?, CB,S,DE,OL Kyle Boller QB


Alt: Mike Doss S

Word is Favre is done, and they have no replacement. Boller opened everybody's eyes at the Senior Bowl, and sitting and watching Favre for a year or two would not hurt any QB. 
30. Philadelphia WR,TE,OL, LB Vince Manuwai OG


Alt: Jerome McDougle DE

Manuwai has been getting a lot of press and most people think he should be a first round pick. Eagles hoping one of the WR or TE's fall to them. If the lose Hugh Douglas they may have to draft a pass-rusher here, there are three top passrushers left on the board.
31. Oakland OC,Youth Jeff Faine OC


I believe that the Raiders MUST come away from this draft with Faine. The implosion of Barret Robbins cause their entire Offensive Line to fall apart, and he cannot come back next season. Adam Treu maybe a fine long snapper, but he is not a starting Offensive Linemen in the NFL.
32. Oakland Youth,DL, RB,LB Dewayne White DE

Alt" Larry Johnson RB

Alt: Terry Pierce LB

I can't decide if they go for a Pass rusher, a Pierce, or Johnson. I think all three player could come in next season and contribute if not start. They have a lot of age on the Defensive Line and almost no pass-rush, so I will have to go with White.