Pats Fan Mock Draft 2005

With The 32nd Pick, In the 2004 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

This years draft is a very interesting one for fans of the World Champion New England Patriots. The first round is no where near the level of talent as last year. This can help or hurt a mock draft. I have found that when a draft is lower in talent teams will go for needs more then players. Now we just have to find the teams top needs:

Barrett Rudd Inside Linebacker  6-2, 240 Nedraska Kevin Burnett OLB/ILB  6-3, 236   Miami

Lance Mitchell Inside Linebacker  6-2, 245 Oklahoma

Lofa Tatupu ILB/ST 6, 224 USC

Mike Goolsby Inside Linebacker 6-3, 248 Notre Dame

Darryl Blackstock Outside Linebacker 6-3, 233 Virginia

Rian Wallace  Inside Linebacker  6-2, 245 Temple 

Alfred Fincher Inside Linebacker Connecticut 6-2, 237

The Pats are in a tough position this year with less draft picks and more needs and uncertainties. Inside Linebacker is the teams top need, and the player I believe should be their top priority is Barrett Rudd. There are not a lot of great players in this draft, and most of the potential great players have issues. This draft however, has a lot of very good players with interesting potential. There is a talent drop off after the first ten players. Then the next 20-30 players are are similarly rated. Then there is another drop off, and the next 20-30 players are rated about equal. So after the top ten there is not a real big drop off in talent for This is a good deep draft, but not a great draft like last seasons draft, where a 260 pound TE who ran 4.46 forty fell to the 32nd pick, this year WR's running sub 4.5's are the hot commodities. All teams are looking to trade sown to acquire more depth, but none are looking to trade up.

# Team My Picks:

Top Needs:

Team Moves:

1. 49ers Alex Smith QB Utah



F.A. Signings and Trades:

Jonas Jennings, LT

Joe Nedney, K

Marques Douglas, DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Ronnie Heard, S (ATL)

Todd Peterson, K (ATL)

Brandon Whiting, DE

Cedrick Wilson, WR (PIT)

49ers have started exclusive negotiations with Tom Condon Alex Smiths Agent. The snag is that Condon is asking for money then Manning got as the top pick in last years draft, though nobody has Smith or Rogers rated anywhere near the top three QBs from last years draft. This is not sitting well with the San Fran brass. But it looks like it is a done deal at this point. The 49ers just need to hunker down and take the best QB in the draft. Smith completed 68% of his passes for 32 Touch Down and a minuscule 4 INTs. If he had Rogers arm he would be one of the top rated QB's ever. Where Smith is superior to Roger is in his decision making ability. He just doesn't make many mistakes on the field, as shown by having thrown only 4 INTs last season. He reads the defense as fast as any college QB ever has, and makes his decision where the ball should go almost instantly. And maybe more importantly is that his decision are right. In the NFL the mental aspect of a QB's game is the most important asset a Qb can have. The game is so fast and so complicated that a QB's brain has to work faster then the pass rush, and that is a very difficult skill to acquire. Again both QB's appear to have the brain to be able to handle it, it just appears that Smith is ever so slightly ahead of Rogers here. Smiths biggest negative is that he played in a Shot-Gun only offense for the past three Seasons. Smith reads defenses exceptionally well, and has a great feel for the game. He is a winner with every intangible. He is an average athlete, but is big and strong. Has a quick release, and pretty good arm strength. After lining up in shotgun much of college career, must adjust to taking snaps under center. Snith earned his Bachelors Degree in two and a half years. He already reads defenses like an NFL QB. He knows how to manipulate the Safety, by looking one way and throwing the other. That is a very rare ability for a college QB. He can take in a ton of information and translate it onto the field. There is a gigantic learning curve for a rookie QB entering the NFL. Okay, I just convinced myself Smith is the top QB in this draft. QB'S on this level all have tremendous physical skills and abilities. What separates the good from the great is an ultra quick brain and toughness. Both Smith and Rogers have both, but Smith appears to be a little faster mentally.

2. Vikings Braylon Edwards WR Michigan


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Brad Johnson, QB

Darren Sharper, S

Fred Smoot, CB

Travis Taylor, WR

Pat Williams, DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Gus Frerotte, QB (MIA)

Chris Claiborne, LB (STL)

Randy Moss WR

Brian Russell, S (CLE)

Chris Hovan, DT (TB

I hate predicting trades, but this just seems to make to much sense for both teams. Washington is now talking about moving up for Edwards, as are the Vikings. Dolphins want desperately to trade down and get more picks. Saban would like to start a bidding was between Vikes and Skins, but Skins have acquired the 25th pick to take Jason Campbell. So they won't give two up their tow number ones. So Vikes step in and offer Number 7, Number 49, and a third next year. Edwards is big strong fast and was very productive at Michigan, plus he was a combine star. This is a recipe for a top ten pick. Edwards showed he was a top five pick with an amazing Pro-day workout. He was a three year starter, who had his best season as a Senior (97 rec, 1,330 yards and 15 TDs), and that is saying something if you look at his Junior stats (84 rec, 1,138 yards and 14 TDs). Edwards could solidify this offense. He has everything you want in a WR: size, speed, hands, and production. He'll get the dropsies sometimes because of concentration issues, but he has Randy Moss type triangle numbers (6'3; 211, 4.45). GM's have called him, "the cleanest player in the draft". He catches the difficult pass like a circus acrobat. He understands how to string together moves and work a CB into embarrassment.

3. Browns Ronnie Brown RB Auburn


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Joe Andruzzi, G

Gary Baxter, CB

Cosey Coleman, G

Jason Fisk, DT

Kyle Richardson, P

Matt Stewart, LB

Trent Dilfer QB

Ben Taylor, LB

Brian Russell, S

Key F.A.  Loses:

Gerard Warren DT

Courtney Brown, DE

Damion Cook, G (MIA)

Jeff Garcia, QB (DET)

Barry Gardner, LB (NYJ)

Kelvin Garmon, G

Robert Griffith, S (ARI)

Kelly Holcomb, QB

Anthony Henry, CB (DAL)

Lewis Sanders, CB (HOU)

Ebenezer Ekuban DE

Michael MyersDT

Browns wait to long to trade down, with Smith going number one the player teams want to trade up for is Edwards, and he'll be gone at 2. The top rated player left on the board is Ronnie Brown. He would be a great pick here, though I believe they are desperate to trade down as far as possible and grab extra picks. Aaron Rogers and Derrick Johnson would help this team more next season, and both appear to be free-falling in this draft. Phil Savage is banking a lot in Trent Dilfer. The good news for our old friend Romeo is that Dilfer can manage an Offense and won't lose the game for you with consistent mistakes. The Browns allowed the most rushing TD's in the league last season. So defenders who can stop the run are very important for this team. If the Browns can't trade down and Ronnie Brown is here still here they will not pass on him. He has everything you want in a RB. Plus he was had less carries then the other two top RB, so he has less wear and tear on his body. Playing RB in the NFL is like getting in a major car crash each week, and the body can only take so much punishment. Brown can block like a Fullback, he pulls like a OG to the outside. He has also lined up wide like a Wide Receiver last season. He is the most complete back in this draft, and a legitimate three down RB.To me Brown is the perfect back for that. He has 4.4 speed at 233 pounds the best hands in the draft and was a power running at Auburn.

4. Bears Cedric Benson RB Texas


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Eddie Berlin, WR

Roberto Garza, G

Fred Miller, T

Muhsin Muhammad, WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Jonathan Quinn, QB

David Terrell, WR

Thomas Jones had a good season last season, but he ran for less then a thousand yards. But he caught 56 passes. He has the speed quickness and receiving skills to be a great third down back. Benson is a pure power running who has deficiencies in the passing game. Thomas and Benson would give the Bears a great one two punch out of the backfield. Smith has a young talented interesting defense, and said he wants to gear his Offense around a power running game. The signing of Mushin Muhammad allows the Bears to take a great runner rather then Williams here, and dramatically improve two aspects of the offense rather then just one. Benson is just a terrific football player. He has good size speed amazing production and was considered the top back in this draft right up to the combine where Ronnie Brown stole the show. Benson will provide a better running game. His ability to get yards after contact is just amazing. he may be the best at doing that in this draft, although Brown has amazing power as well. This pick is already being contested. Benson has had some off the field issues and appears to be the one out of the top three runners to be falling. He has rushed for over a thousand yards in each of the four seasons he spent at Texas. He has a lot of carries on his legs. 58% of his yards came after contact. Not a good blocker so he isn't a 3 down back. He is a disinterested blitz pick up blocker, so he can't play on third down until he acquires this ability. 

5. Buccaneers Cadillac Williams RB Auburn RB, TE, QB, WR, OL, DL

F.A. Signings and Trades:

Anthony Becht, TE

Juran Bolden, CB

Matt Bryant, K

Josh Buhl, LB

Akili Smith, QB

Matt Martin, OT

Chris Hovan, DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Keith Burns, LB (DEN)

Cosey Coleman, G (CLE)

Chartric Darby, DT (SEA)

 Mario Edwards, CB

Brad Johnson, QB (MIN)

Joe Jurevicius, WR (SEA)

Matt O'Dwyer, G (GB);

Dwight Smith, S (NO)


I saw Gruden tell Williams that is he was there at five he would  take him. So I'm sticking with this pick, even though I know illusions and smoke screens are just as much a part of the draft as speed evaluations and talent. Williams is a athletic patient runner, who reads and follows blocks skillfully. He has that innate ability to make defenders miss him in the open field, and he can still run over people. This is an interesting combination. He can pick up the blitzer, and catch the ball smoothly. He can run, block, and catch the ball, and he is also a legit three down back. He is a short strider with quick juke moves in traffic and the ability to cut back on a dime. He gets outside well very well, and can turn the corner. He changes speeds brilliantly and keeps his feet moving, and can get to high gear quickly through a hole. Plus he is as tough as they come, and has added 10-15 pounds of muscle in preparation for the NFL wars. Bottom line Buccs need to improve ground game and Gruden has experience coaching Williams and gave him his word he would take him here.

6. Titans Mike Williams WR USC


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Ola Kimrin, K

Key F.A.  Loses:

Eddie Berlin, WR (CHI)

Kevin Carter, DE (MIA)

Robert Holcombe, FB

Derrick Mason, WR (BAL)

Shad Meier, TE (NO)

Fred Miller, OT (CHI)

Joe Nedney, K

Samari Rolle, CB (BAL)

I believe that if either QB Rogers or Smith falls here they will take him. McNair threw more INT's then TD's for the first time in his career last season. The starting ORT is gone and the starting OLT is embroiled in an off the field issue, and McNair got the crap beat out of him last season. Get where I'm going? An Offensive Tackle, or two is a strong need in this draft. Trading down for Barron would be a wise decision. Otherwise this pick is dedicated to replacing Free Agent loses. Antrel Rolle would be a terrific fit here, and if WIliams is gone it would be an easy pick for them. But I just like how Mike Williams fit here. Williams is USC all-time leader in Touch Downs scored. Think about that. Think of all the great running backs that went to school at USC. Williams scored 30 TDs in two seasons, more then any of those great runners scored in 3 or 4 seasons. He wasn't even a football player in high school, he was a basketball player. His potential has to be considered on the Jerry Rice/Marvin Harrison- best of all-time level, since he is still only 21. Norm Chow is the new Offensive Coordinator for the Titans. He coached Williams for two seasons at USC. I don't believe the Titans can hire Chow and pass on Williams. Williams doesn't have top end speed, but in this league it is all about making plays. He destroys Corners physically, catches TD's like no other WR I've ever seen, and can catch the ball in traffic like a basketball player. I don't believe his year off will hurt him. He was a basketball player in High School and stepped right onto the USC team and started as a Freshman. Remember, the top receiver from last years daft was Mark Clayton (80 receptions last season) from LSU. He ran a 4.59 at last years Combine. Williams just ran a 4.58 at USC's Pro Day.

7. Dolphins Aaron Rogers QB


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Kevin Carter, DE

Damion Cook, G

Heath Evans, FB

Gus Frerotte, QB

Vonnie Holliday, DE

Tebucky Jones , S

Stockar McDougle, T

Donnie Spragan, LB

Travares Tillman, S

Key F.A.  Loses:

David Boston, WR

Jay Fiedler, QB (NYJ)

Arturo Freeman, S

Morlon Greenwood, LB (HOU)

Sammy Knight, S (KC)

Rob Konrad, FB

James Newson, WR

Bryan Robinson, DT (CIN)

Jay Williams, DE (STL)

Shawn Wooden, S

Dolphins make a great move to trade down and still pick a QB. They desperately need a QB, and Saban would be a fool to Pass on Aaron Rogers here. In my opinion Gus Frerotteand AJ Feeley put together are not as good as Rogers. Both Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James have said they want to play in Miami, so taking one of the big three RBs is not a priority. Okay with all that being said I am reminded that Saban is from the Belichick school of draft paranoia. So any player associated with him is probably not going to be taken. So my pick is the one player Saban appears to have no interest in, Rogers. He has a quicker release, better footwork, superior arm strength and accuracy to Alex Smith. His biggest concern is his tendency to stare down his number one receiving option. This is a death sentence in the NFL. The first thing he will have to learn as a Pro is not to stare down his top receiver. He is a ridiculously accurate passer who completed 66 percent of his attempts in 05. Rogers biggest negative is that he is Jeff Tedford disciple. Tadford has a strange list of QB's he's worked with in college that have great numbers, in college, yet their impressive production has translated into some of the biggest busts in draft history. If Rogers had Smiths size he would easily be the highest rated player and the consensus number one pick in this draft. That being said, Rogers has worked in a more Pro-style offense, has a stronger arm, and has better accuracy on his throws. He reminds me of a right handed and slightly taller Mark Brunell, that is not a bad QB to have.

8. Cardinals


Antrel Rolle CB Miami



F.A. Signings and Trades:

Robert Griffith, S

Orlando Huff, LB

Rhett Nelson, DB

Chike Okeafor, DE

Oliver Ross, T

Kurt Warner, QB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Shaun King, QB

Michael Stone, DB (STL)

Karl Williams, WR


Green intends to start Warner. If he is serious he better have a better O-Line or a better ground game. If Cardinals trade for Travis Henry they will not take a running back here, and Antrel Rolle will not slide by them. So look for Rolle or Benson to be taken at this spot. Antreel Rolle has everything you want in a DB. Good size good speed and great athletic ability. Rolle very athletic corner with excellent speed. Has good height for a top prospect. Muscular with long arms. Has the frame to play Safety. Physical in press coverage and does a good job jamming receivers. Very smooth in his pedal with loose hips to turn and run. Agile and quick footed, which gives him great change-of-direction and allows him to plant and drive explosively. He my top rated corner, because he has virtually no bust factor. If he has problems at Corner he can move inside and be a terrific Free Safety. Green has Carlos Roger rated ahead of Jones, so if Rolle is gone Rogers will be the pick.

9. Redskins Pac Man Jones CB West Virginia


F.A. Signings and Trades:

David Patten, WR

Pierson Prioleau, S

Casey Rabach, C

Sanata Moss WR

Brian Allen, LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Laveranues Coles (NYJ)

Ola Kimrin, K (TEN)

Antonio Pierce, LB (NYG)

Fred Smoot, CB (MIN)

Skins hope Williams or Edwards falls to them, and one just might do that. Erasmus James would also fit rather snugly here as well. However, the loss of Bailey and Smoot over the past two years make CB a priority, so Gibbs grabs the third best corner in the draft. Pacman is certainly a step in the right direction. Jones has had some amazing workouts and is flying up the charts like DeAngelo Hall last season. Jones has excellent speed, but does not have Halls eye popping speed. He is skinny and not the most physical corner, but with the new touchy-feely pass interference rules, a corner who can turn and run with the WR becomes invaluable. He has outstanding speed and athletic ability. He has been a big play performer throughout his career, and plays with a lot of confidence. He is very quick footed with a smooth backpedal and can turn and run effortlessly. Taking a Passrusher here would not be surprise. Don't be surprised if legal issues cause Jones to fall. More then one team has Carlos Rogers rated above Jones, I just don't think the Skins have the common sense to do that.

10. Lions Derrick Johnson OLB Texas


F.A. Signings and Trades:

Rick DeMulling, G

Jeff Garcia, QB

Kenoy Kennedy, SS

Marcus Pollard, TE

Kyle Kosier, G

Jamel White, RB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Stephen Alexander, TE (DEN)

Stockar McDougle, OT (MIA)

Mike McMahon, QB (PHI)

Brian Walker S

The Lions have one of the youngest developing Offenses in the league. They are desperate for defense, and especially pass rushers. So Lions get lucky as the  best Linebacker in the draft falls to them. I am a huge Derrick Johnson fan. He has tremendous speed and tenacity. He is a 240 pound Linebacker with 4.5 speed. He set a school record with 9 Interceptions, and with his speed he will be a fierce pass rusher in the Pro's. And we've all seen him make tackles from sideline-to-sideline. The Brown's have had a fierce need for LBers for the past 2 drafts. If they switch to a 3-4 they will have to take Johnson. The other concern is the Broncos bizarre acquisition of their entire Defensive Line, but there are no real top ten D-Linemen in this draft. Erasmus James is a strong possibility here as well. Some think he is the best pass rusher in the draft.

11. Cowboys

Shawne Merriman OLB/ DE Maryland



Key F.A. Signings:

Drew Bledsoe, QB

Jason Ferguson, DT

Anthony Henry, CB

Marco Rivera, G

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dexter Coakley, LB (STL)

Gennaro DiNapoli, C

Marcellus Wiley, DE


Word is that Parcells has had his eye on Merriman for a while, and thinks he can be the center piece in the Cowboys switch to the 3-4. He may not be LT, but Parcells will use him like he used LT. He'll just keep rushing him from the right side of the Defense. Merriman has the unique blend size speed and athletic ability to make a huge difference on this team. He has amazing speed for a DE and enough size to not be a detriment against the run. I think Merriman will be a terrific pass-rusher for years to come. He could be averaging double figures in sacks in a year or two, plus he ran an 4.65 at 274 pounds at his individual workout. I thought he was much smaller then that and that OLB would his natural position, but at 274 pounds DE maybe his natural position. He has added size and muscle to his great quickness, power and speed. He uses his hands well to get into blockers. Holds his ground well and usually stays on his feet. Good ballrusher for an end, because of her terrific athletic ability.

12. Chargers Marcus Spears DE/DT LSU


Key F.A. Signings:

Bhawoh Jue, SS

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tim Dwight, WR/KR (NE)

Doug Flutie, QB

Jason Fisk, DT (CLE)

Bolt's have good Defense and a growing Offense. There main two needs are DE and WR. I think they will be picking between Erasmus James and Spears. James is a 4-3 DE, and not a 3-4 DE. Spears is clearly a 3-4 DE. The switch to the 3-4 means they will be looking for bigger stouter DE's. DE/DT 'tweeners are better suited for the 3-4, so Spears and Shaun Cody are good possibilities here. I went with Spears because he is bigger and has more experience in a two-gap system. He is 6-4 300 pounds and has been clocked at a 4.9. He played DT and DE in college at 6-4 307, and he is only growing. He can be a force against the run, and still has enough speed to get to the QB. He could start at DE his rookie year, or be the primary back-up at 3 positions on the defensive line. In fact, he may be best compared to Kevin Williams. Big and strong enough to play DT, and Quick and fast enough to play DE. He is so athletic that he actually started at TE his Freshman year.

13. Texans Alex Barron OT Florida State


Key F.A. Signings:

Frank Chamberlin, LB

Jerry DeLoach, NT

Morlon Greenwood, LB

Lewis Sanders, CB

Daleroy Stewart, DT

Reggie Swinton, WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Marlon McCree, S (CAR)


Houston will be doing cartwheels if Barron falls to them. David Carr has been sack 140 times since he joined the Texans 3 years ago, and was sacked 49 times last season. Seth Wand looked over matched last season and needs to be replaced ASAP. Barron is huge and has amazing athletic ability. He was running sub-4.9's at the FSU Pro-Day. He needs to add some strength and tenacity if he is going to be an All-Pro. But he has everything you are looking for in a Left tackle: his is 6-7, 320 pounds, and has 39 inch long arms. The Texans need a left tackle and Barron is an Offensive line changing player. He has amazing feet and enough size to be a great left tackle for years to come. So they can just sit here grab him and then can quietly sit back and watch the increased production from all the so-called skilled positions. Barron is the type of player who will not only start for 12-15 years, but dominate the position for 12-15 years. He needs to add a little strength and a little tenacity, but otherwise he is as good a LT prospect as you can see. Jamie Sharper led the entire NFL in tackles two years age, and led the Texans in tackles last season. He has left the team so Linebacker has become a top priority. They also only had 24 sacks last season, the lowest in the NFL, so a pass rusher like James would be a nice fit, but Carr took hit after hit last season so I just can't see them passing on Barron for any reason.

14. Panthers Khalif Barnes OLT Washington  ORT, WR, DT, S, CB

Key F.A. Signings:

Ken Lucas, CB

Marlon McCree, S

Mike Wahle, OL

Key F.A.  Loses:

Doug Brzezinski, OG

Artrell Hawkins, CB

Muhsin Muhammad, WR (CHI)

Rodney Peete, QB

Travares Tillman, S (MIA)

A lot of people think Panthers need a Right Tackle, but that is wrong. The Panthers O-Line started to solidify when Jordan Gross moved back to Right Tackle. He really struggled at LT, and really plays well as a RT. This may be a bit of a reach, but he is the fastest riser in the draft over the past couple of week. He is the most athletic O-Lineman in this draft. He has good size, great speed and the feet of a ballerina. I usually judge LTs by their feet. He has to work on his functional strength, but taking a legitimate LT prospect at number 14 is never a bad pick. However, he does not play as well as he looks athletically. He overextends to a dangerous level at times.

15. Chiefs Carlos Rogers CB Auburn



Key F.A. Signings:

Kendrell Bell, LB

Sammy Knight, S

Key F.A.  Loses:

Derrick Blaylock, RB (NYJ)

Vonnie Holliday, DE (MIA)

They can't tackle. They can't rush the passer. And they can't cover. Trading for Surtain, though the deal hasn't gone through yet, is a great step in the right direction. This many be the weakest part of my draft, I can't see how Rogers can fall this far, and yet I can't seem to find a place for him. He is a phenomenal Corner, who will step right in and start for this team. He was a four year starter at Auburn. Rogers is a top fifteen player and the second best Corner in the draft. Rogers is a great athlete who put it all together his senior year. He helped to lead the Auburn defense to an undefeated season. He has everything you want in a CB, except hands. He has terrible hands. The Chief's are desperate for any and all Defensive help they can get, and  Thomas Davis, Travis Johnson, David Pollack, and well any top defender are all serious options here. But for me Rogers is the top impact defender now on the board regardless of position. However, if the trade for Surtain goes through word is Chiefs love Pollack.

16. Saints Thomas Davis S/LB Georgia


Key F.A. Signings:

Levar Fisher, LB

Jermane Mayberry, G

Shad Meier, TE

Dwight Smith, S

Jimmy Williams, CB

Antowain Smith, RB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tebucky Jones, S (MIA)

Saints have the worse defense in the league. This pick just fits too perfectly to happen. Saints must get a Safety and a Linebacker in this draft. However, Haslett was obsessively watching the Linebackers at the Senior bowl, and could easy take Burnett or Pollack here, but Davis is such a unique player that they will have trouble passing on him. Half the GMs think he's a safety and half the GM's think he's a Linebacker. I think he'll be a play maker from either position. N.O. should take him hear and figure out which position he will play later, depending on their depth. Davis has solidified his status as a top pick and a Safety by running 4.43 at Georgia's Pro Day. He has everything you want in a pro safety: size, speed, hands, instincts, a mean streak.

17. Bengals Travis Johnson DT Florida State


Key F.A. Signings:

Bryan Robinson, DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Frank Chamberlin, LB (HOU)

Kyle Richardson, P (CLE)

Dennis Weathersby, CB

Tony Williams, DT (JAC)

Bengal's were 28th and 26th in pass defense the past two seasons, and they have allowed teams to rush for over 100 hundred yards in 22 games over the past two seasons. Lewis is allegedly a defensive guru, and it's time to start proving it. Johnson slides past the Saints because he is a one-gap DT and not a Nose Tackle. Hey, doesn't Marvin Lewis love one-gap charging DT. This is another pick that seems to perfect to happen. Johnson seems to have all the assets Bengals are looking for in a DT. However, Johnson is charging up the charts and made be picked much earlier. He is the only legit first round caliber DT. He is a 290 pound super aggressive one-gap DT. He was recently timed at a 4.89 in the 40, which is remarkable. He was doubled teamed consistently last season, which opened a lot of lanes for teammates. Super-quick and strong, he should be a good one for a long time.

18. Vikings

Erasmus James DE Wisconsin

WR, LB, DL, WR, DB, Ol, DL

Key F.A. Signings:

Brad Johnson, QB

Darren Sharper, S

Fred Smoot, CB

Travis Taylor, WR

Pat Williams, DT

Key F.A.  Loses:

Gus Frerotte, QB (MIA)

Chris Claiborne, LB (STL)

Randy Moss WR

Vikings get lucky again. Many consider James to be the best pass rusher in the draft. Has had some medical concerns , which slowed his progress in college, so last season was his best. If he can stay health and is not a one year wonder he could be a much needed pass rusher for this team for a long time. James would make a huge difference on this team. He has excellent speed for a DE and enough size to not be a detriment against the run. I think James will be a great pass-rusher for years to come. He could be averaging double figures in sacks in a year or two. He ran an very interesting 4.74 at 267 pounds at his individual workout. James has added size and muscle to his great quickness, power and speed. He is a senior whose maturity and experience will show next season when he starts as a rookie.

19. Rams Jamal Brown ORT Oklahoma


Key F.A. Signings:

Chris Claiborne, LB

Dexter Coakley, LB

Michael Stone, DB

Jay Williams, DE

Roland Williams, TE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Rich Coady, DB (ATL)

Bryce Fisher, DE (SEA)

Matt Lehr, G (ATL)

Chris Terry, RT

This would be a terrific pick for the Rams. The Turley-Martz incident must be addressed. Brown was a three time all big 12 pick, and won the Outland trophy as the nations best Lineman. He is a nasty player that all teams need. He will need to add a little more size and strength, but that should come with age. Kevin Burnett would be an interesting pick here as well. But Brown is a huge strong man with good but not great feet. He could in a pinch back-up Left-Tackle, although he can't start at that position for a long period. His main asset is run blocking. In 2002 he became Oklahoma's starting Right Tackle, and never gave the position up. He has had 337 knockdown blocks since. Reasons they will take him: toughness, smarts, tenacity, dominate run-blocker; Best position is Right Tackle.

20. Cowboys Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma


Key F.A. Signings:

Drew Bledsoe, QB

Jason Ferguson, DT

Anthony Henry, CB

Marco Rivera, G

Key F.A.  Loses:

Dexter Coakley, LB (STL)

Gennaro DiNapoli, C

Marcellus Wiley, DE

Parcells makes surprise pick here. I think a Wide Receiver would be a nice fit for this team, and the two highest rated players on the board are WR. Rumors that Parcells loves Troy Williamson, and may take him at 11, have been greatly exaggerated. I always remember that the number one asset Parcells looks for is Hands. Clayton has great hands, and Williamson gets the dropsies sometimes. Cowboys have 3/4 of a great Defensive back field. But all the Corners who played opposite Newman struggled last season. Newman also did not play as well as he did his rookie year, and looks like he needs a little help as well. Having two excellent cover Corners can only help the team and the pass rush. Mark Clayton is not a popular choice here, and if they can't trade down Cowboys will have a hard time passing on him. Clayton is an excellent player who should step right into the 3rd WR role and take over for Johnson or Glenn slow down.. He is Oklahoma's all-time leader in TD's, Yards, and receptions. He ran 4.43 forty, and ran the fastest time in the 3 cone drill of everybody at the combine.

21. Jaguars

Fabian Washington CB Nebraska


Key F.A. Signings:

Martin Chase, DT

Terry Cousin, CB

Reggie Hayward, DE

Nate Hybl, QB

Kenny Wright CB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Juran Bolden, CB (TB)

FB Marc Edwards

Tommy Hendricks, LB

Dewayne Washington, CB

Ideally Jags would like to draft a Left Tackle prospect here, but both Barron and Barnes will be gone. Adam Terry and Michael Munoz are Second or Third round prospects. Word is Del Rio wants a Corner and OT high in this draft, so Justin Miller is a possibility.  Reggie Williams was the only starting WR in the NFL last season to average less then 10 yards a reception, and looks like a he's too slow to play WR on the field. Washington as amazing quickness, and will be a great player in the NFL. He went to the Combine and ran a 4.28 forty. With size speed and amazing quickness he will be a great pick here. He is not the most physical Corner in the world, but with all the new touchy feely rules that could be considered an asset. Jags have a history of targeting a need area or two before the draft and trying to solve it with there first two picks. Washington will be one of those solutions.

22. Ravens

Troy Williamson WR South Carolina


Key F.A. Signings:

Derrick Mason, WR

Samari Rolle , CB

Keydrick Vincent, G

Key F.A.  Loses:

Gary Baxter, CB (CLE)

Corey Fuller, CB

Ed Hartwell, LB (ATL)

Kevin Johnson, WR

Harold Morrow, FB

Casey Rabach, C (WAS)

Travis Taylor, WR (MIN)

This draft is going to be geared to helping Kyle Boller. Getting Mason and Vincent are two steps in the right direction, but another WR and OL are still needed. That is how bad this Offense was last season. Chris Spencer is a great Offensive Center, and OC is Atlanta's top need. Look for the Falcons to trade down and try to pick up some extra picks in the 2nd or 3rd round. Some scouts believe he is a better prospect then Damien Woody. Many scouts believe he is a pro-Bowler waiting to happen. He is a little under-experienced at Center, because he played Guard his whole career except for last season. OC is one of those positions that is ignored too much in the first round. Ask any O-Line Coach how important the Center position is, and you will see a lot more teams drafting Centers early. Ravens need for an interior Lineman is at Center and Right Guard. Spencer can play Guard, but He could be a great Center. The best way to help Boller is to get him a Legit Center he can trust. I they stay here and Williamson is still on the board they will have to take him. Williamson has all the measurables you want in a WR and is really climbing up the charts. He already runs good routes. He played for a running team so his lack of production is not scary, and his down field blocking if excellent as a result. He shows good body control on he sidelines and will fight for the ball. His speed and big play ability should make him an interesting player.This is probably the most popular pick in all mock drafts. I think Corner is their top need and that Fabian Washington would do a lot to help this team, but I seem to be in the minority in that opinion however. Miller is as good a TE prospect to come along since Winslow. Okay so it hasn't been that long, but he is a tall fast TE prospect with better hands then Winslow. He will be a starter next season for any team who picks him. Has some Medical issues that has scared off some teams. But like Vilma last season Jets doctors have cleared him

23. Seahawks DeMarcus Ware OLB/DE




Key F.A. Signings:

Kevin Bentley, LB

Chartric Darby, DT

Bryce Fisher, DE

Kelly Herndon, CB

Joe Jurevicius, WR

Joe Tafoya, DE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Heath Evans, FB (MIA)

Ken Lucas, CB (CAR)

Chike Okeafor, DE (ARI)

Jerry Rice, WR

Damien Robinson, S

Anthony Simmons, LB

'Hawks GM has a history of taking D-Lineman in the first round. He likes smaller quicker and faster players for his defense. Ware fits this profile perfectly. Seattle's two biggest needs, besides a WR with descent hands, are at LB or DE. Ware is a tweener who could be a LB or DE. The one thing for sure is that he is a pass rusher. He looks like an OLB to me, but he uses his hands so well to keep blockers off him that he maybe able to play an Elephant type position on the D-Line. Looks to have some room to add weight if the team who drafts him wants him a DE.

24.  Packers Brodney Pool S Oklahoma


Key F.A. Signings:

Todd Franz, DB

Matt O'Dwyer, G

Key F.A.  Loses:

Bhawoh Jue, SS (SD)

Marco Rivera, G (DAL)

Darren Sharper, S (MIN)

Mike Wahle, OG (CAR)


Packers allowed the most passing Touch Downs in the league. I really like Brodney Pool going here. He is fast tough and has made big plays for a big time program over the past few years.

25. Redskins Jason Campbell QB Auburn


F.A. Signings and Trades:

David Patten, WR

Pierson Prioleau, S

Casey Rabach, C

Sanata Moss WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Laveranues Coles (NYJ)

Ola Kimrin, K (TEN)

Antonio Pierce, LB (NYG)

Fred Smoot, CB (MIN)

Redskins make a bold move to trade into the bottom of the First Round. The word is they want like Campbell and this move was designed specifically to acquire him. Campbell really put it all together his senior year, and lead the Tigers to an undefeated season. He threw a very good 20 TDs with only 7 INTs. He completed a terrific 69.6 percent of his passes for 2,700 yards. His 31 career victories as a starting QB at Auburn are a school record. Many experts consider him the most underrated player in the draft. He is 6-4 223 pounds and an excellent athlete and leader.

26. Raiders David Pollack OLB/DE Georgia

CB, LB, QB, CB, LB,  TE, NT, S,

Key F.A. Signings:

Derrick Burgess, DE

Renaldo Hill, CB

LaMont Jordan, RB

Randy Moss WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Napoleon Harris OLB

Ray Buchanan, S

Phillip Buchanon CB (HOU)

Doug Jolley, TE (NYJ)

Frank Middleton, S

John Parrella, DL

Tyrone Wheatley, RB

Roland Williams, TE (STL)

Raider trade up with someone in mind. It may be a CB or QB, but I'm going with a Hybrid 3-4 LB. Pollack is the most underrated player in this draft. He is a taller heavier Tedy Bruschi, and that is as good a compliment you can give to any football player. Vikings need pass rushers. Pollack is the most productive pass rusher in this draft. Whether it's at OLB, ILB, or DE if you let him go forward he will be a great player. He does need work on going backwards. If he is going to play Line Backer he will need to blitz often. He is a complete player. Penetrates the line, and has an uncanny combination of strength and pass-rush skills and he plays low. Wins the battles he should and the battles he shouldn't. He is a solid run defender with functional strength, and comes off his blocks as slippery as an eel. He ran a 4.67 40 at 265 pounds, and ran a terrific 3.94 short shuttle. He is athletic and flexible, but lacks ideal height.

27. Falcons Shaun Cody DT/DE USC


Key F.A. Signings:

Rich Coady, DB

Toby Gowin, P

Ed Hartwell, LB

Ronnie Heard, S

Todd Peterson, K

Brandon Mitchell, DT

Ike Reese, LB

Key F.A.  Loses:

Chris Draft, LB

Jay Feely, K (NYG)

Cory Hall, S

Travis Hall, DT

Ed Jasper, DT

Chris Mohr, P

Matt Stewart, LB (CLE)


Jim Mora is a defensive guy, and word is that he went to USC's Pro Day and was blown away by both Shaun Cody and Mike Patterson. Cody shouldn't have fallen this far. He knows how to use his hands to keep people off his body and has near psychic instincts. Falcons could probably use a WR or CB more, but every team wants to draft a young D-Lineman every year.

28. Chargers Roddy White WR UAB


Key F.A. Signings:

Bhawoh Jue, SS

Key F.A.  Loses:

Tim Dwight, WR/KR (NE)

Doug Flutie, QB

Jason Fisk, DT (CLE)

Roddy White has been the drafts fastest riser. WR is the one position where coming from a lower level of competition does hurt as much. White has good size and spectacular speed. His production was astounding. Chargers are not in desperate need for a step in starter, so White will be given a little time to develop. Keenan McCardell is 35 and Bolts don't really have anything behind him and Eric Parker. When your leading receiver is a TE drafting a WR is usually a good idea.

29. Colts Kevin Burnett OLB/ILB Tennessee





Key F.A. Signings:

Joaquin Gonzalez, T

Key F.A.  Loses:

Idrees Bashir, S (CAR)

Rick DeMulling, G (DET)

Marcus Pollard, TE (DET)

Hey Dungy let me let you in on a little secret- Offense sells tickets and defense wins championships. As in best Offense 29th ranked defense. Once again Dungy needs Defense. He is has a history of drafting high character players and Big 10 players. Word is he has targeted Luis Castillo. He ran a 1.70 10 yard dash, which is 100 times more important in judging D-Linemen then the forty. He is strong enough to play a 2-gap D-Tackle and quick enough to play a 1-gap D-Tackle. But I just see Linebacker as a bigger need for them right now. Burnett is little undersized but fast and productive. That is just the kind of Linebacker Dungy likes. Many scouts think Burnett can play Middle Linebacker as well as Outside. If Colts think so they will draft him here. They must pick up a starter in the middle in this draft. Burnett is a quick tenacious tackling machine who also has the versatility teams are looking for in the salary cap era. Is an amazing physical talent at 6-3 239 looks skinny and runs a 4.59 forty. He is a tenacious tackler who knocks people backwards on to their butts. The Pats are getting old at Inside Linebacker, and really need an infusion of youth and speed and Burnett would be an interesting pick if he lasts. Burnett played outside in college, but most scouts agree he can be moved inside. He is not the most instinctive LB in the draft, but his potential is almost limitless. Amazing speed and quickness allows him to make tackles all over the field.

30. Steelers Heath Miller TE Virginia



Key F.A. Signings:

Marco Battaglia , TE

Cedrick Wilson, WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Kendrell Bell, LB (KC)

Plaxico Burress, WR (NYG)

Kendrick Clancy, DT (NYG)

Jay Riemersma, TE

Oliver Ross, T (ARI)

Chad Scott, CB

Keydrick Vincent, G (BAL)

Justin Miller and Fabian Washington are the odds on favorites to go here, but Justin Miller got arrested last week and Washington will be gone. Matt Jones is flying up the charts as he keeps proving that he has WR skills and quickness. We all know about his amazing size/speed ratio. He has the hands the smarts and keeps showing he has the skills to make the conversion to WR. The Steelers have hit it big with converted QB's. Both Hines Ward and Antwaan Randell EL, and I've learned never to bet against a streak. Heath Miller is as good a TE prospect to come along since Winslow. Okay so it hasn't been that long, but he is a tall fast TE prospect with better hands then Winslow. He will be a starter next season for any team who picks him. Has some Medical issues that has scared off some teams. But like Vilma last season Jets doctors have cleared him.

31. Eagles Dan Cody OLB/DE Oklahoma


Key F.A. Signings:

Mike McMahon, QB

James Whalen, TE

Key F.A.  Loses:

Derrick Burgess, DE (OAK)

Jermane Mayberry, G (NO)

Ike Reese, LB (ATL)

Nate Wayne, LB

Word is Eagles like Cody, and could trade up to get him. Most people have him rated higher then I do. His medical history is a real worry for me and I would not draft him in the First Round. But he maybe the most aggressive player in the draft and has terrific natural pass rush ability. He can play DE or OLB depending on where they need him. He is a wonderful player whose pass rushing skills are desired by a lot of teams. Concerns about his depression and fainting will cause him to fall. If he is healthy, physically and mentally this pick could be the steal of the draft.

32. Patriots

Marlin Jackson CB/S Michigan


Key F.A. Signings:


Tim Dwight, WR

David Terrell, WR

Key F.A.  Loses:

Joe Andruzzi, G             

Troy Brown, WR/DB

Wilbert Brown, OG

Zeron Flemister, TE

Ty Law, CB

Earthwind Moreland, CB

David Patten, WR (WAS)

Roman Phifer, LB

Buck Rasmussen, DL

The one position where the Pats have to get a starter is at ILB. A CB/S would be a help as well. A Offensive Lineman at the Tackle position seems to be a depth need, and may be another LB. Marlin was going to be the next great Michigan Corner Back before he hit some snags, though they were self induced snags. He has the size to play Safety, and was a great cover Corner earlier in his career. He bounced back a Senior, and still appears to worthy of a first round selection. Belichick has interviewed him three times. So interest is definitely there. His ability to CB and Safety is a big plus for Belichick. If Belichick thinks his troubles are behind him he will grab him here. He has Started for four seasons, two at Free Safety and two at Corner in college. He only at Corner his Senior year, and dominated. He needs some refinement, but he has been phenomenal in recent workouts. He  has moved up to a first round prospect on many draft boards, and may not be available at 32. He has the toughest to play Safety, and the great foot quickness to play corner in Pro's. Ran a 4.5 and is flying up the charts. Pats need Inside Linebacker or two, and Barrett Rudd is the man. He is the hardest working LB in this draft, and at 6-2 and 240 pounds, he ran a 4.7 and is a very underrated athlete. He will start at Inside Linebacker before the season is over, and possible sooner. If you consider the Pats age and medical problems at Inside Linebacker they may even have to draft another ILB. But Rudd is the one player that appears to meet all of Belichicks criteria. He is tough productive smart and loves football. He is known as a film-aholic, and brags about how he goes to his coaches for extra work study and just to talk about football. He could be the pick here, but it looks like he may fall to them at 64. Super productive player in a great college program over the past 4 seasons. Has recorded almost 400 tackles in the past three seasons  He also had three pass defenses, four pressures, four forced fumbles and 3 sacks as a Senior. Has the great instincts that separate football players from athletes. Similar to Zack Thomas, in that he is undersized, but his exceptional instincts allow him to know where the play is going before anybody else on the defense does.  This may be the year Belichick breaks his Commandment of not drafting interior Offensive Linemen. This draft is one of the deepest drafts ever at the interior line positions. They have three Tackles, three Guards and one Center on there roster. They must draft some Offensive Line depth. David Baas was All-Big Ten as a Guard and a Center. He was an All-American at Center as a Senior last season. He has the talent to start on this team at three positions, and with the starters set he will be the primary back-up at all three interior Line positions. He is a great technician and an underrated athlete. Another interesting player is Marcus Johnson. If they trade down and pick up a second and third they could have a shot at Johnson. He is a good athlete for such a huge man. He can play Guard and Right Tackle. He has 37 inch long arms. He is terrific at spotting his man on the run and hitting him. He is very good at keeping his body under control while going forward and backwards. In the second round- Corey Webster is the lastest LSU player to catch my eye. He has been a productive starter for Saban for the past 3 years. He played better as a Junior, and said a hamstring injury slowed him down his senior year. He ran a 4.6, so he probably is sliding our of the first round. Jackson ran a 4.5 so that's why I have him as their pick and not Webster. The fact that all three are still available is the reason I think they should trade down and pick up an extra 3rd round pick. Taking one of the three players Rudd, Marlin, or Webster in the second would be a nice steal and nice savings on the cap as well. Plus it would allow them a second shot at those three players at 64, and a couple of shots in the third to pick up some depth (They traded their third round pick  Duane Starks but pick up a compensation pick at the end of the third round, number 100). An interesting Inside Linebacker prospect is Robert McCune. He is short, but extremely muscular and strong. He is a 244 pound granite block with 4.5 forty speed. He is an over-aged prospect (26), who went into the U.S. Army National Guard for three years after High School. He started off last season a little slow because of surgery, but still had 105 tackles. He had 143 tackles as a Junior. He's built like Vincent Brown and plays like Tedy Bruschi. Evan Mathis is a rugged O-Guard from Alabama. He has the size to play Tackle, and the can-do attitude to play ant position on the O-Line. He may be the most versatile O-Lineman in the draft. And call me crazy but I'm partial to Alabama O-Guards, does John Hannah ring a bell. In the third round-Alfred Fincher played Inside LB at Connecticut. He's a little under-sized and little slow over-achiever. He worked his way into a dominating player at Connecticut, but there are some questions about moving up to the next level. He could be a terrific story, or someone just not quite athletic enough. But he is a smart instinctive player who gives it his all on the field, and you can't help but root for him. He was a Massachusetts High School player who stayed in New England for college. He is the type of player you want to see play for the Patriots.

Don't forget Belichick's Ten draft Commandments:

1. He has never drafted an Offensive Guard.

2. He has never drafted a player he named in his pre-draft press conference.

He likes to draft:

3. Tough players who beat up their opponents physically.

4. Smart players who understand coaching and strategy.

5. Versatile players who help at multiple positions.

6. Team players- commitment, loyalty, sacrifice to win. Also helps to explain not taking underclassman.

7. Players who love football- who value football above almost all else.

8. Extremely hard workers- players whose work ethic is important to them: off season work outs, film study, weight room, what does he do on the bench when not playing.

9. Production- what players do and donít do in college counts.

10. Guts and determination. Will not quit in the clutch.

The two commandments he broke last season:

1. He has never drafted an underclassman- Marquise Hill.

2. He has never drafted a University of Miami player- Vince Wilfork.


Please note 2 players who were injured from last years draft who, if they can stay healthy, will have a huge impact next season. Guss Scott- he was the biggest surprise of training camp. He had already solidified the third safety spot. There was talk of moving Wilson to corner when Poole went down and moving Scott into the starting free safety spot. Ben Watson- Super smart and super athlete and super lack of production. He is maybe the best athlete in the whole NFL. If he can stay healthy, and that is a big if, he could the best TE in the league.






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