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Players Pats would most like in the first round: 1. Patrick Wilis- 6-1.5, 242, 4.49 ILB- Willis is not only a great athlete he is a great football player. Fills the runner's Lane like no other Linebacker in this draft. Not fooled by Play-Action. Excellent in zone coverage, and can run with TE down the middle of the field. Reminds me of Ray Lewis.
2. Reggie Nelson- 6', 198, 4.35 S- Bigger, faster, and stronger then Eugene Wilson, He is a dynamo on the field. Was the main catalyst for the Champion's secondary. Has great range in coverage, and can play Centerfield like Wilson. He maybe the one player Belichick craves. Has great production over his three years at Florida, and has knack for making the big play.
3. Chris Houston- 5-10 187 4.32 CB- Pure speed and quickness. Is most athletic DB in this draft. He is a track guy, but not just a track guy. He can play football. He is tougher then people think. Can really lock up a receiver in man to man coverage. My question is if Assante stays with the team next season, who is our Nickel Corner, and  how long does Assante stay?
4. Michael Griffin- 6-, 195, 4.38 FS- Terrific prospect. Really looks the part. Has terrific production: 366 career TKL, 7 career Sacks, 27 PBU. Good Tackler. Takes good angles. He could be the pick for Pats because he can play both Safety spot, though I see him as a Free Safety were his deep speed can used better. The deciding factor is he is experience on Special Teams.  
5. Paul Posluszny- 6-1, 233, 4.55  ILB- Started at OLB first three years at Penn ST, and most experts have him classified as an OLB. Played Inside as a Senior, giving him the experience and versatility Belichick loves. Doesn't have great instincts, and sometimes look like he is thinking too much on the field. Is not known as a great blitzer. Is excellent in coverage and can run with TE. 
6. Aaron Rouse- 6-3, 217, 4.5 RB- Has the Speed and quickness to be a an excellent cover Safety. Is Huge for a Safety so people assume he can't cover. This is a Huge mistake. He is great in Man and Zone Coverage. He is not a LB, he is a Legit Safety. Can cover TEs all over the field. Is better then most Safeties against the run, but not a knock out hitter his size would suggest.

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