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Pats Fan Pages:

NE Pats Draft- well done mock. 

Murphy's Patriots- Great Pats pod-cast.

FoxboroNation - Updated Pats blog + links.

Mrs. B's Patriots World- Lots of Links. 

NFL Draft Links:

Walter's Football Site- Excellent Mock Draft.

HailRedskins.com- Mocks from all perspective

FF-Toolbox- 5 Mocks Updated 4/2.

DC Pro Sports- draft Database- story link

EastCoastSports- Lots of Draft Information

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Football Fan Spot- Nice Mock


Arm Chair GM- Interesting fan forum

NFL.com- a better resource each year


Ourlads- I am a long time subscriber

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Other Links:

My Springsteen Page- Music fan only please

Boston Globe- Constant news source.

Patriots.com- terrific resource.

Boston Herald- same as Globe

SatelliteDirect - Highest Converting 

Tv To PC Product.

Pats Prove Mental Toughness Again.


updated 12/27

Patriots Vs The Flu


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updated 12/25

Merry Christmas

A Big Ugly Win By The Big Uglies.


updated 12/20

Patriots Vs The Worst Backups In The NFL


updated 12/19

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I Was Wrong Rant.


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I Like My Bear Roasted On A Spicket.


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Patriots Vs the Monday Night Letdown


updated 12/9

You asked for it Rex,

You Got It!


updated 12/7

Patriots Vs the Future


updated 12/3

A Must-Win Rant.


updated 12/3

Patriots get An A!


updated 11/26

Patriots Vs the Lesson!


updated 11/25

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Patriots Playoff Preview.


updated 11/22

Patriots Vs The Streak.


updated 11/20

Patriots Get Redemption.


updated 11/15

Patriots Vs The Three.


updated 11/14

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Patriots Lose, Focus.


updated 11/8

Patriots Vs the Trap!


updated 11/6

A Meeting of the Mindless and Moss.


updated 11/5

A Tale of Two Toms.


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A Tale of Two Toms.


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Patriots Vs Brad Childress's Mouth.


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3,ooo Miles Form Graceland


updated 10/23

Running Meriweather Out Of Town


updated 10/19

A D-Lightful Victory


updated 10/18

The Mossless Patriots Vs A Rolling Stone


updated 10/17

The Fat Lady is Singing


updated 10/10

A Special Victory Down in Miami


updated 10/5


Pats Vs The Hard Nosed Dolphins


updated 10/2


Pats Out Run Buffalo


updated 9/24

Pats VS What's Left of the Bills


updated 9/21

Week Two Review, Redux.


updated 9/23

Week Two Review:


updated 9/20

Week Two Rreview:


updated 9/16

Week One Review: One up, Two Down


updated 9/12

Week One Preview


updated 9/10

And now back to our regularly scheduled program... Part One


updated 8/29

And now back to our regularly scheduled program... Part TWO


updated 8/23

A Horrible Racist Rant


updated 8/23

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