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Falcons Part II.


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7-Things For The Falcons: Part II.

By Tom Mahoney

4. Kyle Pitts- Kyle Pitts is a great player. He was my favorite player in the Draft. He was a one-man wrecking crew at Florida. The problem is that he doesn’t have to be one-man wrecking crew this week. Pitts, Cordarrelle Patterson, and

Calvin Ridley are their three primary weapons. Pitts and Patterson account for over 1,000-yards receiving, and their next four for less than a 1,000-yards. It takes the next five or six players to add up to another 1,000-yards receiving. If the Pats Defense can take those two away? They will win this game easily

“CP [Cordarrelle Patterson] is capable of really, with the ball in his hands, pretty much anything on the field. He's a tremendous player. We certainly saw that when we were here. He's dynamic. He can break the game open on kick returns, catching the ball, and running the ball or a combination of both. He did that for us. He's done that for every team he's been with in the league. He's tough. He's a very competitive player, and he's got a very good and explosive skill set. He's a problem,” Belichick said. “When you talk about Atlanta, it's Patterson and Pitts in whatever order you want to put them in. They both touch the ball a lot. Really, Patterson touches it more than Pitts does, but they're both really good, and, when they get it, they're a big problem.  

“He's a really good football player, and him and Pitts have given the Falcons a lot of offensive production, and they've also created, I'd say, a lot of opportunities for other players because you're so focused on them. With [Mike] Davis in there too as the third guy, all those guys are guys that see the ball a lot and they're all a big problem when they get it.”

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that Belichick’s plan is to take Cordarrelle Patterson out of the Game. And no one knows CP as well as BB. This is going to be a battle in the Secondary, to Stop CP, and slow Pitts, until he makes a rookie mistake. We have all seen that BB is the best at taking away what a team does best. And he knows Patterson as well as anyone. Having coached him for a couple of years. So he will be seeing some doubles.

“CP is having a tremendous year. No play he makes really surprises me. I've seen him make those before. He runs by guys on go-routes. He takes short runs or passes and explosively breaks tackles or busts through a hole and chews up 25, 30 or more yards in a hurry,” Belichick said. “He's got excellent hands, big hands. He's a big guy. Hard to overthrow or hard for the quarterback to miss him, and [Matt] Ryan doesn't miss many anyway. He's an excellent target with good hands and a strong, powerful man that's very hard to tackle.”

So this will be a battle of who has the best weapons. Neither team looked like they had the best weapons earlier in the season. But Patterson and Pitts have come through for the Falcons. Just like Meyers, Bourne, and Agholor have for the Pats. Plus, the Pats have the two Free Agent tight ends Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. Which give Mac more weapons than Matty Ice. It will be interesting to see who Belichick wants to take out of the game: Patterson or Pitts. My money is one Patterson, but the next time they play it will be Pitts.

5. Thursday Night Football Preview- This game will be decided by which teams Defense can stop the other’s Offense on Thursday Night, which is different from Sunday Afternoon. Atlanta has the advantage, because they don’t have to travel a few days after their last games. However the team was cut, with the benching of Matty Ice. While the Pats were bolstered by a Super Bowl Effort by the O-line and defense, both of which made Mac much better. Plus, the Pats certainly have the advantage in coaching.  

“It’s (Thursday night Football) really about, for the coaching staff to the players, learning about your opponent. You have less time to make decisions. From a coaching standpoint, you need to make good decisions. You need to make them quickly. If you give the team a poor game plan or poor direction, then it's really hard for them to overcome that,” Belichick said. “There's pressure on both coaching staffs to do that, and, again, Atlanta is a hard team to get ready for. They do a number of different things, both offensively and defensively. You have to make a decision, whether you're going to put your chips on, ‘They do a lot, but this is what we think they're going to do’ Or, ‘Cover everything and be light on something they end up doing a lot of."

However, I think the Falcons are a bit of a wounded animal. They got cornered last week. Granted, they got cornered by themselves. But this is it. This is do or die time for them. Fighting a cornered animal is not the best choice a dude can make. So the Falcons cornered and wounded team knows that is do or die time. They will start out hard and fast. But they haven’t shown they can fight their way out yet. They are 4 and 5, and teetering on the edge. I think they fall over here.

“Again, from the players' standpoint, today's Thursday for us really for a Sunday game, and we haven't even been given the scouting report yet. It's a lot of information for the players to absorb of the individual players, the schemes, and then situational football,” Belichick said. “There's again, another thing that Coach [Arthur] Smith and the Falcons are very good at, so familiarizing ourselves with situational players that really different from, let's call it normal plays, that's something we'll have to really study hard too. Both teams have the same schedule, so it is what it is. It's just cramming a lot of information in a short amount of time and making good decisions that you don't want to clutter things up, but at the same time, you don't want to be unprepared. That's the fine line of it.”

6. Pats Win- The Pats win. Matty Ice is slowing down, and The Big Mac Attack is speeding up. Matty Ice had maybe his worst game of the season last week, and Jones had maybe his best. The Big Mac Attack doesn’t have to be as good as he was last week to win.

Plus, the Pats Defense took it to a new level as well. Speaking of stepping up, the Pats O-line, now six dudes strong, was healthy and together for the first time this season. That Offense, with that superb O-line from last week, should run over the Falcons. Pats Win.

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