7-Things for

Bills Part III.


Patriots Game


7-Things For The Bills: Part III.

By Tom Mahoney

6. Running To AFC East Champion- The Pats main advantage against the Bills in this bad weather game is the run game. BB knew that he couldn’t win with a Rookie QB, without a great run game. So the Patriots built up the O-line, Drafted some big backs, and built the best run game in the AFC East. Which also makes them the favorite in cold weather games in December and January. They have some small speed backs, and two big backs who can pound a defense into submission.

“Yeah, I don’t know. Play Buffalo on Monday night,” Belichick said. “We’ll see. Eight games. Look, eight games isn’t enough to clinch anything or win anything. We have a long way to go.”

The Pats O-line has gotten better each week. With Wynn playing well. Ted Karras and Davis Andrews are smaller undersized guys who have been dominating inside. While Shaq Mason had been the consistency of the line. Trent Brown seemed to be the missing piece, and Michael Onwenu has been the funnest chess piece to watch in the NFL. The Power run will win this Game for the Pats in the wild winds of Buffalo NY, with warnings of 60 MPH winds! The Bills can’t run the ball, and you can’t throw into or out of 60 MPH winds.

“We have confidence in all our backs. They've all been productive. Brandon's [Bolden] been productive. Rhamondre and Damien have been productive. James White was productive. J.J. [Taylor] was productive when he had an opportunity, as many as the other three guys, or four guys including James. We, fortunately, have good depth in the backfield, and they've all been productive,” Belichick said. Then talked about Harris and Stevenson. “They're both bigger, physical guys. I don't know. They're both productive.”

Mark my words. This is going to get ugly. The O-line and RBs are going to win this game in a whirlwind in Buffalo Stadium. It will be cold, ugly, and violent. And while the Pats have groomed a top five run game, to help their rookie QB. The Bills have gone the opposite way, and built a finesse passing Offense to make their star QB happy. This is not the week for a pretty passing game. This is going to be an old school slugfest, like when QBs didn’t throw the ball that much. It will an upset if a team passes for over 200-yards. But if a team can run for 200-yards or so? They will win.

7. Pats Win: Pats win. I’m out of time, so here it is. The Pats have the better Defense and the better run game. In a weather game, those are the two biggest factors. A team is going to have to get damn lucky to throw in this whirlwind. I don’t see how the Bills do that against the Patriots great Defense, and ballhawking Secondary. But… the Pats could run for a buck-fifty to 200. That would allow them to win ugly and easy.

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