The 2019

Patriots Season. 


3 Things For Sunday: Part III.

Mock Part II.


We all know how much Belichick digs the Shrine Bowl. The Pats will be looking to pick up some important players on Day Two and Three. This game is really the start of Day Three. Drafts and seasons are won and lost on Day three. 

There is a great group of WRs down here, and maybe a better group of Tight Ends. There are also a couple of QBs who the Pats would be interested in on Day Three. 

This is a match up sheet for the Shine Bowl. So you can see who is playing who. I may have updates in an hour or two, but it might be too late now. So here we go:  

East Offense:

#7 Tommy Stevens- QB, Mississippi State, 6-5, 229- Good QB who has a chance to get drafted with a great showing here.

#11 Kevin Davidson- QB, Princeton, 6-4, 225    

#12 James Morgan- QB, Florida International, 6-4, 230-


#10 Malcolm Perry- WR, Navy, 5-9, 190- This is the kind of kid who has to end up being picked by Belichick after the Draft. He is not just a Navy kid, he is also a small Wes Welker sized Slot guy.

#13 Mason Kinsey- WR, Berry, 5-11, 191-

#14 Diondre Overton- WR, Clemson          6-4, 210       

#16 Freddie Swain- WR, Florida, 6', 199-

#17 Isaiah Wright- WR, Temple, 6-1, 214          

#18 Josh Hammond- WR, Florida, 6-4, 194-

#19 Derrick Dillon- WR, LSU, 5-11, 185-

#80 Aaron Parker- WR, Rhode Island, 6-2, 205-

#81 Keith Gavin- WR. Florida State, 6-2, 208-

#82 Joe Reed- WR, Virginia, 6-1, 215- This guy can play. I’m not sure why he wasn’t invited to the Senior Bowl. He was Virginia’s clutch Number One WR. They played in a Bowl game with him as their No. 1. Runs patterns to get open and has great size and hands. This is the deepest WR class I have ever seen, but he should still be a Day Two guy. He is one of the top players in this Game.

#88 Ja'Marcus Bradley- WR, Louisiana, 6-1, 195-


#85 Giovanni Ricci- TE, Western Michigan, 6-3, 245- He is more of a move tight end. He knows how to use his hands to push off and create space. Runs good patterns from the Seam. Excellent blocker on the edge, on bubble screen. He can get to the outside CB and drive block him out of bounds. He will stick his shoulder into the Edgerusher but can get knocked back on his butt. He needs more sand in his pants.

#47 Eli Wolf- TE, Georgia, 6-4, 240- He didn’t make an impact on me last season at all. He was a graduate transfer from Tennessee.

2019:  Co-winner of the Offensive Newcomer of the Year, given at team's post-season awards gala...played in all 14 games, starting in the final two...finished season with 13 receptions for 194 receiving yards and one TD...caught four passes for 73 yards vs. Murray State...two catches vs. Florida included a key 22-yard third-down conversion on the Bulldogs' final drive...lone catch vs. Auburn was the Bulldogs' final score of the day, from five yards out with 6:27 left in the third quarter...caught one pass for 47 yards vs. Georgia Tech.

65. Mitchell Wilcox- 6-5, 245, Tight End, South Florida, #89- Taken from 2020 PatsDraft.Com NFL Draft Book- He has some quick feet in pattern breaking outside. He knows how to get open in pattern. He can be slippery in pattern. He has great hands. He has that knack for diving out and digging the ball out of the dirt. They mostly line him up in the slot as the Slot WR. He will get down the seam and turn back inside to look at the QB, then spin back outside when the QB takes off to his side.

They will line him up like an H-back outside the OLT. He will line up inline and get a good release around the OLB and run down the Seam. He will line up outside in the middle of Trips. The QB likes to throw to him on deep and intermediate patterns more than short patterns. He can cause a lot of problems between the numbers. He has that knack for getting open 20-yards downfield.

He will line up inside the ORT and can curl inside to single block the DT. He will block the DE on the Edge on Dives. He will line up outside the WR. and turn and block the CB infront of the WR as they run a little screen for the WR. They like to run little WR like screens to him from the seam and have him run behind the two outside WRs.

He has some athleticism and will dive out and catch the ball. He can get deep down the seam. He will dive out for some passes when it doesn’t look like he has too. But there is no doubt that he can Superman out and make the spectacular diving catch. He can make DBs miss after the catch. He has some Gronk running after the catch. Gronk is his favorite player.

He can move nicely across the O-line and find the ILB blitzing on the other side of the OC. Nice cut blocker on the Edgerusher on inside runs. He will go across the line for the crack back and give a good wallop. He will also dive at the blitzer’s feet when he shoots the gap before he can get there.

He can chase down the CB and tackle him off the INT. Nice job pushing off the DB and coming back for the pass. He models his game after Gronk, and it shows up when he is blocking. He is not just an H-back. He is a legit tight end.

#22 Tavien Feaster- RB, Clemson, 5-11, 222-

#26 Adrian Killins Jr- RB, Central Florida, 5-7, 164-

#32 Benny LeMay- RB, Charlotte, 5-8, 216-

#35 Rico Dowdle- RB, South Carolina, 5-11, 216-


#53 Darryl Williams- OC, Mississippi State, 6-2, 306-

#59 Luke Juriga- OC, Western Michigan, 6-3, 296-

#66 Sean Pollard- OC, Clemson, 6-5, 319-

#50 Michael Onwenu- OG, Michigan, 6-3, 350-

#61 Cameron Clark- OG, Charlotte, 6-4, 300-

#64 Kyle Murphy- OG, Rhode Island, 6-3, 290-

#69 Gage Cervenka- OG, Clemson, 6-3, 324-

#70 John Phillips- ORG. BC, 6-6, 308- He is good moving to his left in the zone block. The RBs like to cut between him and Petrula. Nice job pulling to the left and taking out the DE. He is a starting ORG in the NFL. Great run blocker. He switched back from OLG to ORG in his four years at BC. He can play OG on either side.

#74 Steven Gonzalez- OLG, Penn State, 6-4, 346- Teams tend not to rush his lane. He does a great job chipping to both sides when they don’t rush his lane. Huge and powerful OLG, who they will have pull to the right. Points things out to his teammates. Moves back with perfect position in pass pro. Nice job picking up the late Blitzer. Plays low and wide consistently. Nice job moving forward into the DT, turning and pushing him outside on inside runs. Very strong and balanced.


#68 Evan Ksiezarczyk- OT, Buffalo, 6-6, 312-

#73 Jake Benzinger- OT, Wake Forest, 6-7, 308-

#75 Jon Runyan- OLT, Michigan, 6-4, 319- I thought he was an NFL OLT in the beginning of the year. But he didn’t look like an NFL OLT in the Bowl game.

#77 Matt Womack- ORG-ORT, Alabama, 6-7, 335- Missed some of the 2018 season due to injury but is back in the starting mix along the offensive line as a senior ... a versatile player who can play right tackle or guard ... has 15 career starts with 14 at right tackle in 2017 and one at right guard in 2019.

#78 Jack Driscoll- OT, Auburn, 6-4, 300- Nice hands to grab shirt, and smart to help the DE rush upfield on the draw. He has a smooth and easy kickslide moving backwards. He is an NFL OT. He could keep his hands up better, but man he has great bouncy feet moving back quick in pass pro. Great hand placement.

He does a great job getting his hands inside in the shirt and dancing and controlling the DE. He can pick up the OLB late and get low and escort him upfield. Grabs the inside rusher easily and pushes him up and stops him right in front of the QB. Strong, and stays balanced.

#4 Cooper Rothe- K, Wyoming, 5-11, 181-

#3 Tommy Townsend- P, Florida, 6-2, 190-

West Defense:

#27 Chris Williamson- CB, Minnesota, 6', 198   

#28 Keith Washington II- CB, West Virginia, 6', 177-

#31 Luq Barcoo- CB, San Diego St, 6-1, 175- San Diego puts unheralded CBs in the NFL. So I’m sayin’ there’s a chance.

Pronounced Luke BAR-koo ... Former junior college transfer who impressed the coaching staff in the 2018 fall camp and found his way onto the two-deep ... An excellent cover corner ... Is expected to start opposite Darren Hall ... Also sees time on special teams.

#37 Jace Whittaker- CB, Arizona, 5-10, 185-


#23 Austin Lee- FS, BYU, 6', 200-

#24 Marc-Antoine Dequay- S, Montreal, 6-2, 195-

#29 Jordan Glasgow- SS, Michigan, 6', 226-

#32 DeMarkus Acy- FS, Missouri, 6', 197- I like this kid.

#33 Patrick Nelson- SMU, 6', 216-

#34 Luther Kirk- FS, Illinois State, 6-1, 192-

#36 David Dowell- SS, Michigan St, 6' 206- I believe this kid is an NFL player. Minimally he makes a team on special teams.



#40 John Houston Jr- LB, USC, 6-3, 220-

#42 Dante Olson- LB. Montana, 6-3, 241-

#44 Kyahva Tezino- LB, San Diego ST, 6', 233-

#47 Dele Harding- LB, Illinois, 6-1, 230-

#51 Casey Toohill- LB Stanford, 6-3, 245- I love this kid. I don’t know what happened to him this season, but he can play.

#53 Mykal Walker- LB, Fresno St, 6-3, 225-


#55 Bryce Huff- DE, Memphis, 6-2, 255- He likes to play with his hand in the dirt. Lines up on the strong side a lot. He plays and stays low as well as any Edge in this Draft. He like to dip and rip, needs to hand fight better at his size to be successful in the NFL. Nice flash to the QB when they don’t block him. He has some explosion in his get-off. Arm length is going to be huge for him at the Combine. Nice job dragging the ORT inside, so the blitzer gets a free run outside of him.

2018 (Junior): Played in all 14 games ... Made eight starts ... Squad’s 10th-leading tackler with 49 total hits (35 solo) ... Posted 13 multi-tackle performances ... Led team in TFL (19), TFL yardage (80), sacks (9.5) and sack yardage (53)... Tied for team lead with seven QB hurries.

#91 Derrek Tuszka- DE, North Dakota ST, 6-4, 246- Small school Edge, who has to show he can play with the big boys. A small school Edge, who only had 16 sacks the past two years. He is a Day Three guy at best.

2018 SEASON (JUNIOR): Honorable mention All-Missouri Valley Football Conference...Played all 15 games at defensive end including seven starts...Second on the Bison and seventh in the MVFC with 12.0 tackles for loss...Tied with teammate Cole Karcz for sixth in the league with 7.5 sacks...Also credited with seven quarterback hurries...Totaled 48 tackles, sixth most on the team.

#92 Ladarius Hamilton- DE, North Texas, 6-2, 252- It is a long way to go for him to get to the NFL. He better be prepared to play special teams.


#97 Bryce Sterk- DT/DE, Montana St, 6-3, 257- He is a hard working kid, who isn’t an Edge. It looks like they moved him inside at Shrine, to see if he is a One-gapping 3-Tech.

#52 John Penisini- DT, Utah, 6'-1, 324- Huge run stuffer who I loved to watch play. When he hits the QB he hurts him. I really like the way the Utah D-lineman played. That line was filled with Day Two and Day Three DLs, who looked to me like they can play in the NFL.

#93 Chris Williams- Wagner, 6-3, 308        -

#94 Khalil Davis- DT, Nebraska, 6', 305-

#96 Carlos Davis- Nebraska, 6-1, 312- I loved the Nebraska DLs almost as much as the Utah DLs, but Utah had an Edge that could hit the QB. Any team  that gets a DT from Utah or Nebraska late on Day Three is going to have a steal. Davis is a 5th year Senior NT, who has that knack for hitting the quarterback, and when he does… watch out!

#98 Raequan Williams- DT. Michigan State, 6-4, 302- He looks to me like the best DT at the Shrine. Terrific player at Mich ST, and he probably should have been invited to the Senior Bowl. If he has a great week, he could get the call up.

#99 Bravvion Roy- DT, Baylor, 6-1, 333- Senior defensive tackle, one of the strongest players on the team ... Has played in 34 games with 16 starts in his career ... 2019 Preseason All-Big 12 (Athlon, Phil Steele).

2018 (Junior): Appeared in all 13 games this season, starting 11 of them ... On the year had 34 tackles (15 solo), 3.0 TFL, 1.5 sacks and 1 blocked kick.

#11 Pechin Alex- P, Bucknell, 6', 210-

#2 Dominik Eberle- P, Utah St, 6-1, 190-
























East Defense:

#41 Nevelle Clarke- CB, Central Florida, 6-1, 185-

#21 Isiah Swann- CB, Dartmouth, 6', 195-

#23 Elijah Riley- CB, Army, 6', 205-

113. Lavert Hill- 5-11, 182, CB, Michigan, #24- Taken from 2020 PatsDraft.Com NFL Draft Book- 2020  Two-time All-Big Ten honoree by the Associated Press (first team, 2018; second team, 2017). Semifinalist for the Paycom Jim Thorpe Award honoring the nation's top defensive back (2018). Has appeared in 36 games, with 25 starts at cornerback in his Michigan career. One of four players in U-M history with multiple interceptions returned for touchdowns, joining Thom Darden (1969-71), Lance Dottin (1991), and teammate Brandon Watson (2018).

#27 Parnell Motley- CB, Oklahoma, 5-11, 180- This guy can play. He doesn’t have the best hands but has that knack for creating turnovers. It is a mystery to me.

#29 John Reid- CB, Penn State, 5-11, 194-









































#31 Myles Dorn- North Carolina, 6-1, 198-

#33 Rodney Clemons- SS, SMU, 6', 206-

#37 Shyheim Carter-  S/CB, Alabama, 5-11, 192-

#20 Jeremiah Dinson- SS, Auburn, 5-11, 192-

#39 Stantley Thomas-Oliver III- Florida International, 6-1, 185-















#42 Rashad Smith- LB, Florida Atlantic, 6-2, 225-

#45 Michael Divinity Jr- LB, LSU, 6-1, 243-

#55 Shaquille Quarterman- 6-1, 240, Miami, OLB- They need him to find the ball carrier much more this season. He had good production last season with 14 TFLs and 6 Sacks on 82 Tackles. Those are some great stats for a Will/ILB. He can get physical with the OG trying to block him with a shoulder hit, and go low to get to the RB behind him.

Taken from 2020 PatsDraft.Com NFL Draft Book-

#56 Michael Pinckney- 6-1, 230, Will-

2018 (Junior): Delivered another standout season, starting all 12 games in which he participated...Earned All-ACC Honorable Mention recognition...Ranked third on team with 74 total tackles (35 solo)...Added 11.0 tackles for loss...Had 3.5 sacks and one interception...Had two PBUs and credited with five quarterback hurries.
2017 (Sophomore): Saw action in all 13 games with 11 starts...Finished third with 68 tackles...Added 11.0 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks...Had one interception and two pass breakups...Recorded one fumble recovery...Was among Miami's top defensive contributors...All-ACC Honorable Mention recognition...Earned one ACC Linebacker of the Week honor...Posted three tackles (two solo) and 1.0 TFL (three yards) in season opener against Bethune-Cookman (Sept. 2).

#92 Cameron Gill- LB, Wagner, 6-2, 234-





































































#54 Kendall Coleman- Syracuse, DEm 6-3,  251-

#91 James Smith-Williams-, DE, North Carolina ST, 6-3, 255-

#94 Michael Danna- DE, Michigan, 6-2, 257         -

#95 Alex Highsmith- DE, Charlotte, 6-3, 244-

#97 Joe Gaziano- DE, Northwestern, 6-4, 267-

#98 Austin Edwards- DE, Ferris State, 6-3, 280-


#51 Auzoyah Alufohai- DT, West Georgia, 6-5, 328-

#71 Tershawn Wharton- DT, Missouri S&T, 6-1, 275-

#90 Garrett Marino- DT, Alabama-Birmingham, 6-1, 290-

#93 McTelvin Agim- DT, Arkansas, 6-3, 300- Agim is an interesting DL who reminds me of Deatrich Wise, only he lines up more inside and stays and plays lower. He is another guy that Bielema recruited to Arkansas. So, the Pats have the inside track on him.

I really like his game as a DT and 5-Tech. The Patriots will be looking at him next April, for the right price of course. He looks like a Day Three pick for the Pats, who can step into the system and maybe play as a rookie. He was the guy other teams doubled last season, and he produced the best stats for Arkansas in the SEC.































West Offense:

#1 Tyler Huntley- QB, Utah, 6-1, 205- Yeah, this guy can play. He has some clutch in him. He is a little short but knows how to use his feet to extend the play and throw. I would be shocked if he wasn’t a starter in this game. He is a winner. Throws the deep ball with great touch and accuracy. Smart QB who can get to his 3rd or 4th read comfortably. He is the best QB in this Game, or ah… Bowl?

The Pats will be looking for a QB again this year. Huntley has shown the clutch that they need, and he is being undervalued. If he last down into he 3rd or 4th Round, he should be in Foxboro this Summer.

UTAH: First-team All-Pac-12 quarterback played in 37 career games with 33 starts, missing eight games with injuries … 23-10 record as the starter, which ranks third all-time in career wins … broke the school records for career completion percentage (.672) and single-season completion percentage (.730), yards per pass completion (14.1), passing efficiency (177.55) and total offense yards per play (8.3) … 20 career 200-yard passing games ranks fourth all-time at Utah … two-time honorable mention Pac-12 All-Academic.

2019: Pac-12 All-Conference first-team … Pro Football Focus All-America third-team … was a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and the Manning Award, and was a semifinalist for the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, the Davey O’Brien Award and the Lombardi Award … named AP Co-Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year … invited to the 2020 East-West Shrine Bowl ... started all 14 games … 220-of-301 passing (4 INT, 19 TD) for 3,092 yards, adding 104 carries for 290 yards and five rushing touchdowns.

#7 Kelly Bryant- QB, Missouri, 6-4, 225- He is another interesting QB the Pats will have to think about on Day Three. He has the size and the arm to play QB in the NFL. He likes to run too much or did when he played at Clemson. He should be a more matured QB now. Good thrower rolling out. He has a lot of big game experience. He has some clutch in him. Keeps the option too much. He needs to be more of a thrower to play in the NFL. Still too much of a runner at Missouri.

Former four-star recruit who was the nation’s No. 11 quarterback in the class of 2015 according to … Comes to Mizzou as a graduate transfer from Clemson, where he led the Tigers to a 2017 College Football Playoff berth, starting all 14 games for the ACC Champions … One of 11 finalists for the Manning Award … One of 16 semifinalists for the Davey O’Brien Award … Was 262-of-398 passing for 2,802 yards and 13 touchdowns against eight interceptions in 886 snaps over 14 games (14 starts) … Completed 65.8 percent of his passes and had a 131.7 pass efficiency rating … Had 665 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns on 192 carries … His 12 wins were the most ever by a first-year starting QB in Clemson history.

#6 Mason Fine- QB, North Texas, 5-10, 191- Tiny guy who is a pocket passer, not a waterbug running around the backfield. His size really hurts him as he is a thrower not a scrambler. We will see how he looks when he takes a huge step up from North Texas to Shrine Bowl.

2019: Named a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. Named Preseason Offensive Player of the Year and was an all-conference selection by C-USA's 14 head coaches. One of five team captains and a member of the team's leadership council. Ranked 31st in the FBS in passing yards (3,088) and was T-17th in the FBS in passing touchdowns (29) in 12 games. Completed 257-414 passes for 3,088 yards, an average of 257.3 yards a game, 29 touchdowns, nine interceptions and a 62.1 completion percentage in 2019, also added two rushing touchdowns.

#86 Juwan Johnson- WR, Oregon, 6-4, 231- Penn ST transfer who can look real good, but then will disappear for a while. He has to get more consistent creating separation in pattern.

#10 Chris Finke- WR, Notre Dame, 5-9, 184- Little slot guy who is known more as a  punt returner.

#12 Johnathon Johnson- WR, Missouri, 5-8, 179-

#13 Jordan McCray- WR, Oklahoma ST, 6-6, 190- Huge WR, who needs to learn to run patterns better. He needs to create separation better, but because of his size he is also always open.

#14 Dezmon Patmon- WR, Washington State, 6-4, 223- CAREER: Four-year letterwinner…appeared in 43 games, 12 as a starter…156 receptions for 1,976 yards and 13 touchdowns…averaged 12.7 yards-per-catch…four 100-yard efforts…caught a pass in 33 straight games.

SENIOR (2019): Named to Biletnikoff Award Watch List...named to Preseason All-Pac-12 Conference honorable mention…appeared in all 13 games, three as a starter…caught 58 passes for 762 yards and eight touchdowns…fourth on team with 58 catches, third on team with 762 rec yards...second on team with eight TD catches...averaged 13.1 yards-per-catch...had 40 catches that resulted in a TD or 1st.

#15 Nick Westbrook- WR Indiana, 6-3, 215- 2019: Totaled three catches for 103 yards, including a 75-yard touchdown, in win over Ball State ... three receptions for 31 yards against Ohio State ... had two receptions for 32 yards and a touchdown in win over UConn ... two catches for three yards at Michigan State ... totaled five catches for 50 yards and a touchdown in victory over Rutgers ... six receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown in win at Maryland ... eclipsed the 2,000 receiving yard career mark in win over Northwestern with five receptions for 59 yards ... five catches for 34 yards at Penn State ... had two catches for 49 yards against Michigan, moving in to the Top 10 on the school’s career receptions list ... had five receptions for 88 yards and a touchdown in victory at Purdue ... Academic All-Big Ten selection.

#16 John Hightower- WR, Boise State, 6-2, 185- Another guy I’m surprised he is here. Although, he probably shouldn’t have been at the Senior Bowl. When I watched him he did a good job, not great, at getting open in pattern. He has good hands, and has good not great size. So I guess I’m saying he’s good.

#19 Binjimen Victor- WR, Ohio ST, 6-4, 199- Great talent. But erratic. He should have been at the Senior Bowl, but he struggles to get open in pattern. But when they throw him the ball, he is so dynamic catching it and running. I heard he was showing his explosiveness in practices for this game.

I thought if he showed any kind of consistency last season, he could be a Day Two guy, but he didn’t. But when he goes up high and snags the ball over a CB, and then runs like a deer into the Endzone, he looks like a 1st Round talent. But again, it was rare for him to have over two or three catches in a game.

#22 LeVante Bellamy- RB, Western Michigan, 5-9, 171- Clocked a 4.28 second 40-yard dash (laser) in June 2019.

#25 James Robinson- Illinois ST, 5-9,  219- 2019: All-Big Ten third team (coaches). All-Big Ten third team (media). 18th running back in Illinois history to rush for 2,000 career yards. Ran 17 times for 29 yards and one touchdown at Michigan State 11/9/19 to help Illinois win 37-34 in the biggest comeback in program history. Ran 17 times for 83 yards and one touchdown  vs. No. 6 Wisconsin 10/19/19 to help Illinois win 24-23 and complete one of the biggest upsets in Big Ten History. Ran for 134 yards and a touchdown against Nebraska 9/21/19, his sixth career 100-yard rushing game, to take him to 2,000 career rushing yards.

#26 Reggie Corbin- RB, Illinois, 5-9, 205-

#30 Tony Jones- RB, Notre Dame, 5-11, 225-


#81 Ben Ellefson- TE, North Dakota ST, 6-4, 245- Good block who gets low and can be sticky. He is a little light for the NFL, but he play tight end at N. Dakota and was an inline blocker. Great job getting across the line for the crack back block. Great hands, feet, and balance driving the OLB all the way outside to the numbers. He is a legit NFL TE. This kid can play.

He does a great job of knocking the OLB back on the play action, and then shedding him and getting wide open outside. He has some speed going down the Seam. He can block two rusher on the edge in pass pro on the same play. He is a little small, but he has great pop outside on runs to drive the OLB backward for a few yards.

#82 Parker Houston- TE, San Diego ST, 6-2, 251- Physically tough at the point in the run game. They like to line him up as an H-back outside the OT, and he does a great job blocking the OLB out of the play. He is not super-nifty in pattern, but he can get open outside in the flat. Terrific job faking the block, and then getting open down the seam.

He loves to block for teammates who catch the pass behind him.  He is great at getting open off the play action, getting in a quick block, and then dragging outside. Not the niftiest runner after the catch. Great job leading the RB outside, and impacting the OLB out of the play. There is a lot to like about this kid. His speed at the Combine will determine how early he goes. He could be a nice Day Three pick up for the Pats.

Three-time Mountain West Fall All-Academic Team (2016-18). 2016 SDSU Co-Outstanding Freshman Award. Physical tight end with a good football IQ ... Excellent blocker who plays bigger than his 6-3 frame ... Was on the two-deep most of his true freshman year in 2016 behind second-team all-conference pick David Wells, but did start four times and seven times in 2017 ... Then started all 13 games as a junior in 2018 ... Is slated to start heading into this senior season in 2019 ... Also has handled short snapping duties on PATs and field goals ... Has the most career starts (24) out of any Aztec running back, wide receiver or tight end.

#84 Dominick Wood-Anderson- TE, Tennessee, 6-4, 259- He is a good inline blocker doubling down on the D-end. They line him up on both sides, and he is a force doubling down on the D-end. It is a standard for them in their run game. He will line up outside the OLT and block the Edgerusher. He does a good job hitting and holding the Edgerusher for a couple second off the play action. Great blocker, he is true TE.

Lines up in the slot to run patterns. Doesn’t have great speed in pattern. Nice feet in pattern. He can run the short pattern outside to get open. He has some nice fakes in pattern to beat the OLB. He does a good job breaking it off short, even though he is not a real threat deep. He has great eyes in run game, running to the ILB, seeing he is blocked, then burst outside to the 3rd level to take out the Safety. TMIWHTMILH.

2019 SENIOR: Had 45 receiving yards and caught his first touchdown of the year in a 28-10 win over Vanderbilt (11/30)... Tied a season high with three catches for 24 yards in win at Missouri (11/23)...Matched his season high with three receptions and totaled 34 receiving yards against UAB (11/2) ... Made third consecutive start at No. 1 Alabama after also starting vs. Mississippi State and Georgia. Finished with two catches for six yards (10/19) ... Made second consecutive start versus Mississippi state and finished with a 28-yard reception and 5-yard carry (10/12) ... Started against No. 3 Georgia and recorded a pair of catches for 30 yards (10/5) ... Recorded a career-high 79 receiving yards and a career-long 54-yard reception in his 11th start for the Vols in the season opener vs. Georgia State (8/31).


#50 Julian Good-Jones- OLT/OC, Iowa ST, 6-5, 314- Good prospect. He will play in the NFL. Solid on the edge for Iowa State last season. I like how he played OLT for them in the three games I watch last season, but he might be best at OLG. He also started one game at Center for them. Guys that versatile make teams.

#54 Calvin Throckmorton- OL, Oregon, 6-5, 316- I don’t know what this cat is doing in this Game. He should be at the Senior Bowl. He can play all five OL positions. He will not get out of Day Two. He could be the first player taken from this Game.

#56 Zach Shackelford- OC, Texas, 6-3, 301- He will play in the NFL.

A fourth-year offensive lineman who has played in 42 games and started 39 in his career ... enrolled at Texas in January 2016  ...  one of six Longhorns elected by their teammates as a captain for the 2019 season ... earned first-team All-Big 12 honors … named a semifinalist for the 2019 William V. Campbell Trophy … a finalist for the Senior CLASS Award … a preseason watch list candidate for the Rimington Trophy in 2019 ... a Preseason All-Big 12 selection in 2019 ... named a second team preseason All-American by Phil Steele and Athlon Sports in 2019.

#57 Cohl Cabral- OC, Arizona ST, 6-5, 292       

#58 Drew Richmond- ORT, USC, 6-5, 315- He came to USC in the summer of 2019 as a graduate transfer from Tennessee and is eligible to play immediately as a senior. He was a 3-year (2016-18) starter at offensive tackle at Tennessee.  He started 25 games for the Volunteers (6 as a 2016 redshirt freshman and 7 as a 2017 sophomore at left tackle and 12 as a junior at right tackle).  He redshirted as a 2015 first-year freshman.

#59 Frederick Mauigoa - Washington ST, 6-3, 303-

#60 Tyler Higby- OL, Michigan ST, 6-4, 303- He has some versatility. He played some OLT as well. He had 21 starts at OLG, seven starts at OLT, and 2 at OC. Players this versatile get drafted, and make teams.

#63 Jake Fruhmorgen- OC, Baylor, 6-6, 305- Athletic offensive lineman that could play center or right tackle for the Bears ... Named Most Improved Offensive Player on the team after spring ball ... Played in seven games with four starts in 2018.

#64 Carter O'Donnell- OT, Alberta, 6-6, 315-

#65 Tre'Vour Wallace-Simms- Missouri, 6-4, 339- Developed into one of the top linemen in the vaunted SEC, earning first-team All-Conference honors by the Associated Press, making him the first Tiger offensive lineman to earn first-team all-conference honors since 2013 (Justin Britt) ... Played more than 1,000 snaps on the year, and was not docked with allowing a quarterback sack nor committing a penalty in 13 games at right guard.

#72 Cordel Iwuagwu- OG, TCU, 6-3, 322-

#75 Kevin Dotson- OG, Louisiana, 6-4, 324-

#79 Daishawn Dixon- OLG, San Diego ST, 6-4, 319-


#70 Durant Yasir- OLT, Missouri, 6-6, 340- I am not always happy with his feet, but I do think he is an NFL OLT. When I watched him this season, I thought he was a Day Two OLT prospect. He should be fun to watch moving backwards in this game.

#71 Jared Hilbers- OT, Washington, 6-6, 305- There are not a lot of things more valuable to an HC than an OL who can play on both sides. He started every game at ORT last season.. But maybe more importantly, when Trey Adams was out, which was a lot, Hilbers slide over to OLT.

#76 Branden Bowen- ORG, Ohio State, 6-7, 315- He played both positions on the right against Wisconsin (ORT) in the Champ game. Great in pass pro inside at ORG. He has such nice power getting either shoulder, and pushing the DL to the other side. No trouble stepping inside and blocking the big 5-Tech in pass pro. Great job blocking through the 5-tech, and getting outside to block the OLB. He plays too high, but holds his power. Huge dude. OGs who can slide outside to Tackle, get drafted earlier than most think.

#77 Darrin Paulo- OLT, Utah, 6-5, 315-

UTAH: Four-year starter … played in 53 games, including 41 games on the offensive line with 40 starts … three-time Pac-12 All-Academic.

2019: Pac-12 All-Conference first-team … inivited to the 2020 East-West Shrine Bowl ... started at left tackle in all 14 games ... Utah finished the season ranked No. 1 in the Pac-12 in rushing offense (204.1). 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


Rudy Gillian's Bagman Lev Parnas

Blows up Trump's Ukraine Defense

Stephanie Grisham, the White House press secretary, was up bright and early on Thursday morning to try to spin the remarkable interview that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow did on Wednesday night with Lev Parnas, one of Rudy Giuliani’s bagmen in the effort to extort the government of Ukraine into digging up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Parnas claimed that Donald Trump “knew exactly what was going on,” and he also implicated Vice-President Mike Pence. “This is a man who is under indictment and who’s actually out on bail,” Grisham said on Fox & Friends, Donald Trump’s favorite morning show. “This is a man who owns a company called Fraud Inc. . . . We’re not too concerned about it. We know that everything in the Senate is going to be fair.”

The first part of what Grisham said was correct. After being arrested in October as he prepared to board a flight to Vienna, Parnas, a forty-seven-year-old Soviet émigré who grew up in Brooklyn, was charged with four counts of violating campaign-finance laws by trying to hide the source of political donations that originated in Russia. Campaign-finance records show that he listed his employer as Fraud Guarantee, a Florida company that, according to its Web site, helps people “reduce the risk of fraud as well as mitigate the damage caused by fraudulent acts.”

This was just one of many business ventures with which Parnas, who has lived in Florida for many years, has been associated. Others involved stockbroking, bullion dealing, and film production. After Parnas was arrested, the Miami Herald described him as a “former stock broker who has left a long trail of debts in Florida and beyond.” The wife of one of his debtors, who is pursuing a legal judgement of five hundred thousand dollars against him, told the Herald, “He financially ruined us.”

Parnas comes across as something out of a Carl Hiaasen novel. But Grisham failed to point out that he isn’t just a random grifter the Feds lifted from the street. He is (or was) a close associate of Giuliani, Trump’s political ally and personal lawyer. He has visited the White House, where he had his picture taken not only with Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence but also with the President’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. Parnas also attended Trump’s election-night victory party in 2016. Like Zelig, Parnas seems to pop up everywhere.

How did he obtain this sort of access? According to his account, he was a key player in Giuliani’s efforts last year to persuade the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to open an investigation into the Ukrainian gas company that employed Hunter Biden. He travelled to Kyiv and spoke with top Ukrainian officials. He communicated with two lawyers who have close connections to the Republican Party—Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova—and kept in constant contact with Giuliani. “I wouldn’t do anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani or the President,” he told Maddow. “I have no intent—I have no reason to speak to any of these [Ukrainian] officials. I mean, they have no reason to speak to me. Why would President Zelensky’s inner circle or Minister Avakov or all these people . . . meet with me? Who am I? They were told to meet with me, and that’s the secret that they’re”—members of the Trump Administration—“trying to keep. I was on the ground doing their work.” 

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