The 2019

Patriots Season. 


3 Things For Sunday: Part II.

Mock Part I.


1. Cincinnati- (QB, LB, OL): Joe Burrow- 6-4, 216, QB, LSU- He is not just the best QB in the Draft, he is the best player in the Draft. A QB who is able to keep his completion percentage at almost 80% on the the year, in the SEC, is unheard of. His TD to INT ratio is over 6 to 1. 

2.  N.Y. Giants (Irrelevant): *Chase Young-6-5, 265, DE, Ohio ST- This is the easiest pick in the Draft (besides the 1st pick;). If Chase is on the Board he is gone here. I don't even think they would trade down with Miami who will want to draft Herbert. Young missed two games, and then struggled in the 1st Half against Penn State. That he destroyed their Offense in the 2nd Half. Simply amazing.

3. Washington- (OT, OT, OT, WR, CB, TE): *Andrew Thomas- 6-5, 320, OLT, Georgia- The Redskins played chicken with Trent Williams and both lost. Williams lost millions and the Redskins lost last season. Now both their O-Tackles are free agents, and why would either sign with this embarrassment of a Franchise. Plus, I think it's funny that I wrote last week that there was no way Thomas was going 3rd in this Draft. 

4. Miami (QB): Justin Herbert- 6-6, 237, QB, Oregon- This could be a nice landing spot for Tua, but I just don't see how he declares for the NFL this year. 'Nuff said.

5. Denver (DT, OLT, CB WR, LB): Derrick Brown- 6-5, 318, DT, Auburn- Fangio is a D-Coordinator turned Head Coach. I quoteth myself, "How about Derrick Brown? "I was at Tennessee when Reggie White was there and at Alabama when Marcell Dareus was there," Kevin Steele said. "You just don't see many guys walking around like that with that kind of size, power and athleticism. Derrick does things that only the best of the best of the best can do (yikes!)." 

"This to probably too tough a question this far from the Draft. I thought he struggled to find the ball  last season. He has completely destroyed and sacked that assessment of his skills. He is finding the ball carrier in the backfield like metal-detector to gold. He is a much better player than last season. He has been one of the best DLs playing behind his eyes to find the ball carrier in the backfield. 

"He will go 3rd overall, if an ex-D-Coordinator is the Head Coach of the team picking 3rd. "He's just so disruptive and makes everybody around him better. You gotta know where he is on the field at all times," Auburns assistant-HC and D-line Coach Rodney Garner said, and he coached Seymour and Marcus Stroud in college. "Derrick is a combination of Seymour and Stroud. He has the athleticism of Seymour and the power of Stroud, and that's a deadly combination. I remember talking to Bill Belichick one time, and he paid (Richard Seymour) one of the best compliments. He said he could play every position on the defensive line, and that's what Derrick can do and do it at a high level." He makes plays everywhere on the D-line, and he plays in Odd and Even fronts.

6. Atlanta (QB, Edge, LB, DB, DL)- *AJ Epenesa- 6-6, 280, Edge, Iowa- He should have been a top five pick but he struggled to hit the QB this season. The Falcons might be looking at replacing Beasley and/or Grady Jarrett. Epenesa has the explosion to play on the Edge, and the size and power to play inside. 

7. Detroit (CB, OL, Edge): *Jeffrey Okudah- 6-1, 200, CB, Ohio ST- There is a hole in their defense at Corner. In my opinion, Okudah is the best Corner in this Draft. He is so smooth with perfect technique in coverage. He can move backwards at any angle and stay with the WR with one eye on the QB, like no one I've see in a while. I have been comparing him to Woodson. I don't think he has his 4.3 speed, but at 4.4 he is still a top ten pick.

8. Arizona (OT, Edge, LB, CB, OL): *Tristan Wirfs- 6-5, 322, OT, Iowa- They need an O-tackle, or two. Both their OTs are eminently replaceable. Wirfs can play on both sides. He can play at OLT if Humphries doesn't improve, or ORT if Gilbert can't stay healthy. Or, just play at ORT. 

9. Chargers (QB, OLT, CB, WR, OL, RB): *Aleck Jackson- 6-5, 322, OLT, Iowa- They need a new QB, or a better O-line and WRs. Rivers is falling apart at the seams, and might even not be back. They could take Tua if he declares, but I don't think he will. If Rivers comes back than they have to get him some serious help. It will be tough to pass on Jeudy, but he needs a guy to protect his back. 

10. N.Y. Jets (WR, OT, WR, CB, Edge)- *Jerry Jeudy- 6-1, 192, WR, Alabama- Okay, so this crappy scenario just sucks. New Jersey desperately need some weapons for Darnold. Jeudy could be a star in the NFL. I don't think there is much separation between him, Lamb, and Shenault. In fact, Lamb could easily be the first WR taken, because he offers a ton of value on special teams as well.

11. Jacksonville (DL, FS, WR, CB, OT)- *CeeDee Lamb- 6-2, 197? WR, Oklahoma- It might be impossible to pass on Fulton, but Lamb is worth it. He is more dynamic after the catch than Jeudy, and an unholy terror on punt returns. He might have some trouble running routes in the NFL, as the Oklahoma system is a rather simplified in patterns. However, he does seem to have that knack for getting open in pattern. 

12. Tampa Bay (QB, CB, OL, CB, DL)- *Kristian Fulton- 6', 200, CB, LSU- This is a rare example of when need meets best player available. Fulton is a guy who is tough to scout, because no one ever throws his way. He is another true shut down college Corner. He should be a top ten pick.

13. Las Vegas (Edge, WR, TE, CB, LB, OL)- *Yetur Gross-Matos- 6-5, 264, Edge, Penn St- Raiders get lucky. Gross-Matos is one of the most physically gifted athletes in this Draft, But he hasn't put it all together yet on the field. He is quick and explosive into the backfield Terrific hand fighter on the edge, who can keep the OT's hands off his shirt. Now he just has to find the QB better. 

14. Carolina (OL, DB, OC, DL): Javon Kinlaw- 6-6, 310, NT/DT/3-T/5-T, S. Carolina- The Panthers need to improve both lines. Trey Adams will be tough to pass, but Kinlaw is a terrific talent. He is built like a 5-Tech, but he really plays Nose tackle. He is a beast inside against the run. He also is slippery inside and when he gets pressure he scares QBs.  

15. Philadelphia (FS, Edge, WR, LB, OG)- Laviska Shenault- 6-2, 220, WR, Colorado- Passing on Delpit here could be tough for them, but he is not a FS. He is SS/LB who has struggled in coverage this season. Meanwhile, Shenault has been as electric as Jeudy and Lamb on the field and is much bigger and stronger. But he struggles to stay healthy. He plays the most physical game at WR in this Draft and he pays the price. If he can stay healthy in the NFL he could be better than Jeudy and Lamb. 

16. Cleveland (OLT, DB, OL, LB)- *Isaiah Simmons- 6-4, 230, OLB/Safety, Clemson- Passing on Trey Adams will be tough, but word on the streets of Cleveland is that they want to throw some money at Trent Williams. The Browns need an LB and a FS. I think Simmons can play both. They can take him and see if he can play the Will, and bring their LB Corps together. I think he is an NFL OLB. If not, they can play him at Strong or Free Safety, where he has the talent to dominate as well. 

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