The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Part VII.

Every Little T'ing

Is Gonna Be



Pats win because they have too, again. This is it. They win or go home, even against the Dolphins. The Dolphins suck. So this game is all about the Pats. Are they a team that can win each week no matter what? Even when they don't respect the other team? Or maybe better put, the other team just isn't good. 

Because soon after this game KC and Ravens are coming to town (that's more a Santa joke than reality, I know the Ravens aren't coming to town, even if they lose today wiseass;). They have to beat both those two great teams in order to beat San Fran or New Orleans in the Super Bowl. The Playoffs start here today at one o'clock. 

The Pats have the Defense to win it all. "It all starts back in training camp, back in OTA’s working together, first learning how to run those games. And then it all boils down to who you’re playing, who you’re facing, offensive line, quarterback," OLB coach and Pats D spokesman DeMarcus Covington said. " And then the next step is really executing it in practice, putting together a good game plan for it, and then taking the game plan and practicing it, and practice so we can execute it well in the game. So, it’s a combination of things, just like you talked about, or at least the beginning of OTA's, training camp, then the preparation throughout the week. Game planning, then offensive line, to who’s the quarterback, to carrying it out there to the practice field and then from the practice field, executing it well in the game." The Patriots Defense is still 1st in Points Given Up with 13.2 a game, and they have to get even better to win the next four games (that's right I said four;). 

They have a shut Down Corner, which hurts a QB not be able to throw to his right. "Steph has done a great job for us," BB said. " He works hard, prepares well. He’s very professional and he has a very good skill set. He’s long. He’s fast. He’s a good tackler. He’s strong, plays the ball well. He does a lot of things well. And he’s done well for us all year." If you have a guy who can shut down the Number One WR, it is such a huge advantage for the Defense. 

Now they have to prove they have an Offense. They have the best player in NFL history (F the 100!). Now, Brady has to show it again. Show all those prejudice assholes who hate the Pats who the best player in NFL history is. Even Jets fans won't be able to deny it, when Brady wins the Magnificent Seventh. So here it is again. It's Brady time... 

Pats win, or go home. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:





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