The 2019

Patriots Season. 

7-Things for Sunday:

Pats Week Eight.

Part I:




The complete destruction of the Jets was something to see. I kept looking at the bruised and battered offense, and worrying. And there were and still are some legit worries about the Offense. The offense was terrific. But the defense, somehow, played their best game of the season. The Defense had Darnold's head spinning like a spinning top. 

The Defense absolutely destroyed Darnell as well. "I thought the players really did a great job of that. They disguised the different looks we were in, and they controlled some of the things we did out there and made a lot of good decisions," BB said. "That's a smart group of players that communicates well and can do things to take advantage of offensive formations and alignments and so forth, and they did an excellent job of that. So, yeah, it's really a credit to the cohesiveness, and communication and understanding of each individual play during the game of how to maximize our tools and things that we can do with certain calls. They did a great job of it, both on the rush, the coverage, the disguise. On multiple levels, the players were really outstanding." Darnold made three throws that went into a DBs hands without them having to even move, without a Jet receiver in sight. 

He made three of the worst throws I have ever seen a QB make. "Well it depends on the call and it depends on the offensive formation, how we want to handle it. So there are multiple variables in there... We can't know exactly what they're going to be in. They just do too many different things," BB said. "But, once we see how the formation is deployed and where certain players are located, and how close they are together and so forth and so on, there are a number of different things that we can do. Same thing with the pass rush. Depending on where certain players are located: where the tight end is, where the back is, where the quarterback is and so forth. There are options there, too. So, it would just depend on the individual call and what we see.

"But the most important thing is the players do a great job of communicating those adjustments, getting on the same page. We function well as an entire defensive unit. Not just a bunch of guys doing their own thing. That they've done a good job of having everyone on the same communication, so we have good team execution." I keep waiting for the Defense to show a red flag and it never happens. 

They keep destroying young QBs, and seem to look better each week. Darnold was not a rookie QB. There was a fake report that he was crying in the locker room after the game, and I believed it. The Defense humiliated him so badly that he said he saw ghosts, so why not a breakdown as well? It was believable that he had been mentally destroyed in that game. I would have cried if I was him. 

The Patriots defense is putting up unheard of stats. Including an impossible 14.3% of stops on 3rd downs! They are stopping offenses 85.7% of the time from converting on 3rd down. That is unheard of. In seven weeks they have only given up 48 total points. That is a tick less than a TD a game. They also lead the NFL in fewest yards per play at 4-yards, and fewest passing yards per game 223.1-YPG. Those are '85 Bears level stats, in a fantasy football world. 

However, they are heading into a run of games where the QBs won't be so mentally destroyed by the best Defense we've seen in the NFL in decades. But Mayfield is not the young QB that is going to do it. He leads the League in Intercepts with 11, after giving up three to Seattle. Plus, the game is in Foxboro. 

Mayfield is in big trouble. 

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