The 2019

Patriots Season. 

7-Things for Sunday:

Week Eight Part II:

'Long came 

Wild Billy with 

his friend G-Man,

All Duded-Up for 

Saturday Night.


Pats traded for "Saturday Night" Sanu! Thank God. If you don't love-love-love this signing than you are wildly an idiot. The Patriots are such a flawed team that is it easy to forget that they have been playing some of the worst teams in the NFL... and Winter is coming. The defense is worthy of any Saturday night, but the offense is clearly flawed. 

"Saturday Night" Sanu is a veteran slot WR who fits perfectly into the Pats offense, like he and "Crazy Cat" Edelman wanna go on up to Greasy Lake. "Smart kid, picks things up well. We'll see what we can do here," Wild Billy said. "Sometimes as it accumulates (we need guys): early downs, 3rd down, red area, situational stuff; We'll see what the load looks like (for him). But he's made good progress both days." Only he is bigger, healthier, and younger Crazy Cat Edelman. 

Now they have a legit Number One and Number Two WR who can help Brady when the defenses get tougher and they desperately need to score points. "Works hard. Good kid. Is really in-tune and trying very hard to pick up things quickly and get on the same page as everybody else," Wild Billy said. "That's obviously a long way to go. A lot of work to do. But he's working hard at it. So we appreciate that." He is a guy, like Crazy Cat, that you can go to in the clutch and he'll come through. 

Now do his career stats indicate that? No. Will he be the best Number Two Killer Joe in the NFL? No. However in the Pats offense, slot guys are the weapons that keep his friend Tom "G-Man" Brady alive. When G-Man has two legit Slot guys, like Crazy Cat and Amendola, he can comeback from any deficient in the Super Bowl. 

Saturday Night Sanu can be a bigger. stronger, Crazy Cat in this Offense for his friend G-Man all duded-up for Saturday Night. "It's been a good week, been a good week. It's been fun to get to know him," G-Man Brady said. "I've watched him for a long time, and always impressed by his abilities, his attitude. It's just been great to have him out there." They are going to need him this week. 

Cleveland has a good defense that can really hurt the QB fast. "So hopefully we'll get him up-to-speed as fast as possible. Everyone's working hard. It's going to be a big challenge for us, good team we're playing against," G-Man said. "Very talented: good at corner, very athletic linebackers, a great front. Myles Garrett's one of the best players in the league. So it's going to be a great test for us." So G-Man is going to want to slam the ball quick to his slot guys inside. 

I'm sorry, but "Mission Man" Dorsett is not a legit NFL Number Two. But if you can force coverage to overload the middle, to cover Gypsy Angel Row, and stop the Slot Guys inside, he can get deep over the top with anyone. The hope is Harry can develop into a legit outside WR next season, and maybe a Number One in a couple. 

The Pats needed a guy who can step into the Slot and play like G-Man wants Crazy Cat to play. "You've just got to adjust the best you can. That's just the way it’s been this year. So sometimes it's like that at other positions. This year it’s been that way at receiver," G-Man said. "It's been that way at O-line some years, running back some years. But, we're just doing the best we can to try to make it work. So, I think we're trying to do is just improve. Every week, try to get a little bit better and understand each other a little bit more. But it's good to win in the meantime." Sanu can do that, or at least learn to do that by the Playoffs. 

They have scoured the back of every alley to find some some gypsy Angels with the hand to help Brady. "I mean? Look... Something's gotta (give)!" Wild Billy said about the obvious frustrations they've faced with his fingers stuck in the WR cake.  "I mean? We're not going to carry 10 receivers on the team. So something's going to have to happen. I don't know what. I can't imagine we'd carry that many players in one position. So... I don't know? At some point, numbers have to become a factor when they get (that) high. This is the National Football League, this isn't a college." He shook some fairy dust out of his coonskin cap, but Wild Billy can't keep relying on magical spirits in the night in the WR Corps. 

At some point you will need legit NFL talent to win in the NFL. They had a dozen guys at WR on the roster, but not a legit Number Two or Number Three wide reviver for Brady. The hope is Sanu can play in the slot with Edelman, like Amendola and Edelman did against Atlanta. And then Harry can quickly overtake the Number Three WR role, which in the Pats offense is more of the outside WR role, like a more traditional Number One or Two WR. 

Saturday Night Sanu is not the traditional Number Two NFL WR. "I think it's his willingness to embrace this opportunity. He brings a lot of juice, so it's good to have (him here)," G-Man said. "It's good to see someone that's competitive. If you watch him play, he plays with an attitude. He's got a little chip on his shoulder too. So I think we can relate to each other. And he can relate to a guy like Julian, because he was often overlooked in his career, and I think he plays that way." But he gets his fingers in the cake, holds on, and is great after the catch. 

And maybe he can also fall into the outside WR routine sometimes. "I wouldn't say there's anything like a routine, per se. It's just them really trying to get (Saturday Night) up-to-speed with what we're doing, and that's probably based on what their (Sanu's) overall football IQ is and how quickly they can assimilate into a new scheme, understand the routes," G-Man said. "I mean, I don't think there's many routes we run that are different than what other teams in the NFL run. It's just how you call them and how they're combined with other things. So, that's it." He is a versatile inside guy that G-Man needs. 

So if the Pats wanna go on up the Greasy Lake, to take the Magnificent Seventh. They needed to get G-Man a few legit NFL wide receivers who are duded up for Saturday Night. With Edelman, Sanu, and Harry, they can dance like spirits in the night. All night, on Super Bowl Night. 

Now the only question left is? If Saturday Night Sanu wasn't from Rutgers, would Wild Billy have picked him up? 

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