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7-Things for Sunday:

Week Eleven 

Part IV:

Rookies to the...



The Pats Offense is still in a little trouble here. But BB did another great thing. He allowed the two 1st Round picks another two weeks to get ready for the stretch run by not playing either in Week Nine. The Bye is a time of rest and healing. Both rookies really did need that.

N'Keal is the real deal at WR. "Good," BB said about Harry. "I think he works hard. He’s worked hard at everything, special teams role, offense. So we’ll see how it goes here for the weekend." Not activating him last week gives him two more weeks of recovery, and work with Brady some more. 

It is easy to forget that he is a true rookie, who knows absolutely nothing about playing in the NFL yet. "He’s missed a lot of football. [N'Keal] missed a lot of training camp. [He] missed eight regular season games," Brady said. "So he’s just got to try to work at it every day. It’s going to be up to him to put the effort in and to [work and learn]. Everyone’s there to help him. But you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to do it and earn it, and earn the trust of your teammates and coaches and stuff. So it’s good to have him out there." 

The Pats desperately need a Big WR, who can help to replace Gronk. N'Keal can help do that. He is a true NFL Outside WR, who can catch the ball through contact. He has the size and hands of a true Number One WR. He also has that knack for the spectacular like a No. 1. The Pats will line him up outside, to help open things up inside for Edelman and Sanu, or take advantage of the space the two veterans provide. He will probably be in more of a Brandon LaFell role outside this season. But he has more speed and talent than LaFell, but so much more to learn. 

The loss of Gronk was worse than expected. Because the TE position was so vital to their Offense. When Gronk left, the Pats didn't really have a tight end. And not just a TE to replace him, but just one to put a Tight End on the field to block. They finally got Watson on the field against the Ravens. He had the best game by a TE this season with four catches. 

Wynn is not a true rookie, but his experience is mostly a rookie's experience in the NFL with a couple of games experience. "It’s good to have him back out there," BB said. "Yeah, it’s good." Not activating him last week may have cost the Pats the game, but it gave him two more weeks to recover, which he so obviously needs. 

He never really recovered from his knee injury a couple years ago, and won't play this week. Having him at OLT is a huge upgrade, not just in pass pro but in the run game as well. He was the best run blocker in the Draft a couple years ago. He was also the best in pass pro in the SEC. 

His return can be the piece that pulls the Pats O-line together, and thus the Offense. "We have one [Dude] that we're hoping can return from injury: Isaiah Wynn. Who was our left tackle to start the year," Brady said in Jim Gray's interview. "He's working hard and progressing, and any time you get players back, it not only improves the depth of the team, but you get some youthful exuberance, as well. So any time you get players back from injury, I think it's a benefit to the team. We're certainly hoping Isaiah can come back at some point." 

The Pats didn't do sh** on the trade deadline day, because they had two 1st Round picks they are adding to the 2nd Half of the season. Now!?! They have to stay friggin' healthy and on the field. Harry returned this week, and Wynn will return in Week 12. 

But trading away a 1st to pick up a WR, when you have Sanu and Edelman, and a WR that I had rated as the 20th best Player in the NFL Draft, could quickly turn into a wasted asset. It would be more impossible than tough for BB to trade a 1st for a weapon or an O-linemen for Brady, after already sending out a 2nd for Sanu (I realized that a little late;). 

He (wisely?) decided it was worth a 2nd to get a shot to win the Super Bowl, but not a 1st and 2nd. Though who they would have gotten for a 1st is still open to debate. The only guy I saw worth a 1st to help Brady was Trent Williams, but the Pats couldn't swing that deal on the Cap. Granted, it was because of Brown. While that was a failed attempt to help Brady, it is disingenuous in the least to say we weren't all for it. 

BB took a shot at the uber-talented but completely nuts Antonio. Unfortunately, the nuts won out. It would be tough to go for it again. with Wynn set to return next week and N'Keal set to play against the Eagles. If they can stay on the field, they could be the final two pieces that pull the offense together. That is what made dropping next years 1st so difficult for BB. 

Wynn can be the Pats best run blocker. Sony certainly knows how to run behind him, and Newhouse becomes valuable backup they can use at other positions, like ORG? Though Shaq returned to practice this week, but we don't know if he will be activated this week. N'Keal should be their best outside WR, with Edelman and Sanu in the Slot. Suddenly, the Pats will have a full Offense around Brady again. 

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