The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Five.

Part II:



This weeks game is a show up game. Just show up and beat up the mismanaged team until they quit. The Redskins are quickly descending into the worse Franchise in the NFL. It  has sunken so low that now there are rumors that the incompetent owner stepped in and forced them to draft a QB in the 1st Round, because he played with his son in high school. 

Now they have the three-headed Devil sitting at the bottom of Dante's Inferno, playing QB very badly for them. As the old saying goes, if you have two quarterback you have none. But what if you have three? Does that mean you have negative-one? Or worse.

If the Pats show up and show this team some respect, the game will be over at Halftime. "We're getting close. [We] got a few things to pull together here with some of the situational football. The Redskins do a good job on that," BB said. "They have a pretty experienced coaching staff, a very experienced coaching staff, and a lot of veteran players so quite a few things to prepare for in those situations, but we're working on them and need to be ready to go here Sunday at 1:00 p.m." It is very difficult to see it any other way. 

Yeah, I'm just not shaking in my shoes. "I would say, probably one of the simplest offenses that we've ever gone against," BB said. "But every week the formations and the way they built the plays changed, so it was basically two running plays, inside zone and counter OT, and they had a handful of passing plays but they were built differently with different personnel groups, different shifts, motions and they created a lot of pre-snap looks. None of which you could practice against because they hadn't shown them in the last month-to-six weeks." You just can't go simple against the Patriots.

The Pats players just have to not get too confident. "When Dan [Henning] left, the running game simplified, and then Dan's running game, like we saw in Carolina, Dan had a great mind and schematically his gap running game," BB said. "He was a cut-the-defense coach. So he wasn't really a big zone runner. They always cut the defense so there was some kind of double team kick-out block, something that separated the defense, as we saw in the Carolina Super Bowl. That's what he did. He did a great job of it." Just do their job and take the easy win. 

This is the worst run Franchise from the head all the way down to the feet. "There could be tight ends and fullbacks in the backfield and in motion and in wing positions and all that, but he always found ways to cut the defense. When he did that in Washington that was an element to the running game that was very unique," BB said about a coach who left Washington. "Pittsburgh did a good job of that when Coach [Chuck] Knoll was there, but I don't know that anybody's really done it any better than Henning has on a consistent basis. Then that kind of disappeared after he left and it became really a zone to counter trey game. The first two steps of the zone and the counter trey look exactly the same except for the pullers, but all of the inside from the footwork to everything else is the same. That's what slowed that down is you had two plays that hit on opposite sides of the ball that initially look the same for certainly the initial part of the read." So if it gets ugly early look out, it could be a long ugly road. 


The Pats now have a young kicker to develop during the season. "Just a player we wanted to look at that's practice squad eligible," BB said about their new rookie kicker Younghoe Koo. There's a lot of players you want to look at but they're not eligible for the practice squad. You'd have to put them on the roster if you want to see them, so it gives us a chance to see him on a practice squad situation. We'll see how it goes. He doesn't have a lot of experience." He was placed on the practice squad and practiced all week.

They also picked up a veteran kicker to kick Sunday in Washington. "He's an experienced kicker that's kicked in New York, kicked in Cincinnati," BB said about Mike Nugent. "I don't know if that's going to be a big factor this week. We're just worried about this week right now. We'll worry about December in December, but it doesn't hurt that he's done that." This is the best of both world. 

So now we have a veteran kicker on the roster who can make the chip shots. "I think we'll have a pretty good idea what his range is. It's been about the same since he's been in the league," BB said about Nugent. "We've, again, played against him, so defensively on our field goal block and defensive strategy we've had to kind of know what that is. I don't think it's like 15 or 20 yards different from what it's been. It might be a yard or two and that could vary from game to game based on the conditions at the game. Is it perfect? No, but is it close? I would like to think so." Hopefully, he won't shrink under pressure.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:



Especially in Trump's

Dirty Treasonous Underwear!

"The early account by the future whistle-blower shows how determined he was to make known his allegations that Mr. Trump asked Ukraine’s government to interfere on his behalf in the 2020 election. It also explains how Mr. Schiff knew to press for the complaint when the Trump administration initially blocked lawmakers from seeing it.


The C.I.A. officer approached a House Intelligence Committee aide with his concerns about Mr. Trump only after he had had a colleague first convey them to the C.I.A.’s top lawyer. Concerned about how that initial avenue for airing his allegations through the C.I.A. was unfolding, the officer then approached the House aide. In both cases, the original accusation was vague."














Is UnAmerican, Illegal, and UnConstitutional, 


and a bitch-ass betrayal of everything we 





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