The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Four. 

7 Things For Sunday: Part IV.

Players Who Impressed Me.


The Alabama-Mississippi game was something to see. They had some interesting prospects on display. All game long it was a battle. Then a blow out. There were also some guys in other games that were very impressive. I haven't finished all the game yet, as I had to watch a Band Competition that took all afternoon. It was fun, but time consuming. Then we had family movie time, on a friggin' Saturday in September. AND... my damn wife got two movies! On a Saturday in September! I mean, what the hell!

#95 Benito Jones- 6-1, 326, NT- He is such a good rusher for a Nose. He can run around all three interior OLs and sack the QB. I was so impressed with him against Alabama that I would be shocked if he wasn't a 1st. He is a legit Nose Tackle who had the best blast off of any interior DL I saw so far this season. 

On one play he leapfrogged forward. The ORG looked right and the OC looked left. Benito literally leaped forward like a frog looking for contact, and was air bound hopping between tot two OLs. It was as hilarious as it was impressive. The two OLs saw him and both tried to turn and stop him. but obviously couldn't. He is a BB type guy who could drop to 32. 

But it was too late. He had already leapfrogged into the backfield and blown everything up and got the TFL. "The first thing you have to do as a defensive lineman is you've got to read run first and then you react to the pass," Benito Jones said (and yes I like that name... Benito. "That's one of the things that [Miss DL] Coach Roach stays on us, 'recognize run then you recognize the pass.' That's one thing I can say that we've really got better at." He was great against Alabama recognizing the run and pass. 

#4 Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama, 6-1, 192, #4- He has to be the best route runner in this Draft, right? He runs those crossing patterns, Curls and Slants so fast that no CB has been able to stay with him. He has that knack for getting open on the sideline and deep. But he is best over the middle. 

Ruggs has better pure speed, but Jeudy has that knack for getting open all over the field. "We don’t say that Jerry Jeudy is going to catch eight passes today for 80 something yards," Saban said. "You read what the defense does, when you have a pass play. And then you decide which guy you are supposed to throw the ball to base on the coverages that they are playing. Some days Ruggs makes big plays. Some days Smitty makes big plays. Some days Jerry Jeudy makes big plays." They really need Jeudy when Ruggs when down and he stepped up.

Ruggs has 4.3 speed and he got hurt against Mississippi. “He’ll probably be sore for a few days,” Saban said about Rugg's hip-pointer injury. “But we don’t think it’s an issue long-term.” However, Jeudy has better speed and quicks in pattern running routes inside. I could not have been more impressed with him this week. 

#13 *Tua Tagovailoa- 6-1, 218, QB,- Well... huh... it is impossible to say anything other than I was wrong. He is playing at a level we haven't seen before. He had one incompletion last week in the 1ar half (I might wrong about that, but they kept showing his stats in the 1st half and he had one incompletion. He might have missed one late). 

He has been perfect. In a game with 22 guys on the field in a swirling mess of chaos he has been perfect in the eye of the hurricane. Justin Herbert has more prototype NFL traits, but Tua is looking to put up the best season ever. I mean seriously! He as has thrown for 23 TDs and ZERO INTs. 

Tua is the best player in college football right now, and is a lock to be the 1st Pick in the Draft, if he declares. "Tua was good today and we ran the ball fairly effectively," Saban said. "They didn’t get off the field enough, allowing Ole Miss to continue long drives. Run defense also was an issue," Right now he is a better NFL prospect than Dexter Lawrence, and that is really saying something.

I mean, he had one incompletion, again, going late into the 2nd quarter. He finished 26 of 36 with 6 Friggin' TD passes! And he isn't just dinking and dunking. He is throwing deep to Ruggs, Jeudy, and this week star DeVonte Smith. Smith is looking like the next big superstar and as a Junior he can declare after this season. They could have three 1st WRs in this years Draft. 

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