The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Four.

Part I:




The Pats are charging into Buffalo, and it never really goes smoothly for the Pats in Buffalo. "We're preparing for the trip to Buffalo here," BB said. " This is a good football team and I'm sure it'll be a great environment on Sunday. It'll be a big challenge for us to go up there. Obviously, the Bills are playing well in all three phases of the game. They've played well every week. They've played their best football in some critical situations, in the 4th quarter against Cincinnati, against the Jets. [They've got] a lot of explosive players on offense, a lot of experience, cohesiveness and good players on defense, explosive players with experience and playmakers in the kicking game." In the End the Pats win. 

However, this defense has been so dominate that we don't know what can hurt them. Maybe a running QB? "Yeah, definitely. He's like a running back," BB said about Allen. "He breaks tackles, he's got good speed, good power and he's shifty and he avoids and breaks a lot of tackles. Yeah, that's another dimension. A sixth receiver in the passing game, if you will, and gives you another blocker in the running game when they have designed run plays for him. 

"They've hit a lot of them at critical times, a lot of big plays, touchdowns, red area, third-down conversions, things like that. They use them in some timely ways, well-designed plays that create problems for the defense. He adds that element to their offense and they've used it very effectively." Defenses are just not geared to stop QB runs.

They are geared to stop RB runs and QB passes, but QBs need to throw to win in the NFL. "(The Bills are) pretty solid across the board. Coach McDermott has done a really good job building the team and they've played very competitively throughout preseason and three regular season games," BB said. "So this team has really improved a lot. Certainly a lot of new faces offensively from where they started at the beginning of last year even from where we played them at the end of last year. They just continue to get better. We'll have to go up there and play 60 minutes of good football. We know that." Allen is still too young to beat the Pats, but he's not a rookie anymore. 

Brady doesn't lose to the Bills, but it usually isn't pretty in Buffalo. The Bills defense is going to give the Pats offense trouble, especially if Newhouse is out. I can't see them putting some guy named Korey Cunningham or some JAG named Caleb Benenoch at Brady's back. I think they'd move Cannon to the left tackle and Cunningham to right tackle. 

The Pats are going to need to score some points in this game. "They're very good upfront. They drafted Oliver, who's a very talented player, (to) kind of replace Kyle Williams. Hughes is always tough," BB said. "[Tremaine] Edmunds has really emerged here this year. He was good last year but he's even better. Certainly Tre'Davious White is one of the better corners we play against. [Jordan] Poyer, [Micah] Hyde do a great job at safety with disguises and their recognition experience." They have players at all three levels. 

Plus, their D-Coordinator has done a good job with them. "And I'd just say cohesiveness with the defense," BB said. "They don't make any mistakes. You've got to execute, you've got to handle everything they do. They don't give up much. They make you work for every yard." This should be one ugly game.  

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