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7-Things for Sunday:

Pats Week Eight.

Part I:




It is easy to forget how much the offense has struggled this season without a full O-line or receiving Corps. It is still the defense that has been winning the game, with Brady able to do just enough to keep it going until the Defense starts getting turnovers that turn into points.  

They are setting a pace to be the best defense ever. "You definitely can't make a lot of mistakes against New England," Harbaugh said. "I think they're very efficient. They play winning football all the time. That's their focus, it always has been. Extremely well-coached, very smart players, excellent players playing very well. And you've got to make the most of every opportunity in a game like this." This defense is filled with veteran who are not going to falter. 

The Pats Defense is producing turnovers at an astonishing rate. "They're creating an incredible amount of turnovers, especially early in games," Harbaugh said. "But the basis of it to me is they're an old-school defense. They're a big, strong defense. They play straight ahead. They play square. They lock out. They get off blocks. They keep their eyes on their responsibility. They'll play a good mix of man and zone but mostly man in the back end. They have cover guys back there that can cover exceptionally well, a lot of experience in the back end as well. So they know what they're doing. They play with good technique. It's just a very solid defense, a very physical defense, too." Granted, it is worrisome that they have not played a great QB yet. 

Lamar Jackson has been spectacular this season. "It's a huge problem, Bob. Yeah, of course. There's not another quarterback in the league like this," BB said. "How do you get one? Yeah, that's some of the things that we'll have to work on. I'd say that's a problem every week. Usually, to some degree there's some player that they have that you don't have anybody like that guy. It is what it is. You do the best you can to replicate what they do and who they do it with, but ultimately that's not going to be quite the same as what we'll see on Sunday night." He is the best combo of running and throwing at QB in the NFL right now. 

If the Pats zone it up to keep the secondary facing the QB, then when he takes off the defenders will see him. But, the Pats secondary is a straight up man to man defense that is at it's best pressing the WR not looking behind him. They can't keep one eye on the QB and one eye on the WR. So when in Man, the entire secondary might not see Jackson until he is running by them. It is what makes him tougher than all the other too young QBs they have faced this season, except maybe Josh Allen. 

He is fiercely dangerous when he has the ball in his hands. "Honestly, itís dangerous if youíre in man or zone. I mean, thereís times where they have two guys committed to him and he just outruns them. Thereís times theyíre in zone and you still have a guy thatís in your zone, so youíve got one guy thatís playing the guy in the zone, so that leaves one guy with eyes on Lamar Jackson to get him down. He makes them miss, and now heís gone," McCourty said. "So like I said, no matter what, it comes down to doing your job, and then thereís going to be times in the game where guys are going to have to make tough tackles on him, and weíve got to just do a good job of that. And I think thatís what happens when you play against a really good player. Like, itís not going to be easy. Heís obviously going to make some of his plays, but we have to still make some of our plays in the game if we want to have a chance to win defensively." The Pats have a unique problem here on defense. 

If you set up a spy, then you also loose some of the integrity on the defense as well, but that is likely the best option they have. "We need all 11 guys to play a role and do their job. You canít play him in the run game and be the deep guy. You just canít this week. It wonít happen. Each guy is going to have their job to do on whatever defense weíre in, and each guy has to do it," McCourty said. "If they donít do it, itíll be a big play. Theyíre that good. Not just Lamar Jackson, but their skill players are that good that if you donít someone is going to make a play on you. You just have to be able, whether itís playing a dive, whether itís playing the quarterback, whether they have a missile-motion coming, you have to be alert to whatever your assignment is." Jackson has that knack for knowing when to run and when to pass in the ways that hurt defenses the most. 

There has not been a guy in the NFL who has an elite arm and is the best runner in the NFL, since Randall Cunningham (who was also the best player, ever, on Madden;). "Iíve never seen a player like this at the quarterback position. Obviously his speed. The way heís able to throw the ball down the field. You watch some games where heís moving around the pocket, heís close to running, and he sees a guy downfield, and itís like he flicks his wrist and itís 50 yards down the field easily," McCourty said. "So I think, itís his ability to throw the ball down the field. But also, they come out there in Empty and if itís not there, if he doesnít like what he sees, heís able to make three guys miss in the backfield. Now, itís 45-50 yards later before anybody gets next to him. 

"I think itís a combination of everything. If he was just a runner, then you would change your game plan and not worry about the pass. If he was just a passer, it wouldnít be as big of a deal to try to make sure you keep him in the pocket. But I think itís his ability to do both things at such a high level that makes it tough, and then itís the scheme that they run. Everything is not something that you see every week, so now youíre trying to prepare for something that you canít replicate in practice. We donít have anybody that can throw the ball and run the ball like he can, so itís very tough to prepare for him." He is the most unique weapon in the NFL. 

But he is still young, and young guys make mistakes and turnovers. "You donít. Itís just... It is what it is. Itís going to be a game where we can do whatever we want, but weíll have to be ready to adjust to how fast he is, how strong his arm is, and I think itís kind of across the board," McCourty said. "You look at [Hayden] Hurst, and you look at [Mark] Andrews, those guys play tight end, but they can run. So, you canít go cover receivers in practice and think, you know, because they donít have the same size as those guys have. So, they have some guys that are different. I think that are kind of special for the position they play, and they can do things that I donít think every team has a guy like that to do it." He has some weapons, and the Pats are going to have to slow them.

Jackson is still too young to be in his prime. He will make mistakes reading coverages, and the Pats will disguise and change things on every play. One of the reasons he running around the pocket so much and takes off and runs, is because he is not a veteran NFL QB who has seen everything. He still struggles to read it at the speed of the NFL. 

He is a 2nd year QB who is close to be a veteran QB, but he is not there yet. He is in the same situation as Darnell and Allen, only he has the legs of Randall Cunningham to rely on. The Pats D can trick him into turnovers like all the young QBs they have faced this season. That is going to be the key to the game. Get him thinking too much and turning the ball over so he gets frustrated, and let his inexperience win the game for the Pats. 

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