The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Nine.

7-Things for Sunday: Part VI.

Offense Wins Championships?


Meanwhile the Patriots Offense is coming together. Granted, slower than we want. There are some gapping holes in the Patriots Offense, but they have two big guys fighting their way onto the roster. Isaiah Wynn is still a couple weeks away. N'Keal Harry was just taken off IR, and then just deactivated for this Game. The Pats will miss Harry in this Game. 

However, Sanu is a week wiser in the Pats Offense. "I think everybody liked Mohamed. So, yeah. Everybody liked him. Everybody likes him, thatís why heís here," TB12 said. "So itís great to have him. Iím excited for him, and again, the more we work together, the better itís going to be. Itís hard to be on the same page within a week. So weíre just going to try to communicate through things and talk through them. Thereís a lot of things that come up in that game, practice, past games, things that heís done, things that weíve done. 

"Footballís a game about anticipation. So, the good part is that a veteran player, you know how to play football. Itís not like a rookie that they donít know what the real expectation is. I mean, heís been a part of some great offenses, so itís really incorporating him into what we do and him learning the terminology, so that he can play fast and we can play with anticipation together. And then heís running the routes where I expect them to be, so I can play with anticipation. 

"And then you gain trust, then you gain confidence. And then once you gain confidence, you can go out and execute really well. So, itís hard to skip anything in that process. Itís just a reality of football. If you try to think that itís going to come together in a day or two, those are probably unrealistic expectations. But, every time we go out there, weíre trying to be a little bit better and lead to better execution." They are going to need Sanu in this game. 

He is a solid veteran Slot guy. He has some size and can give a good hit to DBs as well. His hands were a little off last week, as he was clearly still thinking. He should be playing better this week, without thinking as much as last week. Meanwhile, the Pats next outside WR Harry, is tragically out for this game. 

Getting N'Keal back is a huge deal, but they decided it would be better wait two weeks for him to get ready for the Eagles. "Heís missed a lot of football, missed a lot of training camp, missed eight regular season games," Brady said. "So you know, heís just got to try to work at it every day, and itís going to be up to him to put the effort in. Everyone's there to help him, but youíve got to go out there and youíve got to do it and earn it, and earn the trust of your teammates and coaches and stuff. So, itís good to have him out there." He will soon give the Pats another weapon that they didn't really have before. 

Sanu and Harry are going to make the struggling Offense that much more impressive, in a couple of weeks (along with Wynn in week 12), right in time for the stretch run. They needed a couple of more weapons for Brady, and an OLT who can protect his back. Sanu and Harry are going to be those two weapons that can bring the offense to another level. In Week 12 Wynn will return to bring this Offense together for the Play Offs. They should have Wynn, Harry, and Sanu ready at the perfect time. 

But let's not forget Edelman and Dorsett who are hopefully getting healthier every week as well. "Itís good leadership, because if you look at the three veterans that we have with Mohamed and Julian and Phillip, those guys are just very consistent, dependable players who have a lot of productivity," Brady said. "And then we have three really young players with Gunner and Jakobi, and now NíKeal. So, itís kind of a different mix: three veterans, three rookies. And I think those rookies need to rely on the veterans to really show them the way. So Iím glad that room has provided the leadership that they have. 

"So, weíre going to need everybody. I think thatís what we realize. Weíre only at the halfway point of the year, thereís a lot of football left and everybody in each room is really counted on. Thereís no wasted space, so everybody has to bring something along with them, and those rookies have to look up to the older guys to show them the way." 

This Offense is slowly coming together as it gets healthy over the next couple of weeks. They want to be able to match the Defense's greatness by Play Off time. Just think about that for a minute. 

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