The 2019

Patriots Season. 

7-Things for Sunday:

Week Nine Part II:

'Long came 

Wild Billy with 

his friend G-Man,

All Duded-Up for 

Saturday Night.


The Pats are in trouble on Offense. It is just not complete. They are still hurting for weapons for Brady, and an O-line that can protect him consistently. They need a couple of guys on the Offense to finally pull it all together. I don't know? Maybe a couple of talented former 1st Round picks at a couple of desperate need positions on offense could bring the rest of the NFL to it's collective knees.

Like maybe a friggin' Offensive Left Tackle who could consistently protect Brady's back! Wynn returned to Practice this week. "Itís good to have him back out there," BB said about Wynn. " Yeah, itís good." He cannot be activated until Week Twelve, so he'll have two more weeks of practice and then hopefully be the final piece to finally pulls this O-line together. 

But most importantly to this game is that the young and spectacular N'Keal Harry was finally activated to play in an NFL Regular Season Game. "Good," BB said about Harry. " I think he works hard. Heís worked hard at everything, special teams role, offense. So weíll see how it goes here for the weekend." It went very well. 

He is one of two 1st Round talents that the Pats' Offense desperately needs. "Heís missed a lot of football, missed a lot of training camp, missed eight regular season games," Brady said. " So, heís just got to try to work at it every day. And itís going to be up to him to put the effort in. Everyoneís there to help him, but youíve got to go out there and youíve got to do it and earn it. And earn the trust of your teammates and coaches and stuff. So, itís good to have him out there." He is a legit starting outside WR that this offense really needs. 

Though he is too young to be a consistent dude yet, he can make those splash plays that scare a secondary deeper and outside, and open things up inside. But he's not a consistent threat. They also have an outside veteran in Phillip Dorsett, who has the speed to burn defenses over the top and help open up the Slot as well. 

The Pats are mainly an inside slot team in the passing game. Picking up the veteran Sanu to go with Edelman in the slot was a big deal. In a few weeks when Sanu is well schooled in the offense, those two guys are going to be duded up for Saturday Night, and are going to be a menace for Defenses. And their two inconsistent outside weapons will be able to compliment them to victories. 

Now they can line up in 4-Wide formation with some troublemakers who can hurt a defense inside and outside. "Itís good leadership, because if you look at the three veterans that we have with Mohamed and Julian and Phillip, those guys are just very consistent, dependable players who have a lot of productivity," Brady said. "And then we have three really young players with Gunner and Jakobi and now NíKeal. So, itís kind of a different mix, three veterans, three rookies, and I think those rookies need to rely on the veterans to really show them the way. 

"So Iím glad that room has provided the leadership that they have. So, weíre going to need everybody. I think thatís what we realize. Weíre only at the halfway point of the year. Thereís a lot of football left and everybody in each room is really counted on. Thereís no wasted space. So everybody has to bring something along with them, and those rookies have to look up to the older guys to show them the way." 

There is nothing that a veteran QB likes more than veteran WRs who know what the hell they are doing on the field. "I think everybody liked Mohamed. Everybody likes him. Thatís why heís here. So itís great to have him. Iím excited for him, and again, the more we work together, the better itís going to be," Brady said. "Itís hard to be on the same page within a week. So weíre just going to try to communicate through things and talk through them. Thereís a lot of things that come up in that game, practice, past games, things that heís done, things that weíve done that [we need to have proper timing on]. Footballís a game about anticipation. So the good part is that a veteran player, you knows how to play football. Itís not like a rookie that they donít know what the real expectation is. 

"I mean, heís been a part of some great offenses. So itís really incorporating him into what we do and him learning the terminology, so that he can play fast and we can play with anticipation together. And then heís running the routes where I expect them to be, so I can play with anticipation. And then you gain trust. Then you gain confidence. And then once you gain confidence, you can go out and execute really well. 

"So itís hard to skip anything in that process. Itís just a reality of football. If you try to think that itís going to come together in a day or two, those are probably unrealistic expectations. But, every time we go out there, weíre trying to be a little bit better and lead to better execution." Watching Sanu and Brady finding that grove is going to be scary for the rest of the NFL. 

Harry is the outside WR that has been missing, he's filling the more traditional Number One WR role. "Good-good," Brady said about Sanu. "Weíre on a roll. Letís keep it going baby." Though obviously Edelman and Sanu are the Pats true Number one and Number Two WRs in the Pats untraditional offense. 

However, Harry can line up outside and run those outside patterns that can help the inside guys. Just having Harry and Dorsett running deep will loosen up the inside patterns for Julian and Mohamed, and sometimes even Jakobi Meyers. They can actually line up empty now with five legit NFL WRs on the field. Two developing outside WRs, two slot guys, and a developing slot guy. That is some serious trouble for the rest of the NFL. 

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