The 2019 Season

Has Begun. 

7-Things For Sunday.

The Final Episode. 


6. No Time For AB- The Patriots Achilles heel before Saturday night was the WR position. “He's different than Brown,” BB said about Juju. “They move all of the receivers around. So they did it before Brown. They did it with Brown. And now they're doing it after Brown. They just move them around.” But the Pats couldn’t sign Brown before the deadline.

So, he cannot play in this Game. “I’m more than just a football player man. I’m a real person,” Brown said. “It ain’t about the football. I know I can do that. I show you guys that on the daily. This is my life. Ain’t no more games.” So, the Pats will still be shorthanded at WR tonight.

The WR position was the fatal flaw on the Patriots that looked like could derail the season. You cannot tell me that Gordon and/or Thomas are going to survive the season. Harry has had trouble staying healthy and is still learning the system. They wanted to rush him back as soon as possible, now they don’t have to. Dorsett seems to have forgotten how to use his speed. He was picked in the 1st, because he had 4.3 speed. But now, he plays like he has 5.3 speed. And of course, Edelman was unable to give his thumps up all preseason.

The good news is that Edelman is healthy and ready to start. “We did have a good amount of practice reps and you also take mental reps,” Edelman said. “Nothing comes easy. Any time you go out there and you have to perform, you definitely have to had prepared well and I think that’s what we’re trying to do.” His little thumb is good enough to go.

They will also be relying on Demaryius Thomas who looked too old last season, and looked like he had a broken wing in the Preseason. “I think it’s awesome having a guy like Demaryius in there. He’s a veteran-type guy. He’s made a lot of big plays in this league. He’s had a lot of production in this league. He’s played in a lot of big games in this league,” Edelman said. “Any time you have someone like that in your room, it’s awesome. Especially for the younger guys, they get to see how he prepares and how a professional is supposed to look. Having Josh back is unbelievable. It’s great. He’s a really good football player.” They will need a few catches out of him tonight to say the least.

They don’t have Gronk to bail out the WRs this season, or in this game. They are on their own. The Pats have to score some points in the passing game. The run game will give them a great advantage against the Steelers' defense. Play action is likely to win this game. I don’t see the Steelers stopping the run game, without giving up too much to Brady. Even though Brady is throwing to his misfit band of toys.

So that’s why the offense will succeed. We got Brady throwing, and when worst comes to worse he can still throw to James White. Even Damien Harris can catch and hurt some DBs outside. They will score just enough to help the Pats’ Defense win this game. Short passing, running the ball, and defense wins this game.

7. Pats Win- The reason the Pats win is because of defense. They have been playing, flirting, and hiding the defense all preseason. But haven’t really put all the starters in and unleashed them. Yet they have dominated. Shelton has been great this Preseason. They also barely played Bennett. They can rush the passer from every angle. They can cover with any D in the League this season.

The Odd front will help them in this game with Hightower, Van Noy, and Jamie Collins blitzing from every angle. They will also move Bennett around to attack Roethlisberger. With all the veterans on the field, the Pats Defense is going to cause a lot of trouble for the Steelers. They will attack, cover, and fight with any offense in the NFL this year.

While the Steelers will also be recovering from the loss of Antonio Brown. They have Smith-Schuster and a lot of question. The Pats will put Gilmore on JuJu. If he shuts him down, or comes close, the Steelers are in big trouble. The Steelers will have a very nice power run game with James Conner and Jaylen Samuels. But they will have trouble getting past Shelton and Guy. And Wise was better against the run than the rush in the Preseason.

So, as the Pats wait for AB to reinforce the passing game and help turn it elite. The Pats will win in the old school fashion with defense and the run game. Then next week Antonio Brown, the best WR at getting open in pattern in the NFL, joins the team. Harry can study everything he does and Gordon as well, as Jakobi learns his trade in the slot behind Edelman. By October the passing game is going to be something to see.  

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