The 2019 Season

Has Begun. 

Pats Final Roster.

Let The Fun Begin: Part I. 


The Pats took a chance cutting Hoyer. Stidham was great as a rookie QB in the Preseason. However, if Brady gets hurt he is not going to step in and win a game. Now I know Hoyer isn’t leading anyone to the Super Bowl. But if Brady missed a few games he could step in and win a couple.

Rookie QBs don’t step into the NFL and win games. “I thought both players played well in camp and I liked both players,” BB said. “But in the end, there are a number of considerations that you have to make. So we did what we thought was best for the team. I still think Brian’s a good player and it’s a long season. So we’ll see what happens.” Stidham seemed to pick up the system very quick for a rookie.

But rookie QBs don’t win in the NFL. If Brady misses a few games they will all be loses for the Pats. Now this is more of a minor argument. If Brady gets injured for real, the season is done, whether it is Hoyer or Stidham. In that case the Pats would be better playing Stidham. Stidham is going to be the next starting QB for the New England Patriots.

I had rated in the Top-16 in my first Player Ratings after the 2017 season. “I got the news that I was the number two guy,” Stidham said. “And you get very excited for this role, obviously. But now I’m getting back to work, working as hard as I ever have, and trying to do everything I can to help out this team, and to help Tom out. That’s my job.” I shifted him down because it became obvious he was not going to go in the 1st, and didn’t play as well in 2018.

He really seemed to plummet during the Draft Season. I lowered him 52. He was a great pick in the 4th. He should develop into a winning starter, after two or three years on the bench studying the GOAT.  But I was shocked they kept Gunner. I thought for sure they’d keep Hoyer.

But really, in the trade of roster spots it came down to more Gunner Olszewski than Stidham for Hoyer. “He's very competitive and he works hard. And he's improved,” BB said about Gunner, who could start at gunner as well. “He has a long way to go but he's made a lot of improvement. He's making a big jump from where he played, to where he's playing now, positionally and so forth. He's improved a great deal.” So they kept a young special teams guy they probably could have stashed on the Practice Squad.

This release was a gamble for BB that could ruin the season. If Brady sprains an ankle or a back (like old men do;), the season is done. Stidham got the Michael Bishop Preseason Hero Award this year. He dominated against the 3rd and 4th string players in exhibition games that made fans go nuts over nothing. If you have to break the glass, he will not win a game. 

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