The 2019 Season

Has Begun. 

Pats Final Roster.

Let The Fun Begin: Part III. 


The Patriot's roster is obviously not complete. But there will be no Gronk miracle, or Antonio Brown fallacy to save Brady. They will pick up some guys during the season for a bargain basement price. But this team is what is it. Sunday Night they will be facing the Steelers, with rag tag band of merry receivers. Only there's no Robin Hood coming to the rescue. 

"We're winding down here and I think everybody's excited to get going here Sunday night," BB said. "Obviously, a great football team with the Steelers. A team we know well, and that played very well against us last year. So we're going to have a big challenge ahead of us. But we're excited to get going, excited to get started, and we'll see how it goes. 

"We'll see where we're at, but we've had a good week of preparation. It's the first week. It's always the transition from coming out of training camp and starting to prepare for a team. That's different, we haven't done it before this year. The process has started, we've had plenty of time so we'll see what happens Sunday night. Look forward to it."

Phillip Dorsett seems to get worse every season. He literally had three or four straight catches in the 3rd Preseason game, where he caught the ball from Brady and ran back three or four yards. He ran for negative 3 yards per reception. That's atrocious. Demaryius Thomas looked like he broke his own ankle on his first catch. Then proceeded to catch a bunch of catches against 4th stringers and rookies who didn't make the team. Josh Gordon spent the preseason trying to prove he was Antonio Brown, off the field. 

So Brady has to deal with a whole new WR Corps. again. "It's part of football. It's a challenging thing, and that's why it's not always as fluid as you would hope it to be because you prepare for eight months for this game. And then you're getting used to guys we haven't really played with, or we signed, whatever, three or four new players at the end of cuts that are backups to different positions and they don't have any experience," Brady said. "Look, we're going to try to work as hard as we can, like we always do. I don't think this team ever feels like we're a finished product. And I don't think we finish many practices and Coach Belichick has been like, 'Man, we've got this all figured out!' I think we're trying to work at it every single day and put the time and effort and energy and commitment into it for each other, and you see how that pays off after a long season." 

Meanwhile, Jakobi Meyer showed he was a legit NFL Slot guy, just like I said before the preseason. Then they finally put him in with Brady, and lined him up outside instead of inside, and he played like poop. He had his worst game with more drops in the 3rd Preseason game than all the other games combined. McDaniels finally made him look like a rookie. 

Meyers is built like an outside WR. He really looks the part. But make no mistake, he is Slot Guy through and through. BB better not make that mistake. If they play him outside he will look like a rookie WR, instead of the slot stud like he was all Preseason right up the 3rd Preseason game. 

Meyer's is a 6-2 Julian Edelman, not a rookie Demaryius Thomas. "Julian's got such a competitive attitude that I think it just rubs off on everybody," BB said. "Everybody sees how hard he works. How competitive he is. And it makes you want to do the same." They have to find room for both guys in the Slot. 

When asked if he was an outside WR BB said, "He is." He is not. I didn't see Meyers lined up outside once at NC ST. 

He is not fast enough to play outside. He looks one way, like an outside Number One or Number Two WR, but he played like a little slower slot guy. He is not an explosive quicks inside WR like Edelman. He has some quicks in pattern, but he gets open inside with speed in pattern (not pure speed) and size. That is why he went undrafted. He is a square peg you cannot put in an outside hole. 

Plus he has Edelman to lead him in the slot. "I've seen a lots of players go through that transition and those phases that you mentioned. Pretty much all of them, so it is interesting to see them come in..." BB said, and then continued. "Troy Brown, I wasn't here for all of Troy Brown's career. But I was here for the beginning of it in '96, and kind of a similar type of situation. So that's the extreme because there was even another chapter or two to those guys, but yeah other players. Julian's in that category, and I remember Tom, when he came in here he was the 4th-string quarterback. We've all grown." There is a seam-runner spot open with Gronk gone. 

If Gordon can stay on the field mentally, Thomas physically, and Edelman spiritually, the WR-Corps. will be fine. Plus in the end, Brady will make them all better. And to rely on a rookie to essentially replace a HOFer is folly. So they'll go three Wides. And maybe throw in a LaCosse or a Izzo, or maybe even a Jakobi inside, and have them run down the Seam and maybe keep the Safeties honest. 

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