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Patriots Season. 

7-Things for Sunday:

Pats Week Seven.

Part I:

Somewhere In 

The Swamps Of Jersey. 



Sam Darnold is not a rookie QB. He's a 2nd year dude like Josh Allen. "He’s a good quarterback. We saw him at the end of the year last year. He played in the Buffalo game," BB said about Darnold. "He can make all the throws. Big strong kid. He can run. Short, intermediate, deep. He’s got good weapons. Anderson’s a great deep receiver, [Jamison] Crowder, [Braxton] Berrios are very good players in the slot. 

"Bell, obviously. How many backs better than him in the league, in terms of the run game and the passing game? They can split him out, they can get him the ball in the backfield. He’s a very versatile player. So, again, they have a very good scheme, good play caller, good strategy and they have a lot of good weapons." 

This is where the Pats defense starts to get tested for the second time this season. Darnold is much more Josh Allen than Luke Faulk, Daniel Jones, or the washed up Roethlisberger or Fitzpatrick. "There’s definitely a back and forth [between me and Gase]," Darnold said. "Me, understanding his intent to call a play. And then also him understanding that if it’s not the perfect play, which is going to happen. But if he doesn’t call the perfect play for that situation, hopefully I’m able to make it right. I think that’s kind of how we’re building our relationship." 

Darnold is a young QB who survived his rookie season and is more talented, efficient, and steadier than Josh Allen. "It’s great to have a bunch of guys to get the ball to," Darnold said. "We’re in the NFL. There’s talented guys everywhere on the field. But on offense, we’re stacked now. We’ve got a lot of players that can make plays." He is now a 2nd year QB, with enough experience to start to see it on the field. 

He is a smart kid who has had two coaches in his two years with the NJG, and a new coach in his last year at USC. So while his new HC is seen as a bit of bust in Miami, Gase is a bit a Patriots killer. He seems to have that knack for making life difficult for the Patriots Defense. I might be exaggerating that point a little. 

As I thought it was more the weather than the team in Miami, but he found a way to keep his team in the game against the Pats at Home. "Talking to him outside the lines and understanding what he’s thinking when he’s calling a play [has helped me]. He’s very blunt with how to read the play," Darnold said about his third HC in three years. "When he gives me the play, sometimes I’ll have time left so that he can talk to me and he’ll just kind of give me some tips and reminders. It’s nice to have that guy that you know his intent to call a play and why he’s calling it. But also understanding that we don’t have to make the plays any harder than they have to be." 

Darnold was picked 1st overall last year, because he was not only more talented than the other three QBs but he is also calmer, smarter, and more in control in the pocket than the other QBs. "He’s a big, strong kid who can stand in the pocket. He’s hard to tackle. He’s not an easy guy to bring down. He’s big. He can see. [He can] find guys under pressure. He’s got a great outlet receiver in Bell, no question about that," BB said. "So it’s good. He can get the ball to Crowder, also. Who’s quick and elusive underneath, and Braxton if he’s in there. But those guys are all instinctive quick guys that find space to get open: Crowder, Bell, Berrios, probably in that order of targets. He does a good job of keeping those plays alive, and giving them a little bit of extra time and then finding them." 

The defense got beat up by Allen. If he had stayed healthy against the Bills, they might have won, at Home. This week the Jets are at Home, which is a big advantage for them. They have to get to Darnold and hurt him early and often. He can throw quick, and he has the arm to go deep. This will be the biggest test for the Pats since Buffalo. These teams know each other, and that will help the young Jets more at Home. 

Darnold also has some great weapons that can hurt the Pats defense, like Jamison Crowder, who is a Troy Brown wannabe. “Jamison’s such a good player. He’s just so instinctual. Which I feel I am, as well. He goes out there and he can feel stuff happening before it even happens. Especially with linebackers, because he’s mostly on the inside. He can really feel linebackers. How they’re pushing. He’s been helping me a ton understanding that as a vet," Darnold said. "Jamison’s a workhorse. He’s such a good competitor. He’s really good for this team and for this offense. He might not think it, he might not know it, but he leads by example. He might be nicked up, nicks and bruises, but he comes out here to work every single day, and guys thrive off of that when they see him. They really thrive off that energy." Pats fans know how slot guys can kill a Defense.

He also has Le'Veon Bell, who is a bit of a Patriots killer himself. "You don’t really realize it when you’re watching him, especially when he was with Pittsburgh, but I didn’t realize how big he was," Darnold said about Bell. "He’s a really big running back. Guys don’t want to tackle him. And he’s fast and elusive. So you combine all those things together, and he’s a threat out of the backfield for sure. Catching the ball and running it. Le’Veon’s a smart guy. The more that we can communicate with each other and being on the same page protection-wise, the better off we’ll be." He is so good at finding ways forward when it looks like there is nothing. 

The Patriots defense is going to be tested this week in New Jersey. Young QBs, like Darnold and Allen play better at home. Young QBs play better against Divisional foes who they have faced every season. With the Patriots offense so discombobulated, the Defense is going to have to play their best game of the season, so far. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


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"In the competition to persuade wealthy customers to stay at high-end golf resorts, the Trump National Doral Miami is a so-so contender. When Golf magazine recently listed the top twenty-five golf resorts for luxury and the top twenty-five for general excellence, Doral didn’t make either list. It did get included in the top-hundred list, and it was also featured in the “Top 25 Resorts for Buddies,” a segment designed for hardcore golfers seeking “immersion therapy with multiple courses to play 18, 36, or until you just can’t see the ball anymore.” Doral has four courses, including the famous Blue Monster, which for many years was a regular stop on the P.G.A. Tour, and it’s certainly easy for your buddies to get to. Miami International Airport is just a few miles away.

"Like many golf courses and golf resorts, Doral has faced serious challenges from rising competition and a decline in the number of people playing golf. In 2012, the Trump Organization purchased Doral out of bankruptcy court for a hundred and fifty million dollars—Deutsche Bank provided a mortgage—and added “Trump National” to its name. Once Trump bought the property, he started an extensive renovation, which was completed in 2016. The Trump Organization claimed that the renovation cost more than two hundred million dollars, although there is no way to verify that claim. But, in any case, Doral, which has almost six hundred and fifty guest rooms, represented a major investment for Trump, and it is by far the biggest of his golf resorts.

"Despite the renovations, however, Doral’s struggles have continued. They may well have intensified. In 2016, Cadillac pulled out of sponsoring the venue’s annual P.G.A. Tour event, which created invaluable publicity, and the organizers moved the tournament to Mexico City. (“I hope they have kidnapping insurance,” a miffed Trump commented.) Earlier this year, the Washington Post’s David A. Fahrenthold and Jonathan O’Connell, two reporters who have done sterling work tracking Trump’s intermingling of his public duties with his private business interests, reported that Doral had seen a “steep decline” in its business since Trump decided to run for President. The resort’s “room rates, banquets, golf and overall revenue were all down since 2015,” the Post reported. “In two years, the resort’s net operating income—a key figure, representing the amount left over after expenses are paid—had fallen by 69 percent.”

"In a statement provided to the Post, the Trump Organization claimed that the Zika virus and hurricanes had driven visitors away from South Florida. But the paper cited statistics showing that “competing resorts in the same region of Florida still outperformed the Trump resort in the key metrics of room occupancy and average room rate.” It also quoted experts who suggested that the Trump name might be hurting the Doral brand.

"Whatever the cause of its troubles, Doral clearly needed a boost, and its proprietor has now provided it with a huge one: a federal contract to host next year’s G-7 meeting, which will bring the resort a substantial sum of taxpayers’ dollars and generate invaluable publicity for Doral all over the world. On Thursday, Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s chief of staff, announced that the summit will be held at Doral in June of 2020. Trump will attend the meeting, along with the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan, and sizable delegations from each member country.

"Nobody should be surprised, of course. In making frequent visits to his commercial properties in Florida, New Jersey, and other locales, Trump has been funnelling federal dollars into his own coffers ever since he was elected. For example, Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s oceanfront resort in Palm Beach, charges its government visitors up to five hundred and fifty dollars a night for their rooms, according to ProPublica. Trump started pitching Doral as the G-7 venue as early as June. By August, when he attended this year’s G-7 meeting, in the French coastal city of Biarritz, the fix was already in, although he tried to portray the choice of Doral as the outcome of a proper search process rather than that of a Presidential edict. “They went to places all over the country, and they came back and they said, ‘This is where we’d like to be,’ ” he said. “It’s not about me. It’s about getting the right location.”"












"No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: 


And no Person holding any Office of Profit or 

Trust under them, shall,


without the Consent of the 




accept of any present, 




Office, or Title, of any kind whatever


from any King, Prince, or foreign State."


Emolument is a word that is a bit lost in time.

It means that no White House Dudes or Dudettes can take 


Especially the Prez & his




can take, ask for, or accept a profit of any kind, 

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