The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Seven.

7-Things for Monday.

Defense Wins Championships. 


This is a closer match than it looks like on paper. However, this game comes down again is that Defense win Championships. "We’ve had certainly plenty of time here to focus on the Jets, and very impressive win that they had last week against Dallas. They played well in all three phases of the game. Had a lot of big plays offensively, and defensively as well. Big fourth-down stop, big two-point play stop. So, very talented team," BB said. "They’ve got a lot of guys that are hard to block on the front. Coach Williams has an excellent pressure package and he does a good job of keeping the offense off balance. Adam’s [Gase] one of, as I I’ve talked about, I think one of the best game planners in the game and does an excellent job of attacking defenses and just making it tough to handle what they do offensively, with their different personnel groups and plays and his play calling. He did a very good job of that against Dallas. [He] had some big plays, kept them off balance and was very productive. 

"So, big two-minute drive at the end of the half, probably the difference in the game. That, and the long pass to Anderson. So, a lot of good players, a lot to get ready for, and Monday night’s always a high-energy game. So, we’ll point to that, and we’ll just be tough down there in New York. So, we’ll need to have a good week here, be ready to go." The Jets have a good Defense.

But the Pats have a great defense. "For me, when I look at these guys right now, it looks like a group that they’ve played together, they know exactly what they’re doing going into the game, they know what they’re looking to stop, they know exactly how to play off of each other," the NJJ HC Gase said. "I think they have some really good chemistry going on, to where some of that might be those guys playing together for a few years now. When you’ve got guys that aren’t thinking, and they’re communicating and they’re able to play fast, it makes it really hard on the offensive side." It is about the Jets young QB trying to break down the Patriots Defense. 

The Jets offense is still in the infancy stage of the season, with Darnell playing his second game. "When you get locked in on trying to break the dynasty or tear them down, that's when you start losing control of yourself and losing control of your emotions during the game," Darnell said. "For us it's continuing to take it one game at a time and just focus on this game plan and what we need to do. If we get outside ourselves and try to take down Tom Brady, take down Bill Belichick? Those are all legit things, but for us it's focusing on what we need to do and how we need to execute." It seems the young kid is already looking at things that are irrelevant.

This game is not about a dynasty, it's about winning one game. "It’s a tough challenge, I know that," Gase said. "They’re playing about as well as I can remember in all of my times playing these guys. We just have to do a good job of just focusing on what we need to do." It is not about breaking down Belichick, it's about breaking down the defense and scoring to help his defense win.

The young QB already seems a little psyched out by the defense. It is tougher for the Pats defense on the Road. This game is much closer to the Buffalo game than the Miami game. It also has little comparison to the first time the Pats played the Jets. When the Pats were at Home and the Jets didn't have a QB. 

The Jets defense has gotten better, and was excellent last week against the Cowboys. The Jets defense was ferocious, and two Jets defenders were fined for cheap shots. Jamal Adams has taken over the defense, and the young Quinnen Williams looks like he is coming into his own. And most importantly, all defense look better at Home. 

The Pats defense, led by Guy and Sheldon right in the middle of the line, are transcending the way defense is being played in the new run and shot area. They put one or two of those guys right in the middle to take on two three or four blockers, and no else has to declare to the offense what they are doing. Guy and Sheldon are not taking on multiple blockers, they are defeating them. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the defense is wandering around, undeclared, like it is anarchy. three, four, sometimes five guys wandering around aimlessly like they are undeclared. How does a veteran QB read that? How does a second year QB, who has not seen everything yet, deal with it? How Darnell deals with the Patriots undeclared defense and aggression will show up big time on the score board.

The score will closer than people think. Like Allen, BB doesn't have a ton of Tape on him to see how and what he is doing this year. Rookie Tape is not really a help. Both are much-much better than the spinning tops they were as rookies. Going into a Division Opponents House is always tougher than it looks on paper. 


Okay-okay-okay, the Broncos want more than a 4th for Emmanuel Sanders. DONE-DEAL. We'll send them a 3rd and save the Season. What's the hold up? Do they need a Quid Pro Quo? Fine! We'll send the Broncos a 3rd round pick, and the magical DNC Server that isn't in the DNC Headquarter for some impossible-to-believe-reason, and you send us Emanuel Sanders and a bag of Ukrainian mixed nuts and a Russian doll. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject!

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


 Every day another crime is revealed by #TrumpTreason!

It is as startling as it is scary.

WOW! Remember when life was so naive:


"Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump is seriously considering a plan to block $250 million in military assistance to Ukraine, a move that would further ingratiate him with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has directed senior officials to review the aid package.

"Trump's decision to order the review comes after the White House publicly lost a battle to slash foreign aid spending across the board. After scrapping the plan to slash $4 billion in foreign aid, Trump said his team would look to find cuts elsewhere in the aid budget.


"The President has made no secret when it comes to foreign assistance that US interests abroad should be prioritized and other foreign countries should also be paying their fair share," a senior administration official told CNN."


YIKES! Now we know that was treason in plain sight. It seems like years ago that the Impeachable Crime was an odd nuisance. Now it is known treason. Oh, and we TREASONOUSLY abandoned our closest and best Christian allies in the Middle East to be Ethnically Cleansed for Putin and Erdogan:


QUARTZ: "Turkish troops are shelling northeast Syria, held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The US—a Kurdish ally, as well as a Turkish one—is doing nothing to stop it.

“You are leaving us to be slaughtered,” said Kurdish general Mazloum Kobani in a meeting with American officials, CNN reports.

Kobani met with William Roebuck, deputy special envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, on Oct. 10. According to an internal US government readout of the meeting obtained by CNN, the Kurdish leader warned that he would have to make a deal with Russia for help if the US does not step in. “You are not willing to protect the people, but you do not want another force to come and protect us. You have sold us. This is immoral,” he said.

"His army has been a US ally in the fight against ISIS for five years. But there is no indication that the Trump administration will respond to the Kurdish leader’s cry for help, despite criticism from Americans and US allies, who say Turkey’s move undermines the global fight against ISIS and American national security interests as a result. In fact, the US is withdrawing troops from the region—some of whom were shelled by Turkish forces this week, apparently by mistake.


"Kobani said that without US assistance he’ll be forced to work with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s Russian-backed regime in Damascus to enforce a no-fly zone halting Turkish airstrikes. “I need to know if you are capable of protecting my people, of stopping these bombs falling on us or not. I need to know, because if you’re not, I need to make a deal with Russia and the regime now and invite their planes to protect this region,” the Kurdish general said."


President Treason J. Trump is handing the Middle

East over to his Financial Masters Putin and Erdogan!


The Philadelphia Inquirer: "Donald J. Trump will go down in history as fully complicit in Turkish war crimes. Unless, that is, he picks up his phone and tells Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to halt his murderous attack on Syrian Kurds immediately – or face draconian U.S. sanctions.

"'War crimes' are the only way to describe what Trump has set in motion with his feckless phone call that green-lit Erdogan’s invasion of Syria. Because make no mistake, what Trump’s buddy is doing has nothing to do with fighting ISIS, and everything to do with destroying the Kurds.

"Within the first 24 hours of their invasion, Turkish forces had already driven at least 100,000 Kurdish civilians out of two cities near the Turkish border, many of them fleeing on foot with only the clothes they were wearing. “These cities are almost empty from civilians who have fled to the countryside,” I was told by Syrian Kurdish journalist Rodi Hasan.

"The Turks have already moved on to shelling other major Kurdish cities, like the capital, Qamishli...

Remember when we were only talking about 

simple treason against America?


Instead of a Nazi-Style 


Treasonous Holocaust:



"As long as it wasn't a Quid Pro Quo it ain't Treason," Graham said from the closet. "It ain't a treasonous, horrific, 

and Constitution destroying act of Impeachment, 

as long as Trump is using Latin in an argument 

he so clearly does not understand," or some other lies along those lines. 


"Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) described the rough transcript of President Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, in which Trump mentioned how much aid the United States hoped to give Ukraine and also how much he wished Ukraine would look into Joe Biden, as a "nothing (non-quid-pro-quo) burger." 

For those who lack his immediate understanding of what is and what is not quid pro quo, here is a handy guide."

?Okay? UM? BUT? That is completely insane there Lindsey...

"It's come up this week in connection to President Donald Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to a White House transcript of the call, 

Trump asked for a "favor" -

- help from Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, 

a 2020 contender.
"The quid pro quo is in the President's words," Democratic Rep. John Garamendi of California argued on CNN's "New Day" Friday, telling John Berman that Trump's phone call with Zelensky "makes it very clear." 

"I'll give you MISSILES








is the F-ing quid 


you lyin' sacks of sh##.


"But you have to do me a favor...




As you all know,




That is the F-ING


PRO QUO, you lyin' sacks of



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