The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Six.

Part I:

Racing In The Streets. 



The Pats are starting to worry me a little. They are so clearly a flawed team, on Offense. They struggled to get things going offensively each game. But the competition was so incompetent that it didn't matter. The one time they faced an almost-average non-rookie QB, it looked like he was starting to tear up the Defense. Then Josh Allen got knocked out of the game. 

This is starting to look like the 2007 Pats. They went undefeated through the regular season, but who did they really face. They were a great team, but seemed to come up like bullies in the Super Bowl. They didn't really face a challenge during the Regular Season, So their steel was never hardened, and they bent at the end. 

That has been the story of the 2019 Pats so far. It has been one suck-bag QB after another. The offense has struggled early, and has been saved by the defense. But the defense hasn't faced a winning QB in the NFL yet this season. This defense destroys rookie QBs, but what happens when they face a QB whose steel was been hardened in the NFL. 

I can't even remember the Miami's, puke-bag QB. The Jets? A rookie puke bag at QB. The Bills? Allen seemed to have something going against the Pats, and got hurt. So they had to put in another punching-bag QB to give the Pats the blow out. Last week was more an indictment of the Redskins' Douche-bag owner than than anything the offense did on the field. 

Let's face it, the Offense has sucked in the 1st Half of games, and that is going to hurt them when they face a veteran NFL QB. "It was kind of an odd game. Anytime you get three scores in a game that are non-offensive touchdowns, that's kind of a season's worth and it all happened in one game," BB said. "A couple of big plays for us on the blocked punt, on the fumble, scoop-and-score by Kyle [Van Noy]. Those are great plays and we took advantage of those opportunities, had some turnovers. I thought we played the ball well and got our hands on some balls. That was good, too. 

"Offensively, those guys showed a lot of toughness out there today and just battled through the situation that we ended up being in. It was a really good job by those guys and by the offensive coaches." They scored one TD in the 1st quarter, but it was a special teams TD by Winovich (I told you he was a steal in my 2019 AFC East Draft review). 

They scored two TDs in the 2nd Quarter on efficient drives by Brady. They could be down 28 or 35 to 14 against KC with an offense like that. 

Last night the NJG marched into Foxboro, WITH ANOTHER ROOKIE QB. "Gritty, you know. I mean, there’s a couple plays there that. I mean, there were a handful of bad plays in there. But that happens, and I’m sure we will clean those up as we go along," NJG HC Shurmur said, then went on when asked about Jones' INTs. "We had a couple today. Obviously, you can’t do that. But he’s aggressive with the ball, and you know, we will get that cleaned up." Jones was excellent in this game! 

For a rookie QB. Neither offense looked like they were racing in the streets. 

This defense destroys rookie QBs. "It’s been awesome. But I think a lot is always made of – we never say bend but don’t break. Like, we don’t say that here. The same philosophies, the same things we’ve talked about are the same things we’ve said this year and I think we’ve just been doing a good job," Devin McCourty said. "We have a good unit. We have a lot of guys back, like you said, from the unit that came on strong last year. You get to return all of those guys, especially us in the secondary, but across the board. We lost a few guys but, overall, even the new guys that have come have been experienced players, have been able to pick up the system.

"so I think we were able to be a little bit more advanced in the spring time to really get going on stuff we really wanted to run, and then I think it’s just personality. Everybody’s buying in, everybody’s willing to do whatever they can to help the defense and that’s playing a bunch of different roles for a lot of different guys and we’ve just got to keep doing it. We can’t get tired of working hard and trying to help prepare people." But to win the Magnificent Seventh, they have to beat veteran QBs in KC and the Play Offs. 

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