The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Six.

Part II:

Tougher Than

The Rest.


The Defense has been other worldly so far this season. In an odd twist they see to get better as the game goes on. Unusually once the Offensive figures out what the defense is doing it starts to figure it out. Not so with this defense. With this veteran laden defense, it seems the defense gets better as the veterans recognize what the offense is trying to do. 

They have a remarkable array of veterans on this defense, like Van Noy. "Jaime knocked the ball out like he usually does," Van Noy said. "A bunch of people wanted the ball and people missed. It squirted right to me. I picked it up and tried to score, looked like I was playing high school receiver again." That was another phenomenal play by another defender. 

I mean, Stephon Gilmore looked like the best Corner in the NFL. "I would just say he just works on his craft. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll see he’s working on his craft in the offseason with Dre Bly. He does a ton of stuff: practice field, he’s always out there repping, one-on-ones, like he’s doing all of that stuff to prepare himself," Devin said. "I think he has a great understanding of route recognition, what guys are running, where their splits are. So, it’s been awesome just to watch him, especially a guy that comes into the system and learns the system. From year-to-year, game-to-game, he’s just gotten better and better and he’s a big help to our defense. We do a lot of stuff around him and his abilities." He had one of the best games I've ever seen a Corner have last night.

But again, it was against a rookie QB. "Steph, he does it every day in practice and does it on Sundays. He does such a great job playing the ball and had some good breaks," BB said. "That last play down the sideline was a really good finish where the receiver had the ball and he got it on the way down, but he had some great pass breakups.

"He's a very talented player and works extremely hard to prepare for the game, study his opponents and study the passing game that our opponents are going to run. This is a good example here on a short week of how diligent he works and it paid off. He's done a great job for us." Can they do it against Mahomes? Who is tougher than the rest? Twice? 

Kyle has looked like a super-veteran who could read the offense better than anyone on the field. "That’s a part of turnovers. It’s not always a great interception. It’s guys flying around. They throw a screen, me and Jamie get to the guy first. Jamie forces the fumble, I try to get on the ball, we all dive for it, punch the ball forward. There’s like four guys on our defense running to the ball. KV [Kyle Van Noy] gets a scoop and a score," Devin said. "I think you saw that all night starting off with Steph making a good defensive play, pops the ball in the air. John [Simon] comes down with an interception. But you look at that picture, there’s like three guys all running full speed to the where the throw was being made and that’s something we talk about in practice. 

"The D-linemen do a great job whenever a ball is thrown, turning, running to the ball, trying to make plays from behind so we’ve got to continue to do that and I think that allows us to play aggressive. You miss a tackle, you know somebody else is coming. We’ve just got to keep doing those things." It can seem like Steph, Devin, Kyle, and Jamie are fighting each other to be the defensive player of the year in the NFL. 

They seem to surprise offenses to start games. Then the Offenses get warmed up and play better in the 2nd quarter. However after the halftime adjustments, the defense has been rolling over offenses like a tsunami. They have just destroyed entire offense in the 2nd Half. 

That is when the scoring seems to start getting lopsided as well. When all the veterans start to see what the offenses are trying to do and the turnovers, Pick-Sixs, and Defensive scores start happening. There is some shocked and awe in the 1st Quarter with this defense. However, it seems that in the 2nd half it is like the defense knows what the offense is doing on most plays. 

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