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Patriots Season. 

7-Things for Sunday:

Pats Week Seven

Part II:

The Ragamuffin Gunner Is Returning Home.


Harry is on his way back to the roster. A few weeks of practice and he will be on the field, and they need him. The Pats are desperate for weapons to help Brady, and BB is a believer. He just doesn't draft WRs in the 1st Round, period. But he saw that flash that I saw at ASU, and took him at 32. He has that flash and dash that I look for, and I had him rated in the top 20. 

He showed enough in Preseason practices that he can take his talents to the NFL. They had to rush Dorsett back to play in this game. Josh Gordon, who has a bum knee and ankle, is being rushed back as well. That is how desperate the Pat are at WR. And that's it. There are no guys left to comeback and save the day at WR. They picked up two TEs. They prematurely released two guys off the injured list. And now they are waiting for Harry to make them whole again.  

But he still is a rookie. "I think the fairest thing to do for any young player, especially a guy that's missed as much time as N'Keal has missed, is we have to get him back on the practice field," McDaniel said. "We have to make smart decisions about when he's ready to do what. Certainly, to put a player back in a position to say, 'Hey, do everything, and do it all well, and do it all well under pressure, and do it all well under pressure against seven different defensive looks that you might get, and different personnel on the field each week that he hasn't necessarily played against.' I think there's things that hopefully we can build into and do quicker than others." He needs to be on the practice field with Brady more than most. 

He will be getting that opportunity the next few weeks. "I think the practice field and the results we get on the practice field will tell us when the right time is to use him in different roles. It's really no different for him now than it would be at the very beginning of the season, either," Josh said. "You get him in there and he's going to make some mistakes. He's going to learn from them. Hopefully he improves because of it, and I think we're going to use our practice repetitions and the work that we put in on the practice field each week moving forward as kind of the barometer to tell us when the right time is to do more or to maybe pull back and do less." He plays much faster than his Forty time would indicate.

Harry has magnetic hands and grabs everything thrown to him, and is one of the best WRs I've seen catching the ball through contact. "The goal will be for him the same as it is for each one of our other players, let's try to put him in positions to do something he does well on game day. And if we're doing that, then we're being fair to the player and giving him an opportunity to go out there and play fast and be aggressive, which is the goal," McDaniel said. "Because all our guys, they'll do the best they can when they're confident in the things we're asking them to do and that they can play fast without thinking and go out there and do their jobs. We're going to try to figure out what that is as quick as we can." He is still learning to run routes, by reading the defense the way Brady reads the defense and adjusting the pattern accordingly. 

He showed he could take in that info from Brady, and read and run routes like the GOAT needs him to. "When it's time to move forward and add something to their bucket, usually the young players will tell us by what they do in practice that it's time for us to be able to add something new to their plate and add something for them to do on game day." Harry still has a lot of room on his plate. 

Now he has to prove he can fill it up on the football field. "I think that's a multi-faceted answer. I mean, No.1, the players are responsible to really, they come to work and their job is to improve at their craft," McDaniels said. "The coaches, our responsibility is to help identify the ways that they can make progress and then to put them in position in practice, whether it be through drills or group work or team plays, to give them an opportunity to improve in those skills that we're trying to work on." He has shown that he can work with Brady in the preseason, and catch whatever Brady throws to him.

Now he has to prove it in the Regular season, and hopefully the Play Offs. "To me, where the quarterback comes into it is just our overall repetition and the trust and confidence we build through the reps we take at practice and the things we learn from those reps, good or bad, and we learn from both," McDaniels said. "And then the carryover from one day to the next is really on each man individually. I mean, that's how football works." So Harry and Brady are finding out what works and doesn't work with them. 

Brady needs him as much as the entire offense needs him. "We go out and we do something, and if we do it well, great. We try to repeat that as many times as we can. If we go out and we don't do it as well as we would have liked, then we make the corrections and then we have to be able to process that information the next day or the next week or whenever the next time is that comes up and not make that same error.," McDaniels said. "That's always a challenge for every young player. I mean, that's just the burden of playing in the National Football League. You try not to be an error repeater. It's always a work in progress. Every player on our team we feel can get better and we feel can improve and make progress each week. That's the design of practice, the practice plan, how we set it up, what we try to do in our individual periods, group periods, team periods, and each player is working on himself, and then the groups that work together are working on just their overall repetition with one another." It also looked like Jakobi Meyers took a big step up in his chemistry with Brady in the last game. 

He had half of his 8 career receptions against the NJG. "It's not different than pass protection between a center and a guard or a guard and a tackle when they're trying to pass off stunts or games. The more they do it, the more repetitions they get at it together, the more trust they build with one another, the better off they're going to play together." McDaniels said. "So, with a quarterback and a receiver or a quarterback and a tight end, whatever it may be, those things are just, we have to learn them, we have to grow from our mistakes and we have to make progress each week and try the best we can to not make errors that we've already corrected. 

"I think our quarterbacks work extremely hard with all those groups during the course of practice weeks to try to make sure that we're building and progressing each week. Sometimes it may be slower than others, but that's certainly not from a lack of effort." The Pats are going to need both rookie WRs to impactful this season to win the Magnificent Seventh.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:



Especially in Trump's

Dirty Treasonous Underwear!


"Each week — and some days, it seems, each hour — brings more clarity to the picture of the Ukraine affair and the political crisis it sparked in Washington over impeachment.


But some of the biggest questions still don't have answers. Here's a look at where the saga stands, what investigators want to learn and what major decisions still must be reached before the fever breaks. The Ukraine affair: No one disputes the basic outlines of the Ukraine affair, including President Trump:

He used a combination of personal aides and official State Department diplomats to pressure the government of Ukraine to launch investigations into the family of former Vice President Joe Biden and a conspiracy theory about the 2016 cyber-attacks against Democrats.

The White House says it sees no problem. Trump has cited what he has called his responsibility to investigate "corruption," referring to the Biden family. And acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said on Thursday that foreign policy is always political, diplomats work for the president and that everyone needs to "get over it."

What the fact against you don't work, then just lie-lie-lie. But how stupid do you have to be to believe a dude who says everything he just said that incriminated himself and his Don are lies? 

You have to willfully or Pretty fucking stupid. 


"AT A PRESS conference just over two weeks ago, Donald Trump could not have been clearer. His call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, was “perfect...There was no quid pro quo.” In other words, Mr Trump may have asked a foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate, but it was a simple request. He did not make military aid conditional on it. 


"Mike Pence, Mr Trump’s vice-president, was quick to back him up. “There was no quid pro quo,” he told reporters. “There was no pressure.” This is an odd defence, because it implies that asking a foreign government for help in winning an election is fine, yet it was one that the president’s supporters consistently repeated. Two events on October 17th made that line harder to maintain.

"The first was testimony from Gordon Sondland, America’s ambassador to the European Union, before the three House committees leading the impeachment inquiry. Mr Sondland, a novice diplomat but generous donor, was, as he put it in an interview on Ukrainian television, “sort of overseeing the Ukraine-US relationship,” along with Kurt Volker, a Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations; and Rick Perry, the energy secretary."

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