The 2019

Patriots Season. 

3-Things for Sunday:

Pats Week Ten.

Part I:




Okay Chicken Littles, the sky isn't falling. "There is really not much to say tonight," BB said. "Obviously, we didn't do anything normal. Certainly, didn't coach well. Give them credit, they were better than we were tonight, certainly the better team. We all have to do a better job." The Pats lost a game. 

It happens. "We competed out there," BB said. "It just wasn't good enough. We all have got to do a better job, starting with me." But there were reasons for it that can be fixed, and should even make them favorites if we meet again. 

The hard part to take is that the Pats D got beat up, instead of giving the beating. I didn't think that could happen with this year's Defense. They were out-physicalled all game long. I just didn't see that coming. Harbaugh is a great game planner as well, and he has something special for the Pats every time they play, and this was his masterpiece. 

The Patriots Defense was simply unprepared to face the Ravens wacky offense. "They were better well coached, and they have a lot of weapons," BB said. "They always have a couple new wrinkles. They do that every week." I know, I know it sounds crazy, like having a Russian asset sitting in the Oval Office. 

Just too crazy to believe! But it happens.... It starts out with the most unique QB in the NFL since Randall Cunningham (or maybe Michael Vick). The Ravens offense at it's core is an Option Offense. That is a college offense were they don't care if their QB takes a beating that shortens his career, because they gone four years. 

The Option is also at it's core a running Offense. "I think overall it was their whole offense. We knew they had one of the best running attacks in the NFL. They were really able to run the ball, and I think because we struggled to stop the run, that pretty much gave them control of the game," McCourty said. "Possessions, down and distance; they got to be comfortable all game. We got them in a couple third-and-longs, and we were able to get off the field, but for the majority of the game, they were able to play on their terms. That's what probably hurt us the most... just [not] having control of the game." Most NFL teams are moving more and more toward the College Spread Offense, which is a passing offense. 

The Ravens bucked the trend and instead of spreading out three WRs on every play in a Spread Offense, they lined up three tight ends in an ultimate Power-Option Offense. Which cost them speed outside. But what makes their offense so unique is that Lamar Jackson has the speed to make up for the lost speed in a 3-TE power formation. 

All by himself. "Some of it was his speed, but honestly, we didn't give up a whole bunch of huge plays to Lamar. It was their run game overall. There were times when we were good on Lamar, but then Ingram split us, but then we'd be good on Ingram, but Lamar would get outside for seven or eight yards," McCourty said. "Any time you play a team like this, you can't replicate that. There are definitely some adjustments, but I don't think it's one of those things where he ran around the edge and we were like, 'dang, he's fast.' We knew he was fast. John Simon had a few plays where he used the sideline and used his help. He did a good job on them. 

"There were a couple of plays where it didn't matter who the quarterback was because we had no edge of the defense. It wasn't like he outran a guy that had the edge. They just got out there and ran their plays. I think it was more of playing fundamentally together. It was a ‘do your job' game. If each guy doesn't do their job and do it well, then we're going to struggle." It is that combination of size with power, and Jackson's threat of speed that discombobulated the Pats Defense. 

They did a good job of containing Jackson's speed, but lost the battle to the Raven's power. When they had two or three TEs in, and a friggin' D-Tackle at Fullback, the Pats lost. However, they also lost to Jackson's speed and quickness in the pocket. He didn't run for 50. But he got two, three, and four extra seconds in the pocket that allowed his bigger and slower TEs to get open when they line up in their ultimate-power formation. 

So, I'm sorry Devin, but your wrong. His speed helped them in the passing game when they had three tights ends on the field. Which is also why they ran the ball so successfully in that three TE (and/or one FB) formations, and bully the best Defense in the NFL like they were the Junior Varsity. Because, they consistently passed out of of the three TE or 2 TE and  FB formation, which just goes against every instinct of an NFL defender. 

Mentally, it is just not how any other offense in the NFL plays football. There is no game, or Tape, or fond memory of an Offense playing that way since Cunningham played on the 1998 Vikings. Belichick needs to go back into his computer brain and drag out the game plans when the Giants played Philly from '85 to '95. 

But there is good news. Last season all three other teams from the AFC North lost when first the played the Ravens. But all three team won in the second attempt. The players had to see Lamar's spectacular blend of elite arm, legs, and smarts. You can't really see that unique an athlete just on Tape. There is no comparison since Cunningham (I think Vick was a little different: shorter, more straight-linish, and not as smart a passer). 

But once the players see it? Then the other NFL defenders who have seen it, have adjusted. Plus, their Offensive scheme is not anything that is played in the NFL anymore. Lamar has the finesse, but everyone else in the Offense appears to be about power running. That is the magic that he brings to the Offense. He allows giant sized run formations, with 3 TEs (and a DT;) to line up in a pure power formation, and throw the ball consistently. 

And if it breaks down, he can use his feet better than any QB the Pats players have ever seen to escape. "We went out there, but they played every down a little bit better than we did. We weren't able to keep [Lamar] in the pocket," Guy said. "They pretty much outperformed us. We just need to figure out what to get fixed and move forward. There was a lot of good football played, but there were a lot of mistakes being made. We need to stop the mistakes so that we can move forward." But now, the Pats Defenders have seen the plays that the Ravens run out of ultimate power-formations. 

It will not be as easy to trick them next time, as the Bengals, Browns, and Steelers showed last year. If these teams face each other again, the Patriots Defense will be ready for them. They didn't just see what the Ravens were doing, they fought against them in the trenches, and they will remember. It wasn't just the physicality of the Ravens. It was also the uniqueness of their: scheme, QB, formations, and obvious power runs turned into throws, that discombobulated the Pats D.

That won't happen at Home in January. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


#TrumpTreason Part I. 


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And for those ignoramuses who say Trump can't commit 

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That is not in the Constitution!


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The Constitution clearly states that 


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His stated goal is to destroy Democracy and destabilize the world.

Which in the Nuclear Age is how it all ends.



I think on this Veterans Day Three-Day Weekend, 

it is time for Republicans to start thinking about 

all the American Veterans who died in 

Wars to protect our Constitution, 

if they want our treasonous President 

to continue to make 




the most powerful man in the World

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"WASHINGTON — A senior U.S. diplomat told Congress that he was briefed on conversations President Donald Trump had with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in which the two foreign leaders talked Trump into a negative view about Ukraine and its new leader.

George Kent, a senior State Department official responsible for Europe, told House investigators that Putin and Orban, along with Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, had “shaped the president’s view of Ukraine and (President Volodymyr) Zelenskiy.” He said Trump’s conversations with the two leaders accounted for the change in Trump’s view of Zelenskiy from “very positive” after their first call on April 21 to “negative” just one month later when he met with advisers on Ukraine in the Oval Office.

In the interim, Trump spoke by phone with Putin on May 3, and hosted Orban at the White House on May 13.

Kent’s description of those conversations, included in the transcript of his deposition by the House released Thursday, feeds into longstanding concerns from national security experts that the president’s views on key foreign issues are being influenced by Putin and other autocratic leaders such as Orban. The far-right leader of Hungary has been at the helm of a nationalist movement in Europe that has at times found common cause with Trump’s foreign policy."

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