The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Two.

Oh Lord, Stuck In Loki Again: 

Part I. 


Antonio Brown is a bringer of anarchy. He's like Loki, smart, talented, but in the end he always has chaos swirling around him. I don't know if he is a bad dude or just a purposeful dude. If the lawsuit has any truth to it than he is a bad dude. I have no insight into that. But whether it is true or not it has turned into a swirling mess of madness for everyone around him. 

I mean, just think about it. He's been on the team for about a week. The Preseason was as boring a month or two as we've ever seen. There was nothing really going on except waiting for reinforcements at wide receiver, O-line, and tight end (which we still haven't gotten). The biggest problems were the worry whether Wynn was healthy, finding WRs better than an undrafted rookie free agent, and being Gronk-less. 

It was one week ago that Brown signed with the Patriots (think about that for a second), and his Loki like pandemonium has enthralled all of New England. It is worse than the Moss-like troubles that forced Randy out of town in his second season here. This week was a whole new level of chaos for the Pats that we haven't seen since the Sullivan's owned the team and we were a laughing stock of the NFL. 

And apparently that is how it was in Pittsburgh. He was a thing of beauty on the field (which is a Keats quote for those now stealing that line), "of noble natures, of the gloomy days, of all the unhealthy and o'er-darkened ways." But like Loki, In the end he must destroy what he loves the most. Whether that is football or himself we will see.

But on the field, he cannot be covered. "The dude's an absolute stud," Edelman said. "He's a really good football player and I think he raises the level for everyone out there because of how good of a player he is and how hard he works." He is explosive in and out of cuts. 

He knows how to get open over the top of defenses. "Coach is going to do what is best for the team; What he feels is best for the team. Adding Antonio [is what] he feels that’s best for our team," Edelman on 'EEI. "Quite frankly, he’s a really good football player. He works his tail off. He practiced this week. I think with a player like him, a player of his caliber, he’s going to raise the bar and raise the intensity of practice because he’s so good for other guys to see. He’s a really good football player and I look forward to playing with him." Will he be able to accept that he is not getting ten targets a game, and might not average five targets a game. 

Can he become a part of the team, a part of the culture, a cog in the machine that is the Patriots' Way? "It can definitely be tough. I know it was for me. Everybody gets it differently. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower," Gordon said about adjust to the Patriots' Way. "It kind of just depends on how fast you can get rid of what you once knew to adopt a new everything: environment, offense, this way of life. I think as professionals a lot of these guys know it's part of the game and can embrace it and adjust quickly. That's how you adapt and survive in this league." So far the chaos swirling around inside the crystal bowl is saying "no". 

It ultimately comes down to can he put his selfishness aside for one season to win a Super Bowl? "It ultimately comes down to playing football. The teams that can focus on that the best. and focus on their preparation for their opponents [win]. Which is what it’s been all week [for us], it’s been on the Miami Dolphins," Edelman said in the Patriots' Way. "We have lost to this team a lot. Adding other pieces is part of it. It’s not the first time we’ve added someone after the first week. It’s not the last time we’ll do it, either. We have a really phenomenal football player that can come in and can help our football team be better." The chaos has died down a little this weekend. 

The sports mouths have been repeating themselves over and over the past couple of days. The Pats are stuck because they cannot do anything regarding a civil matter. A civil matter is not a crime. It is an accusation looking for money not justice. It is about reparations and cash, though straight cash homey can be justice. 

He is on the team this year. The Pats snuck in an extra year, to cut half the signing bonus off of this year's Cap, and can no longer cut him this season. But everyone knows he is on a one year deal that hopefully expires when he is handed the Lombardi Trophy. 

He is a great player, and you can tell that because of the way the Steelers whine about what a douche-wad he is. "I'm not pulling for him, I can promise you that. I cannot emphasize how I cannot stand and have a disdain totally for players like that. I don't want any part of them," Bradshaw disingenuously disavowed. "I wouldn't like them. They would hate me if they were on our team. They would hate me because I wouldn't  throw to him. I will not put up with that kind of behavior. You don't win with it. Why haven't [we] won more Super Bowls? There is talent, (but) it's just guys like him. Let him go and his brand and whatever it is he's doing." When he was on their team he was a thing of beauty that Bradshaw loved to watch, but now?

"A flowery band to bind us to the earth, spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth of noble natures..." And chaos. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


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