The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Two. Part VI.

Every Little T'ing

Is Gonna Be


Part III 


Of course picking the Dolphins is just dumb. They are a team in transition, and the Pats look like they are running smooth. But last year both Vrabel and Patricia led their teams to wins over the Pats. They both had veteran QBs who could win while they implemented their system and built their defenses. 

And I would never say a game in Miami in September is a stone cold win. "I think it's a great motivator for guys individually to be able to grow from where we were at on Sunday when we left the field against Pittsburgh to get ready for Miami," Bielema said. "And know that the things that they were able to do well on Sunday that we have to be ready for on Sunday, and then the unknowns. Being that this is only regular season Week 2, you just don't have a lot of film out there and the way that game unfolded. To see exactly what's happening in our game, it's going to be a lot of “get to the game, see what it is and be able to react to it.” 

Just like when Miami comes up to Foxboro in December you have to call it a stone cold lock. "We're definitely moving along here on the Dolphins. I think the closer you watch them, the more you see the influence of Coach Flores and the fundamentals that he's instilled in the team," BB said. "It's a good situational team, and that certainly showed in preseason. Not that there were any exorbitant number of examples, but the ones that did show up, they handled those very well. So, that's a big emphasis for us today. 

"Offensively this is a very talented, skilled group of players: backs, tight ends, certainly receivers. They have a lot of weapons. They have a lot of ways that they can make big plays and score a lot of points. So, we'll have to do a real good job of defending this group, and trying to play a complementary game on offense, defense, special teams. So, it'll be a big challenge for us like it always is down there."

Even with Flores familiarity it is just tough to see how the Dolphins win. “First, everybody has a lot of respect for Flo and what he was able to do during his time here. I have great respect for who he was when he was here, and obviously wish him the best of luck as he moves forward,” Bielema said. "I think in this league it’s probably been the most eye-opening going into my second year, you always have players, you always have coaches, you have a lot of cross over week-to-week of guys that used to be together. I know it’s a lot to write about, but I think it’s probably something that the outside world looks at a lot more than we do." Except for the accursed heat.

And the familiarity that Flores has, like Vrabel and Patricia had last year. I don't think this is a lock. But if things go bad for Miami early in this game could get real ugly real fast. It could get Stidham ugly. If it wasn't for the history, heat and humidity in Miami I would say this game was a lock for a Stidham appearance. 

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