The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Two. Part II.

Out Of The Pan and Into The Fire: 


This week is tricky. Miami is on a streak of wins against the Pats in Miami. It is not shocking, it is the heat. The Pats have always struggled going down to a city that is 40, 50, or 60 degrees hotter than they are used to. They have to hold it together against this team for the whole game (yes that was a cheap shot about last season). But damn those two teams looked like they lived on the opposite ends of the poles. 

It is also very important to note that Miami is not as bad as they looked last week. "We're definitely moving along here on the Dolphins. I think the closer you watch them, the more you see the influence of Coach Flores and the fundamentals that he's instilled in the team," BB said. "It's a good situational team, and that certainly showed in preseason. Not that there were any exorbitant number of examples, but the ones that did show up, they handled those very well. So, that's a big emphasis for us today. 

"Again, offensively this is a very talented, skilled group of players: backs, tight ends, certainly receivers. They have a lot of weapons. They have a lot of ways that they can make big plays and score a lot of points. So, we'll have to do a real good job of defending this group, and trying to play a complementary game on offense, defense, special teams. So, it'll be a big challenge for us like it always is down there." 

The Pats are not as good as the looked last week against the Steelers' pitiful defense. The Steelers DBs were just terrible. When Dorsett ran between the Cover Two Safeties and neither reacted, I said the game was over. The Steelers zigged when they should have zagged all game long. They looked tragically unprepared. While the Pats looked completely prepared on both sides of the ball. 

While in Miami last week the Dolphins went bad early, and couldn't stop the ball from rolling over them. "We're ready to go here on the Dolphins this week," BB said. "Obviously, there's a lot of familiarity with us and some of their players and coaches, but really, all of that aside, it's fairly common every week that there's some type of crossover there. We'll just really focus on what we know about the Dolphins. What we've seen in the five games they've played, four preseason [one] one regular season game, and concentrate on what they've shown." Every team has a game like that every two or three years. 

The Dolphins stink, but they are not as bad as they looked last week, and have some inside knowledge on the Pats. "We know they have other things that they haven't done. I'm sure we'll have some game plan adjustments that we'll have to make," BB said. "You know, Chad [O'Shea], Pat [Graham], B-Flo [Brian Flores], Danny [Crossman] all do a great job of that. So we'll have to take that as it comes. Very good group of skilled players offensively: tight end, backs, receivers. Obviously, they addressed the defensive line in the draft with [Christian] Wilkins. He's an outstanding player. Good team speed on defense and good in the kicking game. Very impressive in the kicking game with a lot of players. [Jakeem] Grant's an explosive guy. So, that's a strong area of the team, as well." That was a tough sell. 

However, history is not on the Pats side. "It's been a tough matchup for us down there," BB said. "We've got to do a better job than we've done in the past if we expect different results. And we'll work toward trying to get that [done]." This is starting to look like a historic season for the Pats.

Giving up 42-points in the 1st Half is as pathetic as you will see. And when the only guy BB can name on their D is their 1st Round pick, it ain't getting much better. This is the year the Pats should break the trend. But so was last year. Does everyone forget what happened last season. The Pats will not be as good as last week, and the Dolphins will not be as bad. But it is hard to see how the in-between game doesn't go to the Pats. 

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