The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Three. Part IV.

A Snowball's Chance In 

A Jet Engine.


I was a little rough on the Pats. However, I don't care. I said before the season that the Achilles heel of the Pats was the WR-corps and health at OLT. Both positions are of paramount importance to Brady. Now it is starting to look like my fears are coming true. The O-line is a patchwork of castoffs and final cuts scrounged up off the waver wire. 

If Belichick is the best coach in the NFL than Scar might be the second best coach in the NFL. "Dante does an excellent job of developing younger players and getting older players and the playing group to play cohesively, and with good communication, and trust and accountability for each other," BB said. "He's an excellent game-planning coach, and an excellent in-game coach in terms of making adjustments and recognizing what the problems are and fixing them. Very fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach with him for, going all the way back to '96, for so many years." Both Tackles protecting the edge behind Brady are flotsam and jetsam that were discarded just a few week ago. 

The WR corps isn't that far behind. With all due respect to Edelman, who ain't' gettin' any younger. The loss of Brown, on the field, was a big hit for this team. I said Demaryius Thomas couldn't last the season, as he was on his last legs. They ditched him before he could play one minute in the Regular Season. 

Then you have the ever-dangerous Josh Gordon, who earns that moniker on the field, and unfortunately off the field as well. "I don't know, where last year ended... you can't really re-start there," BB said. "You have to start all over again. Josh has worked hard and he's made progress. I think he still has a long way to go. We have 14 regular season games left so we'll see how it goes." You cannot say that he can play an entire 19-game schedule with certainty. 

Dorsett at his best seems to be a two or three catch a game guy. "[He] did a great job. Phil's smart, dependable, consistent, tough," Brady said. "[He] continued to take advantage of the opportunity and he's done a great job for us. He plays a lot of different spots. He was out there all training camp and came up with two huge plays tonight. So, it was great getting him the ball, seeing him score like that. And you can't forget about him because he can run through the defense and make a lot of plays with the ball in his hands. We'll just keep spreading it around." He has to become more than that this season as the number three (and emergency number two) wide receiver. 

It is do or die JAG time for him right now! "Phil has got a lot of speed. He can definitely stretch the field and we've seen him make those big plays before. We've seen it in practice. He had some big catches for us and, again, that opened up some other things offensively as well," BB said. "Tom did a great job, solid coverage, hit him. Sometimes, those are the toughest throws for a quarterback when a guy is wide open running down the middle of the field, but he put it right on him. Phil's done a good job for us, been out there every day. He's a tough kid that's been very dependable. Smart, plays all the positions and has come through for us in a lot of big games." The good news is that it looked like he found his 4.3 speed again. 

That is what made him special at Miami, and got him Drafted in the 1st. "I focus on my job, and that's going out there and getting better every day. I feel like it's paying off," Dorsett said. "I can't worry about things I can't control, so I just come out here every day and and I work, and I work and I work, and I grind. That's all I worry about." They need to let him run some of those seam routes that Gronk used to destroy defenses, not with Gronk's size, but with Phil's 4.3 speed. 

The loss of Brown moves everyone up the depth chart. "There [were] things we can utilize him for, or Josh, or anybody else," BB said right before he axed Brown for conduct detrimental to humanity. "It's just a question of volume and, again, time and reps. You can't put in 20 new plays when you have, call it, 90 plays in practice over the course of a week. You can't put in 20 plays and expect to be able to rep those and get them right and then do all of the other things you have to do. You have to be selective." Now, if Edelman is the number one WR than Josh is number 1B. 

He has to stay out of the dispensaries and on the field. "If you want to put in something new [for the WRs] then how much time can you allocate to it, how much are you going to use it, how effective is it going to be?" BB said, before they were forced to put in a bunch of new stuff for the new AB-less WR corps. "Do you really want to put in a play that's going to gain five yards and waste 10-percent of your practice reps during the week on that? I don't know. I'd rather work on a play that's going to gain 50 yards. You just have to decide how you want to do it, so can you expand it?" Gordon is now holding up one of the two pillars of the offense that Gronk held up for Brady, and he hid under last season. 

He has to hold that weight with Edelman, because next up is an undrafted rookie free agent or two (I didn't forget about Gunner;). "Sure, it's not infinite. We're not in training camp. We've got to get ready for a game, so there are other considerations with other parts of the team and other players on the team that you just have to try and balance all of that out," BB said and then moved onto the other Achilles heel that worried me in the Preseason, the O-line. "I'm sure each week we can add a little more with new players whether it be [Marshall] Newhouse, or Korey [Cunningham], or Antonio [ouch], or Josh. Or Matt LaCosse, there's another guy that hasn't played very much football. Those guys, as they get more back into [it], in this case offensive flow, then-yeah. It's not limitless. We just don't have that many opportunities." Thank God were playing the hapless Jets this week. 

And like BB just decried, we got one-catch-LaCosse at TE instead of a GOAT. "Matt's very attentive. Smart kid. Picks things up well, works really hard," BB said. "He's just been limited here since the Detroit game, but he's tough. He's working through it, so hopefully he just keeps getting better day-to-day." They went into the first game of the season without a real TE on the Roster, with all due respect to Ryan Izzo (who was half a FB at FLA ST;). 

Matt averaged about a catch a game in the Preseason. "I mean it's just been slow because he hasn't had the opportunities to be on the field as much as he would like or we would like, or in order to get that timing and those repetitions," BB said. "But he takes advantage and does everything he can do in the meeting room and walkthroughs and film study, and the reps he has on the practice field." And he seems to be averaging about catch a game in the Regular season, 

He had a nice step up last week. "But still, we've got a long way to go," BB said. "He really hasn't played a lot of football with his teammates. Through no fault of his [own]. It's just that's what it is. He just hasn't really played a lot of football this year." He had two catches against the hapless Dolphins. 

Luckily the schedule is a joke. We got the Bills, Redskins, Giants, and the Jets again. That looks like a second Preseason coming up that the Pats will need. They cannot afford to lose Gordon. They have to let Dorsett use his speed in pattern to get open deep. They have completely miscast him as a Slot Guy. Phil is not a damn slot guy. LaCosse and Izzo have to takes some more steps up to be more than one or two catch a game JAGs. And BB has to start protecting Brady more in the damn 4th Quarter of blow outs! 

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