The 2019

Patriots Season. 

Pats Week Three.

Part II:

Lesson Time is Over. 


Okay-okay horrifying week. BB f-ed up more than once. The second was having Brady on the field too late in a blowout. "We've been talking about it all season," Brady said. "It was like 'okay guys, this is what we've been talking about. We're not playing a great 48 minutes, 52 minutes, 59 minutes. We're playing a great 60 minutes. That's what he was talking about." That's swell. 

But now we have a 42 year old QB who popped a calf trying to throw a bomb with 2 seconds left on the clock and the Pats up 69 points! WTF. I know-I know-I know, I get it. Being an HC in the NFL is indescribably complicated. It isn't just about plays. It's about everything. 

"All right. I thought it was a good. I thought our team gave a good effort today," BB said after the Miami game." Obviously, Miami was ready to go and they gave us some problems early, but we were able to work through that and played 60 minutes and finished the game. I'm proud of our team for doing that. It's Game 2. [We gotta a] long way to go. So we have a lot of work to do. We'll just get back at it and start getting ready for the Jets." 

Whatever happened in the game, like now we has no starting O-tackles on the team, is irrelevant. ONTO THE JETS! BB can't sit there and cry over spilt milk. But things gotta change. And I get it. They played for 59-minutes in Miami last year. I was already celebrating the win and doing a little dance. 

Then they lost in the final minute in the most ball crushing way I have ever seen. "Last year it came down to 60 minutes of football," Brady said.  "And we were talking about 60 minutes of football. And that's what it took." Yeah... Tom... it didn't. 

So the whole 60-minute thing was BB's way of decrying to his team that we can go 19 and Ooooh, if we play for 60-minutes every week. And some punishment for last year. It is their battle cry this season. I get it. BB knows the only thing that can get in their way is overconfidence, compliancy and lack of discipline. Oh... and the calf of a 42-year old QB. 

BB, I dig your grove on this whole 60-minutes of football thing. But there are a couple of other things that could derail your season. Like an injury to your GOAT? Or an assault on the OT positions. I mean, who the hell is starting this week on Brady's blindside? Because it ain't Wynn. "Dante Scarnecchia says Marshall Newhouse will be the Patriots' left tackle until Isaiah Wynn returns," Kyed Twitted

Okay... Marshall who? He's got a new house? So now the O-line is less than 50% healthy. Though I think Karras has proven himself a starter at OC. He's been pretty damn good. But they technically still have three holes to fill in front of a 42-year old QB with a bum calf. 

They have to keep TB12 on his feet. “We would rather not have to move Joe (Thuney) here, and move Joe there. We’d like to keep four of the five components that we started with in place. Now, three of the five components (aren't in place). But that’s all right, because Ted has done a nice job for us,” Scarnecchia said. “ And there’s no reason to think that won’t continue to happen. The Jets are coming in here. They’ve got a really good defense They have a really difficult scheme. We’ll have five guys that will accept the challenge and hopefully play their best football.” Lesson time is over. 

Cannon is now listed as questionable. “I think they’re trying to do the best they can,” BB said. “We can’t do everything but we can do the things that we feel confident in. That we’re able to practice and prepare for. And hopefully we can do a good job of those as we’re starting to expand overall with that group.” Lesson time is definitely over. 

Newhouse played well last week, but he bailed back against speed a little too much to make me comfortable. Scar said he is the starter at OLT until Wynn is back. Which likely leaves Corey Cunningham as the starter at right tackle. They'll be a whole lotta chipping going on. 

Some guy named Corey Cunningham is likely to be starting at ORT. “This guy is so smart. I’ve really been impressed with him,” Scar said. “Not only his intelligence and his football IQ, but his study and work ethic to learn our offense has been exemplary. And if he doesn’t know, he’ll ask. We feel very fortunate to have him around here.” This is not the bookends you want with a QB who has a bum leg. 

So BB, the new concern on your Super Bowl Chart is keeping Brady alive. He ain't in his 20s anymore. This team can survive any IR designation, except one. Why keep Hoyer on the team? Because then you don't have to put a rookie in the game in the 4th Quarter to close it. You lost your Closer, but you gained a rookie QB who might be next. 

But you ain't winning nothing this season without TB12 and his bum calf. When you're up 20 in the 4th, you gotta start putting in the Rookie. It would be risky, if your Defense wasn't a Super Bowl level Defense. It is time to not just start trusting Brady absolutely, but trust your defense absolutely, in the 4th Quarter, as well. And yank Brady's calf out of harms way. 

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