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Buccs Part I.


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7-Things For Brady & Gronk: Part I.

By Tom Mahoney

1. I Don’t Care- Okay! … I don’t care. I don’t care who wins this game. I don’t. In fact, I hope that Brady and Gronk win. There I said it. I’m rooting for Tampa Bay (though during the game I’ll be gritty my teeth at every good play Tampa makes;). I hope they win for so many reasons. But mostly because the Patriots, as an Organize, will eventually improve with each Patriots’ loss. The Pats need to start playing the long game. Getting a top Five or Ten Pick in the NFL Draft is so far f-ing more important than winning any of these foolish games and ending up 7 and 9 or 8 and 8, without the slightest chance of making the Playoffs, never mind winning a Championship.

"We’re going to do all we can to not make them enjoy the night and I’m sure they’ll do the same for us," Belichick said making me feel a lot better. “We don't play very often, but they've got a really good football team. We know some of the players well: Tom, Rob and guys like that. Certainly, Tom and Rob have done a lot for this organization. A lot for me. I appreciate everything they've done. I have a ton of respect for them. But this Sunday they're on the opposite side of the field,"

We got the new young QB with championship potential. We got the Big Mac Attack (remember, he won the FBS Championship at Alabama his senior season). Winning this game does ab-so-lute-ly nothing to help get the Pats get back to the Promise Land. However, having a top five pick in the NFL Draft? It could change everything quicker than a dragon could inhale for him the Franchise. Sometimes, just sometimes… it is 100% better to lose a game (or every game the rest of the season). As long Big Mac keeps getting better every game? This season is a success, and Winning and losing is irrelevant.

“I think Mac's handled everything well. He's seen a lot. He's seen pressure. He's seen max pressure, max coverage. We've been in all different types of formations. Empty play actions, drawbacks, third downs,’ BB said. “Unfortunately, we were in too many 3rd and longs yesterday, And he's seen a lot, and I think he dealt with all of it pretty well. But you know, like any young player, there's a lot of room for improvement. And we need to improve just overall as a total football team but certainly offensively.”

The only thing that matters is how much the Big Mac Attack is learning and improving. Screw the veteran free agents on Offense, who screwed the pouch last week. Who cares!?! Mac’s starting to see things better. He starting to move around better. He showing how tough he is, as the O-line collapses around him. He looking down field more, and looking for the long passes, instead of just the dump offs. Which takes more time, and when the O-line galls apart around your QB? It’s going to make him look real bad real fast.

For all the morons out there. You don’t win with Rookie QBs. This is a sacrificial season to get Big Mac some experience in the NFL. So he can start to learn how to play QB in the NFL. AND!!! Lose enough games to get some impact players in the NFL Draft. That is what this season is about. It’s the start of the build to get a team that can win the Super Bowl. I believe that BB can win the Super Bowl, with Big Mac. But it is going to take a few years or so, and some great drafting to get some impact players in the NFL Draft.

2. Impact Players In The NFL Draft- So which would be better? To win 6, 7, or 8 games to make your sad little souls feel better? OR… win one or two games to snag a dude like: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon (he looked like he was almost completely back yesterday. He still looked a little gimpy on some plays. But damn… he flashed the dominance that made him my top Prospect in this Draft); or Big Mac’s buddy from college, Evan Neal: OLT Alabama (I thought his feet looked a little slow to start the season, and wondered if he had a leg injury. But he was moving backwards like an NFL OLT against Ole Miss), or maybe Kyle Hamilton, the everything Safety from Notre Dame. The great Devin McCourty ain’t gonna live forever! Hamilton could learn everything about leadership, and running a secondary from my man Devon (He’s a true elite prospect, but the Pats need more on Offense to help Big Mac).

Also, Big Mac is going to improve as the season goes on. Last week’s Offense will not continue. All the veteran offense players snagged in Free agency will grow more familiar with the Pats system and scheme each week. The weather in New England will get worse. Warm weather teams will get a beatdown. Mac will start to win some game late. So the Pats could easily fall out of the Top Five, and into the Top Ten? Yuck!

Which would leave them with options like my man Trey Burks (he was not great this week. The Alabama Secondary shut him down. He has to come up bigger in big games to go top ten. He’s the most physically gifted WR in this Draft. It’s all mental for him). Or the more mentally solid WR Chris Olave, 6-1, 188! Who dominated Rutgers (not the biggest brag). But he has really stepped it up this season. He garnered 5 receptions, for 119-yards and 2 TDs, for 23.8 YPC average against Rutgers. He may have surpassed Trey Burks this week in my Player Ratings.

Oh Damn! How’d I forget The Big Mac Attack’s other buddy from Alabama *John Metchie III- WR, Alabama. He has become Alabama’s Number One WR, and that’s really saying something. He has learned how to get open on the 3rd level. Great hands. Much improved running patterns to get open. Currently leading the Alabama WRs in just about every statistical category. Strong and tough. Can run block. Can get open short and run for a while. Most importantly, he has already played two seasons with Big Mac at Alabama, and already has chemistry with him.

I would prefer to get some sizzle on the griddle on Offense with: Burks, Metchie, Jahan “the Flash” Dotson, Ohio State flashing WR Garrett Wilson, or USC’s giant WR Drake London, and/or Nevada’s streaking Romeo Doubs. However, the Pats O-line looked like it had completely fallen apart last week! The Pats Number One Need in Free Agency and the Draft are O-(my goodness)-Linemen, and an additional Left Tackle wouldn’t hurt (Wynn, I love ya, but you were terrible last week against Saints, and it wasn’t just you buddy). It looked like they put Gumby in at ORT as well last week.

So we are talking Zion Nelson- OLT, Miami, 6-5, 316 (Nelson is a terrific athlete, who looked quicker moving backwards this season. I like his hands jabbing and grabbing. He could sustain a little longer, but I love his feet moving backwards. Pats have to be looking at Left Tackle in this Draft). Or change the Zone blocking scheme and snagging Evan Neal and/or another Mammoth (or two;) named Daniel Faalele at 6-8, 390 (he lost some weight;) or the super athletic Rasheed Walker, or better yet! Both.

This looks like a great OL Draft, and the Patriots are going to have to expend some resources and draft multiple OLs. Hopefully the Pats will fall off the cliff and into oblivion, which will give them a top Five pick and hopefully Evan Neal. They have to pick up a Left Tackle in this Draft, even if on Day Two with: Darian Kinnard Kentucky, Zion Johnson OT/OG BC, Abraham Lucas Washington ST, Jaxon Kirkland (ORT?) Washington, Obinna Eze, OT, TCU (more of a 3rd, but I thought he played well this week), Thayor Munford- Ohio State (playing OG this season, I thought he could play some Tackle, before this season), Kellen Diesch- ASU. A long, tall, Day Three OLT, who is light and thin and looks like a Zone-Blocking OL that the Pats seem to like.

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