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Jets Part I.


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An Old Story.

By Tom Mahoney

1. Rookie to Rookie- Last week was a loss waiting to happen. Not just because Mac was playing in his first NFL game ever, but also because his buddy Tua had survived his rookie season. Tua, though he had a disastrous rookie season, was way ahead of Mac in so many ways. He had already learned a lot of what it takes to win in the NFL. He ain’t there yet, but Mac has only just begun. He has no odea what it takes to win a game in the NFL yet. He’s still trying to figure when to take that long shot and throw deep. Every game is a learning experience for a Rookie.

“Not surprised or anything. But yeah, it's definitely faster. But you know, it kind of slows down when you get more reps and stuff and hopefully each week,” Mac Jones said. “Obviously!!! Some guys around me have played for like five, six, seven years. So they're used to it. I didn't feel like out of place or anything. But definitely can improve on just being quicker and helping them move quick to just push the tempo and all that stuff. They obviously know what to do every time, and you know, I do too, but I just need to do it faster and more consistently.”

Rookie QBs rarely start in the NFL, never mind win. The Jets are going through the same thing right now. They have a rookie QB who doesn’t know what’s going on yet either. Both QBs showed they were more advanced than you can usually expect for a Rookie QB. But neither has learned to win yet. One rookie will win by default today, and with the Jets being at Home, you’d think they have the advantage. However, I think the Pats have the better overall team.

"I think just the big thing is just moving on to the next week and learning from certain plays. Whatever it might've been. If you felt like, hey, I should have done this or been more patient, all right. Let's work on that this week or whatever,” Mac Jones said. “I mean, you don't want to change a lot of stuff every week, but you want to kind of take what you can do better and just focus on it in practice, even if it's like a fundamental thing like bend your knees a little more. Whatever. Just focus on that, and then it kind of gives you a goal to work towards during the week and then moving forward for this week. I think it's just more about us just focusing on what we need to do. Just moving on because the last game is the last game, and now we're just ready to play against a really good team in the Jets."

However, while Wilson as an amazing arm, he has some character concerns and was not always known as the quickest reader. His magic plays were when he held onto the ball for way too long for an NFL QB. Then whipped the ball wildly deep downfield with impossible accuracy. He was a Wildman, not a well measured cerebral QB like Mac. Mentally Mac has the edge, but instinctually Wilson has the edge and Home Field Advantage. Hopefully this game will be decided on the Defensive side of the ball, where the Pats have the advantage.

2. Stop Being Idiots!- All this talk about how much the Pats were disappointing and sucked last week is a bunch of English malarky. Dude was a rookie starting his first game in the NFL. Of course he lost! If you thought otherwise, you’re an idiot! If you knew he was only likely to win game, like today, when he’s facing another rookie QB or a QB who is starting for the first time? Than you are a disingenuous douche bag. Rookie QBs rarely win in the NFL.

“I mean… it's not fun to lose. So just learning from what we could have done better is definitely just the only thing you can do really. You can sit there and feel bad for yourself for a little bit because you're human and that's what you're supposed to do, or you're in the wrong profession. But you just got to move on. So like the 24-hour rule,’ Mac said. “After 24 hours, for some people it's less, but for me, after that, just move on and play the next play. Play the next game, and you're only as good as your last game. We lost, and that's what people remember, so we just got to move forward.”

Mac was spectacular like Spiderman last week, as a Rookie QB. He was smart, efficient, tough, wasn’t overwhelmed, knew the Offense, knew where to go. Did he have some flaw? DUUUHHH you idiots. He almost won that game, and you can say he should have won that game. But that’s the final step for QBs. Learn their role. Than learn the Offense. Then learn the teammates. All of which Mac did already. THEN… learn how to win in the NFL. If you don’t understand that? Than you sucked last week. My main criticism is that he has to take a deep shot or two.

“There is a game on the Road here. So good opportunity for us this week and our football team. Good challenge. Obviously, there's a lot of things we need to do better from last week,” BB said. “So we'll start working on those on the field here today and get ready for the Jets. This is a young, aggressive team. Coach Saleh has brought a lot of energy to the program. A lot of new faces, and they play hard. They're a physical football team, and they're an explosive team. They've got explosive players at all three areas of the game, and we're going to have to do a job on them. Get to work out there today and try to get ready for Sunday.”

I’m not saying don’t criticize him. I’m just saying don’t be so damn disingenuous. He’s a rookie QB. 99% of all Rookie QB suck. Brady was Redshirted as a Rookie QB, and never saw the light of Day until his 2nd season. Belichick kept him locked up in the Foxboro Cathedral like Quasimodo. The fact that BB let a rookie QB out of the Dungeon to start a game! Says more about how great his game was last week than any idiotic lies you idiots can tell.

3. Pats Vs. Jets Factor- It’s funny, the Pats and Jets are such hated rivals, the great Boston/New York sports rivalry is so much fun. However, both the Pats and the Jets are in such similar situations. Both had disastrous seasons last year, and are looking to rebuild with their too young rookies QBs. Both QBs have to deal with extra pressure from the disingenuous media that will predict their Rookie QBs to led their teams to three or four or five wins. Then bash the crap out of them, and scream about how much they suck when the don’t win.

“He's an explosive player,” Belichick said about Wilson. “He's got a great arm. Live arm. Makes all the throws. Athletic. Like any young player, you know, they gain experience and get better every time they go out there.”

So in this game, a rookie QB will win. You have to favor the Rookie QB at Home over the Rookie QB on the Road. Though the Pats clearly have a better overall team, and the better Head Coach. This is a game the Pats Rookie QB could win. However, Rookie QBs winning on the Road is almost as rare as sighting a phoenix in the sky. Plus in the end, whoever wins the game will be put in worst position in the Draft. The best part of having a legit Rookie QB is that they don’t know to win games yet, and you get a top ten pick to help start the winning.

“Out of the pocket. In the pocket. It's the unpredictability that comes with players like that,” Belichick said about Wilson. “You have things under control. You have a pattern covered. Then something happens, and they make a big play. They can turn plays that don't start good into explosive plays offensively. That's a big challenge for us, to play every play all the way through. Finish the plays and compete for the entire down. He puts a lot of pressure on you and so does the offense.”

However, both QBs played much better than could be expected in Week one. It will be interesting to see which one continues their remarkable play, and which one starts thinking. Because they now have to start transitioning from playing instinctually to playing cerebrally.

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