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7-Things For Cowboys: Part I.

By Tom Mahoney

1. Jones Does It Again- This season is the basement building ground for Mac. Playing QB in the NFL is the most difficult thing to do in sports. You have to be able to spot an open dude, in about five seconds or less, throw the ball were only he can catch it, while 11 other dudes are trying to do you physical harm in the most violent way possible, you and dude you are throwing too, and hopefully, kill the both of you with the most vicious hit imaginable. Plus, they will succeed a dozen or so times a game, and a 300-Pound or so behemoth will blow you up with a hit that would make most normal grown men cry. Then… you gotta get up and do it again.
“I'm just trying to focus on not the result, and what you're supposed to do each play, and don't put a consequence, good or bad, on the play. That's what the best players do in whatever sport it is,” Mac said. “They don't care about the situation necessarily. They understand the pressure that's implied. But they trust their training, and they go back to what they've known and learned throughout their years of playing. I try to look at people who do a good job of that. There are guys on our team who do a good job of that, and I've learned a lot from them and all the situational football that we've had in practice. That's, obviously, a great learning experience starting there.”
A rookie QB is in an impossible spot. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing from the get go. Mac has no NFL experience to fall back on. The best minds in football spend the week trying to confuse him. He has to take all that he learned in the last game and that week, the game plan, and all the nuances, checks and calls. Then execute the madness in the chaos, speed, and deliberate death threat atmosphere the defense has created. While at the same time, he can do everything right, but the O-line makes the mistake, the WR or TE misses a block or runs the wrong route, the RB turns the wrong way or blows his assignment, an OL misses a block… or all the above. Then the ignorant fans blame him for everything.
“I'd say just sticking to my reads and following what they're telling me to do. It's not that I don't know what to do. It's just, sometimes, I might skip something or see something. I just need to stick to what I've been taught and do it and just play,” Mac said. “They At the end of the day, you can't go out there and have sticky fingers. You've got to kind of react and play how you know how to play. Sometimes I might see something that some people don't see, but at the same time, when we watch the film, we always get back on the same page, and I've just got to do a better job of that and realizing that they don't have to touch the ball. You can do other things, throw the ball away, whatever, just to make sure that doesn't happen.”
Plus, you have to have a computer like mind that can memorize, process, and regurgitate what all other ten players are doing on the field, the scheme and concepts, and know what all of them are doing on every play. Then just for fun, you get to have your bell rung by three or four behemoths, who can get paid millions of dollars to hurt, injure, and murder you. Then you have get up and do it again, repeatedly. Plus for rookie QBs, who have never seen the speed, the size, and the schemes before? It is a hundred times hard than what Brady sees now. That’s why rookie QBs don’t play, and if they do? They don't win.
“I think just staying positive,” Mac said. “Just talking with each other and realizing that we're going to mess up, and it's not going to be perfect, which is hard, but I think we do have guys on our team that, obviously, want to have fun. We realize that the fun part is the winning part, so when we do that, it's fun. When we don't, it's not, so that's what it comes down to.”
2. Shut Up- So if you think that Mac has not played well, or stinks than you are ignoramus. 99% of rookie QBs are incapable of starting in the NFL and winning a game or a few. Winning games in the NFL for rookie QBs is a step by step process. To think a rookie is going to step in and win it all as a rookie? It has never happened before (for the truly ignorant, Brady didn’t play a game as a rookie. He was Redshirted his entire rookie season, as 99% of Rookie Quarterbacks are). Plus they have to face crap like this each week:
“I have a ton of respect for Mike (McCarthy Cowboys HC). I think he does a great job offensively. Always watch their film. Take a look at the things they're doing. They have some very good concepts,” Bill Belichick said. “He puts the defense in a lot of stress. Depending on what the defense is doing, he has different ways of, whether it's a zone, man, tempo, formations, route combinations, misdirection plays, plays that potentially slow the defense down or give them a conflict with their keys.

“Situationally, I think Mike is probably as good as anybody that we play against. It hasn't been very often, and I'm happy about that. I wouldn't want to play Mike twice a year. There's situational football: 3rd down, 4th down, 2-minute, 4-minute, end of half, end of game, 4th down calls, low Red Area calls, last play calls. Things like that. They're all good. We, in the weeks that we've played him, probably spent more times on those plays than with any other team. They're very well prepared, and they always seem to execute them at a very high level.
“Mike's teams are sound fundamentally. You've got to go out there and play well to beat them. They don't beat themselves. They don't make mistakes. To stop them, you've got to go out there and play 60 minutes of good football. That's really hard. I think every time we've played them, I've always felt like they had a really good game plan and they had a really good plan of attack. They made it hard on us, and they're hard to defend. Not just the players, but the positions they put us in, how they try to attack us, and they have a variety of ways doing it, but at the end of the day, they gave us some problems. They challenged us, both schematically and with their personnel matchups.”

What Mac is doing is spectacularly rare. He has one of those Brady minds that sees the chaos the Defense is creating all over the field, and it makes some kind of sense to him. If you have an NFL Arm? Then 90% of playing QB in the NFL is mental. It is so incredibly rare to have a rookie QB, read, understand, and know where to put the ball this fast and accurately that it shocks me that everyone isn’t impressed. Yes, he still needs development to become a winner. Experience will help him every game. Getting to the mental, spiritual, and physical place to be a consistent winning QB takes time, years, and patience. Just because we had the greatest mental freak at QB ever, Brady, doesn’t mean that he’s in any way, shape or form the norm. He’s the glorious GOAT aberration that we may not see for another 50 years.
“All those different things that the offense can do are used to gain some kind of advantage. When you consider from a game planning standpoint what your options are, and how you can gain advantages by doing a variety of things, what the biggest advantage is or whatever you’re comfortable with. However that unfolds. That's really the decision you make is how do we gain an advantage?” BB said. “Is it tempo? Is it motion? Is it a certain personnel group? Is it a certain formation? Whatever it is, and so all those tools are available to the offense. I'd say just sticking to my reads and following what they're telling me to do. It's not that I don't know what to do. It's just, sometimes, I might skip something or see something. I just need to stick to what I've been taught and do it and just play."

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