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Houston Part II.


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7-Things For Houston: Part II.

By Tom Mahoney

4. What Matters- So winning this season would not just be entertaining? It could also be detrimental to the growth of the Franchise. When you have a rookie QB as a starter in the NFL, you need to see that development. But you also want to have that Top Five or Top Ten Pick in the NFL Draft. You want your rookie QB to win a game or two or three. But you donít want him to take you out of the Draft Lottery just yet. You want to get that instant impact Defender. Or the virtuoso WR or Left Tackle, who can destroy the defense in a single bound, and help your young QB be all he can be.

"It's all mental for him," Stingley Sr. said. "It's just a matter of understanding 'you're gonna have some setbacks' but you have to come back from it. You can't dwell on it, can't feel like you let the team down because someone caught a five-yard pass on you. He was so used to having that success and he never really had that adversity. Know your strengths, know your weaknesses and get by."

If the Pats have more than five wins or so, with the QBs in this Draft? It could cost them Kayvon Thibodeaux. Or what about Kyle Hamilton (instant plug and play defender). Or a Gilmore replacement, and ex-Patriotsí Grandson (damn Iím old;) Derek Stingley Jr! CB, LSU!! I mean, Mac Jones to Trey ďFriginíĒ Burks! Or God help Mac, Evan Neal!! Just think how much Jonesí old buddy at Alabama could change the Pats bad O-line for a decade.

ďHe spent a lot of time getting his body right, because he used to be even bigger than he is now. But now he can sustain better. When you coach in the NFL, you see guys like that on occasion. And we had a few through the years. But Evan is very unique in terms of he has great size, and heís got great athleticism.Ē Saban said about Neal getting down to 345. ďBut I think even most importantly, heís a hard worker. He has a lot of goals and aspirations for how good he wants to be. What his expectation is. Heís a bit of a perfectionist in terms of how he goes about things. But heís also got good intangibles. He plays with really good toughness. Heís got good mental toughness. Heís very assignment conscious. He doesnít make a lot of mental errors. This guy does just about everything that you would like for the best players on your team to do, to set a good example for other players.Ē

The WRs are not looking like top ten picks. Trey Burks (my guy) seemed to have lost his confidence a little after Georgiaís elite Defense gave him a bit of beating. But he seemed to bounce back. Then bounced back again yesterday against Ole Miss (7 catches for 136-Yards and TD). He has to show more consistency (3 game under 45-yards and 3 games over 125-yards). When he is on, he looks like a top ten pick. When heís off? You wonder where the hell he is.

"We're the same, we're both humble. But I'll speak for him. I think he is (the best receiver in the SEC),Ē Razorbacks FS Jalen Catalon said. "Just seeing him in practice every day. Seeing the things that he does. You can tell that all the DBs have respect for him. Because every time we do one-on-ones, we all want to go up against him. It's almost like a challenge every single day. That just shows you the respect we have for him. The fact we know he's going to be one of the guys that makes us better."

This looks like a very top-heavy Defensive Draft. Iíd rather see an Elite WR or OLT to help Mac. But I donít think BB will take a WR in the Top Ten in any Draft, and if there is one he might in this Draft? Itíll be Burks. Not that BB would take a WR in the Top Ten. But there will be a plethora of Defenders (include a Patriotsí family friend who could replace Gilmore;) to choose from, and one giant Plug and Play Blindside Protector for Mac Jones.

5. What Matters: Part II-?- So what was is the improvement Mac Jones makes this season. The small steps that lead to big improvements in his play. He took a few great steps up against Tampa. Sometimes itís little things and sometimes itís big things. Now a large part of it was the O-line gave him more time in the pocket. But he was making throws to the 2nd and 3rd levels, like he did at Alabama last year. He simply couldnít make those throws in the first few games. Those are two more giant leaps for Patriotsí Kind.

ďI just think that's how it goes. Obviously, you can't get caught up in it. Obviously, just want to focus on what you can every day to get better, and things change in whatever you're doing, whatever profession,Ē Mac said. ďPeople come and go, and that's part of it. And I think in the NFL, it just shows that you just got to be present. And be where your feet are. And come to work every day. And things will just play out depending on how much work you put in. So the more you put in, the more you'll get out of it. Yeah, so it's just part of the game."

His game so visibly improved against the Buccs that Iím shocked more Pats Fan arenít encouraged. Everybody knows you donít win with a rookie QB. Whoever thought that the Pats would over 500, with a rookie QB, is an idiot. Thatís as incredible stupid as pretending that ďthe Other GuyĒ won the election. Nobody who has half a brain can truly believe either. Fascism and Tyranny are founded on such stupid and evil lies, like pretending thereís some magic stupid steal when the Fascist wannabe loses.

6. Itís Time to Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight- Okay, looking at the Draft, it might be okay for the Pats win a few Games. But as Mac progresses heís going to be much better in the 2nd half of the season than the first. Wins now will just cloud things in the second half of the season. They are facing a terrible team and a failing Franchise this Week. So wins will accumulate through luck and incompetency by the opponent.

The Pats are losing their Championship Veterans one by one. So they have to develop new Championship talent. Thatís starts with Mac. Can he develop into a Championship Quarterback? It is going to take a lot of championship talent around him. Not just one or two guys. Getting a Top Five to Ten Pick this season will help them in so many ways and so many Rounds. That is their only priority. To prepare for the Future, not the now, when Mac Jones has a chance to be a Championship QB.

It if happened too soon, it can ruin him. Too many young QBs have gone to the Play Offs and Super Bowl too early, and lost. Then never regained their confidence and became Play Off winners again. This is a warning. This is not the season the Pats want to go to the Super Bowl under any circumstance. Jones is too young and inexperience and it could ruin him. They want a steady improvement throughout the season in every category except winning. That can start next year.

7. Itís Time to Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight- Pats Win. The Houston leadership is in disarray.

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